Natural Cures
Heal the Body and Mind

Natural cures heal imbalances in your body-mind.

If you seek more vitality, loss of weight, mental clarity or relief from a genetic (family) illness or long-standing chronic condition -

the permanent solution is the same -- finding a stress-free healthy plan.

Are you suffering from a symptom of internal stress or possibly food allergies?

Then relief from the irritating symptoms are top of mind.

Avoid the high cost and dangers of Rx prescriptive drugs.

Rx Meds are the leading cause of death in the U.S.

Home remedy herbs and cures are natural solutions to use immediately. All symptoms are the result of internal problems and most can only be permanently healed when the body is brought back into it's natural balance.

Home remedies relieve most symptoms, and are a proven and certain natural path to health and wellness.

A healthy lifestyle defends you against many dis-eases you may not now even consider a threat. Chronic ailments begin early in life, and build up over years of neglect and poor nutritional habits.

Your life-span is increasing and you may easily live to 90 or more.

Choices you make now determine the quality of your life later.

A Mediterranean diet and Superfoods defend you against the leading causes of death: Allopathic medicine mistakes, heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer.

Simplify your choices to a basic guideline - and it's easy to live a healthy lifestyle.

Are you feeling at a loss or frustrated at poor or inconsistent results?

The way you are looking at the problem - is the problem.

Find lasting solutions and relief right here.

Honey is a Superfood that's been a Natural Cure for centuries.

Honey and Bee Pollen cure, defend and restore.

All the resources you need to open your mind to a new Attitude and build the lifestyle of your dreams are available here - plus tips and strategies. 

Only you can find the right natural cures for yourself because only you know what feels right to you. Just like eating something icky that someone else loves - you know what tastes good - or not. Same with your diet and health.

"Every time a drug is
introduced into the body
to correct function A,
it inevitably throws off
function B, C, or D.

It is not gene-direded
hormones and
neurotransmitters that
control our bodies and
our minds;

our beliefs
control our bodies,
our minds,
and thus our lives...
Oh ye of little belief!"

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Two Natural Cures yield long-term health.

You can’t “get well” taking a quick-fix pill. You can replace illness or dis-ease with your belief in your Vision of ideal health. It’s as simple as imagining, Focusing on, and following what you love and what makes you happy.

That advice is contrary to popular views that advocate hard work, fighting yourself, disease and your body. Have you noticed that doesn't work? Stress underlies disease: don't add to it with poor choices of following the crowd in the wrong direction. Health feels good. When you feel good your health returns to normal. Know why? Your body releases hormones and immune boosters when you feel good - and toxic stuff when you are anxious.

There are only 2 natural cures that heal and produce Health.

"The presence of the disease
presupposes the existence
of unresolved
emotional issues,
whether the patient
is consciously aware
of them or not."

Eric Robins, MD

1.) The first and most basic is the relief of stress and anxiety (or depression.)

Stress is deadly and releases harmful chemicals and hormones into the body that over time cause serious dis-eases. Anxiety is so pervasive that most tolerate the anxious or annoyed feelings of everyday life. Don't do that. Learn a variety of energy techniques that release tension and relax your body.

The newest sciences in energy medicine reveal that EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping produces quick relief using Chinese acupuncture meridians to release energy blockages and emotional stagnation. It's simple, the information FREE.

"EFT® has been, for me, the single
most effective technique I've used
in my 45 years of practice as a psychiatrist.
I've had success with panic, social anxiety
and many other disorders.“

Curtis Steele, MD, Canada

Tap into your inner Genie and Miracles

Tapping is a practical solution combining ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with startling results.

Begin today with the intro and learn the basics of tapping out stress, fear, anxiety and then how to tap in health and unlimited abundance.

Why not give it a try - all you have to lose is all the discomfort you don't want anyway. Sign-into a choice of programs and receive a FREE introduction with guided audios and videos today.

Percussive Suggestion Technique or PSTEC

Sweep out the fearful and anxious cobwebs in your mind - FREE and quick. This treatment is an alternative to hypnosis, EFT, NLP, TAT and hypnotherapy. There is nothing to understand or figure out - before or after. Tap along with it, get results and move on. There is a free health tape that focuses on Cancer -- but it can be used with any illness. The fear and trauma can be erased with PSTEC. You will love the results. Get the facts and see what you think.

Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT

Tapas Fleming developed the Tapas Acupressure Technique working with acupuncture and allergies. In only a very short time the Tapas Acupressure Technique spread around the world. You’ll love your results

This process is an alternative to hypnosis, EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy. TAT does not "tap" on the meridians, but holds one position (then closes with a final position) while gently clearing trauma and anxiety. It works quickly on the energy body- in a more universal approach for long-standing or broad issues. It gently and thoroughly allows your body-mind-emotions to restore balance. Now your body can heal itself.

Stress is deadly and if you ignore it - soon various parts of the body wear down - and then you experience dis-ease. Attempting to fix the worn-out part is not a permanent solution.

Anxiety and stress pollute your body with harmful hormones -- and tension.

Stress IS the cause. Treating symptoms is not the cure, is it?

If you eliminate one symptom and the stress remains, then something else will soon "give way."

Relieving stress is a natural cure and the first step to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

See the outline for

Natural Cures & 7 Step Plan,

or for an overview visit Stress Relief Today.

Relations with others may be the stress point, if so begin with stress-free relations.

Change your mind and you change your life.

It's not difficult to Overcome Fear once you understand fear - it is worth the time it takes to make a plan - and then DO IT.

Begin resolving the stresses in your life today. Sign up for the 21 FREE Insights home-study course -- they are an excellent tool to re-invent your life: Healthy, wealthy and stress free.

"Let food
be thy medicine,
and let thy medicine
be food."


2.) Change your Diet and Change your life.

Food is a drug and impacts your physical health every time you eat.

A healthy lifestyle requires healthy food.

Organic and fresh: "Regular and canned or frozen" add to toxic buildup and stress your body.

Superfoods add healthy benefits and relieve many symptoms caused by poor nutrition.

Fresh and organic in the right amounts and combinations provide all the nutrients, amino acids, enzymes and anti-oxidants your body needs to fight disease - naturally.

Home remedies and Folk medicine prescribe a variety of natural cures and the benefits of simple foods in combination with herbs and spices.

By all means treat a symptom with a natural cure - that alone will relieve stress!

Fresh, organic and tasty.

Small amounts of tasty quality food fill you up and stop many food cravings.

But it's not the solution to solve recurring or long-term health problems.

Why not take the time to experiment and design a basic menu - add superfoods - and boost your body's immune system overall?

Organic or Regular?

Organic means no pesticides, fungicides, genetically modified or hormones. Pesticides kill organisms. You are an organism. Pesticides are poison - why eat poison?

"There is a study that shows
that when humans digest
genetically modified foods,
the artificially created genes
transfer into and alter the
character of the beneficial
bacteria in the intestine."

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Even if it's a tiny amount - over time, meal after meal they can build up. How do you know? They do in other animals - and the pesticide residue shows up in the fatty tissue. You are an animal too. Why stress your body with toxic buildup?

Is organic expensive? How much does it cost to treat dis-ease? You can find reasonably priced organic by eating seasonally. If you want to be healthy you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse. All up to you, isn't it?

"It's not about how long you live,
but how well you live."

Dr Arnold Breskyv

The downside of poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.

As the average life-span approaches the 80's and 90's -- the challenges of maintaining optimum brain function becomes imperative. You may think about lifestyle choices to prevent heart disease, cholesterol or high blood pressure, but do you even consider diet as a natural cure when you think of losing your mental abilities?

New research shows that diet plays a significant role in determining who does - and does not - decline mentally.

Dementia can only be avoided with early lifestyle changes.

Dementia can not be reversed in later years when symptoms reveal it.

Dementia occurs when one or more of a variety of infections or diseases affect parts of the brain.

Dementia or senility is diagnosed when areas in the brain involved with learning, memory, decision-making, and language decline.

The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer's disease, but there are as many (very rare) other causes too.

Alzheimer's is the 7th leading cause of death.

Before the age of 65 there is only one chance in 1,000 of contracting Alzheimer's disease.

However, at 65 there is one chance in only 20 of escaping.

Mental health becomes dicey as you age.

Take steps now to ensure your mental alertness - just in case you live to 105.

By the time you reach the age of 80, one in five has Alzheimer's

....and by the age of 85, one in two people has the disease.

There is no cure - you can ONLY rely on natural cures and prevention earlier in your life.

"Memory is life. 

Without it you have 
no past and no context 
for the present, and 
without a present you 
have no way to plan 
for the future.

If you don't protect 
your memory, 
you will lose it."

Dr Arnold Bresky

In Alzheimer's disease, aging cells begin to die. The connections at key points (called synapses) begin to fail. Next, symptoms occur such as short term memory loss, poor judgment and the decline in communication skills. The next stage is general confusion, and later you lose the ability to recall even basic living skills.

Aging does not mean decline.

A sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and stress quickly degenerate into decline.

"Aging" is a process of physical, psychological, and social (retirement, lifestyle) changes.

Reaction time and motor skills, if unused, may slow with age.

If you continue to golf or play tennis, your agility continues for a much longer period.

There are many "elders" running marathons, skiing and active in sports.

"As we age we become more highly adept at multi-developmental tasking, able to laugh while we drive, dance while we vacuum the rug, and joke while we work out a budget.

You usually don't think about missing what you have when you have it -

Imagine how annoying it would be to not be able to think clearly - or even remember what it was you were thinking about?

Perhaps by the time we are quite old we could be capable of playing while we do anything whatsoever. What a skill to develop."

Christine Caldwell, Ph.D

Aging often opens a door to creative writing skills, and many poets and writers begin late in life.

In native cultures (including ancient Greece) the Elders are the wise people of the tribe or community. If activity, interest and intentions to accomplish - continues, then so does the potential for physical, mental, and emotional growth. Take steps now to use natural cures to reduce your risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

"More and more data are showing the
connection between lifestyle
and cognitive decline.

People should start paying attention now,
regardless of your age or stage in life,
It may be when you are in midlife,
when you are in your 40s or 50s,
what you do then with respect to your
lifestyle -- your diet, your weight,
your activity level -- may have a bigger
impact on what's going to happen to you
at age 70 and beyond than
if you wait until you start getting a
little forgetful or a little bit fuzzy."

Dr. Ronald C. Petersen

Natural cures and diet - a promise for healthy aging.

Creative thinking requires super nutrition - not available from "fast food."

Your clarity and vitality depend on the food you eat - and only you can give it to yourself, right?

Symptoms of poor diet and nutrition like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease work together to speed dementia and other brain problems.

If you are at risk, take steps now to revers the decline.

Here's a simple solution, proven to work.

People who eat a Mediterranean-style diet are less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment, a stage of memory loss often leading to Alzheimer’s.

A Mediterranean diet also protects those who already have mild cognitive impairment from transitioning into Alzheimer’s.

The Mediterranean diet consists of fish, vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereals, and olive (and canola) oil (unsaturated fatty acids) and a moderate amount of red wine. There are less dairy products, meat, and saturated fats (causing "bad cholesterol") including coconut oil.

Poor diet choices lay the foundation for dementia. There's no quick-fix pill either. Once a disease has started, no reversal is possible - only a slowing of symptoms - and only for a few that can tolerate those chemical meds.

Superfoods and nutrition: Natural Cures as a lifestyle.

Let your ORGANIC diet be your natural cure and medicine: Fruits, nuts and vegetables afford many, many health benefits - and each adds something unique to a healthy diet.

Superfoods are a natural cure whole food like almonds, honey, dates and green tea. Some foods are processed to be edible, including RAW apple cider vinegar, olives and olive oil. These are ancient treasures. Cultures relied on them for survival, health and nutrition - and on their curative properties too.

In addition, there are some foods that have recently been showen to provide a wide range of benefits, including blueberries, Acai, tomatoes, and turkey.

Some foods lower or help regulate blood sugar levels -- necessary in our sugar-rich society. Balancing blood sugar helps slow the aging process, wrinkles; and prevents diabetes, obesity and related degenerative diseases.

You don't need specific Superfoods for specific ailments. A healthy diet incorporating a variety of Superfoods, fruits and vegetables helps to maintain your weight, fight disease, and prolong your life.

Add Superfoods to your diet and see how you feel. Experiment and prove to yourself how diet as a natural cure impacts your health.

A good place to start is with almonds and add a Superfood that can save your life.

Almonds are a heart-healthy snack.

It only takes a handful a day to prevent heart diseases.

Heart disease kills and almonds lowers the risk 50%. Almonds deliver super results, including natural cures to major dis-eases

dramatically decreasing your risk of diabetes and cancer;

reduce your weight (without hunger)

and add nutrition (vitamin e) and natural oils that reduce the signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. Superfood almonds to age Less, lose weight, and enjoy healthy vitality.

Superfood Honey and Bee Pollen can instantly build energy and clear your mind. Raw honey and pollen contain all essential minerals, B complex, amino acids, enzymes; and can prevent cancer and Alzheimer's. Give up supplements and switch to natural nutrition - and save money.

Classic formulas: Try local honey as a natural cure for allergies or many traditional home remedies including cinnamon. Begin with a natural cure or remedy and make natural health and wellness your lifestyle.

"The best six doctors anywhere
And no one can deny it
Are sunshine, water, rest,
and air, exercise and diet.

