Good Fortune is your own unique vision of how good life can be. It's what YOU love and feels right to you. You're about to discover how to overcome misfortune and in ONE quick step - how to live in a flow of Good Fortune - Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

If you're ready to give up hard work, never really getting all you want, stress, fear, frustration and disappointment: You're in the right place.

Truth will always be truth,
regardless of lack
of understanding,
disbelief or ignorance."

W. Clement Stone

What's Your Dream for your future?

Isn't it time to stake out your own bit of paradise?

You may find most of what you've been told leads in the wrong direction.

"Truth" is a self-evident guarantee.

One quick easy step clears up confusion, achieves clarity, releases fear, feels secure, values your talents, builds self-esteem; and moves you into the life you want.

Sound too good to be true? Many do it and live the amazing life of Good Fortune.

Getting there is simple, and this is the only path guaranteed to work. The logical steps build a clear understanding of the nature of Good Fortune. Once you know what to look for - you'll find it quickly.

Herein lies an ironclad case for "Living Happily Ever After...No Matter What."Follow your Inspiration and soon fortunate opportunities show up. Then action moves you into your vision and grows into a future of endless fortunate circumstances. It's so simple it's easy to overlook.

Make changes quickly and naturally. Begin with a new understanding about how you got into the old habits where you are now. Next follow a new perspective, at a new level of clarity, and you'll see how to get out. See how to find - and live in and from - your Inspiration. That one shift in focus delivers the goods!

"Imagination is the beginning of Creation.

You Imagine what you Desire,
You Will what you imagine
and at last you Create
what you Will."

George Bernard Shaw

It takes a little practice to shift your Attention and Attitude - but very soon you have a new habit that automatically and consistently delivers Good Fortune: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. All of it!

You'll agree the rewards are worth it as you watch your life align with your Vision of Good Fortune. Repeat what works until the new habit replaces the old. Very soon you will turn your life around.

That one step - or shift in attitude - always produces results that feel great. Finding Good Fortune is so simple kids do it and you may relearn it very fast. Once you commit to taking action then the rest is easy.

So what's in your way? Memories of misfortune!

Life has a way of getting your Attention doesn't it?

  • Sometimes things don't turn out like you want-
  • Or you put your whole heart into something that falls apart-
  • Big life changes and not sure what you want next?
  • Affirmed the positive yet what you want is still a fantasy?
  • Can't seem to get going and break free of the same old thing?
  • Does it seem like there's never enough - time, money, fun...?
  • Disappointing relationships?

You're not alone. Everyone feels that way at times. I tried many paths and finally found the BIG insight that changed everything. There are many things you can do to improve life, but ONLY ONE that is essential.

"Nothing exists except atoms
and empty space;
everything else is opinion."


Once you see the "Big Picture" of your life - how Insight and Inspiration leads to Good Fortune -then you have the facts and are able to live it.

Shifting attitudes frees you of limiting habits. It is your attitude now that interferes with your creative and attracting power. Nothing is in the way of changing attitudes, is it?

What's Your Dream?

Nothing is beyond your reach.

Are you searching for better health or stress free relationships?

Do you need more money and clarity?

Whatever your search - the solution is the same.... One choice to change your mind and shift Focus takes care of it all.

It's easy to overlook.

Doesn't everyone believe that more cash would solve immediate problems? There is some truth in that. Wouldn't you love to win the lottery or receive a windfall inheritance? Certainly that would feel good. Let's begin from that desire and see what opens up....

When you search for a way to get rich and to find Good Fortune... Science explains exactly why that search may not produce the results you want. This is a vibrating Universe – (sight, sound, touch, smell, you, and everything) and similar vibrations attract a match or mirror each other.

Imagine a tuning fork resonating all the others soon vibrate in resonance.

....."The rich get richer..."….are you searching to add to your wealth? Loving money and looking for opportunities to expand your creative reach? Do you expect easy, fun, quick Good Fortune?

....."The poor get poorer..." …or are you looking for a quick fix? Anxious to get money to solve your problems? Feel broke and frustrated that there’s never enough? Disappointed that you work hard and can’t figure out more than survival when others are thriving?

I’ll bet you can guess which Attitude (feeling) will deliver riches and which one won’t. If you search because you don't have it....then what will be returned to you is a match to that feeling..."I don't have enough!"

How does it happen?

......When you feel anxious and fearful your body releases harmful hormones that continue to scare you. Your mind shuts down to a "survival" mode to save you. Your immune system shuts down. You feel anxious and look for something to blame. You no longer have access to your reasoning mind so you no longer think clearly - you are looking to survive...and not thrive.

......When you feel good, safe and secure, relaxed and happy, your body releases endorphins and positive hormones - health and vitality - you seek and find insights and opportunities...and find ways to thrive.

"In the last decade or so,
science has discovered a
tremendous amount about
the role emotions play
in our lives.

Researchers have found that
even more than IQ, your
emotional awareness and
abilities to handle feelings
will determine your success
and happiness in all walks of life,
including family relationships."

John Gottman, Ph.D

Hard to believe, but it IS that simple. Try it and you’ll have results beyond your wildest expectations.




“What you FEEL is what you get.
Feelings are The Secret to Success.”

What's Your Dream?

If you dream it and love it - you can do it.

New scientific breakthroughs and ancient wisdom make a very compelling case for the Law of Attraction-

the principal behind resonance and mirroring.

...it's been known for centuries and explained throughout the ages (often referred to as "Karma.")

What you feel and give out is what you get back.

Everyone thinks they know their attitudes and Law of Attraction - yet few are able to successfully and consistently attract quick Good Fortune.

Attraction or Mirroring is not a secret.

Feelings "mirror" or show you your attitudes. Your "life" shows you your attitudes.

Wonder what's going on within you? Look around. You and your environment "resonate" to similar vibrations. What you have and what you feel are a "match." You mutually influence each other - so to change what you have... choose to be around what you want more of - and love it. If you are around riches and feel left out...you get ....more to feel left out about.

"Attention is like
sunlight and
water for a plant.

What we pay
attention to
will grow."

Thich Nhat Hanh

Your future grows out of your moment-to-moment attention, attitudes - and feelings. You can begin NOW -as you learn more of the facts. Make this simple: Concentrate on feeling good and ignore everything else.

