Get Rich Quick
Change Your $$ Limits Now

I’ll bet you know that most searches on the Internet are looking for how to get rich quick. Surveys show that between 65-85% believe that life should be better, and fast money or getting rich quick is the way to achieve a rich rewarding life style.

If you’re one looking for the good life and how to get rich quickly your intuition is right on.

Are you seeking quick ways to make money from an action or venture you can do that will yield fast money?

Even a Winning Business Can Lose – A Genetic Code for Failure Assures Defeat.

All human behavior is genetic. You follow a blueprint inherited from your family. Your features, food preferences and body type are just some of what you inherit. The truth is: Everything you say, have, do, value and love comes from your genetic blueprint.

Look around you and you will see that most others in your circle of friends have similar values.

If you now want something different, like getting rich quickly, you must change the habits that limit you.

The first step is waking up to what limits you.

If no one around you is successful in the ways you now want to live - that tells you that you have attracted your present situation because of your old habits and genetic pattern.

When you see it, you can change it.

"Nothing happens
unless first a dream."

Carl Sandburg

You have a desire for a better life - and that can easily become a very clear Vision. Until you have that Vision, and change your old patterns, nothing out in life can change. You are your point of attraction, and until you change your mind-set to attracting riches quickly - nothing else you do will over-ride your old genetic code.

Quick ways to make money, in fact, are not new business opportunities or hot tips in the market.

Is what you want out of reach?

You may have noticed that doesn’t work…except for the promoters.

If you are still seeking the “missing piece” that will get you to riches, you've found it here.

You see people with "stuff" and toys and you assume that quick money is how they got there. But the truth is a Bigger Picture than what you see on the surface.

Those who retain riches have a mind-set (or feelings) that assure their success. They are living a lifestyle and dream they love - and the riches follow the dream and the feelings (or vibrations) about BEING wealthy.

You can learn to do that in far less time than it took to get stuck - and if you commit to making the changes you're on your way - habits change in about 21 days.

You’re in the right place. There’s only ONE quick step you can take that will assure your success… but it’s not finding the next big thing out there…’s an insight and a change in your mind-set that will produce lasting – and spectacular – results.

Dreaming of an ocean cruise?

All human behavior is genetic. The only reason you do not have riches is a family genetic program for poverty and fearing wealth.

You can change that with repetition and commitment.

And until you do – nothing else you do will over-ride that pattern for failure.

Ever end up with less than you hoped for?

The insight and facts that make riches possible are not available to you when you view life from a limited surface viewpoint.

Everyday living- with all the chatter, overload of information, events and distractions will never reveal to you the secret of how to get rich quick.

Actually it is because of your total attention to daily life (your genetic blueprint in action) that you are not able to get to the understanding of how to create true wealth beyond reason.

90% of what you think today - you thought yesterday...and it will stay the same until you change it.

Follow your inspiration – ask questions – and you lead yourself to a Bigger Picture of life….and that is the Bigger Truth that reveals the facts on how to get rich quick.

The Big Picture leads to Freedom.

If I ask you, “where did you get that glass of milk?” And you point to the refrigerator….you are right. But there is so much more to the story isn’t there?

The Bigger Truth includes the store, the delivery trucks, the dairy, the farm and back to the cow… If you continue, you find the cow, and all stuff, is really energy in motion…and everything is vibration.

Everything you sense, see, taste, feel….every-thing is vibration. You too. That vibration resonates at a frequency – many, many different frequencies…and Law of Attraction matches up vibrations. You get what you are experiencing because of a signal at a certain vibration that you are sending…24/7/365.

How Genetic Blueprints Limit Your Life.

Your vibration or signal is formed at birth from your genetic code and then modified by your experiences. Your genetics rule your life and all your choices - until you change old patterns. A Dream or Vision of getting rich quick doing what you love -- will do it - if you take action and persist.

Do you dream of travel and lovely resorts?

All human behavior is genetic. Including making or losing money. If you don’t have the lifestyle you desire, you are enmeshed in your genetic code of “not enough.” Where are you, at this point in your life?

What’s true in your experience: Abundance or not enough? Where you are now (home, car, work, relationships) is accurate feed-back and tells you quickly – exactly - what you are signaling. Your vibration and your experiences match. Always. No exceptions. Ever.

That vibration in your body is your over-all Feeling-tone. That "resonance" is the attracting power.

Does what you get fall short of what you want?

Your specific feelings about money may be happy, expectant or desperate and longing.

Yes, you sense vibration as feelings or emotions.

And what you feel is what you get.

If you'd like more information about the power of attraction and how vibrations work, check out the Law of Attraction and get the scientific facts.

Repetition Changes Genetic Patterns.

Changing your genetic pattern is not difficult – it got there by repetition and you can replace it exactly the same way. Repeat what you want and over-lay the old habit. (Replace old feelings with new feelings.)

How much trouble is it? If you WANT to play the piano – it’s no trouble to practice. If you want to learn how a new digital camera works – and take great photos – it’s not hard at all.

You are not going to play the piano or take great photos unless you learn about how to do it – then practice and practice - are you?

Here’s a tip to put this in perspective. How much trouble is it to continue to fail at whatever you try and never really have the fast money you want? Or the wealth, or health, or stuff to play with?

Live your life in your own way. What inspires you?

If you continue to do the same things that fail, you can’t really expect good results can you?

This is a wake up call – Pay Attention and you can really attract Quick Good Fortune.

Live the Life of Your Dreams: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. Dream it and then make it real. Getting rich quick becomes a new habit.

