Law of Attraction & a
Quick, Easy Path to Good Fortune

Understanding the Law of Attraction or Karma opens the door to your creative power. Only when you see exactly how you attract all your experiences, can you stop what you don't like. Attracting Good Fortune -- Health, Wealth and Wisdom - is surprisingly easy.

The Law of Abundance is easily observed. The principal is simple: The Rich Get Richer. The more abundant you feel, the more you expect - and find - opportunities that increase your wealth. Your attitude determines your finances far more than money in the bank. Do you recall that Donald Trump was wiped out financially? He didn't see it that way - and was quickly richer than ever. Learn how to do that, right here.

This is a vibrating Universe. Including you.

Life - all matter - is vibration - and "appears solid" because of your sensory interpreters.

Your eyes interpret vibration - and you "see."

Your ears interpret vibration as sound, your sense of touch is interpreting vibration.

Your sense of taste is an interpretation of vibration.

You perceive through your senses and all of your experience is about interpreting vibration, unconsciously.

All energy or matter has an electro-magnetic charge and is emanating a signal.

Your thoughts are impulses of energy and information.

In the same way, your cells are signaling with impulses of energy and information.

You are a dynamically resonating, vibrating Being - interacting with all of life.You are an organism within an environment - inseparable.

The Chakra energy system has been used in Chinese Acupuncture and Ayurveda for many centuries.

Kirlian photography also shows the bodies energy flows and is used to diagnose illness and by athletes for fitness analysis.

You can not even be imagined - and you do NOT EXIST - outside of an environment.

To change your environment you, the organism, must change. To heal the organism or you, look to your environment. Your life is only a mirror of your inner state. Once you are aware, and no longer attracting stress or tension, your health will improve quickly. All of life is organized by "laws of attraction" -- like vibrations attracts like vibrations. Every action initiates an equal reaction.

You may think of Law of Attraction or Karma in different words. "As you sow so you shall reap," is one of many biblical passages. Newton's law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, is an insight into how you initiate actions you attract back. A variety of scientific insights explain and predict the attraction phenomenon - beginning with the ancient sciences.

"As we think our
thoughts and feel our
feelings, our bodies
respond with a complex
array of shifts.

Each thought or feeling
unleashes a particular
cascade of biochemicals
in our organs.

Each experience triggers
genetic changes in our cells."

Dawson Church, PhD

Karma is the law of action and reaction. Karma is not "out there" and comes to you.

"Attraction" begins within you.

You initiate all "action" and THEN get back experiences that are a matching vibration.

Law of Attraction is the principal that matches vibrations.

Thoughts radiate out in terms of brain-waves.

Your cellular body is an electro-magnetic field constantly vibrating a signal.

Feelings flow out, and attract back a matching response of others, events or set of circumstances.

"Law of Attraction" describes the organizing force.

Thoughts are impulses of energy and information.

Thoughts radiate out like a radio station tower. You both send and receive. You attract a "matching station" or similar thoughts...back to you.

Whatever your level of consciousness and genetic patterns, you are sending out ripples 24/7/365. Like pebbles dropped in a pond, the ripples or reaction to the signal you send = returns to you as your "life." Every thought goes out and returns -- the result is your experience.

"An undisciplined mind leaks
vital energy in a continuous
stream of thoughts, worries,
and skewed perceptions,
many of which trigger disturbing
emotions and degenerative
chemical processes in the body."

Connie Grauds, RPh

Law of Attraction is the answer to the question, "How did this happen?"

Only when you understand how your feelings or vibrations attract - can you fix problems.

Unleash your creative power.

Your feelings and Attitudes are your Magic Genie. Law of Attraction responds, returning to you a perfect "match."

"In the real world, given the
lamp of our understanding and
the genie in our genes, we
have an unlimited supply of wishes.

Whatever wishes we put into
the lamp manifest genetically.

If we fill our lamps with healing
words, our genes rush to
fulfill our wishes--within seconds."

Dawson Church, PhD

If you feel victimized about anything - even if you we're the victim - you are your own viewpoint.

Looking for the next Big Thing to get rich quick? Seeking healing and remedies? If you feel you don't have enough money or health - then you don't. And won't, until you change your Attitude and expectation. That's a fact.

"For the creator of a problem,
the solution is simple:
Quit doing it."

Cheryl Janecky

You will soon discover why you really were not the victim after all. As you see that nothing outside of yourself is ever going to make you rich or healthy, you can then find what works. That insight is your key to freedom. If you want to create your life in your own way - Law of Attraction is the place to start.

There is no "secret Law of Attraction." Like gravity, attracting power has been known since Vedic text wrote of Karma - 15-20,000 years ago. The only “mystery” is -- why you didn’t ask questions and find out what makes your life work - or not - a long time ago.

Why didn’t you seek – and find out - “how to live the life of Good Fortune?”

Do you want to know why? Of course you do! You crave any information that sets you free. It’s your nature.

Alright, "Why do I limit myself?" You ask.

Good question.

The answer to any limitation (fear) is always the same – all your behavior is genetic.

You inherited it!


"Mind-blindness" is the process that omits or ignores all that is unfamiliar to you.

It limits your ability to perceive anything outside of your genetic boundaries or blueprint for living.

It was passed down from your ancestors (genetics) and your parents activated it and passed it on.

All behavior.

You are only happy with like-minded people. Find Your Tribe and Live Your Ideal Life.

Do you love to party - whenever?.

Your entire tribe "resonates" affecting your vibration too.

Your personal Karma (or personal resonance) is that which you create consciously or unconsciously - over 95% of your life is run by the subconscious mind. Only about 5% is mindful. Your habits and routines run life: 90% of what you thought yesterday you think today, and will tomorrow - unless you change it!

"Positive thoughts have
a profound effect on behavior
and genes but only when they
are in harmony with
subconscious programming.

And negative thoughts have an
equally powerful effect."

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Family Karma (or "action") include the genetic patters that are passed down. The families emotional habits (stress, attachment disorders, abuse), mental habits (prejudice, revenge, gratitude), and physical habits (active or sedentary) are activated in each generation and reinforced. You resonate naturally to whatever you are around, and children absorb the habits of their parents, mostly unconsciously. Law of Attraction describes the responses that hold the genetic patterns in place.

There is also cultural Karma, religious Karma, historical Karma and national Karma. Nations have life-cycles similar to yours - birth, growing pains, stability, decline and demise. Each has it's own resonance or feeling-tone, and your participation within them activates your genetic codes, and your "signal" becomes a part of the whole along with all the others. Nothing much changes. Life here is stable, inflexible and repetitive. Law of Attraction adds responses, building a "wall," until nothing else is seen or heard.

You inherited a blueprint: It's up to you to change it.

Have you traveled to foreign lands? Visited foreign cultures? Do you see how differently other "tribes" feel compared to your own? Imagine, for example, Europe as a "family" with each country a particular "personality." Each nation has their own persona and "karma" or "action" within the world community.

Law of Attraction responds to the over-all resonance of all life...and the results are your experience. Collectively each "tribe" extends their resonance out, and interactions with other nations activate more actions. It appears that "they are doing it to each other." Yet each is attracting a perfect match to their hopes and fears. Notice that as leadership changes, so does the course of the Nation. The leaders reflect the "tribes" within their boarders.