These six will gladly you attend
If only you are willing
Your mind they'll ease
Your will they'll mend
And charge you not a shilling."

Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields

Natural Cure's health and wellness formula.

Why not eat yourself into a healthy lifestyle? Avoid the high-risk of allopathic drugs, expensive surgery, and needless pain and suffering by eating a healthy diet. Relieve stress and you have a healthy formula for aging gracefully - and remembering it! It really is that simple.

The The Mediterranean Diet is an excellent start - tasty, easy and a natural defense against Dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Research over ten years found the Mediterranean diet lowered blood pressure, reduced body weight, blood fats, and blood sugar and insulin levels - all contributing to a longer life expectancy.

Why not give the Mediterranean Diet a try? Sample Chef Judith's favorite Mediterranean Diet Recipes. Chef Judith Fine-Sarchielli lived in Europe, (mainly Tuscany) for over twenty years, where she became an expert in the traditional Mediterranean Diet. She served as a personal chef in over 100 homes, and has over thirty years experience as food coach, food writer, and culinary instructor.

Many cultures have a variety of healthy choices, and once you have a basic plan and follow it - you quickly see choices that are right for you. Get started and make changes with every meal. Very soon you'll feel the vitality to live an active life.

Guidelines: Find natural cure healthcare professionals

Choosing self-healing is recognizing your part in the healing process. Then find natural cures and practitioners to guide you. Your feelings and your Inspiration guide you to appropriate healing for you.

Remember the basics: Happy feels good, stress feels bad. Health feels good – so choose health by choosing to feel good Look for assistance that feels "right" to you.

Deep relaxation is a talent you can relearn.

Practice relaxing throughout the day and it will become a natural ability again.

If you're on meds or drugs that you feel help you, continue with them and monitor the results.

Don't add to your stress...make the changes in your attitude, then revisit the drugs.

Relieving stress resolves even a long-standing health condition.

Selecting the right natural health care professional.

Many avenues lead to health and wellness. Sometimes a helping hand and relief of symptoms is needed to get you back to a healthy state. Look for natural cures, take the easy way that feels best to you and follow your own inspiration.

As you look for solutions, opportunities will come up and then you can select the ones that feel right - your body relaxes and you feel happy.

Once you know about your own creative power to heal, you may want to choose a practitioner that also knows that all healing is self-healing – and considers your opinion, diet and history in the process of developing a path to healing for you.

"Miracles" happen more often than you might imagine. As you become active in your own healing, you'll attract others doing the same. Here's a common story ...and many wrote books about their natural recoveries too.

Mikaela Jones suffered from a fall – but relied on her Inspiration which guided her on an amazing natural healing journey. Here’s her story.

“Old fearful habits I didn't know were there turned out to be an underlying problem.”

Mikaela Jones author Little Book of Light

Despite my fear (and my friend's and family's advice) my intuition told me I could heal this using alternative methods. So I started seeing an acupuncturist once a week and a holistic healer twice a week. He worked with me on the psychological reasons for manifesting such paralysis (as it turns out I was in emotional paralysis to boot!), as well as using Cheryl's self-talk techniques to stop - and then step out of the fear I had uncovered. I'm continuing on another 21 day cycle - just to be sure I've overcome the fear.

I also changed my diet to include some "super foods" (a special concoction) and specific nutrition and supplements designed to heal the tissues and cells in my body. I actually felt more energized.

Now, just six weeks later, the neurosurgeon says it doesn't look like I'll need surgery after all! He said I am 'a miracle' and to keep up whatever I was doing! I'm so grateful I trusted my intuition. I'm feeling better & better everyday and am truly excited about my life again!"

Mikaela Katherine Jones, Los Angeles
Screenwriter/Author - "The Little Book of Light"

Guidelines to select a health-care professional.

What type of Natural Cures are you seeking?

Do a little research and find what inspires you.

There are many types of natural cure health providers-

  • Chiropractic

  • Naturopathic

  • Holistic Medicine

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Ayurvedic Practitioner

  • Chinese Acupuncture

  • Massage, cranial-sacral, touch for health

  • Allopathic Doctor with holistic training

  • Energy Healing (EFT, Rolfing, NLP, Jorei, Reiki, etc.)

Select someone recommended be a friend. Be sure they had good results treating something similar. Many stick with poor results out of habit and unwillingness to research and change.

Try a test run. Request a consultation for diagnosis (plan to pay for it) and see how you feel about what they offer. The cost of "testing" first will be well worth finding the right natural cure modality and practitioner.