You are really searching for more freedom, inspiration, opportunities and of course how to get rich. Quick. You can have it all once you change old habits that limit you and then think and feel and vibrate what you really want. Simple, easy, fun. The better it gets – the better it gets.

PSTEC: Newest Science
+ Psychology = breakthrough

Does luck elude you? Do you "miss out" again and again and don't know why? If so, then this is a fast method to change your luck. Habits of losing are "fearful" - and that fear can be erased quickly and easily with the FREE PSTEC audio click-track. Develop the "habit of winning." Use the latest mind-shifting methods to blast through emotional barriers in minutes - it's FREE to try.

Your life does not
get better by chance,
it gets better
by change."
Jim Rohn

Consider these absolute TRUTHS (even though you've heard them before) -- revisit them again.

    1. What you think or worry about has a tremendous effect on your luck and on your life.

    2. If your head is full of fears, negative thoughts and images, your luck - and your life will follow your lead (and that is why you are not lucky and not living the life you want to live.)

    3. If you keep positive energy flowing, you’ll likely have a LOT of positive things come into your life (and that is lucky! It will continue to get better and better.)

    4. It’s not too late to create a life of good luck and a fabulous future!

    5. Watching this video on PSTEC will put you on the road to a future of good luck…give it a try and receive the FREE download. Click the video below: Create Your Lucky Future Now.

Living a Happy Life is easy with PSTEC

PSTEC FREE download here

Understanding Genetic Habits that Limit Getting Rich.

Let’s get started. First get a good picture of the genetic pattern that’s holding you back so you can change it and get rich quick.

Metaphors and parables work on many levels of your subconscious mind (genetic blueprint) – you may be familiar with this one – good. It works.

Here's how habits form "chains that bind you.” If you tie a young elephant to a tree with a big chain it will pull and struggle to break free. After awhile it gives up and only goes to the end of the chain and stops.

Now you can tie the elephant up – for the rest of it’s life – with a small rope-string it could easily break. That string will hold it fast to the tree – because that is now the limits of what’s possible in the elephant’s experience.

Nothing Outside of You Can Interfere with Your Getting Rich.

In EXACTLY that same way, there is now nothing in your habits of thought you can not modify or break free from completely.

Nothing is holding you back. No one and nothing can keep you from creating the life you choose – once you understand how to do it.

You choose what you think (and then what you feel – feelings follow thoughts) and what you give your attention to. You choose what you’re around (that you resonate to) and how you react to it. Are you choosing consciously, or unconsciously?

Everything is your choice….now. Before this moment, nothing was much your choice…because you were automatically responding to social conditioning and genetic programming. Actually it may take a little longer to change it. Reading is not doing. Unless you take action - nothing much can change.

Start Training for a Marathon: A Run to Riches.

How long? Depends on how important it is to you to get rich quick.

Live your life in your own way. What inspires you?

Find your passion and find your dream.

Or healthy quick. Whatever. How much are you willing to choose your ideal Dream life over your daily life now?

That means changes, doesn't it?

Will you insist on it, and then create it by following your inspiration?

That’s how long. And that’s all it takes. Here’s specifically how.

Because the idea - "how to make money fast" has a lot of feelings (good and bad – success and failures) around it – when you think of "money quick" it will trigger those vibrations of limitation. And that makes it hard to pay attention.

Here's a plan to get around the old habits of thought and create the ideas, feelings and vibrations that you want - and that will attract what you want.

To get rich quick (from not having enough money) is the same jump in vibrations (or Set-point) you must take to go from an easy, sedentary lifestyle to running a marathon.

What makes for a great day? Do it!

To make this perfectly clear – let’s use this example. If you’re a runner, then substitute learning a new super camera or a great computer program.

If you want health – the same steps apply.

Pick something you can relate to.

Imagination is the key to your success and helps to overcome fear – use it.

If you can imagine and play with these ideas, and then implement them – actually take action - you will be very close to getting what you want. If you feel anxious or frustrated, skeptical or tired-- that’s your old genetic pattern and how you experience fear when you want to make changes. The point is - when you least feel like it -- is EXACTLY the best time to do it. Good insight. Now you know.

Inner resistance gives way quickly when you use the new energy techniques that relieve the stress and release the tension. EFT, tapping, PSTEC and TAT are all good choices and the details are a little further down. For now, stay with the idea of learning to run a marathon.

How long will it take you to be able to run a marathon?

How quickly depends on where you are starting from, doesn’t it? If you are slender and exercise frequently, then it won’t be such a long training period, but you will still have to build stamina and learn to run – what it is, feels like, how your body and emotions respond, what makes it easier and what makes it harder.

Train yourself to Live Your Dream.

Of course there is physical training – the actually getting your body up – and doing it. Is that hard work?

Not if you love it with a passion and want to feel the strength and endurance of being a marathon runner.

(Insight: same as the pleasure and vitality of being healthy; or the creative delight in producing a profit and of being rich, rich, rich.)

Remember: It’s all about vibration and that is simply your belief and expectation. You get that from experience, or from visualization plus experience. Olympic athletes use visualization to reach their goals, and so can you.

Changing your Genetic Blueprint from "not enough" to "Rich, Rich, Rich".

You are making a shift from how you see yourself now (elephant tied to the tree with a string) to what you are really capable of.

How do you feel about changing and joining the “athletic” tribe? (The “rich” tribe, or the “healthy” tribe.) Do you value the new place you want to go?

Do you have admiration and respect for those who are making money fast? Or do you have a list of examples of how they are screwing up the planet and taking riches from the poor? You are not going to join a “tribe” you do not value, are you?

Change your Blueprint and ignoring everything else.

