Overcome Fear Fast
One Simple Step to Health and Wealth.

"Of all the liars in the world,
sometimes the worst
are your fears."
Rudyard Kipling

How to Overcome Fear-

...is pretty simple but understanding the facts and eliminating the confusion may take your full concentration.

There's not likely anything to fear - yet this baby is feeling terror -- triggered by some image or sound in their environment. It is their instinctual genetic code that is responding to the stimulus.

The physical response of fear releases toxic chemicals and hormones and activates the "survival brain" -- even in a newuborn.

Can you spare a few hours to eliminate fear from your life?

Once you really understand the high price you pay for needlessly indulging in fear, you'll agree it's worth any amount of time to eliminate fear from your life.

Fear is all that limits your health and wealth.

A couple of hours really isn’t much to invest in understanding thousands of years of genetic imprinting.

Once you commit and then practice, just like an athlete training, your success is guaranteed.

Fear is an anxious feeling of dread, pain in your solar plexus, hard to breath, heart racing and blood rushing. That physical “flash” is the only benefit. The gift of fear is thinking of those fearful feelings as a flashing red light warning you: If you continue in this “idea” you will soon be immobilized and stupid – unable to think clearly, take action, nor find solutions. You can: Stop it right NOW!

Put your hand on a hot stove: OUCH! Pain, adrenaline rush, fear, hurting, throbbing for hours or even days and pain each time you use your hand that reinforces the awful experience.

The next time you see the stove you feel fear - your body is reacting to the memory of the pain. Now, teach yourself to cook. Soon the stove no longer triggers the violent reaction – and eventually you touch a hot burner again: OUCH! This time there’s no fear, only frustration at your carelessness.

What happened? You initiated a fear response and then through understanding and experience, you extinguished the fear response.

Very soon, in exactly this way, you will be free from fear. With practice you can overcome fear instantly in one step.

Do you find yourself in situations that scare you and leave you feeling helpless?

Once you see that fearful expectations attract the fearful experiences - it will be easy to choose "safe and secure."

Fear is behind all loss, suffering, pain and illness.

Fear is a self-fulfilling prophesy that is guaranteed to produce an experience that matches the intensity of your feelings of fear.

You get what you fear (even when it’s “unconscious”) just as you “get” all that you expect.

This is an "attraction based universe" and Karma - or Law of Attraction rules. If you doubt it - get the facts that free you. If you ever wonder, “how did that happen?” check out Law of Attraction.

The good news: You are doing it and so you can stop it.

Most people fear public speaking, heights, insects (especially spiders), snakes, and some animals. Insights into the origins of these fears can liberate you. More obscure are the abstract common fears of - pain, other people, death, god, commitment, social anxiety and the fear of failure.

Where does all the fear come from? Exactly the same source – genetic history - and the solution is not beyond your control. The genetic insights may surprise you. Once you see fear in context of history and genetics – a quick easy solution is self-evident. A personal ah HA! moment is all it takes to free you.

Fear is simple to overcome once you understand exactly what it is and what it does for you. What makes it tough? All habits of thought are difficult to change ONLY because they are habits. That’s it. Nothing more.

You cannot hear a solution unless you ask – you’re here – you asked. Now consider a solution you haven’t heard before in quite this way. Combine new scientific discoveries with ancient wisdom and the truth is self-evident.

The answer and insight is outside of your normal mind-set. Much about fear is only a habit, but once active, it dominates reasoning – and confuses the simple facts.

Your biggest challenge is not the fear, but opening to new information about fear.

It's been centuries since you met a tiger head on.

Could this type of old genetic fearful patterns be what's scaring you today?

When you are feeling anxious or fearful you are not able to access your reasoning mind.

Worse yet – social conditioning dictates that fear is real and dangerous.

Because you believe that, you are experiencing it….along with many others.

It seems true and the fearful results are real- a warning of horrible things to come!

After all, you are feeling it and then experiencing it, right?

Anything you believe can be true for you.

"The nature of
the mind is to
make coherence
of the world.

So if you have a
program that says,
'I do not deserve',
your brain will not
let you generate
behavior that contradicts
this because it's nature says
it has to be coherent."

Bruce Lipton PhD

Choose wisely – you’ll live in it and it will become your life experience.

Breaking out of social habit patterns and changing your genetic blueprint are only difficult because of fear. Fear is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

In a war zone, or in an abusive relationship - FEAR IS REAL - and justified. That experience builds up a pattern of fearful responses (habits) that are difficult to overcome - yet it is possible - even after experiences in the most horrendous situations imaginable. The responses are only chains of habits - and can and do change.

Fear that is justified: Real War Zone danger. But it is no longer "real" once away from the battle field. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome describes the stressful responses that continue long after the real danger is gone. It is debilitating - yet it is possible to overcome fear. Gary W Halsey Sr. tells his story through his writing and poetry. Here's an Inspiration and insight into overcoming fear.

"Great article on fear. Being in combat for 3 tours in Vietnam, I know first hand about fear, then tried my best to defeat it, and much to my surprise, I was able to do so eventually. I was only 18 when I went over there, so just being a youth, I wasn't geared for what I had to do, or see over there. Your article is great, and right on the point, and I enjoyed it immensely.....your friend in pen, Gary"

Gary rebuilt his life, and you too can follow a path to overcoming fear.

Visit Gary's Column: Life's Little Hiccups, bio and articles. Read Gary's tribute to soldiers "The River Rats" a poem with an insight into real wartime fear... That experience is in most of your genetic heritage and the fears continue into life - until they are stopped.

You are challenged emotionally when you attempt to step outside your familiar mind-set and overcome “my-side-bias, and confirmation bias” - both ignore new information. Both terms explain the human tendency to stick to what you already believe – and specifically what “my tribe” believes vs. your tribe.

It is uncomfortable to wake up and see how "unconscious" you've been. Freedom comes from seeing how you allowed fear to run rampant, and then attract fearful experiences into your life. It is up to you: you can "set that discomfort aside" for the next few days, as you eliminate fear from your life.

"One of the saddest lessons of history is this; if we have been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge even to ourselves that we've been so credulous." Carl Sagan

How to Overcome Fear is easy. The explanation following is not a discussion of theory. It is biased to provide only a simple clear statement of abbreviated scientific facts.

Only the essential ideas that are necessary for you to understand where you are and how to overcome fear - are included. Once understood, then freedom from fear takes only one quick step.

Once you grasp the simplicity – a quick "....ah HA! moment frees you from fear. Then changing the old habit through repetition over 21 days is easy.

{The science of the mind, brain, human behavior and genetics is vast and complicated. As with all science it’s a collection of experiments and results, constantly challenged and updated. There’s no one answer that encompasses it all, and holds the Big Truth. Knowledge is organic and grows as human understanding expands. Visit Wikipedia and the many resources on-line to add to your knowledge. Read carefully to discern facts, and not simply to prove what you already believe is true.}

Tapping, EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique

One of the newest breakthroughs in releasing fear is the process of collapsing old "habit-patterns or trauma" stuck in the body energy system. Tapping accesses the subconscious with an acupuncture type of process using your body's energy meridians. Rather than needles, you "tap" and release the blockage. Try EFT or Tapping - for quick relief to release fear and emotional stagnation. It's simple, the manual FREE, and many try it on everything - Why? Because it works when nothing else does!

The Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT

Tapas Fleming developed the Tapas Acupressure Technique working with acupuncture to relieve the symptoms of allergies. She discovered it also released the emotional trauma behind the symptoms.

This process is an alternative to hypnosis, EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy. TAT does not "tap" on the meridians, but holds one position (then closes with a final position) while gently clearing trauma and anxiety. TAT works quickly on the energy body- in a more universal approach for long-standing or broad issues. It gently and thoroughly allows your body-mind-emotions to restore balance.

There is no figuring out the details or delving into an emotional issue. Do the process (takes about 5 to 10 minutes) and then allow the integration to continue over the next 24 hours. You get results, asses your feelings and then repeat if necessary. The manual explaining the process is free to download.

Add TAT or the Tapping technique to releasing and overcoming fear and you'll find the lasting relief you seek.

True Tales are real life stories

How does it work? Follow two Tales of Overcoming Fear. Both used the facts you are reading - and also used Tapping.

Overcoming fear is a difficult task and few accomplish it because they don't realize fear can change through getting the facts and a change in attitude. Fear and depression are deadly. Teen suicide is on the rise - the 2nd leading cause of death for those under 17.

The strongest survive and live to tell about it. Follow Mark's inspiring True Tale that describes a clear and simple path out of fear and into a life of Good Fortune.

June Harder is a grandmother that survived a horrible life of abuse in every form over and over, and then accidents and surgeries.

June Harder

"…discovering how to Overcome Fear is the most freeing thing that's ever happened to me. I held everything inside from the time I was very young and trusted no one. I'd shut down all feeling and to this day never really know what my true feelings are. My life was saved by Lithium but that put me into more of a box with absolutely no feelings."

Overcoming Fear is the only real freedom from Trauma. Follow June's path and discover a solution that works.

Too many of us
are not living our
dreams because
we are living
our fears.

Les Brown

Synopsis of How to Overcome Fear

Following is the detailed outline of exactly what fear is, what it does for and to you; and the one quick step that stops fear from dominating your life.

If you discover a food is poison and making you sick - you quit eating it - right? Overcoming fear is the same thing - exactly. Discover how fear is poisoning you and you'll be over it in a red hot minute. Quick, easy and simple. Here's the info.

I. Fear Analysis: Understand fear and the results of continuing fear.

     1.) Definition: Body, Mind, Emotions.

     2.) Source of Fear.

     3.) Fear facts.

     4.) Cost of continuing to indulge in fear.

     5.) Changing a genetic blueprint.

II. Genetic Fears: Limit and set the boundaries of your lifestyle.

     1.) Genetic history and conditioned behavior.

     2.) Genetic training from your recent AND distant past.

     3.) Changing your genetic blueprint from fear to creativity.

     4.) Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:
     Fear blocks security, self-worth and self-esteem.

     5.) Media preferences point to old fears.

III. Fear limits emotional expression and Life Style.

     1.) The Emotional Scale – where is your Set-point?
      Fear is the mind killer.

     2.) What do you want in the place of fear?

     3.) See the gap – now close it. Fear to- mindfulness.

IV. How to overcome fear - one quick easy step: change Focus, and feelings follow.

     1.) Extinguish fear – and replace with a fearless Vision.

     2.) The gift of fear: Red light – stop it!

     3.) Bridge from fear to your fearless Vision & repeat for 21 days.

     4.) Test to see if fear is receding and your new focus
     is dominating and producing results you want.

How to Overcome Fear: Understand the full nature and results of allowing habitual fear to overrun your life.

I. Definition of Fear

Fear is a feeling of disquiet, apprehension, agitation or anxiety that escalates: Heart pounding, tightening in solar plexus, blood racing, sweaty palms, muscles tense, and an alert narrow focus.

It is an innate survival response to a perceived “trigger” (or idea of a threat) of imminent danger – It prepares the body for quick fight or flight.

Fearing feels helpless.

The situation appears out of control.