Finding your own "tribe" or your own place in life is imperative to your well-being and happiness. You may not have been born into the "right" place for you as you grow and change. You have a genetic blueprint - it's up to you to modify it and design and create the life you want to live. Grasp the complexity of life, and choose a conscious direction. Breaking free of old habits is difficult only because you are stuck in automatic responses. Habits do change, and so can you.

Challenges to your changing are the internal genetic social conditioning - habits.

"The nature of
the mind is to
make coherence
of the world.

So if you have a
program that says,
'I do not deserve',
your brain will not
let you generate
behavior that contradicts
this because it's nature says
it has to be coherent."

Bruce Lipton PhD

When you choose something new, outside of your normal routines, you must change the old "habit" and do things in a new way. Not just once or twice, but consistently for 21 days. Make a commitment and a plan, and it's then only a matter of breaking through old barriers with repetition.

The strongest Social Conditioned habit is the genetic demand (fear) that you stay consistent within your tribe (ideas, customs, class systems, religions, lifestyles).

Mind-blindness or your own mind-set is all that limits your success.

Opportunity is always the other side of a problem. Are you in the habit of looking for solutions - or problems?

For many, many centuries those that attempted to break free - even in ideas and dreams - were banished, stoned or ....worse.

Law of Attraction matches your genetic patterns and attitudes, and that keeps you trapped and in the dark.

Mind-blindness is why people live self-destructive lifestyles - and seldom break free.

Those fears are only a habit of thought and aren't true now. It is safe to question and to seek answers to what you want to know.

When things don't go well - there's an answer. Right here.

Make the break and find your own tribe (others who value what you value) and build support for only then can you be happy. Your birth blue-print will not resonate with you as you explore and change.

"Fear can make us flee
or make us free.

It can be defeating or defeated.

Once you have placed
yourself inside fear, there
doesn't seem to be any way
to ever get out again,
until you discover that
it has been brought into
existence by your own
thought and does not
exist outside your own thought.

To flourish, know your fears.

To truly flourish, rid
yourself of your fears.

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

You can change the fear of change - into seeking Inspiration and solutions. Once you see "fear and limits" for what they are - change is simple. All that limits you is only a habit that is continuing on "auto-pilot." Law of Attraction will respond to it until you change your mind.

Tapping In Mind-body Changes

"Tapping" is a practical solution discovered in the last 20 years that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with startling results.

Try EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping - for quick relief from emotional trauma using Chinese acupuncture meridians to release energy blockages and emotional stagnation. It's simple, the information FREE, and many try it on everything - Why? because it works when nothing else does!

Your body-mind vibration emits a signal - and is attracting your experience. Fears and stress attract trouble. Law of Attraction is responding. Why not work with your power of attraction? You can't fight yourself and win. Stress will do you in.

Give up the struggle and relax into the natural healing creative process of tapping to release the inner conflicts. Once clear of old habits, then controlling your mind and Focus is easy. Your results will be Quick and more than you ever imagined possible.

Find Your Tribe -They Love What You Love.

What makes you happy? Find what feels best to you - no matter what others think - only you know the answer.

All genetic habits of fear are only old patterns of thought limiting you by attracting more limits to you - soon there's a wall of beliefs that close you in.

Once you are immersed in your tribe, you can’t even hear information outside of your familiar routines.

That helped tribes survive 100,000 years ago - and that part of your brain and sub- conscious reacts the same now below awareness and automatically.

You change it simply by becoming aware of your limitations.

Limits are true until you free yourself and Overcome Fear by choosing to explore your limits and seek your full creative power. The reward is a life of Good Fortune and Joy.

Does the idea of an "attracting power" feel annoying? Do You feel anxious about thinking in this new way?

Becoming aware that your feelings and Attitudes determines your fate is an uncomfortable awakening. Especially if you are experiencing dis-ease or poverty.

As you see how everyone is attracting what they don't want, you may feel sad, frustrated or angry. How did it happen to everyone?

Mindblindness. Habits build slowly. Once headed in the wrong direction, misinformation attracts more ignorance and escalates.

"Any fact facing us is
not as important as
our attitude toward it,
for that determines
our success or failure.

The way you think about
a fact may defeat you
before you ever do
anything about it.

You are overcome by
the fact because you
think you are."

Norman Vincent Peale

Leaders and the media observing only the surface of events misinterpret as they try to make sense of life or a disaster. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tropical storms, and floods happen. Some barely survive and some thrive.

"Karma is not what happens,
but rather what you do
about what happens,
that determines your fate."

Cheryl Janecky

Karma or Law of Attraction (or God) is not punishing some for past bad deeds or favoring others for good deeds -- from this life or from ancestors. The laws are neutral and respond to vibration. Genetic habits can and do change. Each person's current feelings or vibrations (Attitudes) determine their outcome.

"Positive thoughts have
a profound effect on behavior
and genes but only when they
are in harmony with subconscious
programming. And negative
thoughts have an equally
powerful effect."

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

Do you see how "attracting" is a very mechanical process? Giving and receiving are the same: The cause or action initiates a reaction or effect. What feeling you give out you get back. Moral judgments (even when justified) come from a surface observation and do not reflect the facts.

That awareness is very good news. Now you can easily change, where before you were a victim and stuck. Overcome your fear and you overcome your fate. This is the best piece of advice you'll ever get.

It is the fear that keeps you from asking questions and attracting the Flow of Good Fortune. Fear is only a habit – get over it by telling yourself the truth. You can see that the fear of thinking in new ways is not about now - there is nothing to fear now in new ideas. If you don't stop feeling anxious or resistant - you limit your health, wealth and freedom!

You are either working consciously with Law of Attraction -- or not attracting what you want. Your call.

"The range of what
we think and do is limited
by what we fail to notice.

And because we fail
to notice that we fail
to notice, there is little
we can do to change --
until we notice how failing
to notice shapes our
thoughts and deeds."

R. D. Laing

More clarity will help with any frustration you may feel. A quick definition of the Law of Attraction is: “What you think and feel is what you get.”

You may be resisting the attitude that the poor or sick deserve what they get. That's a common misperception of Law of Attraction or Karma. "Deserve" is a moral judgment.

Live Your Dream of the good life - Law of Attraction will deliver more to love.

Get back to Nature, find your favorite places, and it's easy to enjoy life. Now make that a habit.

The fact is the poor ARE poor and FEEL poor and so attract more. Same with the sick.

However - a little kind understanding goes a long way to finding the truth.

Everyone feels what they are experiencing.

The choice to "train your mind" is a new idea for most.

From the viewpoint of Life Force - everything is working out perfectly.

You are where you are and that's the place to begin.

No judgment - no blame.

If you think you know Law of Attraction, but your life isn’t changing, you don’t know it well enough to use it.

Open you mind to the possibility you can live a life of ease and Good Fortune - letting your attracting power and Law of Attraction do the "work" for you.

What a concept! No "work ethic" here. Law of Attraction will bring you more work, if you chose believing hard work gets you what you want.

Ask questions until you know how your life works.

