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Cheryl Janecky's Personal Case Study
Finding the Path to Good Fortune

Every life travels a trail of Good Fortune. Some know they are on it and find their Passion. Other’s don’t and miss their opportunities. Many don't realize that whatever happens, IS the path that leads to solutions and Living the Dream.

The way is simple. Stuff happens. Inspiration guides you and then you take action on Opportunities - that leads to solutions. For every problem you encounter, an instant solution is there too.

An early childhood year spent in Florida...

baby Cheryl + dad

.....still prefer the tropics today.

All that obscures that obvious Truth is genetic fears and social conditioning.

Holding on takes effort and painful struggle. Letting go is easy.

The way is simple. Good feels good. Bad feels bad.

Choose wisely, for you are wherever you Attention takes you.

My “talent” is my ability to see a solution and then create a path to it. If I focus on a question or dilemma I always find the answer – and a way of “speaking it” that others can follow.

I know for a fact that for every problem there is also a solution – this is a duality-based universe. The clash between the opposites is the “friction” you experience going between the extremes.

Once you choose the solution – there is no longer stress or friction in your life.

The Olympic Mountains - Puget Sound in Winter.

Growing up and living in natural beauty was a wonderful beginning to a long journey.

I bring Good Fortune to life – through my client’s lives and businesses. From inspiration and creativity good ideas flow and opportunities flourish.

Follow the tips and practices in Quick Good Fortune and you can live the life you envision.

Good Fortune is the result of following your inner guidance and passion -- and living your unique personal Vision.

How did I come by this calling? When I look back at my childhood I can see it easily evolved from my curiosity and desire to live my life in my own way – healthy, wealthy and wise.

I was very fortunate to grow up in an affluent family – Dad was a doctor and we lived on 1,800’ of waterfront; 22 acres with deep woods and streams, pastures, stables and I showed horses. I danced, played the piano, swam, fenced, and just about every activity imaginable…. Yet not a day went by that I didn’t hear “we can’t afford that” from either dad or mom.

Now I see that they grew up in the Great Depression, and life had been difficult for their parents and the habit of feeling “money was scarce” was dominant – no matter what was really happening.

Riding and showing horses was a passion throughout my 'teens.

Loved competition: rodeo, county fair, jumping, and Gymkhana team events.

Genetic and social conditioning was clouding the truth and limited their enjoyment of all they did have.

At the time, I could see they believed what they said – and also that it wasn’t so. Other than along the waterfront, all our neighbors (and my friend’s families) farmed or worked for wages – and many really “couldn’t afford it.”

When my parents said it, I understood that to mean that they just didn’t value what I wanted. And if I “sold it” to them, then I’d have it. And that worked pretty well most of the time. Except it was always a big drama – and I’d hear over and over: “ hard and you’ll get ahead.”

I learned to ski at ten and skied most winters until recently.

Crystal Mt.Ski area was close and relatives built a cabin that we stayed at frequently.

So from ages 9-13, I babysat for money, and worked for Grandma.

Then at 13 I joined the migrant farmers and farm kids for several seasons and picked strawberries – for pennies! Hard, back breaking, hot, dusty and to this day I don’t enjoy strawberries that much.

But I did have my OWN money – hassle free. Was it worth it? The lesson was!

It was pretty clear to me that hard work and money didn’t go together.

I read and heard the news of stars and athletes making millions…and Time magazine ran stories of our country’s and the world’s richest men (very few women in those years).

What did a person do for $1million dollars? They clearly weren’t working for it. What was the ‘talent’ that they had that I didn’t know?

In school I heard the same story my parents believed: work hard, study, get a profession and get rich. Many of my friends parents had done that….and their lives weren’t much better off than most. The richest attorney committed suicide, and four other professionals got divorced…kids split between families. Lots of upheaval and turmoil. Some of the lower-income families as well as wealthy families were happy and content. So what's the key to happiness?

I knew that money was not making anyone happy – it did buy a house – but not a home; and it bought obedience, but not respect. It solved basic problems like hunger and shelter, but not quality of life. And when I needed money – it was VERY important, but it was not the answer.

I also noticed that the rich didn’t work for money: money, and others worked for them. The poor and middle-class worked for money as the solution

Aspen Colorado 20 years after my stay is still one of the best ski areas in the world.