Fear ranges in degree from acute caution to extreme phobia and paranoia.

Fear produces corresponding emotional states including worry, anxiety, terror, fright, paranoia, horror, anger, revenge, panic, persecution complex, dread to immobilizing depression and often an inability to function.

Fear is the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, which if continued, quickly becomes anxiety that perceives threats as uncontrollable or unavoidable.

Blame, judgment and disapproval follow the feelings of helplessness.

Don’t confuse “fear” with the adrenalin rush of a trained athlete in competition.

Fear’s adrenalin prepares for the fight or flight response by magnifying a danger (idea) and your vulnerability. It centers in the primitive Limbic brain and renders you incompetent, unable to think clearly, paralyzed and may prevent action.

An athlete trains to maximize the hormones and adrenaline of physical competition.

The passion for competing and the desire to excel motivates a winner.

Fear does not help you fight. A fighter or warrior trains to develop skill and minimize fear.

If the opponent can be made to fear, then the fight is already won.

Fear does not help you flee. An athlete trains to run – preparing for the rush and excitement of competition – and repetition and skill develops a winner.

Fear immobilizes and leads to defeat.

Training for competition mobilizes an athlete for effective action. Competition induces a similar physiological state to fear, such as adrenalin and heightened awareness.

Athletes and coaches often use the term, “overcoming fear” when an athlete is not able to take appropriate action. In cases where say, the fear of failure is present, the athlete underperforms – making the “fear” a self-fulfilling-prophesy.

It is not fear, but rather training and competition that prepares the body for peak performance. Training focuses attention, sharpens perception, stimulates adrenaline for extraordinary effort, and repetition develops effective action.

Fear is of NO BENEFIT to you, and prolonged fear, inducing stress and sustained tension is deadly. All illness and dis-ease is the result of fear or stress.

The gift of fear is only as an early warning system. Once alerted, you can quickly change the “trigger” idea, and release the fear - before you attract real problems or illness.

Angry or fearful others spread their fears to whomever will listen.

Learn to say "NO." Auto-responding to fear is only a habit.

There is no “pushing through fear” as often recommended.

You cannot fight a physical response of stupid, rigid immobility.

You can change the “trigger” idea.

Simply re-training the genetic compulsion can reduce the “false alarm – trigger” and only then can you release the automatic fear response.

Definition of Fear - Feelings in your body or emotional response.

Fear is an innate response of the sympathetic nervous responses. Muscles used for physical movement are tightened and primed with oxygen, in preparation for a physical fight-or-flight response.

The heart-rate and heartbeat quicken. Perspiration secretes to cool the body after the heat from the rush of blood and tension.

The emotion of fear stems from several hormonal and neurochemical responses in the brain.

Once these hormones are released throughout the body, they begin to trigger defensive mechanisms such as raising adrenaline and cortisol levels, and increasing heart rate and respiration. This is the "fight-or-flight" response.

Fear symptoms in animals are meant to stay active for only a few seconds or minutes - long enough to react. Only humans use memory to continue and sustain the fear – sometimes indefinitely.

A childhood or genetic fear can push the panic button - outside your awareness.

Once you become aware of it you can stop it quickly.

Fear is a response to a trigger – often an idea created in your imagination (fear of failing) or as a response to a genetic fear pattern (fear public speaking) that signals a danger from many generations or centuries ago – but that is not happening - or true now.

High levels of adrenaline and increased cardio-respiratory rates, if continued for long periods, eventually exhausts the body.

Stress is fear based - in anticipation of and in response to - prolonged physical states of hyperactivity.

In a fear-based culture or household, fear becomes “normal.” The tension and stress in your body is no longer recognized as "unhealthy." Once the habit forms, you may think, "This is just the way I am." It's only a habit, and you can change it.

Fear of punishment or retaliation is used as a motivator to control others – do it or-else -- in families, and also in military training and in abusive relationships.

The brain through repetition learns specific fearful neural pathways, creating the habit of fight or flight - even when responding to non-threatening situations. Some people are more susceptible than others and develop what is called a “phobia,” or severe debilitating fear.

Fear quickly escalates out of control. Anger is an attempt to regain control.

Bursts of "anger" releases the horrible feeling of depression and most importantly releases the hormone build-up and other tensions from the fear. Anger is a good thing as a step to resolve the fear.

Fear and the mind.

The response of fear originates in the Limbic brain and shuts down much of the brain’s functioning.

The Limbic system is ancient, involves the flight or fight responses, some sexual responses and long term memory – including pain and avoidance tactics.

The fearful person is unable to access their rational mind and acts out of animal fear and instinct.

In summary: Fear renders you helpless, stupid and a victim to circumstances that are now beyond your control. There is no benefit to fear. None. Ever.

When you feel secure, your inspiration guides you to secure experiences. That's the only real safety there is.

Simple awareness does wonders to unravel fear. It’s easy to get off of what isn’t working when you see it for what it is.

2. Source of Fear – Genetic blueprint for survival and social conditioning.

All human behavior is the result of past genetic programming. A genetic blueprint for living life controls until a conscious effort is made to change it.

Everyone is programmed to follow a leader and fall inline.

Break free if you want to live your full potential.

There is some conditioning (learning) by parents and social training during childhood that influences the blueprint too.

That conditioned behavior - is the result of the parent’s genetic patterns.

Do you see that you all share the same genetic codes that are being taught and reinforced – and passed down through generations?

It’s all genetic.

If you look there you will find a simple quick solution. Why not do that?

Your behavior is somewhat modified by experience – but your genetic blueprint rules (subconscious mind) especially in survival situations – until you actively change it.

Instinctual information isn’t taught, but rather inherited and flows every moment. The genetics, or what we call “instincts,” is within everyone. It is our ancient family genetic (DNA) patterns.

A good example of instincts is seen in our pets. Have you seen a kitten – only weeks old – respond to the world? Stalking a fly or hiding from danger? – and not taught but acting out what we call “instincts.”

Fear is the glue that holds the habits and patterns in place. It is localized in the primitive limbic brain – of the fight/flight response. Once fearful, all thinking shuts down and focus is through the limbic brain – with no access to the reasoning mind.

Genetics dominate behavior and span human evolution history.

Genetic blueprints change easily through committing to new choices and repetition. You can train yourself to run, you can train yourself to be secure and fearless exactly the same way.

Your genetic “history” can also be seen clearly in your early formation in the womb from conception to birth.

First, in a baby forming in the womb as a few cells, evolving into the tadpole swimming in a saltwater-ish solution, transforming through many forms and emerging human.

You (and your behavior) are the result of all of life forming back to the beginning of time: It’s encoded in your DNA.

You share 95%+ of your genetic code with primates.

Why would you think your behavior would be 95% different?

There are no genetic limitations to your current experience: There are one million people as close to you as a tenth cousin, and no one is further removed from you than a 50th cousin.

Your genetic pool is huge - and anything you are attracted to - another culture, era in history, or people - is a matching "resonance" to who you are - with that time and place.

If you’d like to understand your fears, and fear in general then the ONLY answer lies in your genetic past. Once you look to the source of the fear, it’s easy to see and to resolve.

INSIGHT: Not so long ago no one understood that alcohol was responsible for all the dysfunction we now call “alcoholism.” There was no “cure” until it was understood, right?

In not understanding fear – and worse yet, attempting to make a convoluted and bazaar theory explain simple facts – you confuse and add to the fear. Don’t do that. Keep it simple and follow the facts.

The origin of fear: Our past is ancient, extending back many hundreds of thousands of years.

"They call this apocalyptic times and fear the end of the world. But let's compare our lot with folks in medieval Europe. Most land belonged to the nobility and the church. Peasants, who comprised the vast majority of the population, were forced to live off small strips of land, and a bad harvest or harsh taxes could leave thousands on the verge of starvation, with little hope. Bands of outlaws -- poachers, thieves, vagrants, murderers, rapists -- were common. Life was nasty, brutish, and short." Stewart Ross

Fear led to seeking safety in the tree.

But fear will make it impossible to get down. Fear is no benefit to find solutions.

Imagine how many deaths were experienced and observed--

how much there was to fear and defend against.

None of it is true now. No tigers, no cliff dwelling, no inquisition to fear being singled out or fear public speaking, and no reason to react as if it were still a threat.

The fear of falling is a commonly understood inborn instinctual fear. That fear of heights evolved from our prehistory where falls resulted in death or maiming.

The fear of heights is an instinct found in many mammals, including domestic animals and human beings (infants too.)

Genetic instinct is the only rational explanation for a baby and animals to fear falling.

How instinctual “triggers” are generated and modified.

Pavlov experimented with modifying biological responses. Dr. Pavlov rang a bell when he fed the dogs. After a short time, ringing the bell would trigger the dogs to salivate and their bodies would respond as if they were going to eat.

The bell was “associated” with food in the dog’s awareness and triggered or caused an automatic biological and emotional response.

Fears and phobias work in this same way.

A "trigger" or stimulus in the mind activates the biological response to a fear “memory” and not a present danger.

This stimulus can be simply thinking about a situation that triggers a genetic fear. The possibilities are vast and endless and there’s no need to untangle it all.

Once the fear is activated, it can be deactivated quickly – and a simple observation of the situation and reflecting on your self-talk will reveal the action to take.

If you fear public speaking, how you think has a profound affect on your physiology and biology. Your subconscious or genetic code has stored many memories of people speaking out and suffering for it.

Public entertainment was torture and beheading

Fear of others and authority made sense.

The Inquisition left everyone terrified of public gatherings.

Earlier the Roman "games" starred gladiators and wild animals eating people.

Singled out, speaking up, often meant certain torture and death.

The fear is really a fear of others and authority. Viewed in this context it’s easy to understand why most fear public speaking.

Do you see how knowing that can dramatically shift what you tell yourself? Imagine Pavlov ringing a bell - and you knowing there is NO FOOD...it wouldn't take long to change your automatic responses...would it?

When you think about speaking, you are unknowingly setting off the triggers for feeling fear - all from your subconscious (genetic) “memory”.

If you insist on speaking, your body and emotions will quickly escalate from anxiety to fear to panic – and it’s not about now, nor for the reason you think.

Your feelings follow your thoughts. Tell yourself the truth...repeat it until it sticks. Extinguish the fear, just as you learned to not fear a hot stove. Old subconsciously recalled sources of fear and pain are ancient - and of no benefit to you now. Period.

3. Fear facts – Science and Ancient Wisdom.

1.) “Fear” is a self-fulfilling-prophesy

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real –

  • 99% OF FEAR TODAY IS:-
  • not about now-
  • not for the reason you think-
  • not justified-
  • not "real" unless you focus on it and attract it.

Fear is justified in less than 1% of the times you experience it. Yet you live with fear every day – usually without realizing it.

How often do you really face danger? You are no longer in the “food chain” and there are no lions and tigers.

Fear of falling? Drowning? Random violence? When was the last time you fell off a cliff, or got caught in a tidal wave? That you were personally in physical danger?

If you are in danger – then it’s likely a genetic pattern that you are carrying into your present life – Feeling fearful, Focused on fear, and attracting it. You will shortly be able to stop doing that.