Insight into how things work is missing when you blame, judge or feel anger, resentment or frustration. If you are feeling trapped in a bad situation - you are only seeing a limited part of the story. Law of Attraction is only showing you a match to what you feel, remember?

But the whole story is available for the asking. The trick is: You have to ask. The mystery or missing link - and only “secret” is – why aren’t you asking- "what's up?" when you don’t get the results you want.

You may think you asked – and maybe got the Inspiration to try affirmations.

Many believe doing affirmations is a passport to wealth.

So you tried and you wrote out, "I want to be healthy" or, "I love being rich," hundreds of times.

Yet after still not getting what you want, you may doubt you can create what you want with your words.

The “words” were not the problemyour interpretation of a successful affirmation is the problem.

Affirmations and Journaling don't work if you are feeling needy, pleading and longing for what you don't have.

When you feel Rich, Rich, Rich then affirming and visioning help to build the future you desire.

It's not only the words, but the feelings (of being wealthy) along with your ideas or words.

Find in your life now what makes you feel wealthy - appreciate all you DO HAVE - and the more you love and focus on it - you are "affirming" I want more of this. You get more of whatever you give your attention to. Change your mind and change your life.

If you asked – and got misguided answers from books or teachers – you didn't get results. But you did get answers in line with your attitude. If you believe riches involve hard work, you attract that match. Many advocate working hard - and all that gets is more hard work. If you interpreted the info wrong – that won't work either…. All of the results you have so far are the facts of what happened and are the feedback that is telling you -- something is off in your "asking."

Poor results only reflect a "poor" Attitude about the words (and feelings) you use. Law of Attraction (like gravity) works perfectly. You get EXACTLY what you feel. As annoying as that is - it's a good thing. You can use that process (and info) to make the changes that WILL get you health and wealthy.

"I am convinced that attitude
is the key to success or
failure in almost any of
life's endeavors.

Your attitude-your perspective,
your outlook, how you feel about
yourself, how you feel about
other people-determines your
priorities, your actions, your values.

Your attitude determines how
you interact with other people
and how you interact
with yourself."

Carolyn Warner

Keep asking, look at the results, then adjust your Attitude, until you get answers that get results. Knowing that the results you get -are the facts that exactly match what you feel- is priceless. You now have a system to get good information and to change your Attitude until you get what you want. That's working Law of Attraction to your favor. Why not try it? You might like getting more of what you love.

Only you can change your mind and open to new information.

Try right now to relax (take a breath or two, stretch) and search for new ways to get what you want, and to ask and open to “hear” a new answer. One’s coming up.

Find Your Tribe and Dance Your Dream Awake.

Who dances to the beat of your drum?

If you feel resistant to get at the core of the problem – to figure out what’s happening – that’s genetic fears of thinking in new ways.

There's nothing that triggers fear but genetic survival programming and your Attitude.

Remember, you cannot hear information outside of your “tribe” and that is genetic conditioning. No blame, but you can’t fix what you don’t know is a problem…and problems aren’t fun. Knowing how to attract Good Fortune is fun.

Law of Attraction is the answer to your questions. Get the facts.

The Law of Attraction or Karma is similar to gravity - they are first known through experience, and later science finds the "laws" to explain it. Both are so a part of “What Is,” there’s not much to ask or think about – until you look into it.

"The distinction between the past,
present and future is only a
stubbornly persistent illusion."

Albert Einstein

Everything in life that may be obscure to you or a mystery - is answered through understanding and working with the Law of Attraction and your feelings or attitudes.

EVERY experience of yours - and for everyone - is drawn together via resonance or matching vibrations. Life outside of you responds like a mirror. Victims and aggressors match. Thief and victim match. Wealthy and opportunities match. Law of Attraction matches the over-all vibrations -- current Attitudes, genetic patterns, fears and current Focus with matching events and experiences.

Is this an ....ah HA! moment ?? Just like discovering a food is poison - you spit it out and don't eat it again. In exactly the same way you stop dysfunctional habits. This insight is life-changing.

If you are attracting your experiences, then you are doing it. No accidents. No blame. No victims. No aggressors. Absolute freedom to change and live the life you choose. And ONLY you can choose it for yourself.

Those life dramas of victims and aggressors, poverty and suffering will continue - you cannot choose for another. Only for yourself. When you choose Good Fortune, you leave the "old habits" behind. Life is an inside do-it-yourself proposition.

Like Energy Attracts a "Match".

Find Your Tribe and Live Your Dream.

The idea of a Secret Law of Attraction became popular recently and suddenly everyone is interested.

That's a good thing.

The more that live mind-fully - the better.

Yet it’s no secret – the Law of Attraction simply states that everything is energy and that energy of similar vibrations exert an attracting power that organizes all experience.

"Experience is not
what happens to you;
it's what you do with
what happens to you."

Aldous Huxley

The Law of Karma is the "law of action-reaction" of an organism in an environment. The latest terminology, the Law of Attraction, refers to the organizing principal behind the process of "acting and initiating a reaction." "Attraction" is the basis of the Universe. There is no "exclusion." What you give your Attention to - and vibrate is activated, whether you are saying "yes or no."

All these ideas are referred to in the Vedas (our first written language.) Ancient Chinese texts and philosophers refer to similar concepts. Hardly a secret is it? Vedic philosophers spoke of the “action” in life attracting a matching experience. Plato and other Greek philosophers discussed these ideas and also linked them to the "attracting" power in atoms, and so have many, many others.

Those who enjoy the same things are naturally attracted to each other.

Do you prefer rural - even the wilderness? What climate suits you best?

In the past 120+ years “personal attracting or magnetic power” has been applied to the ability to attract wealth, and health.

The Science of Getting Rich, The Secret to Success,
along with other whole systems of thought by people such as Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar have changed the lives of thousands.

Similar self-help books flourished in the early 1900's, and are still good reading today.

The facts are basic. Yet it remains a secret to most that feeling and vibration do the "attracting" and not the words. Without that knowledge of Law of Attraction you won't get far.

"The more false an idea,
the more adamant
is the advocate.

No one needs to
sell what's real
and what's true.

It's foolish to argue
with What IS.

Everyone knows
What IS when
they see or
hear it."

Cheryl Janecky

Like many new ideas, everyone has an interpretation…yet each one can only see through their own “eyes” and so misinformation is passed on and on. Clear that up for yourself and get at the root of the problem – here’s how.

Most believe that all you need to know about Law of Attraction is that whatever you’re thinking about – whatever you give your Attention to – you are increasing in your life.

"A great attitude
does much more
than turn on the
lights in our worlds;
it seems to
magically connect
us to all sorts of
that were
somehow absent
before the change."

Earl Nightingale

What's the missing piece? Your Attitude about what you are perceiving. If you love money you attract it. If you feel loss and poor, you get loss. If you think it won't last then for you, it comes and goes. Always a bill to eat up any left over.

Reading doesn’t teach – only experience teaches.

See if you can experience it. Can you find Law of Attraction working in your life and feel your attitudes as the vibrations that attract a match?

Look at a situation in your life and ask yourself, "What do I feel that is a match to this? or What idea of mine or my parents -- matches this situation?"

Vibrations are feelings or emotions. Can you see the same feelings attracting a match? Only that awareness will allow you to use it – and enjoy the benefits. Only then will you train your mind and change your subconscious patterns -then it's a real passport to wealth and health.

