Relieve Stress
Age Less & Live More

Relieving stress is easier than you think when you think in new ways. Take 4 simple steps to Age Less and then Living More - stress free - is easy.

Stress relief is easy and stops the signs of aging and restores health -- don't wait until something big goes wrong.

See if some of the symptoms of stress sound familiar and fix it today.

Key factors to Age Less are simple and easy to implement.

Quick Good Fortune Insight:

Nothing is more important than your health and vitality -

Is life fun and relaxing or stressing you out?

Too much stress and adrenalin wears your body out - even if you accept it as normal living. You are either happy - or stressed: Which is it?

you can't live the life you dream of in a tired, lethargic rapidly aging body...

It may seem like work and building your future is more important in tough economic times -

but the second your health fails - you are out of the game without some serious changes.

Why not build your future on a healthy plan?

"What makes me so certain
that the natural human lifespan is far
in excess of the actual one is this.

Among all my autopsies (and I have performed
over 1000), I have never seen a person
who died of old age.

In fact, I do not think that anyone has ever
died of old age yet. We invariably die because
one vital part has worn out too early in proportion
to the rest of the body."

Dr. Hans Selye

Aging does not mean decline. No one dies of aging - they die of stress related dis-ease that finally wears out an important body function. Tolerating your stress then, is suicide - albeit often slow - it is certain.

How do you relieve stress? Go after - and get - what you want in life.

Stress is an internal conflict between what you want and what you fear. The fears are often unconscious genetic patterns - below the surface of awareness. Yet the symptoms of fear are in your body - every day. Stress builds slowly and you may accept stress as "normal" - it's not.

4 Simple Steps to Age Less.

Step 1.) Relieving Stress is the top priority. Stop the tension and conflict that is short-circuiting your immune system and triggering your adrenal glands (flight/fight response.) You are over-stimulating your body - releasing adrenalin and other chemicals that become toxic over time. They build up -with no release - you do not run or fight - and the build up - further stresses the adrenals and other organs.

Symptoms of Stress (or Internal Conflict) Do any of these sound familiar?

Not getting what you want and feeling annoyed, frustrated and angry.

The Genetic fear that is in conflict with what you want may be:

  • If you fear you can't get what you want (your experiences now) then you are attracting more of the same. You "match resonance" with those experiences - then you attract and find more like it - and now you prove your "fear" is justified (Law of Attraction responding to feelings of fear.)

Find a life that inspires you - your Imagination will lead the way.

If you can dream it - you can find a way to do it. Overcome the fears or anxiety and look for the first step.

  • Or - You fear that what you want (more money, public exposure) is dangerous. You know it's operating under the surface (subconscious) if you feel upset - and you may hear yourself finding fault with the wealthy and famous.

    It's not hidden - if what you want makes you feel nervous or anxious - that's telling you a part of you is not in harmony with your desires.

  • Or - You may fear "change" (and letting go - cleaning up? clearing out?) and loosing all you have. The fear you can't get to your goal, there is never enough.... or the fear of loss of what you have.

Do you find yourself "fearful for no reason" or suddenly anxious?

That is often the sign of a genetic fear - it's not about your life "now" - but a "carry-over fear" from your ancestors lives. Genetic codes change as your experience changes. You can activate - or not - your fears. It's not difficult to Overcome Fear: Get the facts and get started living stress free.

The new energy techniques work like magic

Tapas Fleming developed the Tapas Acupressure Technique working with acupuncture to relieve the symptoms of allergies. She discovered it also released the emotional trauma behind the symptoms. Relief was almost instant.

If you received a diagnosis that worries you - or have a physical or emotional problem that is aggravated by stress, this will work for you. The manual is free - begin today.

This process is an alternative to hypnosis, EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy. TAT does not "tap" on the meridians, but holds one position (then closes with a final position) while gently clearing trauma and anxiety. It works quickly on the energy body- in a more universal approach for long-standing or broad issues. It gently and thoroughly allows your body-mind-emotions to restore balance.

