How To Make Money Online:
The Search and Solution

How to make money online is easier than you think - when you think in new ways. It's an art that's been developed by others - no need to reinvent the wheel...follow an expert and free your time to create what you love. From your passion and Inspiration opportunities flow like magic.

There’s no shortage of information on how to make money on-line and easy ways to make quick money. There is a shortage of good information.

The possibilities are endless. Do you know how to match an opportunity to your personal talents? That's the key to success.

Once you Focus on your Vision, confusion subsides.

Find the right ideas for you and opportunities appear like magic.

Once you are clear about who you are and what you want – it’s easy to find what you love.

Fear of loosing out or fear of making a poor decision is no longer motivating your choices.

Once your Vision is clear - Inspiration leads you to exactly what you’re looking for.

Only you know what feels good to you so only you can find it for yourself.

Are real opportunities hidden from you?

Are you seduced by the idea of easy money and windfall profits?

Do you automatically reach for the “silver bullet” that promises the world? …for a BIG expensive investment from you…and delivers little in return.

"Most of our so-called
reasoning consists in
finding arguments
for going on believing
as we already do"
James H Robinson

Are you following the crowd and whomever appears to be an authority? Both are difficult to refuse. That is only a social (genetic) habit that most (95%) do - and you can change it by paying attention to yourself and how you are feeling.

"When it comes to processing
information the subconscious
mind is over a million times
more powerful than the
conscious mind.

Neuro scientists have revealed
that the conscious mind only
operates at best about five
percent of the day.

Ninety five percent or more
of the time (for most people
ninety nine percent) we run
our lives from the
automatic processor, the
subconscious mind."

Bruce Lipton PhD

The difference between the real opportunities and the scam is very clear and you can spot it the second you see it once you are clear about what you want and your preferences.

Here’s an insight: all the legitimate businesses on the Internet offer a full money back guarantee for trying their programs. Careful of the time limits – and that you check it out and return it if it isn’t right. No guarantee? Pass. There’ll be another opportunity.

Are you looking for an idea that sparks your interest and feels right to you? Once you feel an idea has promise, then you’ve found something that resonates with you. That’s the first step in sorting through all the massive overload of information.

"Contemplate your
picture [Dream] in
your leisure hours
until your consciousness
is so full of it that you
can grasp it instantly.

You will become
so enthused with
its bright promises
that the mere
thought of it will
call forth the
strongest energies
of your whole being."

Wallace Wattles

It is easier to first get a good picture of whom you are, what you love, and what you want to do…and then you see easily what is NOT you. Scams are apparent too.

It doesn’t matter what works for others or makes someone else rich. If you attempt to go against your own nature, it will turn into hard work and effort…and soon you’ll loose interest.

It’s not an idea "out there" – it’s all about YOU and your talents and what you love.

"The only real
obstacle on your
path to possibility
will always
be yourself.

Too often we
do not see
things as
they are;
we see things
as we are."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

Many millions are made with quite common abilities you may posses – remember the hula hoop? Candles? Slinkey? Soap? Pet rock? Comics? Candy or cookies? Cook books? Fried chicken recipe …you can do all those things.

The trick to make money online is to find what you love and make it your living.

Money making ideas only fit together with your interests. You know what feels right to you.

You will gather the information as you follow what you love - you never see the whole idea in the beginning. Only begin with what interests you or you'll lose interest quickly.

“Easy” means you like it – and “hard work” means you do not.

So what do you like, what’s your passion or interest, and what skills do you have?

What do you know how to do that others would pay to learn?

What can you teach?

The better you know yourself, the more quickly you can find how to make money online that’s right for you. It’s not following others or finding the next “hot thing.”

How to Make Money on-line.

There are many ways to make money on-line. The opportunities are endless, but for starting out, you have two basic choices.

You can start your own on-line business from a favorite hobby, vacation spot, idea or interest – and monitize it with ads, selling products or services or referrals.