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The Law of Attraction and Genetics: Facts you need.

Really understanding it goes a bit further though. If I ask you where you come from…and you give me the name of your hometown – that is true. But there’s much more to the story, isn’t there?

The human tribe has a long long genetic history - but the advancement to human was a quick step that defies evolution.

Want to find the truth? Then look for the Biggest Picture you can understand.

The Big Picture is the most expanded truth you can imagine.

It’s more than you experience daily, and it’s also more “true.”

Here’s an example. You are physical – a body – and in fact an animal body…you share over 95% of your genes with apes.

Yup, you’re another critter – and have been dissected, analyzed and probed until there are few secrets.

And all that scientific research is available to you.

It’s the Big Picture of who you are and what motivates you.

Your genetic heritage and patterns determines all your behavior, just as it does for all animals (plants too).

That pattern is inherited at birth – and it sets the energy in motion that is the experience of your life.

That’s your family heritage, if you will.

You begin with a blueprint and then it's up to you to modify it and create what you want. Your genetic patterns are only a "jumping off place." Even the tribe you were born into may not be "really you." It's up to you to find your tribe.

Find Your Tribe -You Know Them Instantly.

Be it - Attract it - Live it.

You're not limited by your recent genetic past either

there are over one million people as close to you as a 10th cousin

- and NO ONE is further removed from you than a 50th cousin.

We are one big genetic family - might as well get along.

It's easy once you realize that no one - and nothing - but you controls your vibration - and your experience. Nothing.

Define your own Good Fortune, work with Law of Attraction and attract only what you love - and you'll be happy.

Venture into physics a few steps and expand your view of what's possible.

"Your thoughts are not
contained in your head --
they are part of
the Quantum Field.

When playing through
your nervous system the
thoughts generate a
vibratory field similar to
that of a tuning fork.

Thought vibrations interact
and entangle with harmonically
resonant structures in the Field.

"We activate and bring
into our lives the things
that we think about the most.

Psychologists reveal that
over 70% of our thoughts
are negative and

Do the math!"

Dr. Bruce Lipton

You are more energy and space than you are a solid form – from this "energy" view – you are vibrating and resonating a signal – a “Set-point” or range of vibrations.

That signal is your over-all Feeling-tone – it reflects your tribe and your life in general. Your Set-point may vary by subject - it is your genetic pattern/fear/belief on that topic. You might feel good about work, sad about relationships, happy about kids, and frustrated about losses.

The total combination of who you are now is the signal or “action” in your life that Law of Attraction is answering. Much more on this is coming up.

"Everything we call real
is made of things that cannot
be regarded as real."

Niels Bohr

Can you see that the Law of Attraction is simply what’s going on beneath the surface? That’s the part you can’t see – but do feel – and that is what is delivering the results in life you are experiencing.

Your Tribe Moves To Your Rhythms.

Only live the Life that makes you happy.

Your ability to create the Life of your Dreams – to attract Good Fortune – is all in your awareness of what you are feeling.

You can learn to change your mind and your feelings - One Quick Step - to what you want to attract.

Feelings follow thoughts and you can learn to think what you want.

That's exactly what the rich, stars and athletes do -they are immersed in their life and ignore everything else.

You are as involved in your life, and you ignore everything else too. If you want to change some (or all) of your experience - change your mind. Use your imagination if you don't now have what you desire. No one can stop you. ONLY you choose your thoughts, attitudes and feelings. No one else can help you or do it for you - or make you happy - or rich. It's all up to you - and working with Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction, Science, Experience and Abundance.

Are you interested in the long history of science searching for clues to the Law of Attraction? An understanding of both Science and Experience is an excellent guide to actually using Law of Attraction. Get the facts and guidelines and learn the experience of changing your emotions - no matter what. Practice adjusting your "attracting power" until you get the results you seek. Use Law of Attraction to improve all areas of your life. If you can change your mind - you can start today.

If you can’t change your mind, you can’t get what you want.

Begin by questioning your limits on your knowledge of how life works.

Find habits that limit you and change them.

Open your mind to the facts.

Start with little habits…and change them first.

Add flexibility to your life.

Drive a different route, floss your teeth backwards, eat new food – you get the idea, right?

Change your lifestyle by changing your habits - try a special lunch to celebrate your new life-style in-the-making.

Once you get started, then your own momentum will propel you into your future Vision.

Practice asking questions about everything…everything you want to know will be answered as Law of Attraction responds to your questions.

I know how gravity works, how does Law of Attraction work?

Have you ever expected a parking space up close to the entrance and gotten it? Have you ever been thinking of someone and they called? Have you looked for a solution to a problem, and it turned up quickly, right in front of you?

Your body-mind-emotional-Self is like a radio station, sending and receiving energy. Thoughts/feelings flow out and experiences that match the signal flow in. Just like tuning a radio – one signal, one station.

Our thoughts are an electro-magnetic field that signals Law of Attraction, and the response is instant. It is the basic law of all experience: similar vibrations attract each other. Experiences always match vibration. Law of Attraction is instant, but it may take "time" for you to get to what you are attracting.

Every experience you’ve ever had matched your vibration and you attracted it. You are a Creator, either consciously, or unconsciously. You're creating right now - and Law of Attraction is responding - right now.

Like a radio station, you are sending and receiving instantly.

Whatever you are thinking or saying, you then feel – and signal, and you are attracting it.

Whatever you fear subconsciously is also attracting experiences to you. Much of this is genetic and you can change that blueprint.

For now, try this tip. You can think only one thought at a time, so fill the channel with happy thoughts about what you want and your vibration (feelings) will match.

What’s the difference between my subconscious and genetic habits?

The force of the attraction between couples can be felt by others too.

Sexual magnetic power is universal.

Not much. Your genetic patterns set the limits of your subconscious, and that sets your Feeling-tone until you change it.

Law of Attraction responds to your signal. You get your "life experiences" as you know them.

Everyone in your experience is sharing similar thoughts, just as they share similar genetic patterns. That’s what defines “tribes.” Those vibrations line up.

The Law of Attraction is simple and you can see it all around you.

What vacations inspire and refresh you?

Similar vibrations attract each other….

“Birds of a feather flock together” – I know you’ve heard that one.

Now apply it to your friends, and you’ll notice they share similar interests, desires and habits of thinking.

Even dress and food preferences are the same.

Maybe you have two distinct groups of friends. If you mix the two at a party, they will likely gravitate back to each other. You like to be with others that think as you do. Makes sense doesn’t it? Law of Attraction in action.

Exactly how do feelings “attract” Law of Attraction?

You are energy and you are attracting by the signal you vibrate. Your feelings and emotions tell you what signal you are sending. Every moment you resonate and send a signal – so every moment – vibrate and attract what you want.

“By attracting it is meant -to pull to or draw toward oneself (i.e. a magnet attracts iron). It is the action or power of drawing forth a response…such as a force acting mutually between particles of matter, tending to draw them together, and resisting their separation.” (Webster’s Dictionary.)

Another example of “resonance” that illuminates this is the tuning fork. If you strike many tuning forks, and they are all resonating at different frequencies – strike a strong note and maintain it and all of the others will “entrain” or match the strongest vibration. That can be you.