Good communication skills are a must. You need specific guidance in lay terms about a problem you know little about. You can't make a good decision until you understand your options.

You can expect the Hippocratic Oath: “To prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone.” "Regimens" at that time referred to diet and fitness "prescriptions" and herbal treatments.

The concept of prescriptions for remedies dates back to the beginning of written history when herbs, roots and foods were the source of healing. One interpretation says, “I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice." When was the last time you were prescribed a healthy diet?

Allopathic medicines - Caution!

"Annually, over a
quarter-of-a-million deaths
are caused by medicine (latrogenic
illness*). This is more than
cardiovascular disease (the second
leading cause of death) and cancer
(the third cause of death.)

Allopathic medicines are the number ONE cause of death in the US. Doubt it? Read "Death by Medicine" (Gary Null, PhD, Carolyn Dean MD, ND, etc.) and read all the fine print that comes with the drug you are considering -- before you take anything toxic. Toxic means deadly to your health. Allopathic cures include toxic ingredients... research before you use them.

*[Causes of iatrogenesis include medical error, negligence, and the adverse effects or interactions of prescription drugs.]

"Pharmaceutical drugs come
with information sheets listing
voluminous side effects that range
from irritating to deadly.

When a drug is introduced into
the body to treat a malfunction
in one protein, that drug inevitable
interacts with at least one and
possibly many other proteins."

Complicating the drug side-effect issue
is also the fact that biological systems
are redundant. The same signals or
protein molecules may be
simultaneously used in different
organs and tissues where they
provide for completely different
behavioral functions."

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

What foods support your health?

If you want to loose weight - eat veggies - you can't eat enough to gain weight.

Many of the western medical Universities do research for and are funded by, the Pharmaceutical business.

Find a Doctor who is educated beyond looking for disease and prescribing drugs.

How do you know? ASK questions. Do they see you as an organism in an environment or as a clump of "stuff" - like repairing the carburetor in a car.

Reconsider the importance of the title: "Doctor."

There are many practitioners and methods that have long records of miraculous cures. Research and find one right for you.

Food is a drug and it's possible to find a system of healing that includes diet and health.

If you're treatment does not include stress relief it can't help you much in the long run, can it?

TIP: Most professions get paid more for screwing up than for doing a good job. The more mistakes and problems that occur the more money they make. A few examples are doctors, lawyers, architects, accountants, stockbrokers... most "professionals."

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recognized the potential damaging effect of a healer's actions. The Hippocratic oath states: "First do no harm" (primum non nocere.)

Today it has a significant impact on allopathic medicine with lawsuits and insurance a huge expense. The issue in medical ethics today is the same as it was centuries ago. Iatrogenic illness or death caused purposefully, or by avoidable error or negligence on the doctor's part is grounds for legal action and remedy.

When you feel awful it's natural to want "mom or dad" to take care of you.

Select a helping hand very carefully. Your health and treatments are always and only up to you. If You're feeling vulnerable - get a second opinion.

And the point is: Don't turn your health (or wealth) over to anyone.

The system got that way from most people mindlessly following the crowd.

Wake up! This is your life and your future.

And - this is really easy.

Can you spare two minutes? If you haven't yet, why not enroll in the free mini-home study program.

"21 Days of Insights" open up your creative potential and reveal limiting habits - then the path to Good Fortune becomes clear and easy.

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When if not now? Begin today
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Finding the right Healing Professional for you.

The solution is to be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your health, natural cures and understand your choices. Then you will attract an "honest match" and someone who can assist you. If you're feeling fearful, it's not a good time to decide anything.

Bottom line? It's your life and only you know what's right for you. The less the better and the more natural the better… What feels right? Begin asking and sensing what "health" feels like.

Fear attracts what you fear – not the health you want.

If you find yourself scared and feeling vulnerable – it’s not the time to make any decisions. Take the time to overcome fear. Get the facts and relieve that stress. Then learn more about your ailment and alternatives.

If you find it difficult to get organized and deal with your situation, soothe feeling "anxious" and get Stress Relief Today. Once you find your inner balance, you'll be able to make a good decision. If you seek a friends advice, check to see that they understand natural cures and alternative choices. All they CAN recommend is what they believe. Do you believe the same?

Get several opinions – and check out results on the WEB. It’s an excellent resources for information. Half isn’t very truthful or helpful…it’s deciding which half, isn’t it?

As you gather information you gather strength, and you’ll make better choices. Why not "Tap" to relieve the stress?

Tap into your inner Genie and Miracles

Tapping is a practical solution combining ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with startling results. It's simple and the information is FREE.