It is a fact that whenever a life is in turmoil and suffering misfortune - the principals of "attraction" are misunderstood.

Relationship problems? Energy or vibrations entrain or "match." Whatever you experience -is a match to your own feelings, fears or resonance. You can no more ignore it than you can ignore "gravity."

Shortly you'll see exactly how attraction works - then you can use it effectively to slip into the flow of Good Fortune.

What's Your Dream?

What would you rather be doing?

You want quick money to buy the freedom to do what you want. But then it's gone quickly and there's never enough, right?

You get extra cash - then spend and loose it, in an endless struggle of emotional turmoil. Time to stop what doesn't work and give your full attention to what does.

Are your past habits sabotaging your future and you don’t realize it? You can change that quickly – maybe today.

I’ll bet what you really want is true wealth, health and the clarity of mind to sustain the "good life."

Good Fortune or the ideal life that you imagine - is only One Step away.

Once you know the simple facts you can act with confidence and make a commitment to change. You’ll like Living the Dream.

"Impossible is not a fact.
Its an opinion."

Muhammad Ali

You wouldn’t desire your dream if you couldn’t get it. Your Inspiration led you here, and will lead you to your Vision. Understanding “how” including all the facts you need, are right here.

It takes 21 days to change a habit, and not having what you want is a habit – only that.

Begin today - 21 Days to Good Fortune

21 insights that assure your success.

You’re in the right place - get the facts, turn things around and Live Your Dream.

Quick-Good-Fortune delivers relief from misfortune and a lifetime of Good Fortune. It is a practical, easy do-it-yourself guide to creating the Life of Your Dreams – at any age, in whatever way you desire.

How does it work? Commit to repeat new habits until you have results. Your ideal life is closer than you think. And only you can do it.

Need to Fix a troublesome problem? Look at it with fresh eyes and a new approach.

In a duality-based Universe, Opposites rule: For every up there is a down, for every front, there is a back.

For every problem there is a solution. Which one are you seeking? You can ONLY think one thought at a time: make it what you want. You get what you Focus on…Problem or Solution?

Want to save time and save effort finding (and getting) what you want?

There is only ONE answer that delivers a quick fix that lasts – you’ll recognize it when you see it, and you’ll find it right here.

Take that One Step and you’ll have a quick solution – surprise yourself, break free and avoid the pain of disappointment.

Do you know what you want?

Do you have a clear vision of what that quick money will buy? If you don’t have a goal or a clear vision, then you become a part of someone else's goals…and you lose - the money goes to them.

Living your dream is a goal - it is living withIN the flow of Good Fortune. You are the “seed” talent that grows into the future. Seem impossible? It’s not. You’re on the path now.

Follow the Money:

Did you know that 95%+ of the Earth’s massive wealth is controlled by only 2-3% of the people? How do they do it?

They have the attracting power of a strong Focus - an attitude expecting wealth - and they live withIN their Dream.

Recall a movie, music or sporting event – the “stars” are 1-5% right? 95-98% are audience. Life is not a spectator sport yet 95% simply watch life pass them by, observing and commenting. They support the 5% who are living their potential- Living withIN their Vision – Life for them IS their Dream. Wealth is a social concept they live.

Why isn't it working for you?

If you don’t know how to create and live withIN a dream, it’s only because of limiting habits of thought – inherited and none of it was your choice either. You can change it for the better. The facts are-

All human behavior is genetic, that means you inherit your look and culture - and all the collection of habits that form family histories. DNA and genes are a blueprint you inherit. You experience it as thoughts, and 90% of what you thought today, you thought yesterday. Those are thoughts are not even your choice! That's not going to change unless you change it.

"The DNA in our bodies

gives us access to the
energy that connects our
universe, and emotions
are the key to tapping
into the field."

Gregg Braden, PhD

Genetics is sometimes referred to as the “subconscious mind." It’s easier to change a genetic blueprint because it’s obvious. The subconscious maze is difficult to access-and I’m into easy and fun.

Not having the money you want - or having problems – is ONLY a genetic inherited family pattern. It’s a collection of memories that you are in the habit of thinking – and looking outside of that habit is a challenge – yet you’re doing it now.

What's Your Dream for your future?

Get back to nature - find yourself - and Inspiration is easy.

You got stuck in old habits by repeating them and you can break free the same way.

Would you repeat what you want to feel over and over if you knew it would get you to the Good Fortune lifestyle you want? Well, it does just that.

I’m repeating the same ideas from different perspectives for just that reason.

Once you get the...B I G “....ah HA! moment!” you own the information and that awareness shifts your thinking. It happens naturally. Making changes leads to freedom and more creativity. Your Inspiration is your guide to finding Good Fortune.

You have 2 choices: live in your memory - and keep repeating the past - OR ....live in your imagination and create a future you choose. Memory takes you nowhere. Imagination takes you everywhere.

The Talent of "Good Fortune"

Some people just seem to have a talent for living the good life. Good Fortune is their lifestyle.

They are calm, clear minded and resolve problems quickly. They enjoy what they do, share their talents and nothing much seems to bother them. Everything magically works out for them. Naturally they are happy! That "talent" is the "one easy step" that you can learn too.

What's the problem and solution?

It’s not an accident that 95% of the worlds wealth is held by 3-5% of the people. They live in a current of perpetual Good Fortune. The unhappy portion of that 95% that are "followers" are often-

  • ...spending life watching TV, movies, computer or reading fantasy.
  • ...obsessed, controlling and entangled in the lives of others.
  • ...following job descriptions, doing what they are told.
  • ...fighting or blaming authority or those in power.
  • ...following the rules and making sure others do too.
  • ...afraid of leaving the safety of their “tribe's” viewpoint.
  • ...those ruled by fearful genetic habits of thinking- not by choice.

Many within the "95%" majority are living in Good Fortune and are living Happily Ever After - they are living withIN their vision: a rice farmer in Bali, a nomad from Tuvia, an executive creating a business, a mom with happy children, a child learning to ride a bike.

Happiness does not depend on money, it's a state of mind. Good Fortune is a flow of Inspiration and opportunities leading to health and wealth.