When you feel great - life is good.

Do you prefer country living?

Can you find this in your life?

Ever noticed that when some people enter a room it livens up?

Notice the opposite affect that some have on others.

Gossip can set a very low tone and spoil friendships.

Praise and appreciation can make an ordinary event delightful.

You have a choice…which is it going to be?

You can think and speak only what you want to live.

Will you?

How do I know what my vibration is signaling?

Your feelings, thoughts and your self-talk tell you what you are signaling. So does your experience. When you feel depressed, your cells do too and so does your “energy.” And that’s the signal you send out to Law of Attraction and that’s what you will attract back into your experience.

When you feel happy, delighted by life and looking for what to enjoy next, then your cells are vibrating health and your “signal” is attracting to you a match to your good feelings. Health and Good Fortune follow.

Your experience also tells you what you are “asking for,” by what you have attracted into your life. What you signal and what you get back is always match. When you don’t like your experience - change your signal.

Every event, everything you experience in life is “a match” to a vibration or signal that you send. That is Law of Attraction underlying the appearances on the surface of life.

How can I change my signal or Set-point, if it’s genetic?

"Behaviors are not just
transmitted genetically
across generations;
they may be newly
developed by many
individuals during
a single generation.

While the process of
genetic evolution can
take thousands of years
...evolution through
experience and imitation
can occur within minutes --
and then be passed on
to the next generation."

Dawson Church

You set your signal on what you get by what you give your Attention to. If you’re looking at things that make you feel bad, then you are attracting that. You can change it and concentrate (and feel) what you want, and you can tell yourself what you want. Use your imagination. If you persist - you change the old habit and the genetic pattern.

When I examine myself
and my methods of thought,
I come to the conclusion that the gift
of fantasy has meant more to me
than any talent for abstract,
positive thinking.

Albert Einstein

It may take "time" for you to catch up with your new experiences. Events and situations begin to form - and often you can just "feel that things are working out." Law of Attraction is on 24/7 so don't waste time worrying and anxious. That will cancel or delay your Vision. Worry is a different vibration, isn't it?

Find Your Tribe and enjoy creating your Vision.

Feel eager and love what you do and Law of Attraction lines up opportunities and amazing coincidences.

Law of Attraction will match your new habit - and your life changes.

You determine what signal you send – either consciously or unconsciously.

You probably haven’t been aware of it before, but look at all you have now in your life - is it a choice - or from your unconscious feelings?

Your subconscious or genetic blueprint is your starting place.

Your ancestors formed your genetic codes over centuries by repetition – those that were successful survived and passed along their genes. Every generation modifies their blueprint – and you can do it consciously – through repetition of what you want more of in life.

Does that surprise you? You’ll find it easy and quick once you get the hang of it.

Do you like all you’ve attracted? Unless you are Living your Dream, it’s time to get that signal resonating to what you want, so what you want is attracted into your life.

How can I use my vibration and Law of Attraction to get what I want?

Think of something you want. Can you see a really clear picture of it?

What is the feeling of having it daily as a part of your life. You living your life with everything you want. Makes you smile, body relax, and feel happy?

Now turn your Attention to what you usually feel about your life as it Is NOW. Frustrated? Hopeful? Annoyed? Resigned? Apathetic? Anxious? What?

The new vibration (feeling) of what you want is very different from your old habits of thinking, feeling or vibrating, isn’t it?

You set your signal on what you want by what you feel and give your Attention to.

What vacation destination inspires you?

Do you like to visit foreign lands?

If you’re looking at things that make you feel bad, then you are attracting that.

You can change it and concentrate (and feel) what you want, and you can tell yourself what you want.

Do you know what you want?

When you have a vivid Dream of the Good Life that inspires you, it will easily hold your attention and you will begin to attract it into your life.

Your Dream of Good Fortune is key to shifting your focus from your old genetics to the new you, you want to create. Why? Because you want Law of Attraction answering what you LOVE. More of that is a good thing!

If you don’t have a clue how to change your emotions – start with the Emotional Scale.

You have a range of emotions - from despair at the bottom to Joy at the top. The Emotional Scale is a quick method to tune in and make changes. Here's how it works.

First you tune into what you are feeling relative to major topics. Hint: What you "have" attracted is what you "feel." It takes some practice to become conscious of feelings. Once you own up to where you are -- then change is easy. Where you are is the place to start.

Your emotions change quickly, and events and others can throw you into a tail spin. You can change that. Maybe today. Begin to train your mind using the full range of your emotions and practice. Law of Attraction will bring a match - and you'll see the results of changes quickly.

The Emotional Scale is a visual image of the natural flow of your emotions. Use it to get a solid image that you can recall easily and use whenever you get stuck in feelings and experiences you don't like.

Your Set-point or Feeling-tone is how you usually feel about a certain subject. It changes, depending on the subject. You may feel great about money, but sad about relationships, and frustrated with work.

Yet you do have an over-all feeling about your life - and that is your primary Set-point. It is only a habit and can change easily.

Begin with an idea or a visual you can recall easily. Use this gage - like a thermometer – to see where you are. Next you can see where you want to be. What's in-between?

Now choose to raise your vibrations to the place that Law of Attraction delivers what you want. You can only move one step at a time. Move up slowly and the change will stick. An image helps you to do that. So does feedback from Law of Attraction.

Review The Emotional Scale scrolling down, and then begin at the bottom (in despair) and move step by step back up - all the way up to Joy and living a life of Good Fortune - Healthy, Wealthy and Wise! Review it a few times - until the image sticks. It's easy to learn now while you're relaxed - and then you'll have the skill when you need it.

The Emotional Scale
is a Range of Vibrations or Feelings

Emotions naturally flow, step-by-step to the next higher level, and continue moving until you feel better - that takes the pressure off. Old habits may limit the flow, but you can easily train yourself to move up the emotional scale - and live in - Joy and Happiness.

Learn the steps and you are choosing to follow the path to your Vision - and that feels happy and contented. So do that, and you are there. Do it over and over and you create a new Set-point. That's it. The one easy step that attracts your Dream of the Good Life.

Feelings of: Joy, Eager and Loving

The higher vibrations match your Dream and align you with solutions and Life Force. The better it gets, the better it gets. There really is no limit. If you can desire it - it's possible for you to live it.

Life is creative and fun. You feel eager and look forward to getting the best out of whatever happens. You know that everything always works out for you: And it does. Fear is overcome quickly and seen as merely a shadow that dissolves in the light of awareness. This Set-point is Living Your Dream.

Feelings of: Expecting Good Things and Happy

It feels wonderful knowing how you choose experiences. You mold and attract what you like, and see fear for what it is: only a habit. What you value is all around.

You can feel your life taking shape and expanding into more of what you love. Only living life in your own way will make you happy.

Feelings of: Appreciation and Gratitude

Feelings in this range attract Opportunities and Insight that aligns with your Vision.

You can select anything to be grateful about - or appreciate anything, and those feelings will spread and take over your Feeling-tone.

You are now open to receive and can see and act on possibilities that were obscure before. Living is easy and fun.

Feelings of: Hopeful.