I really learned to ski in Aspen by teaching over five seasons, and I'm RMSIA certified.

to their immediate needs. And they spent as they earned: if income went up – so did expenses. And so it became true: “we can’t afford that.”

I studied Philosophy and learned of answers from every age and culture. At the University of Washington, the philosophy of science blossomed and dominated the department. The advance of Physics as applied to life experiences, and a greater understanding of genetics, opened the door to my understanding.

Physics described the “bigger picture” of who I am and how I get what I get, and “genetics” spoke to the habits of cultures and individuals.

Alan Watts was the Philosopher who brought Eastern mysticism and physics together in Western thought: and it became clear that the Life Force was directed by Attention and Focus and that anything was possible that could be conceived.

Life isn’t only an evolutionary progression of forms. There is not a “goal” or destination to living, but rather a dance of living, and it isn’t going anywhere.

Everything cycles. Many great cultures rise and fall and there are many, many experiments in living: you get the “dance” you focus on – so choose wisely.

I now knew why some prospered and enjoyed a rich and rewarding life, and others did not. Anything anyone could imagine could be invented, lived, and experienced.

The Explorer began as a Dream, others joined and wove the magic that restored her.

The Explorer sailing to the 1976 US Bicentennial Meeting of Tall Ships in New York Harbor.

Imagination was the key to creativity and inspiration.

People get what they give their attention to. They then ARE their Attention.

When Attention is on a personal Dream or Vision of life – then Good Fortune follows.

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”….one of our favorite themes…and the only cure to poverty, illness, bad luck, mis-fortune or a failing business: is the individual choice to change it via changing focus and attention.

This is no SECRET – it’s in the Vedas (20,000 years old) and said in many ways in stories and fables, literature, religion, philosophy, drama, dance and songs. One of the most famous is “Think and Grow Rich” (Napoleon Hill), written in early 1900's.

Deepak Chopra, neuro-surgeon, writer and speaker, introduced the ancient Sanskrit writings of the Vedas (oldest written word) and framed it into language and experiences that people could live and concepts that they could follow. These teachings showed the way to healing, affluence and the power of the mind. The self-help section of the book store is exploding with information from others.

Good Fortune is created by you, and flows through you as you and out into life.

My personal path led me through several Universities and training in art, psychology, real estate and philosophy; and recently, photography, advertising and marketing.

I taught skiing in Aspen for five winters, and restored a sailing ship (together with 200 or so others) in the summer. I sold real estate to help finish the project eight years later.

The Explorer was a 165’ Sailing ship that sailed in the US Bicentennial and New York Harbor in 1976. She was eventually blown up off the coast of Belize. I’ve made and lost millions several times.

I’ve also been very, very ill, and that lead to a broad understanding of healing and how to get from where I am – to where I want to be. I know you can heal anything, because I did. Holistic Health Articles Expert Series featured my story on healing. I’ve explored Chinese acupuncture and herbal healing, natural healing from homeopathy to chiropractic, and energy healing, including Heller work (Rolfing), Jorei and the new energy medicines: EFT, Tapping, PSTEC, and TAT. I'm an Ayurveda Practitioner.

My most profound insights came from Native American healers who took me in and turned my health around. Here I learned the Beauty Way, Medicine Wheel, Shaman Practices and wisdom, Sweatlodge and pipe. I’m an advocate of Ayurveda (over 200 Panchakarma session including a stay in India) and know that diet and exercise is the key to health.

Modeling in Los Angeles, Orange County and Palm Springs.

Cheryl's head shot - Los Angeles zed card.

There’s nothing in my path I would change, for every experience explored and answered my questions on who I am and what I’m doing here, and solutions to get to what I love.

I’ve always followed my Inspiration and my path winds through a varied life of opportunity, high drama and fun. I taught Good Fortune classes beginning in 1978 through tuning into your own inner awareness, the energy of the Life Force in you, and in using that insight to create a Bigger Picture, inspiration and an affluent life.

I’ve been an actress, model, and a spokesperson for Seattle’s World Trade Club. TV and radio interviews and several series on Cable followed. "Performing as a model or actress" is the study of yourself in relation to the role or situation. Here I learned a great deal about my own fears and limitations - and led to many of the trainings and practices I use today.