Fear Makes itself real by attracting a matching experience.

Here’s how it works. You have a genetic pattern that says you are threatened. The “fear in your vibration” attracts your Attention and you Focus on it – and draw in more experiences of fear into your life. How? You are looking for it, and you attract it in. You find support in the news, from others, media and stories. You’re interested in the subject. It becomes real for you.

Fear is then Attracted to you because 1st you read and hear it and confirm your fear; -and 2nd you give it your Attention and fear it – and then 3rd you draw it in and experience it. That’s the process. If you are still not certain of your own Focus and Attracting power, visit Law of Attraction. This knowledge is your power to change.

Depression and despair are suffocating.

Feeling helpless and hopeless comes from genetic conditioning.

Where are you in this process?

Do you feel anger that just surfaces, out of control?

Or Depression and you retreat?

Or anxious and frustrated?

If you are attracting things to fear – you can stop doing it.

It’s the “fear” that is attracting (remember Law of Attraction?) and not a danger inherently “out there” -- that is the problem.

Everything you experience is always a match to your vibration. You choose your Focus and vibration.

You’ll feel a lot better, safer and be a lot healthier when you on drop fear quickly and ONLY Focus and look for solutions.

For most, physical violence is not an immediate threat. But the fear is. We call it stress, and it’s deadly and kills – not to mention – ages us prematurely.

2.) Fear is the glue that binds social conditioning and enforces “my-side bias.”

According to the media this is an "Age of Fear." The public seems obsessed with terrorist attacks, strange diseases, food poisoning, identity theft and threats of war. Why? – because that is what people are fed in a constant diet of fear inducing sound-bites - from the media.

The appearance of rapid change and fear unsettles the old social conditioning habits. Most seek stability in conformity. "Change" triggers the fear of change. Once convinced that the only certainty is that the future is unpredictable – then fear seems real and justified.

"My-side bias" and how fear dominates thought-processes.

"When it comes to processing
information the subconscious
mind is over a million times
more powerful than the
conscious mind.

Neuro scientists have revealed
that the conscious mind only
operates at best about five
percent of the day.

Ninety five percent or more
of the time (for most people
ninety nine percent) we run
our lives from the
automatic processor, the
subconscious mind."

Bruce Lipton PhD

When frightened you retreat and solutions are not available to you. Neither is thinking clearly or mindfulness. The fear dynamic thus enforces “my-side” bias or “confirmatory bias.”

An example is easily seen when a new scientific report reveals facts and conclusions about – say pesticides or food or climate change. Give the report to a Republican and a Democrat – and each will sift through the data and find only the facts that support what each already believes. Each side ignores the facts and proof of new evidence – neither can hear information outside of the current opinion of "my tribe."

Prison and debtor's prison were real threats and few escaped or returned.

The Church's Inquisition and courts spawned death and fear like a plague.

That bias is easily understood from a historic (genetic) point of view.

Those that ventured outside of the tribe’s bias – were stoned or tortured or worse.

Your genetic code is attempting to survive - to avoid pain and suffering now…your body does not want to go there – and shutting your mind down - ignoring facts and information - is a small price to pay to avoid torture.

Mind blindness is not a new phenomenon. Sailors knew the earth was round – Science and the world declared it was flat.

Scientists knew the earth revolved around the sun – and were tortured for hearsay – the Church insisted the earth was the center, and most agreed. It’s not difficult to see why. Pain, suffering and death is a motivator – and is limiting you in the same way today.

3.) Media’s Culture of Fear: Fear as a motivator and sales strategy.

The fear something can harm you is common and resonates with almost everyone. The News feeds this fear with an endless stream of aggressors and victims; and Hollywood movies add to the confusion - the victims are always innocent and are the target of violence – for no reason at all. The message? You are a victim.

Yuck. With that lousy info it’s no wonder people struggle to figure out what’s going on.

And they feel victimized by others when it’s really their own fears and Law of Attraction creating their experiences.

It can’t change until that process is clear.

Follow the money.

So what’s going on with media? Follow the money. The motivator is - “fear sells” and the News (advertising) and movies are in the business of making money and building an audience. And people love it because fear is so familiar, and being a victim justifies not taking action. This is “explaining” the misery in life in a way that continues it. Don’t do that. You can choose to be the cause of your experience.

Is the fear of being a victim true for you?

You know this is operating under the surface if you find yourself blaming anything for where you are; or feeling resentment, are you indulging in gossip, or making up justifications for what’s happening? That is all a defense against the fear that others can harm you and you’re helpless.

The feeling is tension and defending yourself – as if your life depended on it. It may have in the past - but not today. That’s stress in your body. Not good.

4.) The high cost of continuing to indulge in fear.

The many faces of fear — afraid of pain, scared of death or of god, fear of loss, fear of poverty, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of commitment, fear of animals and insects, fear of heights and - the fear of everything!

Fear is an instinct that limits your experience.

Once outside of familiar "my tribe" territory - fear dominates - and seldom is justified.

Fear limits your ability to live life to its fullest and it also attracts other forms of fear.

Very soon your life is more about coping with stress and endless worries than creating a future for yourself.

You are not thriving – but merely surviving.

Fear is the mind killer that limits getting what you want in life.

Fear locks your mind into your genetic blueprint. Any desire of yours to expand beyond old conditioning - and live your life in your own way - outside of your social patterns - initiates a fear response that can’t be ignored.

Fear permeates our culture, friendships, work and limits everyone’s ability to get what they want in life - what’s up?

How did you get stuck creating what you don’t want? If it makes you feel better – you’re not alone. Almost everyone does some of it.

Very few realize that what they think and feel – and give their Attention to – is attracted to them. Your feelings follow your thoughts and resonate a vibration that is your “signal” in life. Fear limits your Focus to the primitive mind, and your reasoning mind is unavailable to you. Fearful thoughts result in fearful feelings.

You may want to swim and know the water is safe- yet feel anxious - is the "little kid" part of you afraid of crocodiles or drowning?

If a part of you feels fearful, it won't be fun.
You also can't learn to swim. Not able to learn "how" - is how fear makes itself "true."

It’s not the words and what you want - but what you feel about what you want, that is the attraction point.

The cause of your fears about what you want may be subconscious or outside of your awareness.

You feel fearful and there’s no "surface" explanation as to why – or where it came from. It doesn’t make senses.

It’s perfectly clear when you look at a Bigger Picture – and the genetic code.

Fear is the natural process of genetic patterning and social programming to keep the tribe safe in a jungle of wild animals. It began with human evolution and continues today.

It is the developing "reasoning" mind that looks for answers - reasons for the responses...and finds them. That habit continues the fear. In contrast. the animal response is a quick alert - decision, and release.

"Anxiety is a
thin stream
of fear
trickling through
the mind.

If encouraged,
it cuts a channel
into which all
other thoughts
are drained."
Arthur Somers Roche

The good news is, with the breakthroughs in Physics and Sciences, you can understand and use the natural process of creating habits and patterns of thought.

Remember Pavlov’s experiments with the dogs? You can extinguish old behavior and replace it. You can create triggers and teach yourself to respond to "now," and what you want now (not fears in the distant past.)

Begin by understanding that fear in the subconscious is blocking what you want NOW. How do you know? You’re not getting what you want, and your mind obsesses between sensing "fear" and what you want.

If you desire something NOW that is in conflict with an old idea from genetic patterns, you both “want” and “resist” yourself at the same time. That’s stress.

It doesn't matter if you ARE SAFE if you don't feel safe.

Fears are not about now, nor for the reason you think. The fear is genetic instinct and not justified - but dominates how you feel and how you react to life.

Thus you want something new and an old idea says “that’s dangerous” and so you feel resistance to what you want. For example, you want more money, but your fear is, “Someone will take it, you’ll be a target of thieves, money is evil, etc.” so, subconsciously, you don’t want it – it’s life-threatening.

You often don’t realize the habits that run your life – but now is a good time to get clear about what is hindering your desires for a better life. Once you understand an old fear, you never return unconsciously.

Society and the Courts recognize fear as a basis for temporary insanity.

Fear intimidates you, causing you to go along with another's wishes without resisting. The fearful become violent and may kill – it’s an instinctive reaction from adrenaline, rather than a consciously thought-out decision. Fear excuses violent acts from the death penalty in most instances.

Disaster or Crowd Panic may injure or kill innocent bystanders.

Panic spreads quickly in a crowd and soon the entire group acts irrationally. A sudden fear dominates and replaces thinking. Animals as well as groups of people can be affected. Panics typically occur in riot or disaster situations – and results in the death of the young and old or infirm.

Fear is debilitating and accidents result from limited judgment and perception.

Fear does not solve the problems it creates.

Fear immobilizes and makes the situation far more dangerous than if you think clearly.

Place a solid sturdy 24” wide by 12” high beam on the ground.

Most can easily walk a 20 foot length.

Now raise the beam 2 feet and few can tolerate even standing on it, let alone keep their balance and walk for 20 feet.

That’s what fear will do for you.

The fear of heights, animals or insects causes irrational behavior in many resulting in far worse injuries in fleeing, falling and striking out, than the situation warrants.

Your genetic history easily explains your "irrational" fears now. Spiders and insects - along with many animals were once a danger - and took many lives - some in your genetic memory.

If you choose to "overcome" the fear and change the auto-response - it will free you up in other areas of your life too. It's easy to change a habit. Do it a few times and you learn for yourself how easy it is...soon fear will be "history" and not control your experience. That's a good thing!

The fear of failure is the fear of other people and punishment.

Trial and error is the very process of living. It is the path to success and of solving life’s problems. For those afraid of blame or ridicule (past or present) reluctance to try new ideas dominates their behavior and they retreat.

The fear may block reasoning – so solutions are not available, and the trials they experience are all failures, governed by the fear of failure.

The fear of failure is one of the strongest genetic conditions holding people below their potential. Historically, failure at the hunt, in battle, or fleeing an enemy meant death – and the fear may not be justified now, but continues to dominate behavior.

The fear of everything is a phobia that limits living to barely surviving.

Fear digs a pit that traps and limits.

Forget "coping with fear." The only relief and only permanent solution is climbing out - and staying out.

Could this be the re-enactment of a genetic past trauma? The fear of everything is initiated by the unconscious mind from your genetic history as a protective mechanism.

At many times in your historic past, there were traumatic, life-threatening events. Many generations spent in slavery, in prisons, sickness or on difficult migrations made everything dangerous – and are possibilities as well.

Only you know what feels fearful - so only you can stop it. Begin with changing habits, eliminating the little fears...and soon your own Inspiration will guide you to freedom.

The cost of continuing fear into your future.

The real cost to your health, career, and to your personal life is the difference between living the life you want and living limitataions as you are now. You cannot get to what you want until the fear is stopped. You can’t fight yourself and win.

Wealth and success are social concepts achieved with others.

Fear limits interaction. Without cooperation and support great achievements are limited too - Fear excludes opportunities with others, and thus makes itself real.

The financial cost of all fears and phobia is incalculable.

Living with fear means you can never achieve your Dreams. You are unable to find solutions and opportunities.

