Stress Relief: Solution
to Any Difficult Situation

Stress relief is the quick solution to any difficult situation.

Gossip, blame and judgment destroys relationships -- what goes around, comes around in endless cycles of fear.

The fear of others attracts experiences to fear. It's the "fear" that is stressing you - your Attitude - and not the others you attract.

Why? Because once you relieve your own stress in relation to the others involved, you are no longer looking for and attracting trouble. Only then does a solution quickly appear.

You can't think clearly when you are stressed and feel fearful. Overcome fear -- and relieving stress is easy. Now you can take the steps to stop this pattern from continuing in your future.

The worse a problem gets, the worse you feel.

Then Law of Attraction brings more experiences that match and feel bad too.

Now you feel stuck, depressed or angry.

There's no doubt "fear" is the problem when relations sour.

Once you know that your fear is the cause - you can free yourself and observe the situation. Make a plan and carry it out. Break free from the entanglements for good.

"Success is not
the key to happiness.

Happiness is the key
to success.

If you love what you are doing,
you will be successful."

Albert Schweitzer

Relations with others are the foundation of success in everything you do. You can't be happy and indulge in stressful relating. Those are opposite vibrations or feelings and they deliver opposite results. If you want success - you must find a way to be happy with everyone. Law of Attraction works for you and answers that vibration and you get success easily and quickly.

A Quick Good Fortune Insight: The bigger the problem the more profitable the solution. Great solutions always follow BIG problems. If you're in a really big mess: Good! It's the perfect time to fix it for good.

Problems are always about relating to others. Everyone has a friend or two that is difficult. When it's a close relation or work or something you do every day - it's worth changing it.

“When I am anxious
it is because I am living in the future.

When I am depressed it is because
I am living in the past.”

Brook Moon

Once you're in a difficult situation it's hard not to believe it's true - but it is ONLY true BECAUSE you believe it....once you change how you see it - it will change.

Truth or reality is fluid. Anything you want can be true. How? Prove it to yourself. You will get to what you really want by FOCUSING on only that -- and ignoring what you don't want. Your NEW Attitude will soon become "true." Your "truth" changes to become whatever you Focus on and attract.

Getting along with all others will free you from stress. Can you find a way to like anyone if the reward is great Good Fortune?

Your resistance to others is the cause of your stress, not the others. How you see others brings out the best or the worst in them.

"The way we see
the problem
is the problem."
Stephen R. Covey

People are not against you - they are for themselves.

When others gossip, blame and judge others harshly they are reacting fearfully to old subconscious habit patterns. They "feel

It sure feels like others can take what you want away from you.

That's a fear you can change. No one and nothing can interfere with your attracting what you want: it's all a match to your vibration.You think THEY make you feel bad - but it's your ATTITUDE doing it all. How do you know? Change your Attitude and everything changes.

threatened" and so look for a cause and in blaming others - attempt to feel safe. You can make them feel safe with your attitude and feeling.

They do not need fixing or changing. The only question is: What are you doing there? If you're trying to "fix" them or please them - give it up. That's an inside job. You can't do it for another.

The truth is - you're there because you fear others can harm you or interfere with what you want. Today is a good day to learn that isn't so...and to change that idea into the truth:

You get what you Focus on.

Your Attitude determines your outcome - not the others you attract.

You can't ignore a bad situation: After all, you are living in it.

You feel, and resonate, to what you tell yourself you are seeing. You know when someone is upset with you - and they know too. Now they are defensive too.

But you can ignore the parts you fear or dislike in others and focus only on solutions instead. Even if there are only a few good qualities in them, giving only the good qualities your full attention will change everything.

Your fear and dislike is bringing out the worst in them... you can change that quickly.

The first week of change is the hardest. Once you've practiced and repeated what you WANT TO THINK then it gets easier.

You train your mind in just this way. You can think whatever you want and you soon get the results of what you think. It's a good skill to master.

Why not practice on the ornery ones? Find something to can do this. Humor helps too.

"A positive attitude may not
solve all your problems,
but it will annoy enough people
to make it worth the effort."
Herm Albright

Forget the "past drama" and look for solutions.