Another symptom of stress is poor health (digestion problems, bloating, elimination, headaches), prone to accidents (that slow you down and pull your attention from your goals).

Any of the above fears may be "internalized" then you feel stressful (aches and pains) in one or more places. Your body is showing you the conflict between your goals you want - and what you fear.

Your genetic fears of "moving forward to your new life" or the "fear of loss if you fail" results in stress on your nervous system, adrenals, liver and digestive track.

Another symptom of stress is restless or erratic sleep and you wake up tired: Body fatigued and lethargic.

"When I am anxious
it is because I am
living in the future.
When I am depressed
it is because I am
living in the past."

Web Wisdom

Dis-ease results (sore stiff joints, tendons, back and neck aches), anxious, confused and annoyed easily - mind not organizing priorities and forgetful. You may feel overwhelmed, sad, or lonely.

Fear is triggering an adrenalin rush that carries over into the night. Without relief your body cannot restore itself. Anxiety pollutes the body with toxins that the over-stressed immune system cannot discharge normally, clouding your mind.

Exhausted easily and napping.

your work suffers and so do you.

Fear is overwhelming, you may have given up -- but still want your life to be better.

Habits of thought that block finding a solution come from a poor self-Image and not feeling worthy to do or have what you want.

That limits your choices. Feeling unworthy, unloved, and dis-empowered is stressful.

Find natural home remedies and relieve the symptoms as you overcome the fear.

Your physical ailments show you what needs fixing - before it becomes chronic or a dis-ease.

Your body is telling you in detail about the kinds of stress that you need to fix. How do you find the underlying fear? The easiest way is to ask yourself..."What can I do to relieve - (name your symptom) - ??? And to experiment with your diet and exercise. Look for solutions. Find what works and do it.

Stress wears you out and you tire easily--

Even your hobbies and play aren't any fun.

All of the symptoms of stress are signs of poor health and signs of impending serious illness...and aging.

No one and nothing is to blame.

You can take charge and change anything you like.

That's how you know you are creating the problems...even the ones you are not aware of.

You can find unconscious fears in physical ailments - and work backwards to find and relieve the stress.

Law of Attraction is delivering a match to your body/mind "vibration" and to what you are looking for (Focused on.) Go ahead and ignore the stress. It'll get bigger.

Might be worth it to relieve that stress and overcome that fear.

Stop the stress just as you relieve any annoying condition in your life. Identify it, and then create a plan to change it: And then follow the plan. Sorta like taking crab grass out of the lawn or fixing a leaking roof. Methodical and simple.

"For the creator of a problem,
the solution is simple.
Quit doing it.

For the victim of a problem,
it's endless pain and suffering."

Cheryl Janecky

Step 2.) After relieving stress, moving and breathing are the next basic requirements to Age Less. Plan at least two times a day minimum to exercise and breathe deeply.

Your cells need oxygen and your heart needs activity to stay strong and healthy. Your lymph system only functions to clear away cell wastes when you move. A sedentary day leaves you feeling exhausted with sore (polluted) muscles. Soon joints stiffen and dis-ease settles in. Don't do that to yourself.

Take a long walk in nature - breathing clean, fresh air. Reconsider exercising along a busy street or near traffic pollution. Same with a gym - air conditioned air is re-circulating mold, bacteria and whatever viruses are going around.

Breathe fresh air - outdoors in the sunlight.

Spend time in natural beauty - it will energize you, clearing your mind and refreshing your spirit.

If you don't have an exercise plan - try yoga.

It was designed by ancient wise masters who's purpose was joining the body, mind and spirit.

Over the centuries - poses or patterns emerged to solve any human problem. 

Find a yoga instructor that is privy to the ancient wisdom, and teaches you what you need to stretch and find inner balance.

You'll feel happy immediately when you've found the right one. Forget those striving for the Olympics with pretzel "poses" beyond your needs or desire.

"One of the biggest tragedies
of human civilization
is the precedents of chemical therapy
over nutrition.