Unhappiness is a bad habit that most indulge in without realizing THEY are doing it. It perpetuates itself too. Frustrated spectators dancing to the tune of fate and others (in the game of life) are those without a dream strong enough to hold their attention.

They mostly auto-respond to everyday living and are lost in minutia repeating their genetic habit patterns over and over.

The 5% who hold the wealth and control are those with a Vision of what they believe life should be: their version of Good Fortune.

They are in tune with their creative Life Force and their Dream holds their Attention and full Focus.

They see Good Fortune and the world from withIN their ideal….

    -for a musician life is music,

    -for an artist, life is art,

    -for a CEO, life is creating a business.

Life is their creative playfield. They live from that perspective, and ignore everything else.

Choices: Live in Imagination or Live in Memory.

Most people don’t have a dream and they are the ones working for wages and surviving, not thriving or creating life as they want it to be.

They think they have a dream, want more money and more things…but it’s far fetched and a fantasy … not a commitment acted upon every day.

You can’t sustain Health, Wealth and Wisdom from a poverty perspective. Anyone trapped withIN the genetic patterns of feeling ...never enough are guaranteed loss, fear and servitude. A Vision pulls you out.

The BIG DIFFERENCE is that the 5% of Creators know their talents and abilities and Focus on their inner Vision: No matter what. They act on it, expect it and live their Good Fortune. They ignore everything else. They livewithIN Good Fortune.

You can learn to do that, and when you do then the wealth, health and good relationships you seek are easy.

Creativity and wealth (or health) are the same vibration or frequency. If you are expressing your creativity wealth and health follows.

If you're not creating your Vision, you are just getting lucky from time to time - and as your vibration flows (emotions of feeling good, bad or happy, sad) so does your money and maybe your health too.

What's Your Dream?

Peace-of-mind is the greatest luxury.

GOOD FORTUNE is always and only how you define it. Many are content with their lives…there is no need to reach that top 1-5% - unless you want to.

Those stuck in the habits and routines of daily life are not failing – unless they are unhappy.

Financial abundance frees you from the strain and the anxiety of supporting your daily needs.

Cash flow allows you the time and resources to create a life of choice. You can live in a flow of wealth and feel you "...have enough to share." The only reason you are not - is a family (genetic habitual) fear or social conditioning. You can change that, including overcoming trauma.

Everything in the past
died yesterday,
and everything
in the future
is born today.

Chinese Proverb

You likely do want more “life” in your life – or better health or clarity of mind or spiritual union – then substitute what you want for the word “riches.” No matter what your desires, you are seeking your unique version of Good Fortune-- and the process to create all of it --is the same.

The next step, and ONLY step you can take to get you to Health, Wealth and Wisdom is to change your attitude (feelings and vibration) from unconscious patterns at a low frequency, up to match your creative Good Fortune Vision – at a very high light feel-good vibration – right?

When your Dream of Good Fortune is clear and you love it with a passion - what you want is very, very close.

But if you don’t have a vision of what you want and feel anxious - how do you get to the feelings that “match” having Good Fortune?

Use anything that works for you. No excuses: Just Do It! Once you experience it - you'll agree it is THIS SIMPLE:

“Get Happy – Get Lucky”

Beauty in nature is a fun quick trick to help you shift your vibration. First note what you normally feel – then note what you feel after concentrating and focusing on the following photos for at least 20 seconds each.

What Do You Love and What Feels the Best to you? CHOOSE ONE.

It takes about 20 seconds to shift Focus

The more Attention you give it-the deeper you go.

Can you feel the cool freshness of being here?

Allow Nature to lift you up and carry you away.

Feel a difference - relaxed, refreshed, aware and feeling good?

That's the goal. That resonance withIN you attracts a match - more "good feeling" stuff will begin to appear - like magic!

It takes a little practice to know what you are feeling - and to know that it matters. But it's a habit - and you can learn it in 21 days at the most ...if you repeat it daily. I told you this is easy, and that you’re going to like it, remember?

Once you have practiced, you then learn to move your feelings up the Emotional Scale - to happiness. It takes less time than it takes to learn a new game, or sport or computer program. Isn't living your Dream worth it? You have the time, do you have the desire?

Ignore old social programming-

“Think and Grow Rich” books and similar workshops teach working hard and pushing through fear: Just Do It. That doesn’t work, does it? The harder you work, the more you attract hard work.

Are you catching on to this vibration thing? Is the common sense of it is making you smile - after all, we've all followed bad advice!

If you are looking for cash as a quick fix, you are working and struggling against insurmountable odds. The signal you send is "...I don't have it" - and so it comes back to you. Anxiety and fear attract more to feel stressed over - and you can't escape an experience you are attracting, can you?

The only change that works is the changes you make within you.

What you want "grows out of your life" from your ideas and vision and action. The idea is first - like a seed, then it grows into a sprout, a tree and blossoms and then bears fruit.

Our bodies are
our gardens-
our wills are
our gardeners.

William Shakespeare

You and your life are one whole - you don't exist outside of your environment! You have a vision now - and it is your life now. Exactly. To create a new life - you must grow into something new. What you want grows from your ideas and attitudes - just as apples grow on an apple tree.

It's not the words - it's the attitudes or feelings that nurture your life. If you "expect" the fruit from the tree, you will be able to harvest, right?

Dwelling on
negative thoughts
is like fertilizing weeds.

Norman Vincent Peale

There is no another way to get to the good stuff - and health. The dynamics of how it works, and how you limit yourself is simple to unravel – and only you can do it.

Creating the Good Fortune of wealth and health is an in-side do-it-yourself job.

How to make money quickly is only the beginning of creating a wealthy Good Fortune lifestyle. It’s a good start (and satisfying too) but the truth is, if your health fails, you’re outta’ here. Most "Type A" heart attacks had no warning either – but don’t worry.

The same One Step that works to make money quickly, also relieves stress – and then health follows naturally – and quickly.

Is it possible to relieve stress? Yes! And healing happens frequently too.

Spontaneous remission is the quick curing of dis-ease.

At least 20% of cancer patients heal with no treatment. Now that's Good Fortune! The placebo effect happens when 30% those in a medical research study believe they are getting Rx meds - and they heal from a sugar pill. Train your mind in just that way and success is assured.