Begin today with the intro and learn the basics of tapping out stress, fear, anxiety and then how to tap in health and health.

Why not give it a try - all you have to lose stress, anxiety and dis-ease! Begin with a FREE guided video or audios today.

"EFT® has been, for me, the single
most effective technique I've used
in my 45 years of practice as a psychiatrist.
I've had success with panic, social anxiety
and many other disorders.“

Curtis Steele, MD, Canada

What about genetic or family illnesses, cancer and chronic pain?

"The media made a big hoopla
over the discovery of the breast
cancer genes, they failed to
emphasize that 95% of
breast cancers are not
due to inherited genes.

The malignancies in a
significant number of
cancer patients are derived
from environmentally
induced epigenetic
alterations [environment
and mind-set] and not
defective genes."

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Stress is the underlying cause of most disease! As annoying as the symptoms are, the place to begin is at the cause of the disease.

If your body is in a weakened condition, a recurring illness or chronic problems, then you are experiencing MAJOR stress. That is often your subconscious resistance to your conscious desires.

Your inner-conflict is the first situation to solve. There are many resources here to guide you with a plan and facts. Reading about it alone is not enough. You must take action to see results.

“Peace comes not
from the absence of conflict,
but your ability to cope with it.”

Cheryl Janecky

Remember the basics: eat a healthy diet to strengthen your immune system, as you relieve stress. The attitudes that need changing are the natural cure you must do first to really self-heal.

-You must feel safe and secure.

-Your sense of self worth must be strong.

-You need self esteem, love and appreciation to live stress-free in a good, solid healthy state.

How do I do that when I don't have it or feel it now?

Beautiful flowers and scenes in nature instantly relieve stress - if you quiet your self-talk and focus on them!

Enjoy flowers in nature, grow them in your garden or bring them home from the market.

Find what you can that feels good - and FOCUS on it.

When you begin to feel better, your body will add natural endorphins and pain relief.

At the least find the information you know to be so - then you will feel hopeful.

Can you find appreciation for the health you do have?

Gratitude is powerful too – as is love of beauty and nature.

Pet the cat or walk the dog. Happy most of the time will do it too. That's right: it's a mood shift - and that is all up to you.

"We activate and bring
into our lives the things
that we think about the most.

Psychologists reveal that
over 70% of our thoughts
are negative and redundant.

Do the math!"

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Tapping or EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique

Try EFT or Tapping - for quick relief using acupuncture meridians to release energy blockages and emotional stagnation. It's simple, the manual FREE, and many try it on everything - Why? because it works when nothing else does!

Your body-mind vibration - is attracting your experience. Fears and stress attract trouble and create inner tension. Law of Attraction is responding. The power of attraction is verifiable, observable and operating in your life. Why not work with it? You can't fight yourself and win. Stress will do you in. Give up the struggle and relax into the natural healing creative process of tapping to release the inner conflicts. Once clear of old habits, controlling your mind and Focus is easy. Your results will be Quick and more than you ever imagined possible.

"Some day the medical
profession will wake up
and realize that
unresolved emotional
issues are the main cause
of 85% of all illnesses.

When they do, EFT will be one of
their primary healing tools
.... as it is for me."

Eric Robins, MD

Change your Attitudes and change your health

The tension in your body reflects your stress level. That stress is underlying your symptoms. Only you can stop it -- and all that you can change is your own Attitudes and beliefs. You cannot relieve symptoms without eliminating the underlying stress. Until you make the changes, you cannot find relief elsewhere.

"Biochemically speaking,
your body cannot tell the
between the
injection of chemicals
that is triggered by an
objective threat [real tiger
in the bush] and a subjective
threat - your resentment."

Dawson Church, PhD

Train your mind to Focus on what you choose, and you'll find natural stress relief. It's an easy skill to learn, and works each time every time. Begin with using your power of imagination and visualizing what you want. It takes repetition - but that's exactly how the old habit got can expect to do the same to change it, can't you?

Focus on what makes you feel good. The better you feel the better it gets. Make a Vision Board of what "health" looks like to you. It's fun and playful - and works on your subconscious mind.

Don’t underestimate the simple and easy path to health and wellness.

Do you see how inner changes make all the difference?

"Positive thoughts have
a profound effect on behavior
and genes but only when they
are in harmony with subconscious
programming. And negative
thoughts have an equally
powerful effect."

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Your body is naturally healthy, and if you were not interfering with Intentions that are conflicting with old belief patterns, your body would maintain perfect health. When you develop the skills to cope with "not yet having" what you want, you get there quicker, and without stress. Develop one skill and control your Focus and change your life.