You can also become an affiliate and sell the products of other’s businesses. You become a storefront for them and run ads and attract traffic. You are using their products, displays, and information – all at no cost. Many huge companies offer this opportunity. They deliver the product and offer customer service. You make your money from sales somewhat like a commission.

You can combine them, as I have here. Your web site may provide information, say articles, quotes or reviews, about a topic – you attract interest, and then offer them the products of others. And so you can do both selling your own unique interest and the products of others….and ads, and referrals. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

You can place ads on your site that pay you a percentage each time they are "clicked." Google is the largest, but there are many others too.

You can be a store front and sell products from other companies (eg. If you have a "Dog Site" you might sell dogfood or dog toys.) All the work of stocking and carrying the product is done for you by the company who also provides the advertising copy and ships the customer the goods. You collect the money and may keep up to half!

You can sell ads related to your site to others in your community, a resort or for products that relate to your content. For example, if your site is about "Honey" you might sell ads to a major honey producing company, or to a supplements store with honey related products.

"The path of reality
is the one most often

Know that every
problem that exists
outside of us has
its solution
inside of us.

Work in harmony
with life's circumstances.

Be aware of your ability
to correct your course
and move onward.

To change your life you
must be willing to
change your mind."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

How to Make Easy Money online has more specific information on keywords and income. Find a detailed outline with facts and examples. Also find alternative home business ideas on how to make money online.

Personal Case History: How to Make Money Online.

My On-line Adventure Story of finding SBI and the discoveries along the way that may save you time and money.

About four years ago I decided to go in a new direction. At first I thought of past talents and businesses I liked. One idea that came close was travel writing.

If you love to travel, then a business that "travels" is ideal.

Finding the right combination and implementing it professionally guarantees a promising future.

I wanted to travel and I wanted to create a business – it seemed perfect.

But as I looked into it I realized that promoting a book on a tour around the country (one night stands) for a year was not my kind of “travel.”

That sounded like hard work.

I also considered moving to a foreign country – say Bali – and start a small business there.

I love the tropics and a health food restaurant or small mini-lodge would be perfect.

Sort of like retiring but not really.

I'd read studies and researched profitable on-line businesses.

Most I knew personally were not succeeding - no traffic and no income.

I took several programs from Internet marketing guru's and learned how they made - on average - over a million a year.

They had my attention. I researched more and took more classes.

I did not want to write ten small e-books, set up ten sites, each with a long sales letter and buy traffic. I did not want to teach Internet Marketing. That, to me, is work. I love teaching and sharing the ancient wisdom and newest sciences - I'm much more a writer and educator than a marketing guru.

I did learn that an e-book is "evergreen" - unlike a book - it can sell for years - and better yet - an e-book has little over-head. All the profit would be mine and not shared with a book store, agent or distributor. I can sell for less and offer more. Books have a short life too.

Find the lifestyle you love first and then fit your business around it.

There's no shortage of opportunities to do what you love - and do it whenever or where ever you want.

My passion for writing, researching and teaching (philosophy, sciences, metaphysics, psychology and ancient wisdom) won out.

I decided on a site telling my most favorite story.

I know how to guide others to health, wealth and wisdom.

I’d been doing it for years, but only in workshops or individually. Offering a home-study course on-line would leave me free to travel and guide small tours of others with similar interests.

The Internet seemed like a great solution. I signed up for classes and bought way too many expensive programs from the “latest and greatest” Internet talents.

After spending over $5,000 and not getting anywhere – I began to write my Home Study Course. I continued to research to find a good way of presenting what I wanted to say.

How NOT to make money online.

My practical business sense kept me from following my friends. Some tried "free or almost free" build your own website. And they got a template and not much else.

Some hired a web designer and spent many thousands on a nice site. But web designers design websites. They are not often marketing gurus.

Everyone ended up with nothing but an online pretty “brochure” web site. No one revisits a brochure. Each change or update or addition costs more money for the Webmaster. There are LOTS of changes in a business. With no traffic - there's no business. Just like in retail. Customers are the key ingredient.