It's a substitution of artificial therapy
over nature, of poisons over food, in which
we are feeding people poisons trying to correct
the reactions of starvation."

Dr. Royal Lee (1951)

Step 3.) Water, sunshine and food are mandatory to Age Less. Make it fresh, non-toxic, and rich in nutrients.

Make your bodies fuel "high octane" and you'll run more efficiently. Is fresh and organic expensive? Try illness. Pesticides kill organisms - they are poison. You are an organism...Hello? Organic food and a diet that does not stress the body allows the body to detox naturally - and at the very least - doesn't add more toxic build up. Make this easy on yourself - eat healthy!

Eat a low-calorie diet. Of all the studies done on aging - only a low calorie diet is a provable factor resulting in healthy aging.

An easy gage - eat about 2/3 of your normal intake - so you feel satisfied - not stuffed. Then allow yourself "to be hungry" - and enjoy it - before eating again. Eat regularly - and smaller portions.

When fruits and vegetables are the main items in your diet - you're getting more nutrition.

Dieting? Eat veggies - you can't eat enough to gain weight.

Your body is 85-90% fluids. Water is used in every chemical reaction (life) and your body can not function without it.

In 2 days or less - your life ends without water.

Water cleanses toxins and flushes your system (with movement).

Without enough water you are soon living in a cesspool of cell waste by-products.

That taxes your liver, kidneys and lymph system. Drink at least 2 gallons a day (not soft drinks and juices - WATER). Slow dehydration leads to slow metabolism and soon illness.

Sunshine lifts your spirits automatically.

There is no danger from UV rays at sunrise and sunset (1 hour after/before).

Take care of yourself and very soon you'll sleep deeply and naturally.

waking up rested and restored.

Sunlight supplies the catalyst that energizes elements in your bodies chemistry and immune system.

Sunlight is also a factor in healing some cancers and depression.

Find a healthy, natural setting and take a walk.

It will vitalize your day...and a walk at sunset will cleanse your body for a good nights rest.

"It is not... That some people do not know
what to do with truth when it is offered to them,

But the tragic fate is to reach, after patient search,
a condition of mind-blindness, in which The truth
is not recognized, though it stares you in the face."

Sir William Osler, physician, 1849-1919

Step 4. Aging does not mean decline. The mind-set of living healthy and active to 100+ is the key to Age Less. "Expecting" a vibrant healthy body and active prosperous life will guide you to finding ways to live all four steps.

Prove that to yourself.

  • Find 20 people aged 30's+ in declining health.
  • Next find 20 in their 80-90's that are living active, vital lives.
  • What's the difference? Ask yourself... research and open your mind to possibilities.
  • Find the answer. (Hint: reread 1-4)

Find your own truth and then live it. An "....ah HA! moment" and your own insight will free you.

Organic means nothing toxic - no pesticides or herbicides. Those substances kill bugs and living things - they are toxic... and poison.

If you knew a food was poisoned - you'd spit it out - right?

You now know how to Age Less - use the vitality you've gained to -- Live More

Get more life out of life - and live the life you want to live. You are designing it - consciously or unconsciously. Law of Attraction is working for you - whether you acknowledge it or not. Live mindfully and creatively - it's your birthright.

One step to energize your physical self, and one step to ignite your mind and spirit.

1.) Fatigue or stress comes from your physical, mental and emotional make-up. That "constitution" is only a genetic habit and can easily be changed.

Once you are cleansing and energizing your body with food, water, sunshine, deep breathing and exercise - you will very quickly feel a vitality and energy returning. What empowers you to make the changes?

"Often the difference between
a successful person and a failure
is not one has better abilities or ideas,
but the courage that one has
to bet on one's ideas, to take a

Maxwell Maltz

2.) Find your Passion! You are stuck where you are if you do not have a clear realistic Vision of what you want in life.

Overcome fear: that stops the experience of attracting what you fear, and then you can build the habit of believing in yourself - and in your future.