Cheryl began modeling in college, during her years skiing and in Seattle. In 1987 she jumped in full-time, as a career and moved to Los Angeles.

LA zed card: Easily a favorite and "most fun business" - with much time spent auditioning, preparing and performing.

I’m a travel writer, photographer and guide taking others to sacred and inspirational sites around the world. I’ve recently been a consultant, assisting wealthy clients in writing their memoirs and organizing their lives via these same principles.

Today I’m writing, teaching Shamanic Wisdom and guiding others to their unique personal Good Fortune destiny.

It’s been an interesting journey. What I know for sure, is that if you’re not starring in your own movie – you’re playing a bit part in someone else’s drama. Find your own goals and what inspires you- and your path in life will lead you to Good Fortune!

"The most important things in life
aren’t things."


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Photo Gallery

The Explorer Sailing Ship

An Adventure and "...a Dream Come True."

The Explorer under sail.

The adventure of a lifetime - Living the impossible dream.

"The young do not know enough
to be prudent, and therefore
they attempt the impossible--
and achieve it,
generation after generation."

Pearl S. Buck

The Explorer on the voyage to New York.

Coming into port in Panama.

I began restoring the ship with ten others in my mid-twenties.

The Explorer was restored from a beached gutted barge to a ship, and she sailed in New York Harbor for the US Bicentennial in 1976.

She was the oldest and largest ship "not sponsored by a country."

The Explorer was the result of many people Living the Dream.

Over 200 made it possible - and over 2,000 helped significantly.

The Explorer - on deck setting sail.

The Explorer's crew was all-volunteer and often contributed to the expenses of the ship.

The Explorer passing through the Panama Canal on the way to the US Bicentennial in 1976.

The Explorer's crew and the Panama pilot crew working on the stern deck.

Mary Trimble was the Ship's Diver and Purser, and one of the key people that made the voyage possible - and enjoyable.

"The Panama Canal photo was taken in 1976. John Racanelli is at the wheel, with Doc (Capt. Janecky) standing by him. I'm sitting on the hatch with Jeff Dunn.

The others are Panama Canal crew -- the guys in hard hats handling the lines with the mechanical donkies along the shore, and the Panama Canal pilot directing things.

You have such wisdom Cheryl—the web site is a wonderful way to share it. I'm so thankful for the years we had together--your positive thoughts had much to do with my future happiness.”

Mary is a a free-lance writer with over 400 articles published, plus novels. She is on the Red Cross Emergency Leadership team, arriving prior to the volunteers during a disaster. Contact: Mary E. Trimble Author of ROSEMOUNT and McCLELLAN'S BLUFF

Author's Website:

The Explorer was an adventure.

The crew worked continuously to keep the bilges pumped, rigging and lines secure and the generators and engines working.

Nothing was "for sure" and ingenuity and innate intelligence saved the day, again and again.

Each crew member lived the Dream. Without that passion The Explorer couldn't of sailed and made such an arduous journey.

Final funds to transverse the Panama Canal came from the Amateur Radio Association members - the only link we had with the ship. They knew of sudden additional costs and raised the money themselves.

There was no end nor limit to the magic that sailed the ship. Everyone knew it, and gratitude was plentiful.

The Explorer was dry docked on the East Coast for repairs after the US Bicentennial in 1976.

The Explorer was always in need of repair - she was built in 1904 - a real sailing schooner hull. The restoration was "best effort" but never more than enough to sail to the next destination.

Funds for dry-docking showed up the same way. Hundreds of donors and contributors made the voyage down to Belize possible.

The Explorer's bow and hand-carved figurehead.

The figurehead were carved and donated to the ship.

The Explorer - view of setting sail from the deck"

The Explorer's sails and rigging were mostly donated and remade by volunteer crew members.

The Explorer on a cold day in Puget Sound before leaving for the cruise south down the coast.

Capt. Janecky and Cheryl, on the stern deck with the crew.

“The way is not in the sky,
the way is in the heart.

For the traveler
who knows his direction,
there is always a favorable wind.”