I'm not very computer savvy and not an expert on programming and marketing online. I needed help to make money online.

I’d learned enough to be dangerous and knew that SEO (trying to attract search engine traffic) was a loosing game….yet I knew I didn’t know enough to begin on my own.

As my 21 Days e-workbook completed, my other client work ended – and I didn’t want to get new clients. I knew a web business was perfect for me. I hate spending investment capital on living expenses, so I tried a few more programs “guaranteed” to get me started…and didn’t.

How to Make Money Online: Follow an Expert.

Finally, I found Solo Build It. I love this program and company, and the other SBI’ers who man the Forum’s and make my figuring this all out so darn easy. In SBI! within two months I'd accomplished more than I had in two years.

Nothing is better than finding what you love at a great price.

Especially if that includes exactly how to do it successfully - easily and makes easy money!

How to Make Money Online: Find the RIGHT keywords.

One of the biggest problems starting out is knowing what the internet searcher is looking for.

SBI has amazing search tools that analyze and prepare data that would take years to do on your own. In a few weeks I understood the market and my place in it. I had the facts and figures, the competing sites, and what they did and how they did it – key words and search results – WOW.

How to Make Money Online: Follow a step-by-step blueprint.

SBI has written guides, FAQ's, Forums and video tutorials that walk you step by step through setting up a web-based business – including how to build your own web site using forms and templates.

I didn’t plan to do that. I wanted to know just enough to know how to hire someone to do what I wanted. It was so easy with the SBI! system, and it’s so creative to do it, design it, test it and correct it – I did it all myself.

The real value? I can add, change anything, rewrite - endlessly -- all on my own with no fees to a web designer for every change.

You do not need to do it yourself– SBI has moderately priced help and a variety of programs to do it with you or for you.

Every question I had was already answered in the Forums or in the material SBI provided. Best of all – they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If I didn’t like it or couldn’t make it work for me – I wouldn’t be out a penny!

Plus – I had the advantage of all that research and tools to get started. Of course once in the program, it’s obvious they do so much more than they charge for – it’s worth continuing ten times over.

The only way SBI! wouldn't work for you is if you refuse to follow directions and a proven path to success. Just like making a new recipe or figuring out a new gadget you must read and follow the directions if you want it to work as designed and produce results.

How to Make Money Online: Research and check out options.

"Be awake to
the fact that within
the Way there always
exists two paths, the
path of what is and the
path of what can be.

Through the choices
you make and the actions
you take, you can travel
the path or not.

It is up to you."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

RESOURCES to Save You Time and Money.

The variety of businesses in SBI and the success they share is the real selling point. Follow the guide and you too can create a profitable business.

If you have an idea or business in mind, check it out here. It will save you many, many hours of pain and suffering….and frustration.

Begin here - and listen to a quick message, then take the 30 minute "tour of the program." It's a very thorough introduction to Solo Build It and how to succeed on-line.

How to Make Money Online: Try it Risk Free.

I’m using it – I love it, and I suggest you try it. Even if only to check out an idea or two. The time spent is well worth it – at the end of the 30 days you’ll understand so much more than the average you’ll be miles and years ahead of trying anything else. And it's guaranteed.

All of the Businesses I recommend I’m using. I’ve had great experiences and results with all of them. There's no certainty you will - but it's worth a try and will save hours of repeating the comparison shopping I did.

Note of Caution: A small number of competitors of SBI! generated Fake SBI! reviews. If it is negative - it is not likely an SBI! owner. Why? SBI! is a business plan - with the tools to implement it - and if it doesn't work for you - the guarantee is 100% full refund. No one on the web has the proof of success that SBI! offers right here for you to review. Get the FACTS first and don't allow a scam to stop your investigation into an excellent program.

THERE'S NO RISK TO TRY IT. The 30 day guarantee allows you the flexibility to experiment.