The idea you can find a better way to live feels great, and is a big turning point. You believe it's possible and you hope it works out - but without "experience" you are fearful and not yet "certain."

This vibration is both positive and negative, yet it attracts Inspiration that will lead you to a solution. As feeling hopeful becomes your new habit, life improves and you begin to appreciate your experiences as the steps that are leading you to what you want to live.

Feelings of: Frustration soon leads to insight.
The BIG ...ah HA! changes your vibration.

After rehashing the whole drama (maybe several times) along comes the beginning of the understanding, "Hey, I'm the problem - it's not the others!"

Now you're in charge and your situation is fixable. You know you can change your attitude and find a solution. Fear is now a vague anxiety.

Feelings of: Frustration, worry and anxiousness.

Not getting anywhere and not getting what you want is frustrating.

Eventually you wonder if there isn't another way.

As your fear and emotions subside, you can breathe again and begin to get insights and suspect there's a way out - and you look for a solution that feels better.

Feelings of: Revenge, Resentment, and Blame

Revenge and blame feel better than anger...and direct focus from yourself and what you fear and can't get, to others you think are the problem... and out into life experiences. Everything but you is at fault. That feels much better than anger or helplessness.

However, it doesn't feel better for long, and can easily turn into frustration at the whole darn situation. That's a good thing! It's a move up.

Feelings of: Anger and Rage. This inner powerhouse breaks you free of feeling suppressed by others.

Anger is a big step up - and a relief from the despair of feeling trapped, victimized and depressed. Nothing is worse than feeling helpless and that you can't get what you want.

Energy is flowing and breaking free of lethargy. This is a good thing and is the next step in moving up the emotional scale. Fear dominates and underlies anger and is the "fight" response. Depression is the "flight" response.

Feelings of: Depression, Fear, Despair, Grief and Helplessness

The lowest vibrations are feelings of being victimized by others - leading to a lethargic, apathetic, confused, and then disinterested attitude.

If you don't believe you can get or do what you soon give up trying.

Fear dominates and stress goes "beneath the surface" as anxiety.

The desire for what you want continues, and can't be ignored for long. Relief comes from your emotions surfacing and moving you up the emotional scale.

From depression, anger is a relief.... allowing the flow leads to freedom. Might as well enjoy it - you are where you are. Being with it is the quick way to flow with the changes that lead you naturally up the Emotional Scale. Each step feels better and better. Law of Attraction is responding and you will get results.

Your emotions flow and change quickly if you relax and allow yourself to be with what you are feeling.

Small moves work: big jumps do not. If you're in the lower ranges, follow (and guide) your emotions up the scale step-by-step to "hopeful" - and back on the path to attracting your Dream.

Your nature is to seek what feels good to you. Follow that path and you'll find your way back into creating the life you want to live.

It is understanding the lower levels that frees you from them. Once you discover a food is poison, you don't eat it, do you? Fear is the poison that destroys health and wealth. If fear is a problem, solve it. Learn how to Overcome Fear.

Simply knowing "you get what you feel" is enough insight to reconsider indulging in fear and stress, right?

How can the Emotional Scale help me change vibrations?

Look around you – what are you attracting? If you don’t like it, change your vibration. Now how are you going to do that? See? That’s what the Emotional Scale and idea of a "gage" will give you – a starting point to get to what you want.

The gage is a gimmick – a trick – so you can get your mind around it quickly. It can lead to a great insight: The "...ah HA! moment" that puts it all together.

Ignorance is not bliss if you are not getting what you want. So listen up. This is important to getting to your Dream QUICKLY.

Law of Attraction is matching your vibration – do you know what your vibration is in terms of feelings?

From Depressed to Joy is the full range. You can't pretend what you really don't feel. Law of Attraction is a "truth" test. You get what you feel. What are you getting?

If you don’t have what you want, and feel lost, that’s "depression."

Now you know - you can change it.

Do you want more frustration or things to feel bad about – or do you want what makes you happy?

When you have a starting point then you can make a plan and follow it until you have shifted your vibration for good.

The higher up you go, the more intelligent, clear minded and creative you are.

At the top (in Joy) you are happy or aligned with your Life Force.

You are eagerly creating your vision of a perfect world – and it’s all around you.

You are Aware of All that IS and the vast abundance and Well-being that flows to you.

Find Your Tribe and Live Your Dream.

The more passion you feel the closer you are.

If that sounds like living the life of the happily rich and famous, it is.

It is not foreign to you – it is your birthright.

Now you know how to do it.

AND – everything you want and Desire is at the higher vibrations.

What you want feels good and the higher vibrations feel just as good.

Match and you’ll attract it.

How do I get myself quickly up to feeling "joy" and getting what I want?

You can’t jump from Despair to Joy. Feelings don’t change that fast and there’s no faking it. You feel better, or you don’t. You are normally in a range of about three steps. You move quickly and easily from one to another. Anger may be your habitual response to feeling trapped - and then revenge follows (blaming others).

When you don't know how to change, or even that you can, you likely drop back into despair - not getting what you want. Now you know you can change your vibration... allow the "frustration" time to question and find solutions - you WILL FIND THEM. Once you do, it's easy to move up to "hopeful."

What you're attracting is the ultimate answer to the question, "What is my Feeling- tone on this subject?"

Move up step by step. Check in and make sure you ‘feel’ what you want, then move on. Anything else is a waste of time.

When your “Feeling-tone” moves up the scale, you will be attracting more of what you want and you are also out of the range of what you don’t want.

Sunrise and sunset alone can begin and end your day on a high note. You need only fill yourself up with the beauty.

Find beauty and spend time in it. Transform your attitude easily and quickly - take the time and just do it!

Beauty and nature can lift you quickly…but then you have to find a way to sustain it. The more time you spend in nature, the closer you are to your true nature, Inspiration and insight. However, if you have fears around say, money, then those fears will still be there when you return to that subject.

"It's downright stupid and self-destructive
to keep infecting our imaginations with pictures of
loss and failure, doom and gloom, fear and loathing.

The far more sensible approach is to expect
blessings and joy and peace and fulfillment and
understanding and meaningfulness.

Your imagination is the single most
important asset you possess.

Your imagination is your power to create
mental pictures of things that don't exist yet
and that you want to bring into being.

Your imagination is what you use
to shape your future.

And so in your own way, you are a prophet.
You generate countless predictions every day.
Your imagination is the source, tirelessly
churning out mental pictures of what
you'll be doing in the future.

Rob Brezsny

See the Fear for what it is: a bad habit that is "attracting itself" into your experience. It can't do that unless you give it your Attention. You can reframe that fear with your self-talk...and walk yourself up to feeling better - repeat it - and soon it will "stick."

Nature is a natural boost that clears away the daily clutter and chatter - and allows you to make changes quickly and easily. You still have to choose to change, and then change your self-talk from "fear and anxiety" to "reassuring and hopeful." Once you do you'll like the results that Law of Attraction brings into your life.

Changing your Feeling-tone is the ONE Quick step to getting what you want – and I’ll keep repeating it until you have it set in your vibration too.

Genetic patterns and social conditioning rule life until you choose differently.

"When it comes to processing
information the subconscious
mind is over a million times
more powerful than the
conscious mind.

Neuro scientists have revealed
that the conscious mind only
operates at best about five
percent of the day.