What affect will your riches have on your family and friends? What has to change? What self-talk? You cannot play the tune of “poor me” and “ain’t it awful” and get where you want to be, right?

What lifestyle feels "right" to you?

Listen to your conversations and decide if that’s what you want to live in – for what you speak you feel.

What you feel you attract.

And you also resonate to those around you. If they feel poor so will you…and you attract that.

They are not wrong, and they do not need to change to make it easier for you. If you focus on what you don’t like or argue or try and change others - you’ll get more of it. Don’t do that.

"The act of focusing
our consciousness is
an act of creation.
Consciousness creates!"

Gregg Braden

Begin training for the marathon – running from POOR to RICH.

You may need some time alone while you get yourself together – just like you would take the time to train for a marathon.

You will be investing time into shifting your point of view about yourself and what you are capable of. Just like you have not run a marathon, you have not been rich, but you can be if you do the training. Same thing here.

The Emotional Scale and Set-point: Where are you now?

Look at the Emotional Scale below. It's a visual tool to see where you are in relation to where you want to be. Determine where you are now emotionally most of the time.

If you don’t have what you want relative to the topic of money (or health) you are at the bottom of the scale for that topic. That means when the subject comes up you are feeling depression or anger or frustration…maybe even hopeful at times. But you are bouncing around in this range and this is your Set-point relative to getting money (or health).

Your Set Point or Feeling-tone is how you usually feel about a certain subject. It changes, depending on the subject. You may feel great about money, but sad about relationships, and frustrated with work.

The goal is to have a visual of a gage like a thermometer – and then use it to choose to raise your vibrations to the place you feel satisfied. An image helps you to do that.

The Emotional Scale
is a Range of Vibrations or Feelings

Emotions naturally flow, step-by-step to the next higher level, and continue moving until you feel good. Old habits may limit the flow, but you can easily train yourself to move up the emotional scale - and live in - Joy and Happiness. Learn the steps and choose to follow the path to your Vision.

Feelings of: Joy, Eager and Loving

The higher vibrations match your Dream and align you with solutions and Life Force. The better it gets, the better it gets. There really is no limit. If you can desire it - it's possible for you to live it.

Life is creative and fun. You feel eager and look forward to getting the best out of whatever happens. You know that everything always works out for you: And it does. Fear is not an issue. This Set-point is Living Your Dream.

Feelings of: Expectant and Happy

It feels wonderful knowing how you choose experiences. You mold and attract what you like, and see fear for what it is: only a habit. What you value is all around.

You can feel your life taking shape and expanding into more of what you love. Only living life in your own way will make you happy.

Feelings of: Appreciation and Gratitude

Feelings in this range attract Opportunities and Insight that aligns with your Vision. You can select anything to be grateful about - or appreciate anything, and those feelings will spread and take over your Feeling-tone.

You are now open to receive and can see and act on possibilities that were obscure before. Living is easy and fun.

Feelings of: Hopeful.

The idea you can find a better way to live feels great, and is a big turning point. You believe it's possible and you hope it works out - but without "experience" you are fearful and not yet "certain."

This vibration is both positive and negative, yet it attracts Inspiration that will lead you to a solution. As feeling hopeful becomes your new habit, life improves and you begin to appreciate your experiences as the steps that are leading you to what you want to live.

Feelings of: Frustration soon leads to insight.
The BIG ah HA! changes your vibration.

After rehashing the whole drama (maybe several times) along comes the beginning of the understanding, "Hey, I'm the problem - it's not the others!"

Now you're in charge and your situation is fixable. You know you can change your attitude and find a solution. Fear is now a vague anxiety.

Feelings of: Frustration, worry and anxiousness.

Not getting anywhere and not getting what you want is frustrating. Eventually you wonder if there isn't another way.

As your fear and emotions subside, you can breathe again and begin to get insights and suspect there's a way out - and you look for a solution that feels better.

Feelings of: Revenge, Resentment, and Blame

Revenge and blame feel better than anger...and direct focus from yourself and what you fear and can't get, to others you think are the problem... and out into life experiences. Everything but you is at fault. That feels much better than anger or helplessness.

However, it doesn't feel better for long, and can easily turn into frustration at the whole darn situation. That's a good thing! It's a move up. Unfortunately some bounce back and forth and don't move up and out. Make the changes consciously if necessary.

Feelings of: Anger and Rage. This inner powerhouse breaks you free of feeling suppressed by others.

Anger is a big step up - and a relief from the despair of feeling trapped, victimized and depressed. Nothing is worse than feeling helpless and that you can't get what you want.

Energy is flowing and breaking free of lethargy. This is a good thing and is the next step in moving up the emotional scale. Fear dominates and underlies anger and is the "fight" response. Depression is the "flight" response.

Feelings of: Depression, Fear, Despair, Grief and Helplessness

The lowest vibrations are feelings of being victimized by others - leading to a lethargic, apathetic, confused, and then disinterested attitude.

If you don't believe you can get or do what you soon give up trying.

Fear dominates and stress goes "beneath the surface" as anxiety. The desire for what you want continues, and can't be ignored for long. Relief comes from your emotions surfacing and moving you up the emotional scale.

From depression, anger is a relief.... allowing the flow leads to freedom. Might as well enjoy it - you are where you are. Being with it is the quick way to flow with the changes that lead you naturally up the Emotional Scale. Each step feels better and better.

Your emotions flow and change quickly if you relax and allow yourself to be with what you are feeling.

Small moves work: big jumps do not. If you're in the lower ranges, follow (and guide) your emotions up the scale step-by-step to "hopeful" - and back on the path to attracting your Dream.

Where is your Set-point about getting rich quick?