Although the affiliate commissions are small – they do add up - and do help to support my site. If you’ve enjoyed your stay here – please use the links below to check them out and take the test drive - then my site will get the credit.

Can you spare two minutes? If you haven't yet, why not enroll in the free mini-home study program. "21 Days of Insights" and open to your creative potential - reveal limiting habits - then the path to Good Fortune becomes clear and easy.

It takes an extra minute to avoid spam Cheryl Janecky - please check your e-mail and confirm it's really you.

Your information is secure, I don't share addresses.

Your first Insight arrives today. Then one Insight arrives every 5 days.

You'll also get a weekly “Good Fortune...aah HA! Tip” to keep you on track and creating your Dream. You may cancel at any time.

When if not now? Begin today
you'll be glad you did!

"One reason so few
of us achieve what
we truly want is that
we never direct our
focus; we never
concentrate our power.

Most people dabble
their way through life,
never deciding to master
anything in particular."

Anthony Robbins

How to Make Money Online: Use Good Companies with a Guarantee.

More Guaranteed Resources to Solve your Business Needs Today.

Everyone in business needs a logo and a design company you can count on. Here's one of the best at a great price. Check out their package for a design, stationary and business cards.

The Logo Company is a major player in the online market for logo design and corporate identity branding. They have been designing quality custom logo design on the net since 2000. The Logo Company has provided unique logo design to literally thousands of clients in this short space of time.

Why is it such a good deal? The Logo Company runs their world-class logo design service as a loss leader and that means the price is very low compared to the true market value for this service. Our standard price for a Logo Design Just $149

When you consider that a true market price for a logo starts at around $300 upwards you can see why their logo design service sells so well. They run this service at a loss because they want the maximum amount of client exposure and the opportunity to "up sell" their other design services to clients at a later date.

This works very well and allows them to make long standing, profitable client relationships.

Change your Life - Live your Dream.

Jump into the world you want to live in - and stay there.

Photos Tell The Story - if you need to get a point across - visit Big Stock!

Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Photography, Photo Search

BigStock Photo offers the best deal I found on a huge selection (millions) of photos at very reasonable prices. Photos really help to tell your story: If you need photos - check them out. 
Stock Photos, Search and Download Now!

AWeber makes keeping in touch easy, simple and classy.

Is your current Web Site just sitting there looking pretty? Change that with Aweber. There's no better way to keep in touch with people that visit your web site and sign up, than an autoresponder. If you have a site and want to follow up with an e-zine or a special offer - Aweber has one of the best rates of delivering e-mail to subscribers.

They have templates and tools that are professional and it's all "fill in the blanks" and easy. Take a test drive and see for yourself.

AWeber Demo
Less Work - More Sales
Sound good? AWeber's unlimited follow up autoresponders increase sales, lower costs, build lasting customer relationships, and increase your profits!
Find out how with Unlimited Autoresponders.

Save time researching and save money: Start with great choices.

The best doesn't really cost more - getting what you need and want is priceless!

Do you want QUICK changes for the better?
Train your mind just like
you train your body with exercise:
change habits and stretch your limits.

Feed your mind a healthy diet
just like you feed your body:

Feed and train your mind-like you feed your body: 5 times a day!

Build a new habit, then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

Repetition works

Bookmark this site

Visit the tips and methods
on each topic -
they are designed to get you
where you want to be:

Living in your Good Fortune!

Did you sign up for the FREE home-study course? Jump back up there and DO IT! You'll love your progress with this handy do-it-yourself guide.

Articles to Train Your Mind, Inspire and Motivate Your Online Success.

Success and Getting Rich Quickly

Change your mind and Law of Attraction changes your life. Can you think in new ways? Flexibility makes life fun and easy. Develop that skill with two simple tips on exactly how to do it. Experience change - allow your attracting power to deliver your dreams. Law of Attraction is not a new idea. The power of attraction is verifiable, observable and operating in your life. Why not work with it? You can't fight yourself and win. Stress will do you in. Give up the struggle and relax into the creative process of controlling your mind and Focus. Your results will be more than you now imagine possible.