The lottery and inheritance are quick paths to wealth. But the 'house or State' are the real winners - not those that buy the tickets. Lottery tickets are not a financial plan. Winning the lottery is not a goal - it is a fantasy - and a fantasy that keeps you from really achieving what you want.

What's Your Dream?

Create your own lasting Good Fortune.

Many millions are made with “discoveries,” and quite common talents you may posses –

Remember the pet rock?




Amos’s cookies?

Cook books?

Hula Hoop?

Fried chicken…you can do all those things.

So what’s the secret ingredient?

Changing your "attitude" changes your point of attraction - and activates a match to what you feel. Are you feeling "Good Fortune?" If so - it will show up in your life.

It is so simple – but it will only make sense when you really see what - and how - habits are limiting you. Ignoring your limits doesn't remove them.

The new energy techniques work quickly to free you. Tapping and the Tapas Acupressure Technique are a good solutions and you can do it for yourself or hire a coach. PSTEC is an audio program to blast out trauma and fear - and the introduction is free.

"The illiterate of the 21st century
will not be those who cannot
read and write, but those who
cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

Alvin Toffler

Wisdom is the choice to live “mindfully.”

When you understand how you limit yourself - you will be free from what you don’t want and then One Step will deliver a match to what you feel is Good and Fortunate.

The Big Picture is simply another way of looking at yourself and life. Learn to see yourself as the new sciences see you - as energy and an organism within an environment - and you’re free. The results are astounding – just like riding a bike, you practice for a while and then suddenly – you are doing it!

At that point the riches you want will be readily available to you – but more important, you will be able to recreate the process. Good Fortune is a flow that you learn to navigate and attract.

Once you learn to take that One Step – you will be able to repeat it for health, relationships, wisdom -- all the Good Fortune you desire. Releasing your old fears and anxieties is a part of the journey - and it is easy to do. There will always be upsets - but having a practice that works to free you from fear and obsession - limits the damage.

Only becoming the Creator of your life will move you from “audience or spectator” into the creative realm of designing the life you want to live. That's living withIN the flow of Good Fortune, unique to you.

Know what? Nothing else you can do –

  • ...no amount of work-
  • ...effort and pushing against fear-
  • ...investment strategy from Wall Street-
  • ...good advice (or hot tips)-

….can pay off for long- you can’t buck your own current of lower fearful vibrations. What you fear is what you get - that’s what’s been going wrong.

Only you can STOP creating misfortune.

There is ONLY one path to getting rich quick and it is also the path to Good Fortune, Living the Dream- Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

“The better you feel
the better it gets”

This is the path – and you’re on it!

The New scientific discoveries explain how it works-

  • Physics, quantum mechanics and unified field theory
  • Biology, genetics, the morphagenetic field and entrainment.
  • Heart Resonance and mirroring in the Unified Field.
  • New energy Psychology’s breakthrough for releasing trauma and anxiety: Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping, TAT and PSTEC.
  • Psychology’s unraveling of genetic social conditioning and auto-responding to stimulus.
  • Brain-mapping and research of male/female patterns.

Combine science with ancient wisdom and universal truths and expand your awareness of life beyond “the surface,” and beyond old limiting habits and beliefs.

Understand the processes that determine the results you experience. But don’t worry - no science lecture is coming up. Simple self-evident facts can open your mind to new possibilities.

Only when you KNOW how you get what you get, can you then get to the Good Fortune you want.

Then you have it all-

  • Relationships – family, friends, and lovers.
  • Real Wealth – creating abundance - including moving from debt to wealth quickly.
  • Healthy mind & body – in harmony. Aging doesn’t mean decline.
  • Stress free, self-worth, self-appreciation and knowing you are secure and safe.

What's stopping you?

No one and nothing is in your way… There is nothing and no one to blame for where you are.

For the Creator of a problem the solution is simple: Quit doing it. You choose to be the creator or not. The other choice is a victim in someone else's game and is a whole lot of misery. Don't do that.

"The act of focusing
our consciousness is
an act of creation.

Consciousness creates!"

Gregg Braden, PhD

Accepting being the Creator of all your problems is really good news, because you can stop doing what doesn’t work and start doing what does. Yes, it really is that simple.

It doesn't matter if someone else really IS to blame. The Bigger Truth is: They're not. Once you really understand Law of Attraction, you'll see a Bigger Picture that will free you from this drama in the blame game.

Good Fortune is natural and you’ll discover that you’ve done the One Step many times. It doesn’t matter where you are or what’s going on – your outcome is always and only determined by you.

Can you spare two minutes? If you haven't yet, why not enroll in the free mini-home study program. "21 Days of Insights" open up your creative potential and reveal limiting habits - then the path to Good Fortune becomes clear and easy.

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"Some day the medical
profession will wake up
and realize that
unresolved emotional
issues are the main cause
of 85% of all illnesses.

When they do, EFT will be one of
their primary healing tools
.... as it is for me."

Eric Robins, MD

Tapping or EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique

Tap into your inner Genie and Miracles Tapping is a practical solution combining ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with startling results.

Try EFT or Tapping - for quick relief using the acupuncture meridians to release energy blockages (fear or trauma) and emotional stagnation (depression.) It's simple, the information FREE, and many try it on everything - Why? because it works when nothing else does!

Why not give it a try - all you have to lose is all the stuff you don't want anyway. Sign-in and get a FREE start with guided videos today.

Give up the struggle for success and relax into the natural healing creative process of tapping to release inner conflicts. Once clear of old habits, controlling your mind and Focus is easy. Your results will be Quick and more than you ever imagined possible.

Maximize your power of attraction and resonance.

Get the details and facts found in the newest sciences and ancient wisdom teachings that leads to understanding exactly how to create wealth and health in yourself - and then in life.

The truths are ancient and will make perfect sense to you very quickly. It’s no secret, never has been, and the ability is yours once you understand it and choose to implement it. You won’t believe what’s held you back. Here’s the way out.

All human behavior is genetic – everything. All of your limits are a result of your subconscious genetic inheritance from your ancestors. You can change your genetic blueprint, and be free of your restrictions.

Here’s how. Begin with the brief overview of the sciences because that builds the understanding that will free your mind from limited thinking. It's then much easier to take action that is fun, easy and works.