It doesn't matter how you got into the bad situation - or what the details are. Ignore the "history" -- as talking about it makes you feel bad and then you get more of it.

All that matters NOW is that you want to change it enough to be willing to change how you see it. Now look for solutions. Find something to matter how small and enjoy it. It will really annoy the others at first...but once you really like them - and feel it -- they will change too. Once you are happy - it won't matter.

"The illiterate of the 21st century
will not be those who cannot
read and write, but those who
cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."
Alvin Toffler

Find a new perspective.

If there's little to like in the others at first...then like your self for being willing to change your mind and like them ANYWAY. Imagine they are four years old...and fussy. So what? Treat them with the same kindness you would a tired scared child. In many ways they are just that.

When you're with them...really listen to them. Silently remind yourself that this is their choice - not yours. There's no need to respond and attempt to argue them out of their position. That hooks you in. They are speaking from fear and habit and can't hear you anyway.

Take a look and really see this drama will keep you from doing the same things. Be grateful that you don't think and live that way. Appreciate yourself for being "understanding" and not resenting them for being stupid or mean or whatever. Find what ideas make you smile - and think only that. Over and over.

Your "problem relationships" are the result of your "habit of thinking" -- or an unconscious attitude you have about others and this situation. If it doesn't feel good: Fear is the reason. It's likely an old genetic fear from your ancestors struggles for survival. It's not true now and you can replace it. If you don't, you'll continue to attract these kinds of experiences. That blocks your attracting wealth and health (your Focus is "drama" and not success.)

Stress is a choice -- chose to let it go. You can change any habit in 21 days...and change your point of Attraction (or Karma too.)

"My will shall shape
the future.

Whether I fail or succeed
shall be no man's doing
but my own.

I am the force;
I can clear any obstacle
before me or I can be lost
in the maze.

My choice; my responsibility;
win or lose, only I hold the
key to my destiny."

Elaine Maxwell

How do you see your "problem" friend in a new way?

Make a plan and then work the plan. Try out (really do it) the free 21 Insights homestudy course. The first 5 Insights are about shifting your focus to you - and what YOU want. Find a simple process that you like and then really do the steps every day.

Do you "journal?" Ask yourself for your own simple steps, and make a list and then follow it. Visit and try out Stress Free Relations....and Overcome Fear. to stop this drama from continuing in your life.

“It is common sense
to take a method and try it.
If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.
But above all, try something.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Change your mind - change your life.

You can only be happy and successful when you have mastered good relations with others. Step by step, follow a good plan, take action every day.... open your mind to new ways of looking at the problem. You will find solutions. Once you have a new attitude - then Law of Attraction will bring you opportunities. Magic happens.

It's all attracted to you by what you FEEL. Your feelings follow your thoughts - think new thoughts!

Bridging from Fear to Success.

To move your Attitude from where you are -- to where you want to be - make a bridge of ideas that expands the old fear - into the TRUTH you want to live. Train your mind to think this new idea. Practice this until it becomes a habit and then try it out (silently) in the bad situation you are solving. When your mind begins repeating it automatically - you're FREE!

  • I'm in this situation because my own fear attracted what I fear.
  • I'm doing it: I can change the fear and have good situations instead.
  • "Fear" is not about Now, not for the reason I think, and not "true."
  • No one can harm me unless I fear they can.
  • No matter what I am experiencing now - it will change when I change.
  • The faster I stop fearing, anger, blaming and justifying -- the more quickly I can Focus on finding a solution, feeling better and moving on to success.
  • Everything is about my Attitude and what I tell myself.
  • There is a huge benefit in this situation and when I find it - I'm free to create real success.
  • The best time to change a fear is when I'm in a bad situation.
  • I can train my mind to look for solutions.
  • Accepting myself is the basis of changing. I can tell myself: "Even though I ahve this problem with            (fill in the blank) I completely and deeply love, accept and appreciate myself." Repeat until your body relaxes.
  • Only when you feel relaxed, continue: "I attracted this mess for the solution. What will solve this? I know I can find the solution." Repeat until you relax.
  • Look for the BIG picture. What does the other person see and need? What do they fear? Repeat for all involved until you "see" everyone's perspective.
  • Finally, ask: "What solution will free me?" Allow everyone else to continue or stop or whatever they need. That is not up to you. Your job is finding you Attitude and Focus that delivers results that feel good.
  • Appreciate and feel grateful for every tiny insight - grow them into Good Fortune - just like you plant a seed, care for it...and then a good harvest is in your future.
  • Quick Recap: Good Feels Good. Bad Feels Bad.