Consider Ayurveda as a lifestyle choice.

If you are seeking a diet or natural cures, try Ayurveda – it’s an ancient science in practice over 10,000 years. Ayurveda describes 3 basic body types, how to identify them, and how to eat to pacify negative qualities and enhance the positive ones.

If you want ‘health’ this is a good path to follow-because you are doing it with diet – you can adjust it and you are ultimately in charge of how you feel – day to day. Soon you’ll be able to change anything health-wise you want.

There are Ayurveda clinics worldwide, and John Holmstrom, in Los Angeles, developed a system that is well suited to your Western constitution. Ayurveda means life sciences. Find deep peace and inner calm and you've found health. Ayurveda sees you and your environment as one - special treatments, diet and yoga are used to heal. If you want support in healing a chronic condition, this is one of the most effective natural systems available.

Do you want QUICK changes for the better?

Train your mind just like
you train and exercise your body:
change habits and stretch your limits.

Feed your mind a healthy diet
just like you feed your body:

Repetition works

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Living in your Good Fortune!

Train your mind-to go in the direction you choose: Give up sloppy thinking.

Build a new habit, and strengthen your mind - then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

More resources and Natural Cures

Natural Cures & 7 Step Plan Is looking for natural cures keeping you sick? Try a new approach and find healthy lasting results. Stop the underlying stress aggravating the dis-ease and you find a real natural cure. Try this simple 7 step plan and turn your life around. Easy and simple to follow. It takes 21 days to imprint a new healthy habit - get started today.

If You Can Change Your Diet – You Can Change Your Life is a great guide to making health changes stick– Why is dieting difficult? Changing genetic habits demands a new level of thinking. Take an entirely new approach and get results easily and quickly. As you expand your consciousness - new opportunities in all areas of your life open up: Attracting Health and Wealth is easy and fun. It begins with changing habits.

The Mediterranean Diet has been shown by many studies to be one of the healthiest in the world. Chef Judith Fine-Sarchielli lived in Europe, (mainly Tuscany) for over twenty years, where she became an expert in the traditional Mediterranean Diet. She served as a personal chef in over 100 homes, and has over thirty years experience as food coach, food writer, and culinary instructor. Here are some of her favorite Mediterranean Diet Recipes.

Stress Relief: Solution to Any Difficult Situation. Why? Because once you relieve your own stress you change and so does the problem. You are stuck by your fears to continually attracting similar experiences. Why not stop that roller coaster today? Overcome the fear behind the mayhem and you’re free. That relieves your stress - and is the ONLY solution to all difficult situations. Live your life stress free: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Get More Life Out of Your Life - Stress Free. Feeling exhausted, too much to do and too little time? Are you too busy to find time for yourself? If you are not living the life you want to live, you are not happy - and the stress between what you have and what you want - is wearing you out. It's time to free yourself from the treadmill and get your health and vitality back. Go after the life you want - or dis-ease is certain. Why not choose vitality and health instead?

Note: Your Health is Up To You! The information presented on this site is for educational purposes only. Please take Full Responsibility for your participation in this site and your own health care. Consult a qualified health professional before putting any of these techniques and information into practice.

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Health Quotes
Stress Quotes

"Our bodies are
our gardens
our wills are
our gardeners."

William Shakespeare

"Dwelling on
negative thoughts
is like
fertilizing weeds."

Norman Vincent Peale

"There is nothing
new under the sun
but there are
lots of old things
we don't know."

Ambrose Pierce

"Your thoughts
are not contained
in your head --
they are part of
the Quantum Field.

When playing through
your nervous system
the thoughts generate
a vibatory field
similar to that of
a tuning fork.

Thought vibrations
interact and entangle
with harmonically
resonant structures
in the Field.

We activate and
bring into our lives
the things that we
think about the most.

Psychologists reveal
that over 70% of our
thoughts are negative
and redundant.

Do the math!"

Dr. Bruce Lipton

"Cheerfulness in most
cheerful people,
is the rich and
satisfying result
of strenuous discipline."

Edwin Percy Whipple

"There came a time
when the risk to
remain tight
in the bud was
more painful than
the risk it took
to blossom."

Anais Nin

"EFT® has helped
my clients deal
successfully with
addictions, grief,
fears, phobias,
performance issues,
self-image and stress.”