Your relations with others are limited and real success eludes your best efforts.

Fear costs you at least hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime, in lost opportunities and promotions.

The highest cost is loss of health, relationships and your quality of life.

Fear of taking risks is the bigger risk.

Fear and anxiety dominate the media and society. You resonate and pick-up the attitudes and feelings you are around. Add in the uncertain economic picture and worldwide instability, you might feel like playing it safe, and not be willing to risk a new venture or betting on yourself and unproven talents.

Are you underestimating your ability to recover from a loss or delay? That fear keeps you from following your Intuition and so you pass up valuable opportunities.

Fear is the mind killer: Fear centers thinking in the limbic brain, and the rational mind is unavailable.

Fear is not helping you avoid danger or pitfalls.

Playing it safe is also a risk.

Fear sets the boundaries of what's possible for you.

Mind-blindness keeps you consistent with others and fearing change.

Mindfulness is a choice. Every challenge has many opportunities. Are you looking for problems - or solutions?

Consider the cost of missed opportunities.

What benefits do you lose by avoiding risks?

What personal satisfaction, financial gains and new beginnings are lost?

The unknown is a major source of fear.

Fearful thinking limits your options and alternatives. Ideas or insights may surround you but because they are new and untried, they are impossible for you to see or imagine.

When you are unsure of a situation, possible losses seem far worse than they may be. Lower the fear by researching ideas first and then decide. You can't think clearly when you feel anxious. The fear has to go to clear your mind.

Fear is not leading you to safety – it's only purpose is avoiding pain.

Fear is not finding safety or a secure option. Fear is resistance and withdrawl.

Only mindfulness and concentration on feeling safe assures safety.

Fear is of no benefit to you at all. Get your adrenalin rush in sports and activities and drop stress and fear from your life.

It is not a reliable guide to some future “pending danger.”

99% of fearful feelings are not about now or useful.

Fear grips your attention - focusing on an imagined danger and draws you like a magnet to it.

Replace fear with mindfulness and build a mind-set of safety and feel secure and your inspiration will guide you to matching “safe” experiences.

Inspiration inspires, hints, and guides with insight and attracts a match to feeling good and looking for good experiences and solutions.

Fear focuses on a remembered danger – looks for “proof” and attracts danger and problems that feed the fear. No thinking, no reasoning and no solutions.

Fear does not keep you safe: only feeling secure will keep you safe.

What you defend against, you make real.

How’s that again?

If you create a defense, you are focusing on a problem and vibrating “vulnerable” – that attracts (Law of Attraction) the situation you are defending against. You are signaling you expect disastrous things to happen. You get what you expect and fear.

You don’t put double locks and a security system on a home in a local you feel is safe.

Don’t stop locking your doors and keeping yourself safe – the patterns are deeply embedded in the subconscious. Relief comes from a habit of focusing on safety, until you build that vibration. It may take awhile.

Don’t test it with your safety. You’ll know when security is no longer an issue. You won’t give it a second thought, and you won’t be attracted to defending yourself or fearing the unknown.

When you build a “life-is-safe” awareness, you know from your experience there is no loss. You prove to yourself there is only change - releasing of the old and opening to the new – then it’s easy to let go of the fear replacing it with your new truth. Only you can give that to yourself.

Indulging in Fear enslaves you to misery and a life of avoiding pain.

Are you a Slave or Master of your life?

95% are workers and observe life, as a spectator and reluctant participant.

5% create life from their inner-Vision:

For a sports star –

     life IS their sport, events, performance and training.

For a musician –

     life IS music, concerts, audiences, and performing.

For an empire-builder –

     life IS business and making deals and directing destiny.

Attitude of Gratitude.

The better it gets - the better it gets.

Once you get started, then your own momentum will propel you into success.

5% motivate themselves and others from excitement, fun competition, achievement and Joy. A musician doesn’t practice from fear but from desire to achieve. An Olympic athlete trains every day from passion and anticipation of competition.

Anxiety permeates life today and achievers and creators are not immune to feeling fear and anxious. Life is about coping and managing the stress between where they are and where they want to be.

Ultimately they are masters of their destiny and sculpt their lives into success through inspiration, passion and desire.

Attitude of Servitude.

95% of the population motivates themselves from fear and anxiety of the consequences of NOT doing what they feel they should do – and what others tell them to do.

A “service” mindset is motivated by fear. Fear limits thinking and reasoning and initiates compulsive compliance – generating feelings of being victimized.

Fear is the source of feeling vengeful.

Fear is feeling helpless and justifies blaming others.

Victims are trapped in a situation beyond their control and uncertain as to the outcomes. If others (authorities, leaders or the law) are in control -- then anger, depression, revenge, blame, frustration and judgment are justified.

Fear “sells” because it is dominant in the thoughts and the mind-set of most people - fear is what advertisers, News and politicians tap into.

The genetic blueprint for fear formed over thousand’s of years of forced servitude.

95% of the population were tenant farmers, servants, slaves, workers in the mines and factories, wives, indentured servants, prostitutes, soldiers…all in service to the will of others.

5.) Change your genetic blueprint – retrain yourself with commitment, a goal and repetition.

Do you recall how Pavlov trained a physical response into his dogs? He rang a bell, fed the dogs, and soon the dog’s bodies responded to the bell “as if” they were about to be fed.

That’s the exact same process that athletes use to achieve spectacular physical feats such as in the Olympics. You can easily extinguish fearful body responses – and replace them with the desired behavior of feeling safe and secure.

"The illiterate of
the 21st century
will not be
those who cannot
read and write,

but those who
cannot learn
and relearn.”
Alvin Toffler

The steps are simple: goal, plan, repetition, consistency, results. Works each time, every time. Once you understand the process of fear, you see you can’t make a decision or reason when feeling fearful. That’s a huge advantage that will soon free you to make new choices.

Here’s how. Scared of “failure” is only an idea that the mind can be taught to re-frame and see each set-back as a “step to success.” Understanding is the key – then repetition of the truth is easy. It’s all in what you tell yourself and believe is true.

When you're in the habit of looking for solutions -

You find unlimited opportunities.

Studies of successful people reveal they have failed often and are good at ignoring failure. A key to success is learning to see setbacks as opportunities to find another way to your goal.

Thomas Edison failed thousands of times and saw each failure as another way it didn’t work – on his way to finding what does work. Fortunately for us he had that attitude and continued: Electric light bulbs are the result….among hundreds of more ideas spawned from his efforts.

An Olympic sports team is also a good example. Losing doesn't defeat them, but inspires more commitment to training, goal setting, and repetition.

If you consider yourself a failure after a setback you will make that true. Once you quit trying you have failed – but that was a choice. If you were afraid of the failure, you likely attracted the experience – and will again as long as you cling to the fear.

You have no choice but to see fear for what it is, and quit allowing it. Once you get in the habit of stopping fear and retraining yourself, it will become “automatic” and very easy. All habits take over eventually: Choose the good ones that build a life style you love and want to live.

II Genetic Fears from history – unconscious and pre-programmed for survival.

Fears limit and set the boundaries of your lifestyle.

1. Genetic history and conditioned behaviors now: Bird dog puppy.

We’ve bred and trained many animals to serve our needs – using genetics and training to modify behavior and to instill patterns of behavior that we want generation after generation. Horses have been bred for speed (racehorses), power (workhorses) and skill (cow-cutting). Each is very different. Same with the many varieties of dogs that exist today.

A Bird-dog puppy playing in the sun, will stop, and “point” at a butterfly that lands close by. It doesn’t know what it is doing. There’s no good reason for that behavior. It’s not training or watching momma dog – it’s a genetic in-bred program – recently learned in the last several generations – to serve men hunting birds.

“History is a vast
early-warning system.”
Norman Cousins

Believe it or not, you are responding in exactly the same way: unconscious and pre-programmed for survival. It generally works out okay – we’re all here. It isn’t working where a habit that isn’t a real fear anymore - is limiting you.

What “sign” triggers your fearful responses?

Pay attention and you can quickly transform it.

Your fears and subconscious patterns are not hidden or a mystery.

You broadcast them and act them out in life.

Here’s a tip: what do you respond to?

What is limiting you?

What do you fear?

What makes you angry? Resentful? What don’t you like?

Fear is born as a survival tactic. If a squirrel sees the hawk eat its mom, it then watches for the hawk. After several generations, sentries are posted while others eat and drink. Any dark form in the sky will trigger an alarm and a flight response.

Well, the same “fearful” things happened to you in your not so distant past.

“At least half
the sins of mankind
are caused by
the fear of it.”
Bertrand Russell

INSIGHT: Source of the fear of people, fear of speaking in public, and the of fear everything.

People feared witches BECAUSE they feared the Church's persecution of women as witches. The Jealous or vengeful testified against neighbors.

The Church tortured and burned at the stake eleven million women and children over about 500 years. Some are afraid of missing church today for just this reason.

For centuries the public entertainment was a “witch burning” or “stoning” or “torture” in the town square.

It didn’t take long to fear- others, authority, a crowd and religion.

It also created the fear of “speaking out” and of being noticed….as those were the ones that fared the worst.

Centuries of warfare, slavery and slaughter led to the fearful conclusion that others could help, but more often, harm you.

Fear of people is the primary result.

Fear of: death, god, religion, politics, and leadership.

Life was out of control unless you joined the aggressors: their lifestyle and their religion…until the next war wiped that group out. The leaders were the first to fall – in horrible ways and in public view. That scared many out of leadership - even today.

A fear of speaking up, afraid of personal desire, scared of asking for what you want or disagreeing with authority.

“Slavery” was the perfect genetic training for the mining, farm labor and factory jobs to come later. Slavery of women was also the basis of early marriages – and is still true today in many cultures. It’s now a fear of speaking up or asking for things.

Marriage came at an early age for those who could afford it. The others were indentured servants or slaves. Women, and babies, died in childbirth. Brutality was common – wives were chattel…like the horse or cow and owned by the males in the family. After centuries of slavery it’s hard for people to even know what they want.

Does it affect you? Here's a test: Do you have a Vision of what YOU want in life? Can you list ten things you love about yourself? Are your goals more important to you than serving others? Find old habits of thought - and you can change them.

Fear of change, fear of life, fear of failure.

Not a pretty picture and hardly inviting. Yet what were the other choices? That feeling of being trapped in a bad situation permeates our world today. Is this where some of it began?

What fears keep you from wanting more in life?

"Fear" is the hook that pulls you out of the game and into limited thinking.

Once you feel secure, you no longer fall for fear "hook, line and sinker."

Fear keeps you from expecting things to go well and that you deserve it…(that attitude might get you burned at the stake – and not all that long ago.)

What fears control your prosperity-even your desires for wealth?

Fear limits your ability to marry happily, and to dare to seek and find creative work outside of "your tribe?"

Fear lies beneath the surface and you may be unconscious of it – until you experience the results– of not liking what you are attracting.

What you fear NOW is what you have around you NOW that you don’t want.

2 Genetic training from your recent AND distant past.

This is the only valid explanation for fearful responses today that are not real in your life. They are real in your past – and you can (and do) recreate them.