Forget hard work and effort, that’s going in the wrong direction, creates stress and isn’t any fun.

A Good Fortune Journey to Riches-

There is a huge power in seeing how you create your own experiences. If you're over-worked and underpaid - only you can change your mind about the value of continuing that bad habit.

For the creator of a problem, the solution is simple: Quit doing it.

Law of Attraction is the answer to the question: How did this happen?

Once you know you are doing it - then and only then can you search out "how" and fix it. If you feel victimized about anything - ever - you are trapped...by your own view point. If you want to be free and creative - Law of Attraction is the place to start.

Begin with a brief look at simplified Physics and see how the Law of Attraction and how resonance works in your life, and you will soon understand the Big Picture that frees you from fear and limitations.

If fear slips into your life way too often, start at Overcome Fear. The facts will set you free very quickly.

If you feel you do understand Law of Attraction (quick test: You know for a fact you create all you experience, and you have no blame, no shame, no guilt, no regrets) .....then why not simply Get Rich Quick?

A click will take you to exactly how to do it.

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Good Fortune - Ten Facts To Be In The Flow

Good Fortune is the current of life that flows in cycles of abundance -- planting, growing and harvesting. Slip into the flow - create a lifestyle of ease and grace. Master the skill in 10 easy steps.

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Inspiration Quotes & Photography From Ancient Wisdom to Newest Sciences

Inspiration Quotes & photography lift your spirits, ignite your imagination and you soon discover the flow of Good Fortune in your own life. Follow the wisdom of the ages and find your destiny.

Questions? Law of Attraction is the answer!

Does your genetic code block your creativity and wealth? What kept you from knowing the Law of Attraction? How else has truth eluded you? Get the Facts you need to know - enjoy Quick Good Fortune.

Law of Attraction, Science and Experience - Attracts abundance

Science facts & your experience reveals the Law of Attraction. Learn how to quickly guide yourself to wealth and health. Get the facts. Use Law of Attraction to improve all of your life. Start today.

Find Inspiration & Find Good Fortune

Great insight and 7 tips to stop a habit that defeats health and abundance. Following Inspiration changes what you have into what you want. Health and wealth are waiting for you – wake up today!

Change your mind and Law of Attraction changes your life.

Can you think in new ways? Flexibility makes life fun and easy. Develop that skill with two simple tips on exactly how to do it. Experience change - allow your attracting power to deliver your dreams.

Get Rich Quick - ONLY One Step Away

Most fail to get rich quick because of a genetic mind-set for failure. Change the genetic code or lose again. One quick change, and it doesn't matter what you do – you’ll make money quickly.

Make Easy Money - ONLY One Step to On-line Riches

Make easy money- do what you love on-line. Most fail due to an inherited mind-set for failure. Change the genetic code or lose again. Then one quick step, and you’ll make easy money for life.

How To Make Money Online: The Search and Solution

Get the facts: How to make money online and avoid pitfalls. Follow an expert and repeat successes from a proven company with a guarantee. Research others doing it and see if it works for you today!

Money Making Ideas - Find What You Love Here

Money making ideas only work if you find -and do- what you love. Most fail due to a genetic mind-set for failure. Change it or lose out. THEN find your niche and you’ll make easy money for life.

Make Easy Money In Spite of The Economic Downturn

Are You Trading Getting Rich, For "Treats" You Want In The Moment? Change your mind and everything changes. Build a new wealthy habit and begin now to create a financially secure future.

Make Changes Easily: Let Law of Attraction Do "The Work" For You.

Great insight to change what you have into what you want. Why is it hard to stick to a diet or make money? Old excuses stick you to old habits. Get the truth - make changes easily and quickly. Try it.

Are You Attracting Success or More Hard Work?

Attracting success- or hard work and struggle? Law of Attraction delivers answers. It’s not a secret- look at your bank account, health and relationships. Overcome fear and it’s easy to get rich quick

Only One Way To Get Rich Quick

Great insight to get rich quickly in spite of economic conditions. The challenges you face today require a new unique approach. Do this- getting rich quickly is not a fantasy, but a dream come true.

Want New Results? Find Your Passion

Want great new results? Follow your passion - there’s no substitute for enthusiasm and determination. Only your love of your future has the power to attract wealth and health- and overcome fear.

Law Of Attraction & Stress Free Easy Money

Great insight to get rich quickly in spite of the economy. Challenges you face today require a new unique approach. Take action on this plan- and getting rich is not a fantasy, but a dream come true.

Get Rich Quick: A Down-Economy - Spins off Great Good Fortune

Get rich quick in the down-economic cycle as it spins out huge benefits. New products, services and many millionaires result. Be one of them. “Buying low” is easy. Make a plan and find success- Today.

Give a Gift and Get Rich- Like the Rich Do

Ever gotten a gift that surprised you? Feeling gratitude is spontaneous and exhilarating. Tension vanishes in the spirit of cooperation. Give a gift and Law of Abundance delivers- wealth back to you.

Vision Boards are magic - Find the "treasure" in your future

Your Vision Board reminds your subconscious of goals. Distractions are old habits. Focus on new Dreams and Law of Attraction delivers. Billboards work to sell ideas. Do that same thing for yourself.

Use a Vision Board and Find Your Inspiration leading to your future

Vision Boards work on your subconscious adding ideas into your mind that Law of Attraction then brings into your life. Why not design exactly what you want your Vision to attract? Simple, quick!

Decisions: Are You Winning or Losing?

Decisions are often made outside awareness. If you feel limited and frustrated - it's an old decision blocking you. Solve that problem in a few simple steps and free up your creativity and future.

Natural Health and Wellness: Facts and How-To Guide

Are Health and Wellness expensive? Try illness. Simple steps to health and vitality. The cost? Changing your mind. The reward? Living your Dream. Practice it and quick cures and riches follow.

Natural Cures heal the body and mind for lasting relief

Use natural cures healing the body-mind. Feeling lost or frustrated at poor or inconsistent results? The way you look at the problem - is the problem. Find lasting solutions and relief right here.

Natural Cures to last, begin with a stress relief plan

Is looking for natural cures keeping you sick? Try a new approach for lasting results. Stop the underlying stress aggravating the dis-ease and find natural health. Try this simple 7 step plan and turn

Home remedy cures naturally heal the body and mind for lasting relief.