Make Easy Money In Spite of The Economic Downturn Are You Trading Getting Rich, For "Treats" You Want In The Moment? Although it may feel like you’re speeding through life and everything is beyond your control - it's not. Change your mind and everything changes. Build a new wealthy habit today. Change begins with a new understanding. You can make easy money no matter what the financial conditions - it's all about your mind-set and choices. Without it - nothing you can do will work. Begin now to create a financially secure future: Make Easy Money

Law of Attraction, Science, Experience & Intuition - Use what works to get what you want. Try this quick, easy guide to use the latest science and understand the Law of Attraction. Get the facts and improve your wealth and health. See how Law of Attraction works in YOUR life, then modify your experience and get huge results you can spend. Begin Now enjoying Law of Attraction.

Only One Way To Get Rich Quick-And Stay Rich. Great insight to getting rich quickly in spite of economic conditions. The challenges you face today require a new unique approach. Do this - and getting rich quickly is not a fantasy, but a dream come true. Get Rich Quick.

Law Of Attraction & Stress Free Easy Money. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Law of Attraction is the force that brings opportunities- or loss. Your attitudes are the point of attraction. What are you setting in motion? You can thrive in difficult times: Do you want to make easy money? Then find what you love and do that. Nothing is easier than doing what you love. Use Law of Attraction by Focusing on and feeling only what you want more of. Begin today attracting what you love. It’s easy once you get the facts at Easy Money.

Relieve Stress and Fear

Stress Relief: Solution to Any Difficult Situation. Why? Because once you relieve your own stress you change and so does the problem. You are stuck by your fears to continually attracting similar experiences. Why not stop that roller coaster today? Overcome the fear behind the mayhem and you’re free. That relieves your stress - and is the ONLY solution to all difficult situations. Live your life stress free: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Use your Intuition to guide you and Good Fortune will become your destiny. Great insight and 7 tips to stop habits that defeat health and abundance. Following Inspiration changes what you have into what you want. Health and wealth are waiting for you – wake up today! Use your Inspiration Actively.

Inspirational Quotes and Stories

Seeds of Good Fortune’s “Inspiration Award” acknowledges people who are living, loving and sharing their Good Fortune. They spread inspiration- the seeds of Good Fortune, for all to share and to harvest.

Go to Live the Dream for an insight into finding talents and then living them.

Do you wonder how these ideas work out in real life? Visit True Talesand see how others are doing it and finding their dreams and the flow of Good Fortune.

Thanks for visiting - Bookmark and come back soon.

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Quotes on Success
Money Quotes

"The Way is
your daily life.
It is awakening
your mind and
seeing your
true nature.

It is letting go of
the attitudes and
expectations of
others so that you
may enter the stream
of your own destiny,
flowing with the
wellspring of
all possibility.

It is a life that,
sunny or cloudy,
brings joy to
your days."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

“When I was young
I thought money was
the most important
thing in life.

Now that I’m older,
I know that it is.”
Oscar Wilde

“Whoever wants to
reach a distant goal
must take many small

Helmut Schmidt

"The way does
not ask us to be
what we are not,
but to be more
fully what we are.

A life where you
do what you like
and like what you
do by being who
you are and not
what others
have dictated."
Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

“Money is color-
blind, race-blind,
sex-blind, degree-
blind and couldn’t
care less who brought
you up or in what
Felix Dennis

“Money may not be
the most important
thing in life, but when
money is needed, it’s
right up there with
oxygen in importance.”

Richard Covey

“Sow a thought, reap
an action; sow an
action, reap a habit;
sow a habit, reap a
character; sow a
character, reap a

Is a Web business right for you?

With a low start-up
cost and high return,
it could lead to the
results you are

Site Build It!