Ninety five percent or more
of the time (for most people
ninety nine percent) we run
our lives from the
automatic processor, the
subconscious mind."

Bruce Lipton PhD

And the point?

First the bad news: your current behavior is constantly being modified by the majority (responding to advertising and media) on the same ‘wave length’ and is not a conscious choice by you. You can consciously move out of the range of that frequency. Change your vibration (what you watch and who you’re around) and you’re free. Law of Attraction will soon deliverer new choices. Choose wisely based on how you feel.

Live Your Dream and Law of Attraction brings more.

Live the life that inspires you.

The good news is that when you repeat your desired behavior over and over – you can change your genetic code and your predisposition to a pattern of behavior you don’t want.

And you do not need to convince anyone of the value of imitating you – simply doing it will change the vibration – and those tuned in will automatically make similar changes.

That works by resonance – remember? Law of Attraction then responds and now you will see what you want and "attract" it naturally.

"Be the change in life
you want to see."


No matter what’s going on in your life: you can change it. The better you feel the better it gets. How quick? It’s up to you isn’t it – only you determine what you feel.

Isn’t it amazing that it’s such a simple process? And all it takes is repetition? The key that has been missing for so many is that the Feeling-tone is the Attraction point (not the words.)

When you understand where you are, then it’s easy to get where you want to be. Work with Law of Attraction and you will enjoy the creative process a whole lot more. Design and plan what you see, say and feel. Then watch Law of Attraction bring it to you. That's fun.

Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT

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There is no figuring out the details or delving into an emotional issue. Do the process (takes about 5 to 10 minutes) and then allow the integration to continue over the next 24 hours. You get results, asses your feelings and then repeat if necessary.

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Simple, easy, fun and quick: One step to Good Fortune!

  • Changing your mind-
  • Changes your emotional state.
  • Changes your vibration or Feeling-tone.
  • Changes what you are attracting.
  • Changes what you are seeking.
  • Changes your life experiences.

You are now creating your Dream and working with Law of Attraction to modify and expand it as you grow and change. That's the best life possible. And nothing is in your way or stopping you.

You think what you choose so you can feel what you choose and no one and nothing can interfere with what you think.

There is no one and nothing to blame for where you are right now. Make peace with where you got there by unconsciously following old socially conditioned habits of thought. Only that. Concepts. Thought patterns.

"Vision without action
is a daydream.

Action without vision
is a nightmare."

Japanese Proverb

There's nothing there. Nothing can hold you back.

Wake up and create your life in your own way. Move from where you are to where you want to be easily using Law of Attraction.

Prove to yourself this is true and this ancient wisdom will be a foundation for you to live happily ever after. This isn't a new idea. Millions live it. You call them successful.

Everything you do is because you think it will make you happy. Cut to the chase. Make this simple. Find what you love and makes you happy and do ONLY that.

"Optimism is a strategy for
making a better future.
Because unless you believe that
the future can be better,
you are unlikely to step up
and take responsibility
for making it so.

If you assume there is no hope,
you guarantee there will be no hope."

Noam Chomsky

Is that a recipe for a selfish world? YES! Selfishly living your Dream and loving life and everyone in it is a good thing.

If everyone follows their Dream, what would happen then?

Your Inner inspiration is aligned with your Life Force and your creative power. That "vibration" is happy, peaceful and joyful. Stay at that vibration and peace on earth would prevail. Why? Because there's no more conflict with others when you follow the flow of Life Force and Law of Attraction. Conflict is a low vibration of attempting to control the flow - and others.

From the Big Picture it is clear that others have nothing to do with your Dream, your attracting power and creativity. Law of Attraction is only influenced by you. When you create your life and follow only your Inspiration and what feels good - there's no more conflict, is there?

Tuning into the nature of creativity means the end to anger, depression, fear, blame, judgement and all of the "victim" emotions. You are not a victim other than to old habits of thought. How big a deal is that? Not much, once you decide to change from following others -to instead live mindfully. You can do this and use Law of Attraction to enjoy life. Will you?

How can I use Law of Attraction to get rich quick?

Don’t worry about what does or doesn’t make money…. Fortunes are made “for the fun of it.” Disney? Movies? Sports? Music? Pet Rock? Hula Hoop? Fried chicken, coffee, water, and cookies? You can do most of those things. Fun and loving your Vision is what Law of Attraction responds to.

You see a product and assume it attracted it's own success. Silly, isn't it? Yet everyone does it. Often a new invention is discovered by several over a period of many years - and then - boom - someone makes it happen!

Get a running start and jump into your Dream.

Why not live the life you WANT to live?

The level of wealth you attract to whatever you do - is up to you.

And you do it just the way you’re learning now.

It’s not picking the right Task or Business; it’s vibrating the right signal or frequency – easy to do when you love your talent and use your Inspiration to create your fortune.

Become mindful of your vibration and conscious of Law of Attraction responding - and it's easy.

Ready to begin amassing a fortune? Here's how to shift your vibration and Get Rich Quick.

Having trouble thinking in new ways? Don’t worry – it’ll get easier. Sooth the fears and talk yourself into it. Coax yourself like you would a worried child into trying something new.

It will feel foolish, but it works. Point out the facts, build a case for Health and Wealth, and leave the fear behind. Repetition is the key to changing old habits. The more loving and fun – the quicker the changes.

One of the most fun rapid transformations happens when you Change Your Mind - Change Your Life with one simple daily exercise. Try it - you will be surprised how well it works.

Nothing is more challenging than daily encounters with other people who's moods are volatile. Stress free relationships is a quick method to maintain your focus - no matter what is happening. Yes, it's possible - and it's a skill you will enjoy practicing.

Feeling stressed, too much to do and too little time? Find your balance on a moving planet and visit Stress Relief Today

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"Make Changes Easily: Let Law of Attraction Do "The Work" For You." Try this insight to change what you have into what you want. See why it is hard to stick to a diet or to make money or improve relationships. Old excuses stick you to old habits. Get the truth - make changes easily and quickly. Use Law of Attraction to live a life of Good Fortune.

Law of Attraction, Science, Experience & Intuition lead to Abundance. Use this quick, easy guide to use the latest science and understand the Law of Attraction. Get the facts and improve your wealth and health. Use what works to get what you want. See how Law of Attraction works in YOUR life, then modify your experience and get huge results you can spend. Begin Now enjoying Law of Attraction.

Do you want QUICK changes for the better?

Train your mind just like
you train and exercise your body:
change habits and stretch your limits.

Feed your mind a healthy diet
just like you feed your body:

Repetition works

Bookmark this site

Visit the tips and methods
on each topic -

Fill your mind with your potential and the promise of new beginnings-

Find what inspires you and repeat, repeat, repeat -

Each topic is designed to
get you where you want to be:

Living in your Good Fortune!

Continually question and find the new discoveries
in the sciences- Wisdom is Freedom.

There's much more to explore and more is discovered every day.

Science of Psychology tells us that 90 % of what you are thinking today you thought yesterday…and will tomorrow - if you don’t change it NOW. Law of Attraction is the reason for so little change in some lives. Auto-responding, persuasion and tribe boundaries are only some of the limitations.