Stuart Avery Gold

(to be those who made the journey possible. if you have an Explorer story to share - send it over and I'll add it.)


by Cheryl Janecky

"The more fun
you have,
the better it gets,
the closer you are
to living
your Dream."

"Only you know
what feels best
to you.

Only you can
find your own
path to it.

Ignore others
and the mayhem
of life.

Find your Vision
and live it."

"You don't eat food
you don't like -

why live
a life you
don't like?

You know what
tastes good,
or not.

You know what
feels good,
or not.

Choose the best
and you'll never
be disappointed."

"Good Fortune is
living in the truth
of who you are."

"Is Fear Real?

Give it your
attention and you
can make it happen.

Fear is a

Only that and
nothing more.

Stop fearful
responses quick --
and you are free."

Karma is not
what happens.
Karma is "action."

It is what you do
about what happens
that creates your


and future."

"You can have
happiness and fun or
worry and blame:
Not both.

They're opposite
vibrations, right?

You only think
one thought
at a time.

Choose the one
you want to
live in....and
you automatically
ignore the other."

“Do the best
you can and
Good Fortune

Don't do the
best you can
FOR Good Fortune.

Do the best
you can because
it feels good,
and that's all
you can do.

And fortunately
Good Fortune
just happens."

"Pray with your

You always
get more of
what you feel.

Feel Good, Feel God,
get that experience
and live it.

Your Prayers
are always answered
in just this way."

"Wisdom is finding
the Biggest Truth
you can comprehend
and then living
withIN it."

"The Beauty Way"

"Find your Vision

Live withIN
your Vision,
make it your Focus
and reference point.

Only choose that:
no matter what.

Allow others
the same freedoms
you choose.

Find yourself
withIN Nature.

Find Beauty
above you.

Find Beauty
below you.

Find Beauty
behind you.

Find Beauty
before you.

Find Beauty
all around you.

Walk in Beauty:
live it, be it,
share it."

"You are always
on the path
to Good Fortune.

Look for it.

Take the easy way,
make it simple,
do it quick."

"Nothing limits you
or is in your way
but old social
genetic habits
and fears.

Only that."

"No one controls
what you think and
feel but you.

You choose
where you Focus,
and with that power
you create your life
and your destiny."

"Your reality
and your truth,
can be anything
you want it to be.

Change what you
Focus on to only
what you love.

The old "truths"
or way of life vanishes
and the new becomes
your "truth."

Continue to seek and
find what you love,
and your truth
and life evolves
as you live it,
day by day."

Laughter is a
great healer and
the most rejuvenating
of all emotions.

Not only does it
strengthen your
immune system,
it releases
beneficial hormones
that refresh and
revitalizes you,
calms your nerves,
reduces tension and
stimulates creativity.

“Habits are like
a rope.

You add a strand to it
everyday and soon
it ties you down.

It cannot be broken
but you can add
new strands daily
that will expand
your limits and
free you.”

"Strength isn't
by what you control
out in life.

The measure of
your strength is
shown by how well
you control
your own mind.

When you Focus
on your Vision,
then the outside world
has little control
over you."

"Imagine a fish –
discovering water

–in that same way,
become aware
you swim in a
current of love,
and Solutions
flowing to your
own unique
ever-expanding Vision.

It is that Knowing
that opens you
to be in the flow
of Good Fortune."

“It’s pretty hard
to get what you want
when you’re busy
doing and being
what you don’t want.”

“If you don’t know
where you’re going,
how will you know
if you ever
get there?”

Wherever you go -
there you are!

You take yourself
with you.

Truth about Fear:

"It’s not about Now

It’s not for
the reason you think.

It’s not real nor
is it justified.

Fear" is a warning
that if you continue
togive an idea
Attention, you will
soon experience it.

Fear makes
itself real.

If you give it
your Focus & feel
fearful - you will
attract it.

The fear is
not the problem-

Your Attention
to fearful
possibilities is the
attracting force.

You do it
and so you can
stop doing it."

You are either
living in your
memories -

the past…

Or you are
living in your
Imagination -

the future.

Your memories
take you nowhere
new…only repeating
the past…

Your Imagination
takes you everywhere.

The best way
to give advice
to others - to ask them
what they want.

Advise them to
do that with their
whole heat
and soul.