Your over-all Feeling-tone that reflects your life in general may be higher.... relationships may be good, work okay…get the idea?

If you'd like a little more information on how you've attracted your life patterns take a look at Law of Attraction. It's the quick accurate answer to questions like, "how the heck did this happen?"

Where is your over-all Feeling-tone?

Guess at what your over-all Feeling-tone is for you now – same scale. This marks your general state of awareness and vibration. If you feel frustrated mostly, even when things are going well – that’s the mark.

If you feel hopeful even though things are going downhill – check to see if you are simply resigned to things not working out, but hopeful it won’t be too bad…tricky isn’t it?

You get the same reading if you look at your life – everything you’ve attracted to you. Like it? How much? Disappointed it’s not more or better? Frustrated nothing is changing? Are you getting rich quick - or not?

You make the judgment and that’s how you learn to know what you are feeling… Reality is the guideline. No faking it or make nice. You have what you want or you don’t.

What's Your Idea of Fun? Are you having enough fun? You could.

Just like a beginning runner, you need to assess your strengths and weaknesses and work on improving everything that needs it at the same time.

You'll then have endurance and can maintain your marathon (health or rich) state once you get there.

How to further increase, stabilize and assure your Wealth, Health and Wellness are more in depth here. Improve your health if you need to - a sick body is sending a signal too. How will you feel when you are getting rich quick?

For now we are training for how to make money quickly, but you need your health to enjoy your wealth, right?

Tip: once you've raised your over-all vibrations or Set-point - that will affect all areas of your life. The better it gets, the better everything gets.

Tapping or EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique

Tap on specific meridians on your face and upper body and it relieves your resistance fast. Hard to believe? It works. Learn to tap for quick relief of anxiety and then it's easy to continue with your Vision. Use your body's acupuncture meridians to release energy blockages (habits and trauma) and emotional stagnation (aches and pains.) Try any or all of the varieties of Tapping and see what works best for you. It's simple, the information FREE, and many try it on everything - Why? because it works when nothing else does!

"In my 50 years as a
practicing psychiatrist,
EFT has proven to be
one of the most rapid
and effective techniques
I've ever used."

Henry Altenberg, MD

Your body-mind vibration - is attracting your experience. Fears and stress attract trouble. Law of Attraction is responding. Your resonance or power of attraction is verifiable, observable and is operating in your life. Why not work with it? You can't fight yourself and win. Stress will do you in.

"EFT® is a simple, powerful
process that can profoundly
influence gene activity,
health and behavior.“

Bruce Lipton, PhD
Author of The Biology of Belief

Give up the struggle and relax into the natural healing creative process of tapping to release the inner conflicts. Once clear of old habits, controlling your mind and Focus is easy. Your results will be Quick and more than you ever imagined possible.

Do you have Money Blocks or Self-sabotage?

Do you have what you want? If not, and you feel stuck and unable to move forward, you may be blocked by old genetic habits. There's no quicker way to release yourself from bondage.

Tapping in mind-body changes is a practical solution discovered in the last 20 years. It is somatic - a body-mind change that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with startling results. It by-passes the fears and restates old beliefs.

Cash flow problems are the result of stress.

Tap into Good Fortune and bypass old programs: follow a tapping Expert to unlock your money limits. Try it and see if you don't feel different. Money issues are emotional issues - and the emotion is the vibration that is setting up and attracting your experiences.

Money is such a touchy, emotional subject that insights into releasing the drama are priceless.

Erase Unwanted Emotions

PSTEC is an alternative and another solution to erase fear and trauma. Try this simple process and see if it works as well for you as it has for others.

"PSTEC is a unique 11 minute audio track which can be played to create a resolution for almost any problem related to unwanted emotions or feelings. It is a very efficient neutralizer of any problem feelings or emotions." Tim Phizackerley

PSTEC sweeps out fear and anxiety and blast through emotional barriers - quickly. No figuring it out. Do it, get results and move on. Fear is erased. Gone. Now who are you? The Percussive Suggestion Technique is a tap-along audio tape. Review the experiences of others and try it yourself. You’ll love the results.

Where do you want to be – what is your Vision and Dream for the future?

So now you know where you are – where are you going? You can’t stay the same and just get more fast money. And you can’t get motivated over a pile of paper and metal. If all you get for what you are doing is money – you are working for money and not money working for you. Big difference.

You can’t trade your life for surviving week to week and be happy. That is just a bad genetic habit learned over centuries of doing it. You pull your attention out of the old habits by forming and Focusing on your personal Dream.

Laura received a preview test copy of "21 Days To Good Fortune Home Study Course before publication. Laura Princic, Seattle, WA Laura Princic

"I continue to do the 21 Days Home Study program at a snail's pace because I'm so darned busy, but they've really helped me to stay on the positive track. This has allowed me to feel empowered and to take action in my life rather than having life just happen to me...I am living an extraordinary life that is getting better with each passing day.

I found a whole new source of my own inspiration through journaling. I now talk to myself in a way that makes me feel good about what I've accomplished rather than how much I didn't get done. I've been focusing on my health and making it a priority in my life. It makes everything work better. I feel much more alive and excited about whatever I'm doing. It also allows me to be more patient

If an account is causing heartache and endless banking fees then I've been cleaning up the mess and closing down that account. I decide what goes on in my life.

I've started to only buy the best instead of quick fix items and then taking good care of what I already have. I have a renewed gratitude for the things that I have in my life. I've been dressing myself up better and I feel good about how I look now, everyday.

I've wanted a hot tub for many years now and I finally have a fabulous one that I enjoy every night. Busy summer, four mini-outings, and we just recently got back from Disney World Orlando for our family summer vacation.