    No one can interfere with you. No one controls what you tell yourself and think and feel. Other people are never the problem. Your Attention to finding solutions will change everything.

    “Everything that irritates us about others
    can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
    Carl Jung

    In your current situation - others may take actions that appear to harm you. It will always turn out to your benefit if you are seeking solutions and feeling hopeful. Their actions will open a door you didn't notice. Many have lost everything - and quickly recreated their lives, and were soon successful again.

    No one and nothing can interfere with you unless you -- fear it, give it your attention, and feel bad. Law of Attraction (karma) delivers back to you what you FEEL. So you are getting bad experiences - that feel bad - because that's what you're "asking for" when you send out the signal you feel bad. You will never get good results from feeling bad.

    To change this situation, you need only FEEL BETTER about it -- change your Attitude. There will always be loss and gain in life - you are here for the adventure and to create the life you want to live. Get off what isn't working and onto what you love and enjoy.

    There are many resources right here that can help you do it. You'll attract a solution when you are really feeling hopeful and looking for one.

    “All that we are is
    the result of what
    we have thought.

    The mind is

    What we think
    we become.”

    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

    One step to Quick Good Fortune.

    Find what interests you and concentrate on it.

    Focus and concentration produce results.

    Once you do - you will be amazed at how quickly your life changes. ONLY ONE STEP: change your attitude (feelings) and your life will change.

    Don't worry about the others or your situation - once you change your mind...everything changes. The better you feel - the happier you get - then the better your results from your attracting power or Karma.

    Law of Attraction or Karma.

    Karma is not only what happens - Karma is the "action" of life. Your future "action" or Karma depends on what you do about what happens now. Do make the changes in your thinking and attitude -- and your Karma will change. It has NOTHING to do with others -- it's all about your fear of others harming you. That's a bad habit. Take the time to get over it.

    Your success depends on your feeling happy and hopeful. Relations with others are important. Learn to feel hopeful and secure around others knowing they can't harm you and your success will amplify quickly.

    The Flow of Good Fortune.

    There's no end to bad situations and unpleasant people. Don't go there. No one can interfere with what you think ...and feel - so no one can interfere with your life and experience...unless YOU ATTRACT IT. You can't defend against what you are attracting, can you?

    There's no faking it. You feel good - or not.

    Once you get in the grove of enjoying others you'll feel good no matter what happens.

    There's also no limit to the Joy, abundance and Good Fortune and it's your birthright - you need only FEEL it to get it and live in it!

    Once you do, you will leave the bad-feeling situations behind. Either they will change, or you will attract new people and experiences.

    Let Law of Attraction do the work and bring you what you feel you want. You Focus on feeling good-- no matter what.

    "Every great and deep difficulty
    bears in itself its own solution.
    It forces us to change our thinking
    in order to find it."
    Niels Bohr

    Time to Change? Start with Yourself.

    Sometimes it's just time to get off what isn't working. Quit. Go find a new job and new relations that do feel good.

    Make the changes in yourself first - after all: Wherever you go - there you are. You take yourself with you.

    Might as well practice on the others in your current situation and use them to initiate changing yourself. You are motivated now to change your mind - use that irritation to get the permanent results you want. Once problems does the motivation. There's no better time than NOW.

    Once you do make the changes, the new opportunities will begin to flow in. This is effortless change and fun. It's not "against" anyone else. It's moving with the flow to your most creative and joyful self. That's a natural flow - and easy. Focus on you Vision and feel it and it's yours.

    Record your progress.
    Keep a journal and record of your progress (what you tried and what worked) - it will help you - and will help others.