Science of Biology and Genetic conditioning: The good news is, with the breakthroughs in physics and science, we can understand and use the natural process of creating habits and patterns of thought. Feelings follow your thoughts and Law of Attraction responds to feelings.

We can choose what thoughts and feelings we WANT to live with, and not just repeat what has been handed down to us through centuries of evolution. You can be free of habits that limit your successes. Working with Law of Attraction makes it simple, easy and quick. Life is supposed to be enjoyable. Begin today enjoying what you have. That makes it easy to attract more and change it.

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Words of Wisdom

“We do not err
because truth is
difficult to see.

It is visible at a glance.

We err because this
is more comfortable.”

Alexander Solzhentsyn

"A great attitude
does much more
than turn on the
lights in our worlds;
it seems to
magically connect
us to all sorts of
that were
somehow absent
before the change."

Earl Nightingale

“The most beautiful
thing we can
experience is the

It is the source of all
true art and science.”

Albert Einstein

“Most of the change
we think we see in
life is due to truths
being in and out of favor.”

Robert Frost

We act as
though comfort
and luxury
were the chief
requirements of life.

All that we
need to make us
happy is something
to be enthusiastic about.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

“I seem to
have been
like a child
playing on
the sea shore,
finding now and
then a prettier
shell than ordinary,
whilst the great
ocean of truth lay
before me.”

Isaac Newton

"The victory
of success is
half won when
one gains the
habit of setting
goals and
achieving them.

Even the most
tedious chore
will become
endurable as
you parade
through each
day convinced
that every task,
no matter how
menial or boring,
brings you closer
to fulfilling
your dreams."

Og Mandino

"Life is just a mirror,
and what you see out
there, you must first
see inside yourself."

Jacob Bigelow

"To live your dream
do not worry about
what to do--
just do what
needs to be done

It is decisions,
not conditions,
that determine
your destiny."

Stuart Avery Gold,"ping"

“The primordial fire
that sparked millions
of galaxies is the
same fire that sparks
the human creative impulse.”

Cindy Spring

"What we achieve
inwardly will change
outer reality."


"Continuing to repeat
the same behavior and
expecting different
results is the
definition of insanity."

Albert Einstein

Success is more a
function of consistent
common sense than it
is of genius.”

An Wang

“As a general rule,
the most successful
man in life is the man
who has the best information.”

Benjamin Disraeli

“The impossible is
often the untried.”

Jim Goodwin

“Everything looks
impossible for the
people who never
try anything.”

Jean-Louis Eitienne

"The Universe is not
punishing you or
blessing you.

The Universe is
responding to the
vibrational attitude
that you are emitting.

The more joyful you
are, the more Well-
being flows to you

and you get to choose
the details of how
it flows."


"An idealist believes
the short run doesn't

A cynic believes the
long run doesn't matter.

A realist believes
that what is done or
left undone in the
short run determines
the long run."

Sydney Harris

"Nothing happens
until something moves."

Albert Einstein

"Anyone can make
a mistake.
A fool insists
on repeating it."

Robertine Maynard

"A fanatic is someone
who can't change his
mind and won't
change the subject."

Winston Churchill

"Some people get lost
in thought because it's
such unfamiliar territory."

G. Behn

"While intelligent
people can often
simplify the complex,
a fool is more likely
to complicate the

Gerald Grumet

"The more sure you
are, the more wrong
you can be."

Ashley Brilliant

"Ability is what you're
capable of doing.

Motivation determines
what you do.

Attitude determines
how well you do it."

Lou Holtz

"The young do not
know enough to be
prudent, and
therefore they
attempt the impossible--

and achieve it,
generation after

Pearl S. Buck

"The future belongs
to those who believe
in the beauty of their

Eleanor Roosevelt

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"Our limitations and
success will be based,
most often, on your
own expectations for

What the mind dwells
upon, the body acts

Denis Waitley

"If you conduct
yourself as though
you expect to be
successful and happy,
you will seldom be

Brian Tracy

"One half of life
is luck; the other half
is discipline--

and that's the
important half, for
without discipline you
wouldn't know what
to do with your luck."

Carl Zukmayer

"Mind is the master
power that molds and

And woman is mind,
and evermore she
takes the tool of
thought, and, shaping
what she will,

Brings forth a
thousand joys,
a thousand ills;

She thinks in secret,
and it comes to pass:

Environment is but
her looking glass."

James Allen

"If one advances
confidently in the
direction of his
dreams, and
endeavors to live the
life which he has
imagined, he will meet
with a success
unexpected in common

Peter T. McIntyre

"Confidence comes
not from always being
right but from not
fearing to be wrong."

Peter McIntyre

"Try a thing you
haven't done three
times. Once, to get
over the fear of
doing it. Twice, to
learn how to do it.

And a third time to
figure out whether
you like it or not."

Virgil Thomson

"Attitude is more
important than the
past, than education,
than money, than
circumstances, than
what people do or
say. It is more
important than
giftedness, or skill."

Charles Swindoll

"People often say
that motivation
doesn't last.

Well, neither does

That's why we
recommend it daily."

Zig Ziglar

"Whatever humans
have learned
had to be learned
as a consequence
only of trial
and error experience.

Humans have learned
only through mistakes."

Buckminster Fuller

"You gain strength,
courage and
confidence by every
experience in which
you really stop to
look fear in the face.

You must do the thing,
which you think you
cannot do."

Eleanor Roosevelt

"Any fact facing us
is not as important
as our attitude
toward it, for
that determines
our success
or failure.

The way you think
about a fact
may defeat you
before you ever do
anything about it.

You are overcome
by the fact
because you
think you are."

Norman Vincent Peale

"I think the next
best thing to solving
a problem is finding
some humor in it."

Frank A. Clark

"The state of your life
is nothing more than
a reflection of your
state of mind."

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

"Positive thoughts
have a profound effect
on behavior and genes
but only when they
are in harmony with
subconscious programming.

And negative thoughts
have an equally
powerful effect."

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

"Contemplate your
picture [Dream]
in your leisure hours
until your consciousness
is so full of it that you
can grasp it instantly.

You will become
so enthused with
its bright promises
that the mere
thought of it will
call forth the
strongest energies
of your whole being."

Wallace Wattles

"What we call luck
is the inner man

Robertson Davies

"When you see it
right and when you feel
it right
in the wholeness
of your being,
you then have
created the
condition that
makes the result

Stretton Smith

“It is better to be
prepared for an
opportunity and not
have one than to have
an opportunity and
not be prepared.”

Whitney M. Young, Jr.

"A happy person
is not a person
in a certain set
of circumstances,
but rather a person
with a certain set
of attitudes."

Hugh Downs

"Nothing can stop
the man with the
right mental attitude
from achieving his goal;

nothing on earth
can help the man
with the wrong
mental attitude."

Thomas Jefferson

"You are as young
as your faith,
as old as your doubt,
as young as your
as old as your fear,
as young as your hope,
as old as your despair."

Paul H. Dunn

"Weakness of attitude
becomes weakness of character."

Albert Einstein

"Human beings can alter
their lives by
altering their attitudes
of mind."

William James

"It is our attitude
at the beginning of
a difficult task which,
more than anything else,
will affect its
successful outcome."

William James