If You Can Change Your Diet
You Can Change Your Life

If You Can Change Your Diet – You Can Change Your Life

By Cheryl Janecky

Why is altering your eating habits so difficult? Changing any habit (smoking, drinking, chocolate, income level, relationships. etc.) requires a new level of thinking. Habits are genetic patterns and are not a choice you made – so to make changes you must take an entirely new approach and act in a new way.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

Mindful choices or old habits?

You are not thinking when you reorganize old data to prove or justify your current opinion and limitations. That’s a recipe for continuing to get the same old thing – and not the health and wealth you want.

Why is it important? You can’t get what you want until you understand how your genetic patterns limit your choices. Only then can you see where you are compared to where you want to be.

All human behavior is genetic, including most habits, talents, abilities and limitations. Genetic patterns are a fact of your life. Ideas such as: I'm a vegetarian or I'm sick or I'm broke or I don't....sing, swim, dance, learn languages...etc. are all genetic habits and seldom fresh decisions.

Make "conscious" changes and everything changes.

Specific behaviors are in your genetic blueprint and are a “truth” for you. When you question, “Why am I doing this?” - you search your memory for the “reason.” You can usually find an early event that appears to link to a habit.

For example: as a child you may decide to not eat your animal friends (from loving your pets, in books or movies). That “choice” is genetic. It is different than your family, but you did not think or reason it. It was a spontaneous decision you feel adamant about.

Your decision opened the door to your genetic blueprint and to existing vegetarian patterns. That might be from monastic lives (many religions hold this point of view,) poverty or other situations where your ancestors ate mostly vegetables. There’s a lot of history that supports your vegetarian idea. It may limit your wealth in the same way too.

“You are not thinking. You are merely being logical.”
Niels Bohr

Once this pattern is “active,” and you are a vegetarian, then you look for more reasons to justify your decision. The “reasons” are not thinking nor are you making mindful choices – you are just being logical and explaining yourself in light of your current habits of thought.

Mindful vs. habitual genetic logic.

Compare habitual thinking to someone making a mindful choice.
If someone is looking for better health and more vitality and considering options – they are not justifying a position. Someone with an illness, allergy or dis-ease that sparks a quest to find answers is looking for a solution. The one who is open minded, questioning and considering available information without a forgone conclusion is “thinking.”

As you Focus on any topic, Law of Attraction responds with answers and information. You may discover that meat, other than organic, is toxic with hormones and antibiotics. That leads to looking into the conditions around slaughtering the animals…and may lead to the decision not to eat meat.

That decision triggers more information and soon you discover that most shellfish is loaded with toxins – especially mercury…and all fish – except for that caught and frozen at sea - is eliminated.

Changing from meat to vegetarian protein takes time and more research…as you change your diet and explore healthy choices you may discover that turkey is a very safe alternative and okay with your new program. As you experiment, and feel better you stick with it, and if not, you change again.

“Thinking” about a topic is open minded and aware of alternatives then experimenting with choices…testing to see how you feel, and checking your results over time. The feeling is "eager and skeptical" and you are willing to experiment with whatever works best.

As you find what works for you it quickly becomes a new “model” of behavior that replaces the old genetic one. The old habits of eating are from your family and ancestors. They are not a choice you made and did not come from thinking and deciding what you really want and what really feels best to you.

“The fastest way to change your consciousness
is to change your food.”
Yogi Bhajan

Change your consciousness and you change your point of attraction.

Follow your old genetic blueprint until you are not getting the results you want in life. If you are not feeling the vitality, clarity of mind and the lifestyle you desire, it’s time to make some changes.

To change the old habits means changing from mindless habitual logic to really thinking and exploring. It also means changing your “self-talk” to your new insights – and that is what holds the new habit in place.

Mindful living is designing - and then getting the life you want to live.

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”
Raymond Lindquist

“Thinking” requires that you seek beyond what is familiar to you and open your mind to entirely new possibilities. It engages your imagination to explore potentials. That mental activity attracts back to you possibilities beyond your expectations. New opportunities follow.