Home remedy herbs are found in local markets. Finally a practical guide to solve most health issues long before they become a problem. Diet, exercise and home remedies are the natural path to health.

The Mediterranean Diet is a Natural Cure for Diseases

The Mediterranean Diet is a Natural Cure and defense against aging and disease. Once symptoms are critical it's too late. Why not start now and eat your way into health and avoid pain and suffering?

Mediterranean Diet Recipes are a Natural Cure for Disease and Aging

Mediterranean Diet is healthiest defending against disease. Chef Judith Fine-Sarchielli lived in Tuscany twenty years. She’s a food coach, writer, and culinary instructor. Sample her favorite recipes.

Almonds: An Ancient Superfood

Raw and organic Superfood Almonds decreases heart disease 50%, prevents diabetes and cancer, reduces weight (without hunger) and adds nutrition (vitamin e) and natural oils for anti-aging skin care.

Superfood honey and bee pollen- prevent disease, heal, and clear your mind

Honey instantly builds energy and clears your mind. It contains all essential minerals, B complex, amino acids, enzymes; and can prevent cancer and Alzheimer's. Try natural home-remedies.

Superfood Honey is in danger of vanishing

Add raw honey to your diet and boost your immune system. Superfood honey provides antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and more– and bees are disappearing. No pollination would jeopardize our food source

Get Healthy (or Wealthy) in 9 Easy Steps

Give this great insight a try- Attract health and wealth easily. Change how you see health and your health changes. Try this new unique approach. Do it – reinvent your mindset and get results.

Health & Wealth: Easy, Quick and Simple

Quick Good Fortune is ONE step to Health and Wealth. Learn how to live the life you want. You can make it simple, do it quick and take the easy way. Learn specifics - Law of Attraction explains how.

If You Can Change Your Diet – You Can Change Your Life

A great guide to making healthy changes stick– Why is dieting difficult? Changing genetic habits demands a new level of thinking. Take an entirely new approach and get results easily and quickly.

John Holmstrom- A Passion for Ayurveda

John Holmstrom is a leading practitioner and professor of Ayurveda. Restore your natural state of health, happiness and inner sense of well-being -- clear your body of toxins and find health today.

Stress Relief and Ultimate Cure

Stress relief is mandatory or dis-ease is certain. Coping with stress is a “band-aid.” Cure the cause TODAY. Stress-free living is easier than you think - when you think in new ways. Easy and Quick.

Relieve Stress- Age Less & Live More

Only 4 simple steps to relieve stress- stop aging and restore health. Don't wait for dis-ease. If the signs of stress sound familiar - fix it today. Age Less, then Living more - stress free - is easy.

Relieve Stress: Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Minutes

Spend 10 min. Look ten years younger. Nothing ages you faster than stress. Eliminate stress easily and quickly; let your natural beauty shine. Try it - all you have to lose is wrinkles and anxiety.

Stress Free Relationships: One Quick Step.

Stress free relations- only one step away. Your health & wellness depend on your relating skills. This is a great practical “how to” guide you can do easily today and guaranteed you’ll enjoy results.

How to Overcome Fear FAST - One Easy Step

Overcome fear quick and easy once you see exactly what it is. Fear is the only thing in your way of a healthy, wealthy lifestyle. Disconnect from stress, loss and limitation in one quick step.

Overcome Fear and Overcome Your Fate

See how to overcome fear in one quick step. Stop the primitive emotional rush that limits your ability to think clearly. Create a new response that turns problems into solutions and attracts wealth.

Find the Extraordinary Life in 7 simple exercises.

Do you dream of unlimited possibilities? Take action now- do the inner-work of awakening from your dream. Choosing an Extraordinary Life begins with your conscious work to realize it: 7 simple steps.

Articles on Good Fortune, Health, Wealth, Wisdom, and Law of Attraction

Articles by Cheryl Janecky and Good Fortune contributors on topics about living the dream, law of attraction, health, wealth, and wisdom. Including the Explorer adventure and the vanishing honeybee.

Inspiration Quotes & Stories: Living the Dream. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Inspiring Quotes & Inspiration Stories: insights into possibilities and dreams. Lift your spirits, ignite your imagination and find your own Dream. Follow the tales of others and find your destiny.

Inspiration and True Tales on the Trail of Good Fortune

Inspiration is the fast guide leading to Good Fortune. True Tales are a blueprint. Inspire and ignite your Vision - a practical “how to” guide and insight into using your attracting power.

Good Stuff – Save time, save money, save effort - start here.

Good Stuff saves you time, saves money, saves effort and avoids painful mistakes. Some resources are free. The Good Fortune community researches, offers or uses them all. Buy satisfaction guaranteed.

Favorite Links Save Time and Effort

Favorite links to Good Fortune resources- saves time, effort and avoids junk info. Links offer free reports, ezines, resources and quality information on Health, Wealth & Wisdom or Law of Attraction.

3 Steps Promise New Year Abundance

Take 3 simple steps and plant the seeds of prosperity and harmony for your New Year ahead. Now is the time to clear out the old and guarantee a successful New Year. Simple, easy and it works!

Solstice and Equinox - Solar cycles of the seasons of Good Fortune

The Solstice and Equinox marks times of change. Living in harmony with Natural cycles enhances your creative power. Align with the currents of change and life easily flows effortlessly to abundance.

Fall Equinox Hidden Mysteries - Find Your Inner Inspiration Now

Fall Equinox Earth-Mother is honored worldwide for abundant harvests. The energy of summer has crested, the wave vanishes into a quiet time of preparing for the coming winter season of introspection.

Summer Solstice - balance Passion and Compassion for Abundance

Summer Solstice is the time Mother Nature is at the peak of abundance and the Sun is the most potent. Learn the ancient formula for creating abundance, join the natural cycle & accomplish miracles.

Mary Wright, Artist, and Preservation of Native Wisdom

Art activist Mary Wright, and Eric Lloyd Wright, at Wright Organic Research Center Malibu, host events, art-on-the-land show, & preserve Native American traditions’ of Solstice, Equinox and Sweatlodge

Maria Newman Music Composer, Violin & Viola Musician Extraordinaire

Maria Newman established the Montgomery Arts House of Music and Architecture - a contemporary art salon in Malibu. A composer and master violinist, and daughter of the Alfred E. Newman family dynasty.