"Once you can accept
the universe as
matter expanding
into nothing
that is something,

wearing stripes with
plaid comes easy.”

Albert Einstein

What you are living is attracted to you through resonance and the Law of Attraction. You are actually (physics) energy and space that becomes the physical self you call your body and your life. All energy vibrates and signals.

Your genetic code is the “Feeling-tone” of you – your essence, and it resonates a signal that is matched by your experiences. Your parents and your social milieu are a match, and are a mirror for your genetic code.

Fear keeps you from taking opportunities that propel you into your future.

The fear of change, failure, and fear of others all limit opportunity and wealth.

Common thoughts, ideas, beliefs and opinions are shared. This represents “your tribe” and is in contrast, to say a tribe from another culture or social strata.

Fear is the glue that holds the habits and patterns in place. It is localized in the primitive limbic brain – of the fight/flight response. Once fearful, all thinking shuts down and focus is through the limbic brain – with no access to the reasoning mind.

Feeling Safe and Secure goes beyond the basic idea that you feel safe in this moment. See if any of these more “sub-conscious” level fears from your genetic historical past ring a bell.

Remember, these examples are subconscious, so if you “avoid” these situations…look for a reason. The origin of most phobias and fears become apparent with a little reflection.

Fears in the subconscious from recent genetic history.

Fears from hunter/gather lifetimes-

...of feast or famine living - not getting enough…. hungry? - and so over-eating more than you need (being over your desired weight) to prepare for famine.

Fears from migrations-

...and being an outsider - are you safe? Is “life dangerous?” Nighttime insomnia? Crowds or mobs of people intimidate you?

It seems like others are boxing you in.

but it's always and only your own fears of others boxing you in. No one can interfere with another - it's all about vibration and no one can vibrate for another.

Fears from Tribal raids-

...and pillaging and plundering: fear of military, raiders, bandits, foreign people, dark nights, childbirth? Injuries? Military?

Fears from living in cities-

...illness and plague? Work hard for only food and shelter? Taxes, government, courts? Or wealth & fame as a target for theft, revolt, politics. Religious conflict with authorities?

Fears from slavery, marriage, courtesan, prostitution-

… belief nothing is more important than beauty, health and strength. Afraid to be who you are, state your opinion - are you seeking approval and justifying actions? Afraid of what others think of you? Pleasing at your own expense? The perfect hostess?

Fears from nature-

…predators? wild animals, snakes, spiders, crocodile? Fear of separating from family? Drought? Storms? Ocean travel? Earthquakes? Hurricanes, lightening and storms, forests, swamps, and deserts?

Fears from aging-

…illness and decline? Become frail and incompetent? (aging does not mean decline) weak and vulnerable, deserted?

Stress is the driving tension that makes life a miserable struggle.

Prolonged stress is a genetic fear that dominates your life. Once a habit takes over, it seems "normal." Stress is not normal and not healthy.

General Fears today from your ancestors.

Do you feel anxious-

about driving at night?



Police, military?


Changes in your home, relationships or work?

Investing $$$?

Courts and legal hassles?

Wealth? Fame?


What else?

"One of the symptoms
of an approaching
nervous breakdown
is the belief that
one's work is
terribly important."
Bertrand Russell

The “fear of loss” is not feeling safe. It is the feeling “I don’t want to lose what I have and nowhere is secure. Confusion reigns - who to trust or what to do next?

The fearful feeling is followed by actions -either withdrawn or belligerent and defensive emerge as coping strategies.

Most of this stuff is dormant most of the time. Once you want something that conflicts - then you activate the old pattern. If you notice any of the "results" in your daily living then this is the place to fix it: at the “cause” level.

An insight can change your life. Look for the ....ah HA! moment- - solutions to problems that didn’t make sense to you until you discovered the source. Now solving it is quick.

Fears are genetic habits and the result of Social Conditioning. It’s not only possible to change – it’s easy.

"Genes are not destiny!

Environmental influences,
including nutrition, stress,
and emotions, can modify
those genes without
changing their basic blueprint....
and those modifications
can be passed on
to future generations."

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

3.) Changing your Genetic blueprint will open up creating the life you want to live.

The process is simple: extinguish the old habit and replace it with the new habit. Animal trainers (Biologists, Geneticists, and Psychologists) have been doing it successfully for a long time.

Understand the process, what’s limiting you, and you’re free to alter whatever you like. Changing a habit takes about 21 days – and lots of repetition.

"Never bear more than
one kind of trouble
at a time.

Some people bear three -
all they have had,
all they have now,
and all they expect to have."
Edward Everett Hale

What’s keeping you from Living Your Dream of how good life can be?

Fear is your only limitation – and it’s fear that sets the boundaries of your experiences. That boundary is limiting what you want and keeping you stuck where you are.

When you want something, and it’s not showing up in your life – the ONLY reason is a fear you hold about it.

If you want health or wealth and you have illness and survival (never enough) money – then a “fear” is the culprit. You fear illness, you fear wealth, and that's all.

How fear influences your life today.

If you are in poor health, it may be due to generations of illness, plague, and poor health conditions that set a pattern or “weakness” in motion – and you inherited it.

Fear stalks you through the media, friends and your own genetic past - looking for opportunities to slip into your life.

Just say NO.

Fear will always be around, but you can learn to ignore it and live life safely.

The same happens when you are trying to create a wealthy lifestyle – if your past generations were “workers” and “servants” for the wealthy or church, or slavery – (95% of the population) you have that habit.

Along with it is also the fear of “acting differently or wealthier” than your “tribe” or family - which way back then would lead to punishment or worse. You are afraid about something that isn’t true now.

4. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: lack of safety, self worth, and low self-esteem are from genetic fears.

Maslow’s hierarchy is a description of basic human needs. The image is a pyramid with the base needs being survival first, then safety, then self worth and then love. And until each is satisfied, in order, you are not free to move up the scale to self-actualization and living the life you want.

Most everyone's survival needs (food, shelter, clothing) are met. The next step is feeling secure or safe. That’s just been explored above. You must FEEL safe, to move on.

"I am convinced
that attitude is the key
to success or failure
in almost any of
life's endeavors.

Your attitude-your
perspective, your
outlook, how you
feel about yourself,
how you feel about
other people- determines
your priorities, your
actions, your values.

Your attitude
determines how
you interact with
other people and
how you interact
with yourself."

Carolyn Warner

Once you feel secure, then the next task is feeling "worthy." If you do not feel good enough to receive rewards, that lack of Self Esteem absorbs your attention and you can't get what you want. It’s common, and may be the culprit "fear" interfering with living the life you want.

  • Check this out---do any apply to you?

  • If you are not paid enough-

  • If you are volunteering and giving your talents away (beyond what feels good and in-line with your Dream.)

  • If you are not charging enough $$$, and are afraid to ask for more.

  • If you feel your ideas are not worth doing, not good enough-

  • If you are not good enough YET, seeking training and credentials to get approval and status-

  • If you can’t get what you want from life-

  • If you feel frustrated, depressed, not heard, no one pays attention to what you want-

  • If you feel you are not seen- your concerns are ignored.

  • If you are confused, not clear about what to do-

Any sound familiar? They could be genetic patterns that are unconscious motivators – and they can be identified and changed easily. Note anything that seems likely, and we’ll work on it in a moment.

Your sense of self-worth comes from how others see and treat you. Sometimes your opinion of yourself comes from what you’ve been told you are. Parents, schools, friends, co-workers, bosses and even kids all give you feedback.

How much of it do you listen to? How much influences you?

That's a measure of your self-esteem. With a strong sense of your own self-worth - what others think doesn't matter much, does it?

  • Were you told any of these?
  • You’re too fat, or too thin, too short, or big ears, clumsy-
  • You have a disease-asthma, diabetes, allergies-
  • You eat too much, too fast, too often-eat it or it’ll go to waste-
  • You screwed up and broke it, lose things, you don’t take care of things-
  • You can’t do that you’re not: old enough, tall enough, strong enough-
  • You aren’t coordinated, you can’t run fast, hit hard, catch, dance, sing-
  • You’re mean, lying, late, in trouble, bad, sinner, angry, sweet-

Those statements make a lasting impression, especially on a young child.

"A great attitude
does much more
than turn on the
lights in our worlds;
it seems to
magically connect
us to all sorts of
that were
somehow absent
before the change."
Earl Nightingale

5.) Find your fears through your attraction to your preferences and choices.

What interests you in movies and books …These are insight into your genetic habits – and survival strategies.

Your genetic influences are not hidden - you live them everyday. They seem so familiar you just don't notice them.

If you're not asking - you can't hear the answers.

  • What are your fantasies when you daydream?
  • What are the themes?
  • How do you survive?
  • How do others treat you?
  • Is there a villain?
  • Who saves you?

Your preferences define you. What do you love? What interests you?

War, struggle, survival; good vs evil?

Star Wars to Stalone…feeling powerless and hero setting things right? Genetic heritage: War and armies, hierarchy and structures; obey or dead. Spy, betrayal, some heroes became the enemy…terrorists are freedom fighters….Aggressors and victims in never-ending drama.

Artist, music, dance, drama talent?

Genetic natural talents? all required a social structure and rigid status: and a sponsor to create the art. Patronage is servitude to do what you want… Sacrifice freedom for art. Outside of wealthy circles, dependant on others.

Mystery? Detective? Spy stories?

Danger and survival; betrayal and miserable death with few rewards…. Creating “mess or confusion” clutter, to hide…. Or Clearing out, ready to run? Danger and intrigue, edgy and on-guard.

Martyr? Joan of Arc? Kamikaze? Samurai? Dying for a “cause?”

The survival strategy might be a current fear of being known or famous Do you have a fear of following what you love? Do you know what you love? Is it even possible for you to live your OWN life, not serving others? An aversion to taking a leadership role? Speaking out?

Find your tribe and choose the strengths you want from it -- and ignore the rest.

See the source of your fears - and just like shining a light in the dark, they dissipate quickly.

Leader? Chief? King or Queen? Sultan, General, Chosen ones

Royal families and lineage as birthright…Cast system - also Priest or Medicine person…often killed young for their position and power, fears might be other’s and political trends are dangerous, need to fit in. Life is precarious - so control masses via taxes, armies, black magic or sacrificing to Deity for safety and victory-religion to control others?

Love story, Adventure? Rebel?

Price of breaking away and following heart often isolation and danger…love lost, or prize won at the cost of everything else…

Service, Slave, Nun or Priest; ashram, cook, servant - Courtesan or wife:

Male and female: performing what others want you to be, to be safe. Trapped in a rigid social structure and being safe by doing what other’s demand. And expecting those beneath you to do what you want-so you are safe. Often renunciation of everything material – so fear wealth and assets. Survival strategy here is pleasing and being of service to be safe.

Tribal village or hunter/gatherer….

Rigid social structure – hunter or warrior? Farm or fish? Wife or women and children as chattel-no say in life choices? Warfare and slavery, service to hierarchy, train and develop talents to survive-need to be good. Fear of not being good enough. Disagreements may mean death-stoning, witch burning, hanging- Difficult to survive outside of community …give up Self for Tribe and safety. No personal property or identity. Serving others to survive.