Only your own inner Inspiration can guide you. It has nothing to do with others, how they succeeded, what makes money, and how others did it or what your mate or family think you should be doing.

All human behavior is genetic. Where you are now is the result of your conditioning and you can re-condition yourself into what you want.

SO: What do you want?

Does it seem like others are in your way?

The fear of others attracts experiences to fear. It's the "fear" that is blocking you - not the others you attract.

Find your passion. What makes you very happy? What do you love....doing what? What hobby, talent, or activity? Find it and seek how you can begin.

Start where you are - it's perfect and your only choice. Create your own unique expression of what you love.

Here's a few examples to get started questioning and looking for solutions.

1.) Do you love taking photos?

How about scrap-booking, photography or what craft (decoupage ...a book ...or?).

Keep looking for what you love, and then look for how you can make that a business (earn money) - or not. If you prefer a hobby - do that.

Ask questions. Google it (what are others doing?) Explore until you find what you love.

What interest you?

Only you know what you love: find it and do it.

2.) Are you happiest helping others? Do you prefer helping with problems and emotional entanglements? Look into becoming a counselor or life coach.

Do you help others with practical do-it-yourself problems? Write an article or two and syndicate them in the local papers. Write a book or e-book on solving problems: 10 tips to organize....; 7 steps to fix...... Create a website and reach millions rather than a few friends. That can become a good source of income.

3.) Do you love to sing or play music?

Join a local group or choir.

Teach senior or children through a local Parks or Library program.

Write a grant to teach in schools or in summer programs.

Volunteer in hospitals or nursing homes and then right a grant for the funds to continue.

"Genius is simply focus
on a topic long enough
to discover your own
unique talent with in."

Cheryl Janecky

Audition for community theatre or opera.

Take lessons and meet others who love to sing. Join together and perform.

What talents make you happy?

Once you get started, then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

Sing for tips at local restaurants or craft fairs. Join with others and make a CD in a real sound room studio.

Give it away or sell it to your friends and family.

Learn ethnic songs and dances and perform at local fairs and markets. 

Once you get the momentum going - you will find a way to make your talent profitable.

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"Joy is what happens to us when
we allow ourselves to recognize
how good things really are."

Marianne Williamson

Get more Life out of your Life.

You create it....its not something you find. It's something you "become."

"Age" is a state of mind - not a fact of predetermined irreversible decline.

You have your own genetic pattern that determines your aging process...its only a habit, a pattern of thought: change it. Begin now. Today.

When you are eagerly looking forward to every day you are living life to the fullest.

That is Living Your Dream - and now Good Fortune is your experience.

Why wait?...Enjoy Good Fortune's a new way of thinking and looking at life and your place in it.

It's an option worth considering, isn't it?

The better it gets, the better it gets!

You create your life with your attitudes, attention and self-talk. Your emotions tell you how close you are to living your Dream. Create the patterns and feelings you love - and then live in them.

Quick Good Fortune for today: "There are no limits for someone determined to succeed."

Make a Plan and Work the Plan.

To make changes stick, plan to feed your mind a continual "diet" of the ideas you want to live. Repetition over-rides the old habits in about 21 days.

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Repetition works

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Age Less - Live More - Love It! Key factors to Age Less are simple and easy to implement. Only 5 steps to stop physical decline, relieve stress - and restore health. Don't wait for dis-ease - fix it today. Age Less, then Living more - stress free - is easy. Live a life you design in a healthy vital body - starting today. Age Less and Live More and it's easy to "Love It!"

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Relief &

"Worrying is like
a rocking chair,
it gives you
something to do,
but it gets
you nowhere."

Glenn Turner

is the trash
of modern life -
we all generate it
but if you don't
dispose of it
properly, it will
pile up and
overtake your

Danzae Pace

“For fast-acting
relief, try slowing

Lily Tomlin

"Our doubts
are traitors, and
make us lose
the good we
oft might win,
by fearing to

William Shakespeare

"Today is
the tomorrow
we worried about

Irish Proverb

"The human body
heals itself
and nutrition
provides the
resources to
accomplish the

Roger Williams Ph.D.