Happiness, Good Luck, Success and Good Fortune for Sale

Can you Buy Happiness? Of course – you do every day. Everything you buy is because you think it will make you happy. Yet happiness eludes most. You’re buying the wrong things! Buy wisdom – it lasts.

Good Luck and Lucky Charm Symbols of Good Fortune

Good Luck symbols of Good Fortune come from every age and every culture. Looking for luck? Why not create it– then it’s a sure thing. Lady Luck is not very reliable– why not make your own luck?

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique & Tapping For Instant Relief

Try EFT or Tapping - for quick relief to release energy blockages and emotional stagnation. It's simple, the manual free, and many try it on everything - Why? because it works when nothing else does!

Age Less - Live More - Love It!

Key factors to Age Less are simple and easy to implement. Only 5 steps to stop physical decline, relieve stress - and restore health. Don't wait for dis-ease - fix it today. Live a life you love.

PSTEC is FREE: Erase Emotional Stress Quick

PSTEC sweeps out trauma and blast through emotional barriers - FREE and quick. No figuring it out. Do it, get results and move on. Fear is erased. Gone. Now who are you? You’ll love the results.

Tapas Acupressure Technique: TAT Quick Stress Relief

Tapas Acupressure Technique works quickly on the energy body- relieves stress, trauma and restore balance. No figuring it out. Do it, get results and move on. Now who are you? You’ll love the results

Spring Equinox Inspires A Time to Plant the Seeds of Good Fortune

Spring Equinox inspires rapid growth and abundance. Plant the seeds of Good Fortune. You can’t harvest what you don’t plant. Your Attitude, Focus and feelings will grow into your future quickly now.

Stress Relief Solution to Any Difficult Situation

Stress relief is the only solution to all difficult situations. Why? Because once you relieve your own stress you change and so does the problem. Overcome the fear behind the mayhem and you’re free.

Cheryl Janecky's Good Fortune Journey to Health, Wealth and Wisdom

Cheryl Janecky finds solutions you can easily follow. Find inspiration to lead to good ideas and opportunities flourish. Enjoy health, wealth and wisdom- Good Fortune is one quick step away.

Wise Words


“Success is getting
what you want.
Happiness is liking
what you get.”

H. Jackson Brown

"All truly wise
thoughts have been
thought already,
thousands of times;
but to make them
truly ours,
we must think
them over again
honestly, until they
take firm root in our
personal experience."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“All the flowers of
all the tomorrows
are in the seeds
of today.”

Indian Proverb

"Those who cannot
change their minds
cannot change

George Bernard Shaw

“A positive attitude
may not solve
all your problems,
but it will annoy
enough people
to make it worth
the effort.”

Herm Albright

"All that we are
is the result of
what we
have thought.

The mind
is everything.
What we think,
we become."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

easy to understand
only One step
you must do.

Fun– getting what you want
makes you happy.

Hi there!

I’ve read, researched and taught over 40 years - and the "ONE Step and facts" are a blending of ancient wisdom, Philosophy, and Science…plus my passion to figure out how to live a life of Good Fortune.

Experience is reliable feedback. You may have lost a fortune - I have several times. That's a part of most success stories. But you don’t "loose" until you give up. I know how to create wealth and health, because I have several times – that’s how I uncovered the "One Step" that works. Over the past 10 years wealthy clients allowed me the freedom to write and create a guide to health and riches- You are reading it now. Instead of another e-book for sale, Quick-Good-Fortune is a website and all the basic information is free. Please support the resources you find here and use the links to visit affiliates and advertisers. with your help, the resources help to pay to maintain the site. The endless misfortune most experience -- and my friends seeking relief from cash problems or healing illness from stress, inspired me to make these truths available. It’s fun to help the rich get richer, but it’s really a rush when anyone breaks through misfortune And slips into the flow of Good Fortune! So here’s the “what and how to” and I hope you’re next! Keep in touch – we all lOVE success stories. Quick-Good-Fortune.com is for those who really want to create the life of their Dreams. The richer we get,

the happier

we all are.

To your Good Fortune, Cheryl Janecky

"When you change
the way you
look at things-
the things you
look at change."

Wayne Dyer

“Reality isn’t the
way you wish
things to be,
nor the way
they appear to be –
but the way
they actually are.

Either you
acknowledge reality
and use it to
your benefit or it
will automatically
work against you.”

Robert Ringer

Nothing in
this world
can take
the place of

Talent will not;
nothing is more
common than
unsuccessful people
with talent.

Genius will not;
unrewarded genius
is almost a proverb.

Education will not;
the world is
full of educated

Persistence and
alone are omnipotent.

Calvin Coolidge

"You must constantly
ask yourself
these questions:

Who am I around?

What are they
doing to me?

What have they
got me reading?

What have they
got me saying?

Where do they
have me going?

What do they
have me thinking?

And most important,
what do they have
me becoming?

Then ask yourself
the big question:

Is that okay?

Your life does not
get better by chance,
it gets better
by change."

Jim Rohn

“The best way
to make your
dreams come true
is to wake up.”

J.M. Power

“Know yourself.
Don’t accept your
dog’s admiration
as conclusive evidence
that you are wonderful.”

Ann Landers

“Learning music
by reading about it
is like making
love by mail.”

Luciano Pavarotti

“Imagination is
more important
than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

"I could do
great things,
if I weren't
so busy doing
little things.

Ashley Brilliant

“The best vision
is insight.”

Malcolm S. Forbes

“I believe in
the imagination.
What I cannot see
is infinitely
more important
than what I can see.”

Duane Michals

“If one is lucky,
a solitary fantasy
can totally
transform one
million realities.”

Maya Angelou

"We all know a fool
when we see one—
but not when
we are one.”

Arnold Glasow

“Nothing happens
unless first a dream.”

Carl Sandburg

“He turns not
back who is bound
to a star.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

“Argue for your
limitations and,
sure enough,
they’re yours.”

Richard Bach

“Don’t ask what
the world needs.

Ask what makes
you come alive,
and go do it.