“Man shies away from
nothing as from a
rendezvous with himself—

which makes the entertainment
industry what it is.”
Fritz Muliar

If you notice you feel vulnerable and are reading books and seeing movies with that theme then you are reinforcing the fear you don’t want.

AND: the media stories are about scaring you and appealing to your fears. For money. And that stuff sells. You bought it in a movie ticket or book, right?

Know why? A part of you is trying to figure out what is ‘off ‘– what is going wrong in your life…you know you should feel better and things should be better for you. You’re right.

Give up the “rush” of fear that feels familiar and trade it in for getting what you want. Quit doing anything that doesn’t feel like and lead you to your Dream.

It’s a quick trip if you stop what isn’t working and focus on what does work.

"Try a thing you haven't done
three times.
Once, to get over the fear
of doing it.
Twice, to learn how to do it.

And a third time
to figure out whether
you like it or not."
Virgil Thomson

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III The Emotional Scale is the natural flow of the full range of emotions.

Every creature seeks happiness and comfort. Feelings or emotions flow naturally to feeling better and better until they reach feeling really good. Everything everyone does is to feel better. Simply find something to appreciate, and you will seek and find experiences that feel good.

1. Where are you on the scale today? Understand where you are emotionally and see your fear level in action.

Fear is the mind-killer. Fear triggers all the emotions in the lower ranges – why? All Limbic brain fear responses limit thinking to survival – you have no access to your reasoning mind or solutions.

What don’t you like, whom do you blame? Judgment, resentment and gossip come from fearing others are in control. Victims feel angry towards others – believing they influence and cause their painful feelings of fear. Who or what do you hate, what makes you angry?

Emotions are a feeling and resonate a vibration. Where is your average Set-point or vibrational range? Find yourself in the kid’s pictures and gage where you are. Your Set-point or Feeling-tone is how you usually feel about a certain subject. It changes, depending on the subject. You may feel great about money, but sad about relationships, and frustrated with work.

Yet you do have an over-all feeling about your life - and that is your primary Set-point. It can change easily.

The trick is to have an image or a visual you can recall easily. Use this gage - like a thermometer – to see where you are. Next you can see where you want to be. Now choose to raise your vibrations to the place - until you are satisfied. An image helps you to do that.

The Emotional Scale
is a Range of Vibrations or Feelings

Emotions naturally flow, step-by-step to the next higher level, and continue moving until you feel better - that takes the pressure off. Old habits may limit the flow, but you can easily train yourself to move up the emotional scale - and live in - Joy and Happiness.

Learn the steps and you are choosing to follow the path to your Vision - and that feels happy and contented. So do that, and you are there. Do it over and over and you create a new Set-point. That's it. The one step to your Dream of the Good Life.

Feelings of: Joy, Eager and Loving

The higher vibrations match your Dream and align you with solutions and Life Force. The better it gets, the better it gets. There really is no limit. If you can desire it - it's possible for you to live it.

Life is creative and fun. You feel eager and look forward to getting the best out of whatever happens. You know that everything always works out for you: And it does. Fear is not an issue. This Set-point is Living Your Dream.

Feelings of: Expectant and Happy

It feels wonderful knowing how you choose experiences. You mold and attract what you like, and see fear for what it is: only a habit. What you value is all around.

You can feel your life taking shape and expanding into more of what you love. Only living life in your own way will make you happy.

Feelings of: Appreciation and Gratitude

Feelings in this range attract Opportunities and Insight that aligns with your Vision. You can select anything to be grateful about - or appreciate anything, and those feelings will spread and take over your Feeling-tone.

You are now open to receive and can see and act on possibilities that were obscure before. Living is easy and fun.

Feelings of: Hopeful.

The idea you can find a better way to live feels great, and is a big turning point. You believe it's possible and you hope it works out - but without "experience" you are fearful and not yet "certain."

This vibration is both positive and negative, yet it attracts Inspiration that will lead you to a solution. As feeling hopeful becomes your new habit, life improves and you begin to appreciate your experiences as the steps that are leading you to what you want to live.

Feelings of: Frustration soon leads to insight.
The BIG ah HA! changes your vibration.

After rehashing the whole drama (maybe several times) along comes the beginning of the understanding, "Hey, I'm the problem - it's not the others!"

Now you're in charge and your situation is fixable. You know you can change your attitude and find a solution. Fear is now a vague anxiety.

Feelings of: Frustration, worry and anxiousness.

Not getting anywhere and not getting what you want is frustrating. Eventually you wonder if there isn't another way.

As your fear and emotions subside, you can breathe again and begin to get insights and suspect there's a way out - and you look for a solution that feels better.

Feelings of: Revenge, Resentment, and Blame

Revenge and blame feel better than anger...and direct focus from yourself and what you fear and can't get, to others you think are the problem... and out into life experiences. Everything but you is at fault. That feels much better than anger or helplessness.

However, it doesn't feel better for long, and can easily turn into frustration at the whole darn situation. That's a good thing! It's a move up.

Feelings of: Anger and Rage. This inner powerhouse breaks you free of feeling suppressed by others.

Anger is a big step up - and a relief from the despair of feeling trapped, victimized and depressed. Nothing is worse than feeling helpless and that you can't get what you want.

Energy is flowing and breaking free of lethargy. This is a good thing and is the next step in moving up the emotional scale. Fear dominates and underlies anger and is the "fight" response. Depression is the "flight" response.

Feelings of: Depression, Fear, Despair, Grief and Helplessness

The lowest vibrations are feelings of being victimized by others - leading to a lethargic, apathetic, confused, and then disinterested attitude.

If you don't believe you can get or do what you want....you soon give up trying.

Fear dominates and stress goes "beneath the surface" as anxiety. The desire for what you want continues, and can't be ignored for long. Relief comes from your emotions surfacing and moving you up the emotional scale.

From depression, anger is a relief.... allowing the flow leads to freedom. Might as well enjoy it - you are where you are. Being with it is the quick way to flow with the changes that lead you naturally up the Emotional Scale. Each step feels better and better.

Your emotions flow and change quickly if you relax and allow yourself to be with what you are feeling.

Small moves work: big jumps do not. If you're in the lower ranges, follow (and guide) your emotions up the scale step-by-step to "hopeful" - and back on the path to attracting your Dream.

Emotions only move 1 step at a time and at the most change within a range of emotions, anchored to the dominant Feeling-tone.

2. Clearly define the life you want to live: or nothing will change.

Your genetic blueprint and range of feelings changes ONLY when you create another pattern (lifestyle) you prefer – and you insist on it.

Vision without action
is a daydream.

Action without vision
is a nightmare.

Japanese Proverb

What do you want? Do you have a clear picture of what makes you happy?

Can you see a vision or a unique ideal dream of the good life? If not – then begin right now. You do know what you love and prefer. Make a list of at least ten things you love – and ten talents or abilities you have that you like.

In order to replace fear with a secure happy life, you must have a clear pattern or vision of what "happy" means to you.

Create a destination - an ideal place to land and call home..

If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up somewhere else you may not like.

See it and feel it. Make it real for yourself. Think of a few of the details, until you smile. Now look at the Emotional Scale and find that feeling – appreciation? Gratitude? Joyful? See where you want to be and feel it.

You must have a goal to replace the fear – and insist on it. You are replacing an old idea with a new one you love. That’s what makes it easy and quick.

You can’t get rid of anything – including the fear. But you can add to the fear and build a bridge to the new life you want to live. Repetition makes it stick. Soon you will be at a higher vibration, out of the range of fear. Then it’s very easy.

3. Find the gap between the fear and what you want in life.

Now close it – move up the emotional scale. You are moving from fear and survival thinking and auto-responding - up into your reasoning mind – and a state of mindfulness and feeling better and better.

The Truth about Emotions: unabridged and defined in detail.

Emotions show you the path to everything you want.

Emotions are your path to wealth and health.

Learn to feel what you want and very soon you will have what you want.

Learn to feel what you are feeling by IMAGINING it if necessary.

Guess where to begin, and then move to the next higher step, thought by thought until you feel where you are. It takes a little practice, but you can do it.

What to look for to know if you’re doing it - or not:

You will soon feel better and more relaxed – and you’ll feel a releasing of tension in your body. You breathe deeply and feel balanced, strong and certain of yourself.

As you train yourself to do this you’re allowing emotional release to become a real habit in your life – that you control - and that’s healthy!

Discover the Secrets of Being Unstoppable

If you want something different, then you must change to something different.

“It often takes more courage
to change one's opinion
than to stick to it”
George C. Lichtenberg

Changing habits of thought is the place to go; it’s the source of what you’re getting.

The more you change habits, the more easily you’ll be able to open to receive the new that’s coming into your life.

IV. How to overcome fear - one quick easy step: change Focus and Feelings follow.

Understand the habit patterns of fear. People experience instinctual fear and think about it and obsess and then Law of Attraction adds to it. The longer they focus on it, the more accumulates. That’s the attraction of the News. It matches a present vibration in its viewers. Are you one?

The only things that are true about “genetic fear” are:

     It’s not real

     It’s not about Now

     It’s not for the reason you think

     It’s never justified.

You can’t get rid of fear – or fight it (it increases if you give it your Attention.)

Do you know why? Fear is only a concept, a habit of thought. There’s nothing there, unless you focus on it and bring it to life. Then what would you “fight” but yourself focusing on it. You are doing it with your Attention to it - so you can fix it.

You can easily add to your fear by telling the truth about it, and that will transform it, and then you can move on. Here’s how.

  • Changing your mind-
  • Changes your emotional state.
  • Changes your vibration or Feeling-tone.
  • Changes what you are attracting.
  • Changes what you are seeking.
  • Changes your life experiences.

Build a Bridge from your fear to what you want to feel and think. First find your unconscious responses, through what you avoid, or attack. That shows you the fear - and brings it into consciousness.

Now you can change them into the truth you want to live by adding information until you feel differently about the fear. It’s moving your inner response (feelings) that makes Bridging effective.

"If one advances confidently
in the direction
of his dreams,
and endeavors to live
the life which he
has imagined,
he will meet with
a success unexpected
in common hours."
Henry David Thoreau

Simple process: One step: stop the fear by replacing it with a new concept.

1. Extinguish fear – by replace it with your Dream

2. Bridge from fear to your Dream - repeat 21 days create a new habit and response.

3 – Test to see if the bridge is working – are you moving up the Emotional Scale? Feeling better and better? If not redo the bridge. You are training yourself with repetition to think of your Dream and ignore fear.

You can’t retreat from life –

Anxiety and stress resist and contort your naturally healthy state.

Tension in your body shows your fear and anxiety - albeit long forgotten - your body remembers.

that’s stressful!

Your only healthy choice is to deal with the fears and move them out of the way of what you want.

You can reframe fear by Bridging – and that relieves the resistance and makes it very easy to Focus on your Dream.

Your only possible defense is putting your Attention on what you want. You can’t get rid of anything, but after you soften a fear, ONLY then can you Focus on what you want, and attract that.