Jump in and check it
out. No Risk:
Satisfaction is
In less than an hour
you'll learn enough to
see how successful
sites easily earn
$5,000 or more a

Start here and begin
to research

You'll be ready to
act when the right
ones shows up.

“Wealth comes from
the production and
exchange of goods
and services.

If someone
efficiently produces
a good that many
people willingly trade
their money for, she
becomes wealthy.”

Sheldon Richman

"We cannot become
what we need to be
by remaining what
we are"
Max DePree

"Life is just a mirror,
and what you see
out there, you must
first see inside
Jacob Bigelow

"Continuing to repeat
the same behavior and
expecting different
results is the
definition of
Albert Einstein

“Whoever has, shall
be given more and
more, while whoever
has nothing, even what
he has will be taken
away from him.”
Gospel of Matthew

“As a general rule,
the most successful
man in life Is the
man who has the
best information.”
Benjamin Disraeli

"The victory of
success is half won
when one gains the
habit of setting goals
and achieving them.

Even the most tedious
chore will become
endurable as you
parade through each
day convinced that
every task, no matter
how menial or boring,
brings you closer to
fulfilling your

Og Mandino

No Guess Work.

Get the FACTS.

Find a home based
internet business
that's right for you.

Not just another web
site - but a real
business with income
and potential.

No guesswork: The
research tools make
it possible to
discover if your idea
is profitable - before
you build it.

Guidelines show you
how to build, step-
by-step. Retire from
work and earn a great
living doing what you

Site Build It!

Once you understand
how a Web business
works you'll see why
so many fail.

Your talents and
hobbies can become a
successful home
business - when you
follow a proven plan.

Take the FREE video
tour today!

“The impossible is
often the untried.”

Jim Goodwin

“Words are, of
course, the most
powerful drug used
by mankind.”
Rudyard Kipling

Find a home based internet business
that's right for you.

Not just another web
site - but a real
business with income
and potential.

The research tools
make it possible to
discover if your idea
is profitable - before
you build it.

Guidelines show you
how to modify or
change it so you can
follow your dream -
earning a great living
doing what you love.

Site Build It!

"Easy" means you
love it - and "fast"
means you can quickly
learn how - with these
tools you'll discover
it's easy and

Spend some time
researching and test
the facts and proof.

Build a site with top
Google rankings and
you'll have a good
business for a long

See how, then decide
if this is right for

“Luck is a habit that
you develop.


Open to new

trust your gut

expect good fortune,

find the bright side
of challenging events.

Master the art of

Richard Wiseman

“Goals are dreams
with deadlines.”
Diana Scharf Hunt

“If hard work were
such a good idea,
surely the Wealthy
would have kept it
for themselves.”
web wisdom

“So many people
spend their health
gaining wealth, and
then have to spend
their wealth to regain
their health.”
A.J. Reb Materi

“Everything looks
impossible for the
people who never try
Jean-Louis Eitienne

"It is never
to late to be
what you
can become."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

“Where all think
alike, no one thinks
very much.”
Walter Lippman

“Start by doing
what’s necessary, then
what’s possible and
suddenly you are
doing the impossible.”

St. Francis of Assisi

"Our character,
basically, is
a composite of our
Stephen R. Covey

"Do not let what you
cannot do interfere
with what you can
John Wooden

"Discipline is
remembering what
you want."
David Campbell

"The two most
important rules of
the Way are to begin
and to continue."
Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

And the truth about
Money and Wealth?

Money will buy a
house – but not a
Money will buy
companions, but not
Money buys
obedience, not
Money buys a bed,
but not a good night’s
Money buys
protection, but not
Web WIsdom

"The universe is full
of magical things
patiently waiting for
our wits to grow

Eden Phillpotts

"Most of our so
-called reasoning
consists in finding
arguments for going
on believing as we
already do"
James Robinson

"Life affords no
higher pleasure than
that of surmounting
difficulties, passing
from one step of
success to another,
forming new wishes
and seeing them
Samuel Johnson