I am truly blessed and my life is getting better and better with each passing day. Thank you for being a part of it. And helping me to implement the things that I've been reading for years into my active life. By inundating myself with the positive self-talk it is finally taking hold and becoming more of a habit. Thank you."

Only you know what makes you happy – that collection of experiences is the future you crave. It has nothing to do with others. It’s yours and only you can find it. Only you know what you like. You can’t stay motivated by someone else’s dream.

You may have spent much of your life pleasing others (another bad genetic pattern) and find it difficult to venture out on your own and decide what you want for you.

If so – or to clarify a few rough ideas – try to Focus your Attention on only YOU.

Journal (write down) what you love and makes you happy. Take that action and make it public, and you'll be much more inclined to follow through.

  • 10 things you love about yourself…qualities, talents, abilities.

  • 10 things you love about your life and things that make life worthwhile.

  • 10 people you admire who are living their dream in a way you value.

  • 10 Rich people or companies that make life good…museum…music…parks.

  • 10 things that make you smile and always make you happy.

Add to this list every day – if you do you'll find you are seeking examples of what you want - and finding them. Read each list over every day. The more you Focus on what you like, the more you will have. Talk it, look for it, live it, and become it.

A marathon runner has qualities that become a part of life, just like this.

Surround yourself with what you want. No gossip, no blame, judgment, only speak about what you want to live. Follow Inspiration, rather than running from fear.

Can you spare two minutes? If you haven't yet, why not enroll in the free mini-home study program. "21 Days of Insights" open up your creative potential and reveal limiting habits - then the path to Good Fortune becomes clear and easy.

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You get what you give your Attention to - so pay attention to all you enjoy and ignore the rest. Learn to enjoy more of what you have, here's how.

Open your mind to the riches you now have, use and enjoy.

Love paying taxes that for pennies give you millions of dollars worth of libraries, parks, beaches, roads, highways and freeways – and the staff to maintain them.

Love paying bills – same thing. For pennies you get world class communication systems, state of the art electronics and equipment, and serviced and maintained. Appreciation feels just like having what you want - that feeling will attract it to you.

Love to ski? Sled? Snowshoe? Play in the snow?

What's your favorite wintertime sport?

Having trouble finding how rich you are right now? Compare your life to most of the world’s poor and hungry. It’s all relative isn’t it?

Training for a marathon means focusing on what’s going well – not the aches and pains and blisters. In the same way – feel your riches, live in appreciation and gratitude.

Why feel appreciation? – it’s at the top of the emotional scale – and it’s where you are going with your vibration (thoughts and feelings.)

Won't you feel appreciation once you are living your dream? Well start now. Feelings come first as the attracting power - then the stuff shows up.

Keep the Big Picture in mind daily - and you'll begin to really see how you get all you experience. Want a quick refresher? If you have a question, Law of Attraction, Science, Experience & Intuition is the answer.

Finding Your Unique Dream and Path to It.

Tip: Keep a journal and you amplify your progress. If you don't write down your insights - you will forget them. Some ideas won't be used right away. Within 21 Days you will begin to see the changes.

Once you begin to focus on you and play with possibilities, your inspiration brings you more insights and opportunities. That will lead you to your Dream and getting rich quick will be a part of it.

Can you imagine a hero story of an ordinary person who becomes a marathon runner?

What they go through, training, endurance, changes in diet, health and relationships…what else?

Now it’s your turn to be the Hero. Create your own epic story.

Act 1: Where you were born, family and genetic patterns are your starting point. How did this certain combination of events set the stage for what you want in life? What drama and changes did you endure – and what hurts, what losses and what gains? Where was the joy and happiness?

Act 2: Tell how you broke free – you made a commitment and action plan. What obstacles came up from your past? What difficulties? What did you have to overcome and how did you do it? You made dramatic changes in about 21 Days – who is the new person you are now becoming?

Act 3: How you live your Dream every day. What is it like…Where is it taking place…Who else is involved…. What was the inspiration? What opportunities came up…how many did you try before you found the right one? What was it? What new insights, now that everything is changed?

You will soon be on to the Next Big Idea…do you know what it is yet? End your drama with an insight into the future....

There will be a sequel - so make this a good story.

Are you writing your own script and sequel? Or are others doing it for you? Your life purpose is NOT a supporting role in other people's drama. That was a little joke. If you've wasted a lot of time doing that - don't waste another minute. Get back up there and write your own story!

The Emotional Scale and Your Dream.

Now gage how you feel. What will it be like when you have what you want? What does that feel like? Appreciation, gratitude, expectant? Can you feel Joy and exuberance? You will. Note this on the chart – and see the gap between where you are normally – and where you want to go.

Build your vision - what feels like home?

How about a mountain home and wilderness all around?

You close that gap with your plan to step by step move up the emotional scale until you are feeling and resonating in harmony with your Vision. Your commitment is the beginning.

Now make your plan so specific (daily goals) that you train every day. In this way your commitment becomes automatic.

Exactly like you make a plan to learn to run…make a plan and fill in the steps that pulls your focus from daily living into your Dream of riches, freedom and creativity.

Or do you prefer the seashore and waterfront living?

Only you know what feels right to you.

You will have succeeded when you’re living withIN your Dream – you see everything in terms of your vision and you find it and feel it all the time: no matter what.

When your self-talk is mostly about what you want, love and enjoy –

Inspiration is leading you to opportunities and your Dream is very, very close.

If you’re not clear about (or interested in) your ideal Dream Life - you're stuck in old genetic habits.