Remember that genetics is how we transfer survival data from generation to generation. In the last 2,000-20,000 years we’ve taken on quite a load – and we each have survival tactics learned from our ancestors.

That past is motivating you now subconsciously.

Many of your responses now are not a choice, but a habit from ancient times. Fear of loss (of life, livelihood, love, self…) is inherent in the body and subconscious. It’ll always be there…but it’s only active with your Attention to it.

“Argue for your limitations
and sure enough
they’re yours."
Richard Bach

Bridge from the old fear-pattern in your genetic code to the truth of NOW:

Use this example of a bridge as a pattern. Build your own bridge from what you fear to what you want instead, in just this way.

Bridge from "fear of public speaking" to enjoying speaking and entertaining many friends.

Fearing public speaking is basically fearing others. Court politics and the Inquisition brought out the worst in everyone and for 500 years no one was safe from gossip and potential torture and death. To state an opinion and take a stand cost many their lives…and soon few spoke of either religion or politics – and that’s true today.

Find the source of your fear and then bridge from it, to what you want.

Test that theory right now. Notice when you feel uncomfortable – ask yourself why.

Imagine yourself just before giving a talk to each of the following.

  • To a kindergarten class about a favorite book.

  • To a Fourth grade class about a hobby or sport you love.

  • To 15 year olds about health or safety on a field trip.

  • To college grads about a skill or talent they need in life.

  • To a business group of 30 about a fundraiser or project you like.

  • To a community at a town hall meeting about a controversial issue.

  • To sell a product at a conference to an audience of 200.

  • To address the State Congress about an issue.

The audience makes a difference and so does the topic. At what age range or number in the audience do you feel uneasy? Dose controversial topics scare you?

Understanding is the key to bridging successfully.

What else are you afraid of?

It’s not what happens, but how you interpret what happens.

A threatening encounter only continues to harm you when you obsess. You can let it go and move on. Continual stressful feelings are toxic.

Do you feel pressure or anxiety about possible failure to persuade others or be accepted?

The fear of failure hurts far more than the failure itself.

Once the talk is over – it’s over.

The anxiety building up to it is exhausting.

Are you afraid of not being sure what will happen? Not knowing creates anxiety, indecision and a gut level resistance to the problem. Imagine and accept the worst and you relieve the tension.

Once you understand a little about your fear, then state the mistaken info:

For example: “I’m afraid of speaking to large groups about an issue or problem.”

Now build a bridge, thought by thought to feeling comfortable sharing your ideas.

A few ideas to get you started are:

    My fear of ____________ is not a fear about me now – it’s a fear from history and my ancestors. It’s not true now.

    Even though I feel this fear, I completely and deeply love and accept myself. Repeat this until your body relaxes.

    I’m safe to express my thoughts and opinions. I like hearing others tell their truths and I enjoy sharing too.

    There’s nothing in speaking out that can harm me. No inquisition, no courts, no death, nothing to fear now, today in my life.

    I trust others to listen and consider my thoughts, as I do theirs.

    I can practice this on small groups or take a class and learn to enjoy it.

    There’s no rush. I know the old fear is false, nothing is there to harm me, and soon the fear will be gone, like a shadow in the sun.

    There’s lots of energy in a group, and my energy needs to be high too to engage them in my topic. I can do that, and enjoy the rush of extra energy. It’s nothing to fear.

Continue to build truth upon truth until you feel your emotions change, and you are really feeling safe and secure with the topic.

Complete the bridge with your personal best idea.

Now distill the ideas down to 3-4 that mean the most to you. Rewrite them and memorize them. Repeat them daily, many times. Continue to also read over your “long” version of the bridge too.

Make this summary a 30 second “commercial” selling you on the truth of what you want and who you are now, today.

When your self-talk and feelings change – your on your way. If not, redo the bridge and find the truths that work for you. Bridging works. Find how it works for you. Until you prove this is true, it won’t be your own strength or talent. Only you can do that for yourself.

V – the gift of fear is the early warning to shift emotions or you'll soon create fearful events.

Fear is the feeling of dread, hard to breath, heart racing and blood rushing. That physical “flash” is the only benefit of fear.

Train yourself to FOCUS on what you want and soon you'll have it.

Say NO to fear and NO to others who indulge in it. Only you control your thoughts and feelings.

The gift of fear is the alert and knowing the scared feelings are a flashing red light warning you:

If you continue in this “idea” you will soon be immobilized and stupid – unable to think clearly, take action, and find solutions.

Stop it right NOW!

Take one quick step to extinguish this fear from your life. Catch the fear - and change it. There's no difference between eating poison and indulging in fear - both make you sick and can kill you. Is this an ah HA! moment?

"To live your dream do not
worry about what to do--
just do what needs to
be done.

It is decisions,
not conditions,
that determine
your destiny."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

From the bridge, distill the best ideas, combine them, and replace the fear with the new ideas – over and over and over….for 21 days. Here’s how.

Replace it instantly with the summary mini-commercial of your “bridge.” For example, tell yourself the facts: – “This fear blocks my dream – it’s old and not real or true now. Today, now, I’m safe. There’s nothing to fear, no danger. Fear gets more fear and I can stop it and find solutions that lead to my dream. That keeps me safe. I love feeling good and that attracts more good to me. I choose, it’s my life.” That’s about 30 seconds of truth.

Tapping, EFT or the Emotional Freedom Technique

If you didn't get your copy of the FREE EFT manual, review the facts and then pick it up. It can't hut to try it. All you have to lose is the fear!

Your body-mind is vibration - and is attracting your experience. Fears and stress attract trouble. Law of Attraction is responding 24/7. The power of attraction is verifiable, observable and operating in your life. Why not work with it? You can't fight yourself and win. Stress will do you in.

Give up the struggle and relax into the natural healing creative process of tapping to release the inner conflicts. Once clear of old habits, controlling your mind and Focus is easy. Your results will be Quick and more than you imagined possible.

Erase Unwanted Emotions with PSTEC

PSTEC is another solution to erase fear and trauma. Try this simple process and blast through emotional barriers in minutes - it's FREE.

"PSTEC is a unique 11 minute audio track which can be played to create a resolution for almost any problem related to unwanted emotions or feelings. It is a very efficient neutralizer of any problem feelings or emotions." Tim Phizackerley

PSTEC sweeps out fear and anxiety quickly. No figuring it out. Do it, get results and move on. Fear is erased. Gone. Now who are you once you are free? The Percussive Suggestion Technique is a tap-along audio tape. Review the experiences of others and try it yourself. You’ll love the results.

Add the power of Tapping for clearing your internal stress

Begin today with the intro and learn the basics of tapping out stress, fear, anxiety and then how to tap in health and abundance.

How do you know you’ve achieved the right vibration to attract what you want?

Your experiences change: life is more fun, relationships improve, money flows in; other people want to pay for your time and talents; body tension releases; health and vitality improves, and you’re able to decide to change – and do it. When “what you do and say are the same” you are living in Integrity. Isn’t that The Dream?

"Self-respect is the fruit
of discipline;
the sense of dignity
grows with the ability
to say no
to oneself.”
Abraham Heschel

Say “no” to the old habits of fearful thinking and automatic responses.

How fast does change happen?

It's all up to you. How much do you want to live a fearless life? How much do you want your Vision of the good life? Enough to stop fear IMMEDIATELY? If so - change will be very fast for you.

Say “no” to drama and media that ignites old fears.

Give up gossip and finding fault.

Insist on changing your self-talk into reflecting a life of safety and ease.

Monitor your progress: Are you getting the results you want?

Do you have insights about how to do it, and what to do next?

Do you see any opportunities to begin taking action?

If not, do you need to COMMIT to Bridge from feeling fear to feeling and being safe and abundant?

Can you sharpen your Focus and get your self-talk delivering results?

You constantly adjust what you get by adjusting your Desire (emotional output -passion) and Set Point (what you say and feel.)

Are you thinking that new ideas and positive thinking don’t last. Neither does the food you eat. You keep feeding yourself, right?

Here’s a tip - plan to keep feeding your mind a diet of what you want to live….3-4 times a day. Nourish yourself – and continue. Your mind can only think one thought at a time – make it one you want to experience – moment to moment 24/7/365.

Discover the Secrets of Being Unstoppable

Do you want QUICK changes for the better?

Train your mind just like
you train your body with exercise:
change habits and stretch your limits.

Feed your mind a healthy diet
just like you feed your body:

Strengthen and train your mind -- Repetition and commitment works wonders.

Build a new habit of Focusing on ONLY what you want, then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

Repetition works

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Get Healthy (or Wealthy) in 9 Easy Steps. Give this great insight a try- Attract health and wealth easily. Change how you see health and your health changes. Try this new unique approach. Do it – reinvent your mindset and get the results you want. Only 9 easy steps away.

Age Less - Live More - Love It! Key factors to Age Less are simple and easy to implement. Only 5 steps to stop physical decline, relieve stress - and restore health. Don't wait for dis-ease - fix it today. Age Less, then Living more - stress free - is easy. Live a life you design in a healthy vital body - starting today. Age Less and Live More and it's easy to "Love It!"

Articles on Overcoming Fear and Using Law of Attraction.

Overcome Fear and Overcome Your Fate. See how to overcome fear in one quick step. Stop the primitive emotional rush that limits your ability to think clearly. Create a new response that turns problems into solutions and attracts wealth. Overcome fear is the best piece of advice you'll ever get.

If You Can Change Your Diet – You Can Change Your Life is a great guide to making health changes stick– Why is dieting difficult? Changing genetic habits demands a new level of thinking. Take an entirely new approach and get results easily and quickly. As you expand your consciousness - new opportunities in all areas of your life open up: Attracting Health and Wealth is easy and fun. It begins with changing a diet.

Resources from Favorite Links: Articles on Overcoming Fear.

Could Toxins be interfering with your emotional balance? Your depression may also be from environmental toxins in your body, This is actually a common cause of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. A professional diagnosis may be needed too. Detox methods that get these harmful substances OUT of your body can often help you feel happier and

overcome depression. Take action now, while this is in front of you.

Effective Mind Control

If you're ready to get the facts to change your life - this web site is for you. Are you willing to spend a little time and learn the basics -- and then figure out how to apply it? Your mind is creating your experience - do you know how your mind works? Why not discover the mechanics and change in ways you design?

The emotions that limit you are the relics of history. As you developed over millions of years, your mind developed a triune brain, where a rational prefrontal intelligence (RI) competes with its primeval mammalian and reptilian neighbors. A single group of emotions always dominates your mind.

An emotion envelops you in its own level of consciousness. You are swallowed up within its world view. Instead of being tossed erratically between anger and despair, You can guide yourself calmly through life. Effective mind control stills negative emotions.

Your mind senses patterns. Explore that logic and use it to control your subconscious emotions and drives. Happiness is freedom from dread, despair and boredom! There is no greater journey than exploring your own consciousness. Begin today.

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Fear Quotes
& Freedom
from Fear

"I am an old man
and have known a
great many troubles,
but most of them
never happened."

Mark Twain

"You can judge
your age by the
amount of pain
you feel when
you come in contact
with a new idea."