Because what
the world needs
is people who
have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

“Life is a conspiracy
to shower you
with a nonstop feast
of interesting
all of which are
designed to help you
grow your
intelligence, shed
your pretensions, and
master the art
of ingenious love.”

Rob Brezsney

“The way is not
in the sky,
the way is
in the heart.

For the traveler
who knows
his direction,
there is always
a favorable wind.”

Stuart Avery Gold

“The foolish person
seeks happiness
in the distance;
the wise person
grows it
under his feet.”

James Oppenheim

“Everything looks
for the people
who never
try anything.”

Jean-Louis Etienne

“There are 40 kinds
of lunacy,
but only one kind
of common sense.”

African Proverb

“Anyone can make
a mistake.

A fool insists
on repeating it.”

Robertine Maynard

“Success isn’t a
result of spontaneous

You must set
yourself on fire.”

Arnold H. Glasow

"Getting well is easy,
it is getting sick
that takes years
of constant,
dedicated hard work.”

Dr. Richard Schulze

“When you change
the way you
look at things,
the things
you look at change.”

Wayne Dyer

“Those who cannot
change their minds
cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

“All that we are
is the result of
what we have thought.

The mind
is every-thing.

What we think
we become.”

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“Let us be thankful
for the fools.

But for them
the rest of us
could not succeed.”

Mark Twain

“What happens
depends on our
way of observing it
or on the fact
that we observe it.”

Werner Heisenberg

“Anyone who is not
shocked by Quantum

Theory has not
understood it.”

Niels Bohr

“All matter originates
and exists only
by virtue of a force…

We must assume
behind this force
the existence of a
conscious and
intelligent Mind.

This Mind is the
matrix of all matter.”

Max Planck

Good Fortune Is-

Healthy – stress free, active and a strong, vibrant life style.

Wealthy – a lifestyle that allows ample time for creativity and growth, and doing all that pleases you.

Wise – Clear thinking, mindful and decisive, fully enJOYing life.

“We are what
we repeatedly do.

Excellence, then,
is not an act,
but a habit.”


“Happiness lies not
in the mere
possession of money;
it lies in the
joy of achievement,
in the thrill of
creative effort.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

“What you can do,
or dream you can,
begin it,

Boldness has genius,
power, and
magic in it.”


“Success is more
a function of
common sense
than it is of genius.”

An Wang

“What lies behind us
and what lies
before us are
tiny matters
compared to what
lies within us.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

“If hard work
were such a
good idea,
surely the wealthy
would’ve kept it
for themselves.”

Web wisdom

“The most
beautiful thing
we can experience
is the mysterious.

It is the source
of all true art
and science.”

Albert Einstein

"Reality consists
of the experiences
we believe are real...

What is real
may or may not
be the same
for everyone."

Harry Palmer

“He that has no fools,
knaves nor beggars
in his family
was begot by a
flash of lightening.”

Thomas Fuller

“Happy is the person
who can laugh
at himself.

He will never
cease to be amused.”

Habib Bourguiba

“Start by doing
what’s necessary,
then what’s possible
and suddenly
you are doing
the impossible.”

St. Francis of Assisi

“Happiness is a
conscious choice,
not an automatic

Mildred Barthel

“Everything should
be made as simple
as possible,
but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein

"There are two
ways to live
your life.

One is as though
nothing is a miracle.

The other is as
though everything
is a miracle."

Albert Einstein

"All that man
needs for health
and healing has
been provided by

God in nature,
the challenge of
science is to
find it."

Philippus Theophrastrus

"Annually, over a
deaths are caused
by medicine
(latrogenic illness*).

This is more than
(the second leading
cause of death)
and cancer (the
third cause of death.)

of America.org

"The most beautiful
people we have known
are those who have
known defeat,
known suffering,
known struggle,
known loss, and
have found
their way
out of the depths.

These persons
have an appreciation,
a sensitivity,
and an understanding
of life
that fills them
with compassion,
gentleness, and a
deep loving concern."

Elizabeth Kubler Ross

"We are always
getting ready
to live but
never living."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What great thing
would you attempt
if you knew
you could not fail?"

Robert Schuller

"I am an
old man and
have known a
great many
troubles, but
most of them
never happened."

Mark Twain

"Courage is the
power to let go
of the familiar."

Raymond Lindquist

Wise Words

“Words are,
of course,
the most
powerful drug
used by mankind.”

Rudyard Kipling

"It takes guts
to get out of
the ruts.

Robert H. Schuller

"Part of your
heritage in this
society is the
opportunity to

Jim Rohn

"When it comes
to processing
information, the
mind is over
a million times
more powerful
than the
conscious mind.

have revealed
that the
conscious mind
only operates
at best about
five percent
of the day.

Ninety five
percent or
more of
the time (for
most people
ninety nine
we run
our lives
from the
processor, the

Bruce Lipton PhD

"Life is partly
what we make it,
and partly what
it is made by the
friends we choose."

Tennessee Williams

"Failure is not
a single

YOU don't
fail overnight. Instead,

Failure is a
few errors
in judgement,

Jim Rohn

"It is only
when people
shake off
the baggage
of financial
they have
acquired from
their parents,
friends and
past financial
disasters that
they are able
to advance

Todd Dean

"Every 60
seconds you
spend upset is
one minute of
you’ll never
get back."

Web Wisdom

"The Future
belongs to the
not the

The more YOU
seek security,
the less
of it

YOU will have.
The more
YOU seek
the more

YOU will

Ted Keyes

“So many
people spend
their health
gaining wealth,
and then have
to spend
their wealth
to regain
their health.”

A.J. Reb Materi

"As a shark
can respond
to one drop
of blood
in a million
gallons of
water, so does
the Universe
respond to
one drop of
negativity in
our thoughts.

we are what
we think.

This is why
we need to be
so clear and
honest with

Eric Allen

"The quality
of events
surrounding you
in any given
moment may be
specific beliefs
you hold
in that moment."

Greg Braden

"The great
successful men
of the world
have used their
they think
ahead and
create their
mental picture,
and the
go to work
that picture in
all its details,
filling in here,
adding a
little there,
altering this
a bit and
that a bit,
but steadily
building --

Robert Collier

“If you want
others to
be happy,

If you want
to be happy,

Dalai Lama