    As you solve this problem, you will be helping many others too. How? You will know the steps and what to say to them. Pay it forward, and give others a hand - it will come back to you tenfold.

    You can do this even though its a new way of looking at training yourself. Over your life you have trained yourself to do many things. Learning to train your mind is a wonderful skill to have. It guarantees your success in one easy step.

    Do you want a guide? Visit Stress Relief Today for a plan and attitude shift. There are some more good tips from "What You Don't Like is Your Worst Enemy: Overcome That Fear" at free of fear.

    Quick Good Fortune For You: ""The worst problems contain the best solutions. Don't give up until you find your reward."

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Stress Quotes


"He who fears
something gives it
power over him."
Moorish Proverb

"Worrying is like
a rocking chair,
it gives you
something to do,
but it gets you
Glenn Turner

"Stress is the trash
of modern life -
we all generate it
but if you don't
dispose of it properly,
it will pile up
and overtake your
Danzae Pace

“For fast-acting relief,
try slowing down."
Lily Tomlin

"Our doubts
are traitors, and
make us lose
the good we oft
might win, by
fearing to attempt."
William Shakespeare

"Experience is
a hard teacher
because she gives
the test first,
the lesson afterwards."

"If you can't
go over it
or through it,
you'd better
negotiate with it."
Ashleigh Brilliant

"One of the symptoms
of an approaching
nervous breakdown
is the belief
that one's work is
terribly important."

Bertrand Russell

"My life
has been full of
terrible misfortunes
most of which
never happened."
Michel de Montaigne

"If things
go wrong,
don't go
with them."
Roger Babson

"If you
doubt yourself,
then indeed you
stand on shaky
Henrik Ibsen

"Worry often gives
a small thing
a big shadow."
Swedish Proverb

"He who fears
he shall suffer,
already suffers
what he fears."

"The way you
treat yourself
sets the standard
for others."
Sonya Friedman

"Worry is interest
paid on trouble
before it comes
William Ralph Inge

"We probably
wouldn't worry
about what people
think of us
if we could know
how seldom
they do."
Olin Miller

"There are more
things, Lucilius,
that frighten us
than injure us,
and we suffer more
in imagination than
in reality."

“If you ask
what is the single
most important
key to longevity,
I would have
to say it is
avoiding worry,
stress and tension.
And if you
didn't ask me,
I'd still have
to say it.”
George Burns

"Silence is
the great teacher,
and to learn
its lessons you
must pay attention
to it.

There is no
substitute for the
creative inspiration,
knowledge, and
stability that
come from knowing
how to contact
your core of
inner silence."
Deepak Chopra

"Worry is a
complete cycle
of inefficient thought
revolving about
a pivot of fear."

"What great thing
would you attempt
if you knew you
could not fail?"
Robert Schuller

"The ability to be
in the present moment
is a major component
of mental wellness."
Abraham Maslow

"I am
an old man
and have known
a great many troubles,
but most of them
never happened."
Mark Twain

"Courage is the
power to let go
of the familiar."
Raymond Lindquist

"Anxiety is a
thin stream of
fear trickling
through the mind. If encouraged,
it cuts a channel
into which all
other thoughts are
Arthur Somers Roche

"Slow down
and everything
you are chasing
will come around
and catch you."
John De Paola

"When there is
no enemy within,
the enemies outside
cannot hurt you."
African Proverb

"If we all
did the things
we are capable
of doing, we
would literally
astound ourselves."
Thomas Edison

"Let me never
fall into the
vulgar mistake
of dreaming that
I am persecuted
whenever I am
Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Fear is static
that prevents me
from hearing myself."
Samuel Butler

"The ability
to be in the
present moment
is a major component
of mental wellness.""
Abraham Maslow

"There are people
who are always
anticipating trouble,
and in this way
they manage to
enjoy many sorrows
that never really
happen to them."
Josh Billings

"Heavy thoughts
bring on physical
maladies; when the
soul is oppressed
so is the body."
Martin Luther

"Worry never
robs tomorrow
of its sorrow,
it only saps today
of its joy."
Leo Buscaglia