Pearl S. Buckr

"The key to success
is to focus our
conscious mind on
things we desire
not things we fear."

Brian Tracy

"The fishermen know
that the sea is
dangerous and the
storm terrible,
but they have never
found these dangers
sufficient reason
for remaining ashore."

Vincent Van Gogh

"In order to succeed,
your desire for
success should be
greater than your
fear of failure."

Bill Cosby

"Usually a person
has more faith
in their fear than
faith in their future."

Doug Firebaugh

"Worrying is like
a rocking chair,
it gives you
something to do,
but it gets you

Glenn Turner

"Fear always springs
from ignorance."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"In life we don’t get
what we want,
we get in life
what we are.

If we want more
we have to be able
to be more,
in order to be more
you have to face rejection."

Farrah Gray

"It is a miracle
that curiosity
survives the
formal education."

Albert Einstein

"“Anger is a symptom,
a way of cloaking
and expressing feelings
to awful to experience
bitterness, grief and,
most of all fear.”"

Joan Rivers

"How much pain
they have cost us,
the evils which
have never happened."

Thomas Jefferson

"Courage is the power
to let go of the familiar."

Raymond Lindquist

"When there is no
enemy within,
the enemies outside
can not hurt you."

African Proverb

"Whether you think
you can or
think you can't -
you are right"

Henry Ford

"Stress is the trash
of modern life -
we all generate it
but if you don't
dispose of it properly,
it will pile up and
overtake your life."

Danzae Pace

“For fast-acting
relief, try slowing down."

Lily Tomlin

"Our doubts
are traitors,
and make us
lose the good
we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt."

William Shakespeare

"Today is the tomorrow
we worried about yesterday."

Irish Proverb

"My life has been full
of terrible misfortunes
most of which never happened."

Michel de Montaigne

"If things go wrong,
don't go with them."

Roger Babson

"If you doubt yourself,
then indeed you
stand on shaky ground."

Henrik Ibsen

"Pile up too many
tomorrows and you'll find
that you've collected
nothing but a
bunch of empty yesterdays."

The Music Man

"He who fears
he shall suffer,
already suffers
what he fears."


"There are two days
in the week
about which and
upon which
I never worry...
Yesterday and Tomorrow."

Robert J. Burdette

"The way you treat
yourself sets the
standard for others."

Sonya Friedman

"Worry is interest
paid on trouble
before it comes due."

William Ralph Inge

""Never speak of
the times as being
hard or of business
conditions as being doubtful.

Times may be hard
and business doubtful
for those who are
on the competitive plane,
but they can never
be so for you.

You can create
what you want, and
you are above fear.

"When others are
having hard times
and poor business,
you will find your
greatest opportunities.""

Wallace Wattles

"Half our life
is spent trying
to find something
to do with the time
we have rushed
through life
trying to save."

Will Rogers

"We probably
wouldn't worry
about what people
think of us if
we could know
how seldom they do."

Olin Miller

"There are more
things, Lucilius,
that frighten us
than injure us,
and we suffer
more in imagination
than in reality."


"Only man clogs his
happiness with care,
destroying what is
with thoughts of
what may be."

John Dryden

"Worry often gives
a small thing a big shadow."

Swedish Proverb

“If you ask
what is the single
most important key
to longevity,
I would have to say
it is avoiding worry,
stress and tension.

And if you didn't
ask me, I'd still
have to say it.”

George Burns

"For peace of mind,
resign as general
manager of the universe."

Leonard Orr

"Fear is faith that
it won't work out."

Sister Mary Tricky

"Worry is a complete
cycle of inefficient
thought revolving
about a pivot of fear."


"A day of worry
is more exhausting
than a day of work."

John Lubbock

"If you want to
test your memory,
try to recall
what you were
worrying about
one year ago today."

E. Joseph Cossman

"A cat bitten once
by a snake
dreads even rope."

Arab Proverb

"Nothing diminishes
anxiety faster than action."

Walter Anderson

"It only seems as if
you are doing
something when
you're worrying."

Lucy Maud Montgomery

"Stop thinking trouble
if you want to
attract its opposite.

Stop thinking poverty
if you wish to
attract plenty.

Refuse to have
anything to do with
the things you fear,
the things you
do not want."

Orison Marden

"We are always
getting ready to live
but never living."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What great thing
would you attempt
if you knew
you could not fail?"

Robert Schuller

"The ability to be
in the present moment
is a major component
of mental wellness."

Abraham Maslow

"It's not who you are
that holds you back,
it's who you
think you're not."


"Men are not against
you; they are merely
for themselves."

Gene Fowler

"A neurotic is a man
who builds a castle
in the air.

A psychotic is the
man who lives in it.

A psychiatrist is
the man who
collects the rent."

Jerome Lawrence

"Worry, doubt, fear
and despair are the
enemies which slowly
bring us down
to the ground and
turn us to dust
before we die."

Douglas MacArthur

"Slow down
and everything
you are chasing
will come around
and catch you."

John De Paola

"Prudence keeps life
safe, but does not
often make it happy."

Samuel Johnson

"If we all did the
things we are capable
of doing, we would
literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

"Some of your hurts
you have cured,
and the sharpest
you still have survived,

But what torments
of grief you
endured from the
evil which never arrived."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Life shrinks or
expands in proportion
to one's courage."

Anaïs Nin

"Collective fear
stimulates herd
instinct, and tends
to produce ferocity
toward those
who are not
regarded as members
of the herd."

Bertrand Russell

"Let me never fall
into the vulgar
mistake of dreaming
that I am persecuted
whenever I am

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Fear is static
that prevents me
from hearing myself."
Samuel Butler

"People become
attached to their
burdens sometimes
more than the
burdens are
attached to them."

George Bernard Shaw

"No human thing is
of serious importance."


"Grief has limits,
whereas apprehension
has none.

For we grieve only
for what we know
has happened,
but we fear
all that possibly
may happen."


"There are people
who are always
anticipating trouble,
and in this way
they manage to enjoy
many sorrows that
never really happen
to them."

Josh Billings

"Heavy thoughts
bring on physical

when the soul
is oppressed
so is the body."

Martin Luther

"As a cure
for worrying,
work is better
than whiskey."

Thomas Edison

"Worry never robs
tomorrow of its sorrow,

it only saps today
of its joy."

Leo Buscaglia

"Do not anticipate
trouble or worry about
what may never happen.

Keep in the sunlight."

Benjamin Franklin

"If you can't sleep,
then get up and do
something instead of
lying there worrying.
It's the worry
that gets you,
not the
lack of sleep."

Dale Carnegie

"Sometimes a headache
is all in your head.


Hartman Jule

"Feed your faith and
your fears will
starve to death."

Welsh Proverb

"Everything I've ever
done was out of fear
of being mediocre."

Chet Atkins

"Only when we are
no longer afraid
do we begin to live."

Dorothy Thompson

"You gain strength,
courage, and
confidence by every
experience in which
you really
stop to look
fear in the face.

You must do the thing
which you think
you cannot do"

Eleanor Roosevelt

"One of the first things a relationship therapist learns is that couples argue to burn up energy that could be used for something else.

In fact, arguments often serve the purpose of using up energy, so that the couple do not have to take the courageous, creative leap into an unknown they fear.

Arguing serves the function of being a zone of familiarity into which you can retreat when you are afraid of making a creative breakthrough."

Fay Hendricks

"Too many people are
thinking of security
instead of opportunity.
They seem to be
more afraid of
life than death."

James Bymes

"Let us not
look back in anger
or forward in fear,
but around in awareness."

James Thurber

"And as we let our
own light shine, we
unconsciously give
other people
permission to do
the same.

As we are liberated
from our fear,
our presence
liberates others."

Marianne Williamson

"I have learned
over the years
that when one's mind
is made up, this
diminishes fear;

knowing what must
be done does away
with fear."

Rosa Parks

"Don't waste life
in doubts and fears;
spend yourself on
the work before you,
well assured that
the right performance
of this hour's duties
will be the best
preparation for the
hours and ages that
will follow it."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"When I hear music,
I fear no danger.
I am invulnerable.
I see no foe.
I am related to
the earliest times,
and to the latest."

Henry David Thoreau

"The most destructive
element in the human
mind is fear.

Fear creates aggressiveness."

Dorothy Thompson

"Death is not the
biggest fear we have;
our biggest fear is
taking the risk to
be alive -- the risk
to be alive and
express what
we really are."

Don Miguel Ruiz

"An appeaser is one
who feeds a crocodile -
hoping it will eat him last."

Sir Winston Churchill

"I have learned
to live each day
as it comes, and not
to borrow trouble by
dreading tomorrow.

It is the dark
menace of the future
that makes cowards of us."

Dorothy Day

"People gather
bundles of sticks
to build bridges
they never cross."


Sir Isaac Newton's first law of motion states, "A body at rest tends to remain at rest, and a body in motion tends to remain in motion."

You've got to overcome the negative inertia of being at rest and force yourself to take one little step.

The next one will be easier; and as you gain momentum by being consistent, you'll soon find that your actions will begin to seem almost effortless."


"We should not let
our fears hold us
back from pursuing
our hopes."

John F. Kennedy

"Sometimes the most
important thing in
a whole day is the
rest we take
between two deep breaths."

Etty Hillesum

"A life spent in
constant labor
is a life wasted,
save a man
be such a fool
as to regard a
fulsome obituary
notice as ample reward."

George Jean Nathan

"Let us be of
good cheer,
remembering that
the misfortunes
hardest to bear
are those which
will never happen."

James Russel Lowell

"You either move
toward something
you love or away
from something you fear.

The first expands.
The second constricts."

Tom Crum

"Drag your thoughts
away from your
by the ears,
by the heels,
or any other way
you can manage it."

Mark Twain

"Tension is
who you think
you should be.
Relaxation is
who you are."

Chinese Proverb

"Avoiding danger
is no safer in the
long run than
outright exposure.

Life is either
a daring adventure,
or nothing."

Helen Keller

"Fear is the main
source of superstition,
and one of the main
sources of cruelty.

To conquer fear is
the beginning of wisdom."

Bertrand Russell

"The components of
anxiety, stress, fear,
and anger do not
exist independently
of you in the world.

They simply do not
exist in the
physical world,
even though we talk
about them
as if they do."

Dr Wayne Dyer

"Whatever humans
have learned
had to be learned
as a consequence
only of trial
and error experience.

Humans have learned
only through mistakes."

Buckminster Fuller

"Silence is the great
teacher, and to learn
its lessons you must
pay attention to it.

There is no substitute
for the creative
knowledge, and
stability that come
from knowing how
to contact your core
of inner silence."

Deepak Chopra

"Be not afraid
of life.

Believe that life
is worth living,
and your belief
will help create
the fact."

Henry James

"In order to succeed,
your desire
for success
should be greater
than your fear
of failure."

Bill Cosby

"Ultimately we know
deeply that the
other side of every
fear is a freedom."

Marilyn Ferguson

"Try a thing you
haven't done three times.

Once, to get over
the fear of doing it.

Twice, to learn
how to do it.

And a third time
to figure out whether
you like it or not."

Virgil Thomson