If you skip this step now you will not like where you end up. Your Inspiration guides you to Opportunities and your Inspiration follows your Desires.

If your desire is only “to get rich quick” others may get rich quick at your expense. The strongest desire or resonance (remember the tuning fork?) is the one with the passion and a plan – and it may not be you.

You may be in a “marathon” without training and little hope of succeeding.

Without a dream, your Focus is still in daily life…and that includes all the fears of loss and chaos. That vibration is what you will attract ultimately.

Remember: most of the lottery winners and those who inherit fortunes are broke again in five years. Don’t be one of them if you do get lucky. Make health and wealth a permanent lifestyle.

Change your vibration and change your genetic code and your life. It’s the ONLY one step you need to take. It’s quick and easy. Just do it.

CASE STUDY in Creating Riches from Desires – winning and loosing. Has this happened to you?

This case study shows how Law of Attraction works out in daily life, and the folly of seeking cash and not your inspired dream. See if you can see when Sean’s Set-point relative to creating wealth shifted.

This study is from Day 20 in “21 Days to Good Fortune, Living the Dream. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise.”

“Case Study: Following others vs. following your inner-nature and Vision.

Can you spot what is off in the opening section of this Case Study? This short example shows clearly the problems with going after cash and working hard, and why – and how to find what does work, no matter what happens.

Sean bought into a multi-level marketing program. He was told, and believed that if he followed the business plan he would make $8-10,000 per month as others were doing. Sean’s up-line mentor did all the presentations to Sean’s friends as Sean watched and learned. His mentor closed several sales and then they both helped the new people get started too.

What lifestyle feels right to you?

A desert community with other families feel like home?

Maybe a place at the beach appeals to you?

Prefer a community with other families to solitude?

Sean followed the plan and made the calls and did the work, but with very little success on his own. His mentor jumped in closing sales, and took a percentage (plus his up-line portion).

The harder Sean worked, the more difficult it became. Soon he was out of contacts and capital. He hated trying to get something from everyone he met, and enjoyed none of the work. Sean wants the income and he wants to sell other people his products. So what’s wrong?

Background information: Sean is often rude to salesmen and feels most are manipulative. He is reticent and fearful of others – his experience is that no one is helpful. He is not a manager, and doesn’t believe he can lead and inspire others (the real wealth in multi-level is developing sales people.)

Sean wants $10,000 per month, but has seldom earned $4,000. He feels that the successful ones are all in “the other tribe,” not his tribe; and he feels like an outsider at meetings.

Sean has a strong desire for money – why isn’t this working and what’s missing?

RECAP. Sean bought into a program because others were doing it – Social proof, it was a limited-time exclusive offer, and afterward, he wanted to appear consistent, so he believed it was now his goal. His auto-responses came from social habits of thought, and he duped himself into buying into a business he had little aptitude for, and one that was not using his talents. The work triggered fear and anxiety. But he wanted money and a quick fix, and this looked like a way to get it.

His mentor fulfilled his own and Sean’s expectations (Law of Attraction) as the mentor got many sales from Sean, and when Sean dropped out, he also got additional commissions. His mentor was using his talents and fulfilling his own Dream. Sean expected not to benefit from sales, and didn’t.

Sean thinks of his venture as a failure, but he did make some important changes. He could think of it as a step to his success. One of the benefits was working with a very organized, dedicated, successful salesperson who had the skills Sean lacked.

Sean expanded his sense of himself, and improved his people skills. He also experienced being an entrepreneur for the first time in his life and liked it. He had discipline and developed an ability to follow a plan. He’s also now clear about what he does and doesn’t like to do.

The successful outcome that evolved from the initial experience. Success is a progression of experiences, each getting you closer to your VIsion. This is how it works.

Sean later purchased his favorite fast-food franchise with a partner that did very well. Sean didn’t consider serving food he liked as “selling.” He sponsored his son’s team and the neighborhood in turn supported him. He feels he is working with “his tribe – his kind of people.” Sean is happy.

To this day he claims it was “hard work” that lead to his success. Once he had a partner for moral support and applied his talents within a framework he liked and could control, he created the income he was seeking. Why? Now Sean felt good about what he was doing and loved every day.

That took several years because it took that long for Sean to believe he could do it, deserved it, -and only then did Law of Attraction deliver the success Sean was seeking. Sean liked the work, the food and his community image - the abundance of money was far less important when he did what he liked.

Hard work doesn’t work – seek Inspiration and your easy next step - ONLY you can find it from Focusing on your Dream.

“There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation, hard work,
Learning from failure.”
Gen. Colin Powell

Work in the city - why not live downtown?

How does a classy condo with a view sound?

That's common advice, isn't it? What if it's 100% wrong? Struggle and working hard is a part of most people’s success stories because they can’t get off what isn’t working quickly enough to realize that Inspiration and Opportunities would make it ever so much easier to get what they wanted.

What does “hard work” mean? How about working at something that is hard for you. Hard because it’s new? Or hard because you feel anxious (fear) and don’t like it?

Isn’t it something more like working at a job you don’t like to get money. Happiness is a factor, isn’t it?

It’s not "hard work" if it’s getting you information and doing what you love, right?

It might be time-consuming, and repetitive, like learning a new camera, but is that really hard work?

Is following your Inspiration and Desire fun, or work? What you tell yourself will make it so for you. This can be easy, remember?

A small castle in foreign lands inspire you to create and attract riches?

Why not Dream the life you WANT to live, then Focus and attract that?

Hard work is a great way to develop Focus and build Desire.

It also allows people time to prove their worth to themselves, and build the confidence to expect success.