"Experience is
a hard teacher
because she gives
the test first, the
lesson afterwards."


"If you can't
go over it
or through it,
you'd better
negotiate with it."

Ashleigh Brilliant

"One of the
symptoms of an
approaching nervous
breakdown is the
belief that one's
work is terribly

Bertrand Russell

"My life has
been full of
terrible misfortunes
most of which
never happened."

Michel de Montaigne

"If things
go wrong,
don't go
with them."

Roger Babson

"If you doubt
yourself, then
indeed you stand
on shaky ground."

Henrik Ibsen

"Worry often gives
a small thing
a big shadow."

Swedish Proverb

"Pile up too
many tomorrows
and you'll find that
you've collected
nothing but a
bunch of empty

The Music Man

"He who fears
he shall suffer,
already suffers
what he fears."


"There are
two days in
the week about
which and upon
which I never
worry... Yesterday
and Tomorrow."

Robert J. Burdette

"The way
you treat yourself
sets the standard
for others."

Sonya Friedman

is interest paid
on trouble before
it comes due."

William Ralph Inge

"The time to
relax is when
you don't have
time for it."

Jim Goodwin

"Half our life
is spent trying
to find something
to do with the
time we have
rushed through
life trying to

Will Rogers

"We probably
wouldn't worry
about what people
think of us
if we could
know how seldom
they do."

Olin Miller

"Only man clogs
his happiness with
care, destroying
what is with
thoughts of what
may be."

John Dryden

"There are more
things, Lucilius,
that frighten us
than injure us,
and we suffer
more in imagination
than in reality."


“If you ask
what is the single
most important
key to longevity,
I would have
to say it is
avoiding worry,
stress and tension.
And if you
didn't ask me,
I'd still have
to say it.”

George Burns

"For peace of mind,
resign as general
manager of the

Leonard Orr

"Silence is the
great teacher, and
to learn its lessons
you must pay
attention to it.

There is
no substitute
for the creative
and stability
that come from
knowing how to
contact your core
of inner silence."

Deepak Chopra

"Nothing diminishes
anxiety faster than

Walter Anderson

"Fear is faith
that it won't
work out."

Sister Mary Tricky

"Worry is a
complete cycle of
inefficient thought
revolving about a
pivot of fear."


"A day of worry
is more exhausting
than a day
of work."

John Lubbock

"If you want
to test your
memory, try to
recall what you
were worrying
about one year
ago today."

E. Joseph Cossman

"It only seems
as if you are
doing something
when you are

Lucy Maud Montgomery

"We experience
moments absolutely
free from worry.
These brief respites
are called panic."

Cullen Hightower

"We are always
getting ready
to live but
never living."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What great thing
would you attempt
if you knew you
could not fail?"

Robert Schuller

"The ability
to be in the
present moment
is a major component
of mental wellness."

Abraham Maslow

"I am an
old man and
have known a
great many
troubles, but
most of them
never happened."

Mark Twain

is the power
to let go of
the familiar."

Raymond Lindquist

"A neurotic
is a man who
builds a castle
in the air.
A psychotic is
the man who
lives in it.
A psychiatrist
is the man who
collects the rent."

Jerome Lawrence

"Anxiety is
a thin stream
of fear trickling
through the mind.
If encouraged,
it cuts a channel
into which all
other thoughts
are drained."

Arthur Somers Roche

"Slow down
and everything
you are chasing
will come around
and catch you."

John De Paola

"When there is no
enemy within, the
enemies outside
cannot hurt you."

African Proverb

"If we all
did the things
we are capable
of doing, we
would literally
astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

"It's not who
you are that
holds you back,
it's who you
think you are

Celtic Proverb

"Life shrinks
or expands in
proportion to one's

Anaïs Nin

"He who fears
something gives it
power over him."

Moorish Proverb

"Let me never
fall into the
vulgar mistake
of dreaming that
I am persecuted
whenever I am

Ralph Waldo Emerson