Dr. Catherine Saltzman

"All truly wise
thoughts have been
thought already,
thousands of times;
but to make them
truly ours, we must
think them over again
honestly, until they
take firm root in our
personal experience."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"As a shark can
respond to one drop
of blood in a million
gallons of water,
so does the Universe
respond to one
drop of negativity
in our thoughts.

Remember, we are
what we think.

This is why we need
to be so clear and
honest with ourselves."

Eric Allen

"It is impossible
for anyone to
simply observe the
world around them.

If we are watching
something and we
have thoughts,
feelings, emotions
and beliefs about it,
which we all will,
then by virtue of
the Field, we have
become part of
what we are watching."

Gregg Braden

"There is no
expedient to which
a man will not resort
to avoid the real
labor of thinking."

Sir Joshua Reynolds

"Positive thoughts
have a profound
effect on behavior
and genes but only
when they are in
harmony with
programming. And
negative thoughts
have an equally
powerful effect."

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

"It is the purpose
of our lives to
be happy."

Dali Lama

"Stress is the trash
of modern life - we
all generate it
but if you don't
dispose of it
properly, it will
pile up and overtake
your life."

Danzae Pace

"The man who views
the world at 50
the same as he
did at 20 has
wasted 30 years of
his life."

Muhammad Ali

"Worrying is like a
rocking chair, it
gives you something
to do, but it gets
you nowhere."

Glenn Turner

"Our doubts are
traitors, and make
us lose the good
we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt."

William Shakespeare

"In my 50 years as a
practicing psychiatrist,
EFT has proven to be
one of the most rapid
and effective
techniques I've
ever used."

Henry Altenberg, MD

"Create a definite
plan for carrying
out your desire,
and begin at once,
whether you're ready
or not, to put it
into action."

Napoleon Hill

"Survival of the

It is not the
strongest of the
species that survives
but the one most
adaptable to change."

Charles Darwin

"The Secret of
Success is Consistency
of Purpose."

Benjamin Disraeli

“The deep root of
failure in our lives
is to think,
‘Oh how useless
and powerless I am."

It is essential
to think strongly
and forcefully,
‘I can do it,’
without boasting
or fretting.” -

Dalai Lama

“If you ask what
is the single most
important key to
longevity, I would
have to say it
is avoiding worry,
stress and tension.

And if you didn't
ask me, I'd still
have to say it.”

George Burns

"Silence is the
great teacher, and
to learn its lessons
you must pay
attention to it.

There is no substitute
for the creative
knowledge, and
stability that come
from knowing how
to contact your
core of inner silence."

Deepak Chopra

"What great thing
would you attempt
if you knew you
could not fail?"

Robert Schuller

"The ability to be in
the present moment is
a major component
of mental wellness."

Abraham Maslow

"Courage is the
power to let go
of the familiar."

Raymond Lindquist

"Impossible is not a fact.
Its an opinion. "

Muhammad Ali

"A good laugh and
a long sleep are
the best cures in
the doctor's book. "

Irish Proverb

"Anxiety is a thin
stream of fear
trickling through the
mind. If encouraged,
it cuts a channel into
which all other
thoughts are drained."

Arthur Somers Roche

"If we all did
the things we are
capable of doing,
we would literally
astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

"There are people
who are always
anticipating trouble,
and in this way they
manage to enjoy
many sorrows that
never really
happen to them."

Josh Billings

"Scientists cannot
understand the
mysteries of the
Universe using only
linear thinking.

The Universe is
one indivisible,
dynamic whole in
which energy and
matter are so deeply

it is impossible
to consider them
as independent

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

"Heavy thoughts
bring on physical

when the soul is
oppressed so is
the body."

Martin Luther

"EFT® is a simple,
powerful process that
can profoundly
influence gene activity,
health and behavior.“

Bruce Lipton, PhD

"Imagination is the
beginning of Creation.
You Imagine what
you Desire,
You Will what you
imagine and at
last you Create
what you Will "

George Bernard Shaw

"Learning is an
active process.
We learn by doing..
Only knowledge that
is used sticks in
your mind. "

Dale Carnegie

"We have more
available in each
moment than we
realize. "

Thich Nhat Hanh

Humor may be
hazardous to
your illness.

Ellie Katz

“It is part of
the cure to wish
to be cured.”


“An early-morning
walk is a blessing
for the whole day.”

Henry David Thoreau

”Those who think they
have not time for
bodily exercise will
sooner or later have
to find time for illness.”

Edward Stanley

"You can’t lose weight
by talking about it.
You have to keep
your mouth shut.”

The old Farmers Almanac

“Your body is the
baggage you must
carry through life.
The more excess
baggage, the shorter
the trip.”

Arnold Glasow