Feeling "worthy" and "confident" attracted the success....not the hard work. You could do that quickly with a good imagination, a journal, and photos of what you love. Repetition is the key to changing your mind and Focus. Repeat what you want many, many, many times a day until you have the new habit.

Advertising uses those tools to sell you stuff all the time. Why not use them yourself, sell yourself on success, and make this easy and fun? Your call.

(End of section from"21 Days To Good Fortune, Live the Dream. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise;" Day 20.)

One Quick Step to Success: Fast money is waiting!

It's so simple it's easy to overlook so pay attention!

It's all about you- your attitudes and mind-set. The process appears easy but takes Focus and repetition to initiate real change.

  • Changing your mind-
  • Changes your emotional state.
  • Changes your vibration or Feeling-tone.
  • Changes what you are attracting.
  • Changes what you are seeking.
  • Changes your life experiences.

You think what you choose, so you can feel what you choose, and no one and nothing can interfere with what you think.

There is no one and nothing to blame for where you are right now. Make peace with where you got there by unconsciously following old socially conditioned habits of thought. Only that. Concepts. Thought patterns.

There's nothing there. Nothing can hold you back.

Wake up and create your life in your own way. Move from where you are to where you want to be.

The path to get rich quick – and stay rich – is easy and fun. It begins with your desire and passion for your ideal life style. Then your inspiration guides you to opportunities. Take action and experiment... until you get just what you want.

Once you choose and act – and choose and act some more – until you get it right – you are on your way. If you’re working hard and struggling - stop it. That can only get you more hard work and struggle.

The more you know about yourself, The Big Picture and how you create – the better a creator you will be and the more fun you have.

The only reason you don’t is genetic fears and old patterns. All you have to loose is the limiting ideas and patterns. Riches are the reward for pursuing your Dream.

Make Easy Money And Open A Channel for Riches to Flow into your Life.

While you make the changes that attract riches quickly, you might also check out ways to Make Easy Money. Finding what you love makes work into play. If you have a hobby or talent, or a current business - you may find an on-line business makes sense and provides the income you seek.

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The Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT

If you feel anxious about getting rich, fix that stress now. It's easier than you expect with the new energy techniques. Tapas Fleming developed the Tapas Acupressure Technique working with acupuncture to relieve the symptoms of allergies. She discovered it also released the emotional trauma behind the symptoms.

This process is an alternative to hypnosis, EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy. TAT does not "tap" on the meridians, but holds one position (then closes with a final position) while gently clearing trauma and anxiety. It works quickly on the energy body- in a more universal approach for long-standing or broad issues. It gently and thoroughly allows your body-mind-emotions to restore balance.

There is no figuring out the details or delving into an emotional issue. Do the process (takes about 5 to 10 minutes) and then allow the integration to continue over the next 24 hours. You get results, asses your feelings and then repeat if necessary.

This practical solution combines ancient acupressure and modern psychology with startling results. Why not give it a try - all you have to lose is all the stuff you don't want anyway.

How well does it work? In a very short time the Tapas Acupressure Technique spread around the world. You’ll love your results

Decisions and Choices

Decisions are often made outside awareness. If you feel limited and frustrated - it's an old decision blocking you. Solve that problem in a few simple steps and free up your creativity and future. Decisions
Winning or Losing?

What choices are you making daily? Try a simple process to see your life in a new way. If you can change your mind you change your life.

Stressed or just worn out with all the changes?

If you feel bogged down, check out Health and Wellness, and Stress Relief Today.

Nothing lowers your vibration and interferes with health and wealth faster than fear. It's easy to get caught up in the turmoil and emotional chaos of everyday living. If you find yourself anxious, feeling panic or fear then relieve that today. Take the time to Overcome Fear.

Here is an excellent insight into how to Overcome Fear and Overcome Your Fate. See how to overcome fear in one quick step. Stop the primitive emotional rush that limits your ability to think clearly. Create a new response that turns problems into solutions and attracts wealth. Overcome fear is the best piece of advice you'll ever get.

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Feed your mind a healthy diet
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Feed and train your mind-like you feed your body: 5 times a day!

Build a new habit, then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

Repetition works

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Reinvent Yourself -- Into Wealthy & Healthy. Actual process to attract wealth and health easily. The challenges you face today require a new unique approach. Do this – reinvent yourself and find solutions to finally get all you want. Reinventing yourself is following your passion and what you love.

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Quotes on Success


“When I was young
I thought money
was the most
important thing
in life.

Now that I’m older,
I know that it is.”

Oscar Wilde

“Money is color-blind,
race-blind, sex-blind,
degree-blind and
couldn’t care less
who brought you up
or in what circumstances.”

Felix Dennis

“Whoever wants to
reach a distant goal
must take many
small steps.”

Helmut Schmidt

may not be the
most important
thing in life,
but when money is needed,
it’s right up there
with oxygen
in importance.”

Richard Covey

"Most of our so-
called reasoning
consists in finding
arguments for
going on believing
as we already do"

James H Robinson

“Sow a thought,
reap an action;
sow an action,
reap a habit;
sow a habit,
reap a character;
sow a character,
reap a destiny,”


“Wealth comes from
the production and
exchange of goods
and services.

If someone
produces a good
that many people
willingly trade
their money for,
s/he becomes wealthy.”

Sheldon Richman

"We cannot become
what we need to be
by remaining
what we are"

Max DePree

"Life is just a mirror,
and what you see
out there,
you must first
see inside yourself."

Jacob Bigelow

"Continuing to
repeat the same
behavior and
expecting different
is the definition
of insanity."