If you are a vegetarian now, that may mean considering various forms of protein, including fish and animals as well as food combinations from different cultures. It may lead to different spices and ingredients. A Japanese vegetarian may include seaweed and tofu and other soy products. A South American diet includes rice and beans and other vegetables... and may include chicken or seafood.

If you are seeking the healthiest diet possible – it may include eating far less meat and far more veggies and grains. There are many combinations of foods from every culture that are tasty and balanced for optimum health. If you don’t spend time on your health, you will soon be forced to take the time to be sick. Your call.

Changing habits and thinking in new ways yields new results.

If you knew that one food was poison – or you were allergic to it – you would stop eating it, right? Have you “considered” organic food?

You may think you are choosing between organic and “regular” grocery store food. The fact is, you are choosing between toxins, hormones or pesticides: Or not. Organic is not even totally free of toxins as acid rain and fluoride contaminate the water.

Do you think organic food is expensive? Try illness. Organic is the healthiest choice and whatever the cost in dollars - it is saved in medical expenses down the road.

When you make choices (each time you eat and shop) to feed yourself poisons… that is a perfect example of not thinking or reasoning – but rather responding from an old mind-set and habit…one you got from your family and genetics. Contaminated food is a recent development and genetics is just now catching up with contemporary practices. As you seek the healthy choices, that will become a new genetic pattern.

Food Choices and Genetic Patterns.

Food habits are perhaps the most entrenched genetic programs because they are embedded with social costumes, survival and emotions.

TEST: want to see how stuck you are in old habits? Try eating differently. Omit 3 foods from your diet: fried food, wheat and dairy. Try it for 30 days and see if you can do it – and how you feel. You only make this real for yourself if you take action.

“The illiterate of the 21st century
will not be those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
Alvin Toffler

Become conscious of your food habits.

Once you see how difficult it is to remember to do it – you see the “sticking power” of your old blueprint. You will also soon see how simple it becomes when you repeat your intention 10 times a day. That’s the only way to make changes. Simple repetition will free you. Write it out, post it up and in 21days it becomes a new habit.

The power in changing habits.

Once you break free you will discover the process - and now you can change anything you like in the same way. Food is a good place to start because you eat three to four times a day and you get many chances to practice. Do it and you learn the process of change.

Real changes (producing new results) are always about living mindfully and actually thinking about who you are and what you want in life.

Once you have been successful at changing your diet it will be very easy to change the habits that limit your wealth and open your life to luxury and financial gain: If that’s what you want.

“If we all did the things we are capable of doing,
we would literally astound ourselves.”
Thomas Edison

Change habits every week and you will free yourself from mindless habitual thinking and from being stuck where you are. The more playful and fun you make it – the quicker your results.

Open your mind to questioning and really look for new solutions…look for what is so new it’s outside your everyday life. Consider and explore other cultures and also other social levels within your own culture.

Living mindfully is its own reward.

When you follow your passion – it leads to what really makes you happy in life. As you feel better and better and get more and more of what you want – you are Living Your Dream of how good life can be.

Your genetic blueprint is the starting point.
Your own Desires are unique to you and they always lead you to explore. You create a new blueprint as you find the things in life you want to live. Those new habits are created in the same way every time (just like the old ones were created.) Repeat what you want until it “sticks.”

“The predominant thought
or the mental attitude is the magnet,
and the law is that like attracts like,
consequently, the mental attitude
will invariably attract, such conditions
as correspond to its nature."
Charles Hannel.

The new desire is a seed you are planting and nurturing with your Attention and happy anticipation. It will soon grow, blossom, bear fruit and you will harvest just what you have planted.

This is not new. It’s exactly how you got everything you have in life.

The old blueprint can only yield the old lifestyle.

You can do this. Have you made the commitment to live mindfully? Are you ready to design your new blueprint to produce the life you want to live? If you want vital health and wealth – start today.

Your Good Fortune: “Simple changes produce dramatic results now.”

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