Albert Einstein

Success is more a
function of consistent
common sense than
it is of genius.”

An Wang

“Whoever has,
shall be given more
and more, while
whoever has nothing,
even what he has
will be taken
away from him.”

Gospel of Matthew

“As a general rule,
the most successful
man in life
Is the man
who has the
best information.”

Benjamin Disraeli

“The impossible
is often
the untried.”
Jim Goodwin

"The victory
of success is
half won when
one gains the habit
of setting goals
and achieving them.

Even the most
tedious chore will
become endurable
as you parade
through each day
convinced that
every task, no matter
how menial or boring,
brings you closer to
fulfilling your dreams."

Og Mandino

“Words are,
of course,
the most
powerful drug
used by mankind.”

Rudyard Kipling

“Luck is a habit
that you develop.


Open to new experiences,
trust your gut wisdom,

expect good fortune,

find the bright side
of challenging events.

Master the
art of maximizing

Richard Wiseman

“Goals are
with deadlines.”

Diana Scharf Hunt

“If hard work were
such a good idea,
Surely the Wealthy
would have kept it
for themselves.”

web wisdom

“So many people
spend their health
gaining wealth,
and then have
to spend their
wealth to regain
their health.”
A.J. Reb Materi

“Everything looks
impossible for the
people who never
try anything.”

Jean-Louis Eitienne

“Where all
think alike,
no one
thinks very much.”

Walter Lippman

“Start by doing
what’s necessary, then
what’s possible
and suddenly
you are doing
the impossible.”
St. Francis of Assisi

"Our character,
is a composite
of our habits.”
Stephen R. Covey

"Do not let
what you cannot do
interfere with
what you can do."

John Wooden

"Discipline is
what you want."

David Campbell

And the truth about

Money and Wealth?

Money will buy a
house – but not a home

Money will buy
companions, but not friends

Money buys obedience,
not respect

Money buys a bed,
but not a good night’s sleep

Money buys protection,
but not security

Web Wisdom

"The universe is full
of magical things
patiently waiting for
our wits to
grow sharper."

Eden Phillpotts

"Most of our so-called
reasoning consists in
finding arguments
for going on believing
as we already do"

James Robinson

"Life affords
no higher pleasure
than that of
surmounting difficulties,
passing from one
step of success
to another,
forming new wishes
and seeing them gratified."

Samuel Johnson

"For what is the best
choice, for each individual
is the highest
it is possible for him
to achieve."


"Things which
matter most
must never be
at the mercy
of things
which matter least."


"Sometimes when I
consider what tremendous
consequences come
from little things…
I am tempted to
think there are no
little things."

Bruce Barton

"One reason
so few of us achieve
what we truly want
is that we never
direct our focus;

we never concentrate our power.

Most people dabble
their way through life,
never deciding to
master anything in particular."

Anthony Robbins

"Money is better
than poverty,
if only for financial reasons."

Woody Allen

“Success is getting
what you want.
Happiness is liking
what you get.”

Jackson Brown

"Eighty percent of
success is
showing up."

Woody Allen

"Be like a postage
stamp. Stick to one
thing until you get there."

Josh Billings

"Here is a guaranteed
way to get more of
what you want:
want less."

Ashleigh Brilliant

"The greatest
mistake you can make
in life is continually
fearing that
you'll make one."

Elbert Hubbard

is the best
of principle."

Mark Twain

"Life is thickly sown
with thorns and I
know no other remedy
than to pass quickly
through them.

The longer we dwell
on our misfortunes,
the greater is their
power to harm us."


"If they can make
pennicillin out of
moldy bread, they
can sure make something
out of you."

Muhammad Ali

"Success is the
ability to go from
failure to failure
with no loss
of enthusiasm."

Winston Churchill

"It is a paradoxical
but profoundly true
and important
principle of life
that the most
likely way to
reach a goal
is to be aiming
not at that goal itself
but at some more
ambitious goal
beyond it."

Arnold Toynbee

"We are what we
repeatedly do.
Excellence, then,
is not an act
but a habit."


"Strength isn't
measured by what
you can control
out in life.

The measure
of your
strength is
shown by
how little
control the
outside world
has on you."

Cheryl Janecky

“People often say
that this or that
person has not
yet found himself.

But the self is not
something one finds.

It is something
one creates.”

Thomas Szasz

“We plan our lives
according to a dream
that came to us
in our childhood,
and we find
that life alters
our plans.

And yet, at the end,
from a rare height,
we also see that our
dream was our fate.

It's just that
providence had
other ideas
as to how
we would
get there.

Destiny plans a
different route,
or turns
the dream around,
as if it were
a riddle,
and fulfills
the dream
in ways we couldn't
have expected.”

Ben Okri

"A man with
a surplus
can control
but a man
without a surplus
is controlled
by them, and often
has no opportunity
to exercise judgment.”
Harvey S. Firestone

"The Future belongs
not the
security seekers.

The more YOU seek
security, the
less of it
YOU will have.

The more
YOU seek
the more security
YOU will achieve."

Ted Keyes

"Failure is not
a single cataclysmic

YOU don't fail

Instead, Failure is
a few errors
in judgment,
repeated everyday."

Jim Rohn

"The quality
of events
surrounding you in
any given moment
may be reflecting
specific beliefs
you hold in
that moment."

Greg Braden

"Wealth is
never attained when
sought after directly.

It comes as a
by-product of
providing a useful

"The great successful
men of the world
have used their
they think ahead
and create their
mental picture,
and then go
to work
that picture
in all its details,
filling in here,
adding a little there,
altering this a bit
and that a bit,
but steadily building
steadily building."

Robert Collier