Overcome Fear and Overcome Your Fate

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Overcome Fear and Overcome Your Fate

- by Cheryl Janecky

Is “Fate” your genetic blueprint? A “habit pattern” you attract into your life without realizing it?

Overcoming fear is a "one quick step" process: Stop it! Fear is an emotional rush, limbic brain response to perceived danger…real or not. It’s of no benefit.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself—
nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror
which paralyzes needed efforts to convert
retreat into advance."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

You cannot get rid of fear – but you can create a “NO” habit response that turns your attention to solutions and inspiration. Repeat that – and you open the door to your “destiny” and leave your old genetic “fate” behind.

Do you have to overcome fear?

Nope. Many motivate themselves with fear – especially recently. The past eight years were guided by a paranoid government. Fear motivates – has for centuries. Notice the mayhem? Death, wars, destruction? Pretty hard to miss isn’t it? Now it’s also in the economic arena - worldwide. Had enough? You can stop it.

Lives dominated by fear mirror that paranoid pattern. Constantly “putting out fires, fighting to survive.” Attack and counter-attack. What fun in the sports arena. Not in life.

“Anxiety is a thin stream of fear
trickling through the mind.
If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which
all other thoughts are drained.”
Arthur Somers Roche

Leaders take Big Risks and the results are magnified in full public view.
Many leaders – earning millions – are driven by fear. Here’s an interesting comment from a businessman. “How do you explain the success of Grove, the Intel CEO, who wrote “Only the Paranoid Survive?” He apparently was scared all the time. I am not very different.”

Many see life through the eyes of “fear.” Leaders are out in life in a Big Way. Trial and error is the path to success. But errors are amplified and affect many lives. As a leader's anxiety increases so does fear. Fear clouds thinking and makes a bad situation worse. That’s how fear “makes itself real” and paranoia is soon justified.

How “successful” is it to put out the fires you attract or ignite? Is this success? Yet the fear is not a conscious choice. It’s there in most everyone. Fear keeps many from even attempting leadership - or seeking fame and fortune.

Fear is a poor guide to success.

How successful has fear guided our nation? Companies? Economy? You? Fear is limiting you in exactly the same ways.

Why not try something else? Pain, strife, stress, loss, war – aren’t that much fun.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

Fear attracts itself (fear loss - and you lose; fear attack -- you attract it.) You find what you look for – and your “experience” then validates the fear. Once caught up in that drama – it’s difficult to see the alternative.

Know why? The alternative is overcoming fear: stopping it and refusing to get sucked into the limbic brain “fight or flight” response. It’s a choice to stay mindful and find solutions instead. Next you need a plan or vision of where you want to be – and you can train yourself to Focus on that instead.

Inspiration leading to solutions is a choice.

Everything you sense is vibration – and vibration exerts a “pull” like a magnet. Like energy attracts. Inspiration…with your Focus on your Vision or goal -- leads to solutions. That vision feels good – and so does pursuing it. That’s out of the range of the vibration of “fear.” From the higher frequencies of “expecting” things to work out – they do. That's Law of Attraction in action.

The successful look for solutions and find them – sometimes with spectacular results. Yet fear is woven into the fabric of life. Many success stories reflect the constant struggle with fear…wins and losses…struggle and gain. That’s the result of not overcoming fear, and instead dancing with it.

Overcoming Fear.

Fear surfaces for everyone - you cannot get rid of fear (it’s only a concept – a collection of thoughts. Like the number 3, you can't get rid of "3.") You can opt out, see fear as “the problem” and solve it. You can transform it by adding more to the old idea, until it becomes a new idea – that’s a habit too. Hard to believe? Only because you’re in the “fear habit.” Look beyond the familiar. You cannot solve your problems at the same level of fear that created them.

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles,
but most of them never happened.”
Mark Twain

Where does all the fear come from?

Your ancestors. Fear of failure and “bondage” are huge genetic patterns that interfere with creativity and success. Everyone's ancestors spent some time under the rule of a petty tyrant – either as a wife (50% of all genetic codes) or slave or servant or military. All ancestors failed many times – often with much pain and suffering. That fear is a part of your genetic blueprint. You can change it.

Not getting the success you want?

The only thing between where you are now and what you want -- is FEAR. Your own genetic patterns limit you – nothing else – but an old habit. Some call that “fate.” Now you know better.

What you have in your life is a reflection of your genetic blueprint – or your fate. That pattern in your subconscious built your experiences. Over many years you have modified and expanded it. You can change your fate. Is it time to change it again.

If you do not have the success you want – it is time for allowing more expansion – The fear of change and of loss – can change too.

“Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate,
that the task which has been set before us
is not above our strength;
that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance.
As long as we have faith in our own cause
and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.”
Winston Churchill

Living with fear is living in chaos soup.

If you don’t overcome fear – you continue to fight yourself, live in paranoia and stress – and eventually the fear wins out – and you get what you fear, along with whatever success you can hold onto. Ugh! Time to give that up. Life can be easy and fun – and successful. You need only choose it, act on the choice and live your Vision. If you’re annoyed that it sounds too simple to be true – you’re waking up.

Contraction and expansion is the natural creative process.

You have now outgrown your old habits of thought (and fears) and that is all that is limiting your expansion. How do you know? You want more. You feel limited, blocked and not much you try works well. Compared to where you want to be, you feel “contracted, boxed in and restricted.”

When you feel you are not getting what you want and don’t know how to get it: that feeling is what is keeping you stuck where you are. “Conflict” is the clash between vibrating or signaling what you want and your fear about it. Those double feelings are also called “stress.”

Free yourself quickly. Simply see that you are only limiting yourself with unconscious fears. You are attracting the “fate” you fear when you allow fear to run rampant in your mind.

Get off of what isn’t working.

Give up hard work and action until you create a more expanded self-image – and feeling – you can’t push through a genetic fear – and that’s what is stopping your progress. You want what you want – and you fear (unconscious) what will happen to you if you get it. Overcome Fear Fast (at end) can break you free of the bad habit.

“Every individual acts and suffers
in accordance with his peculiar teleology,
which has all the inevitability of fate,
so long as he does not understand it.”
Alfred Adler

How do you know if its fear stopping you?

Is fear active in your life? Do you feel uneasy about being out in the world in a bigger way? Being more – expanding – new experiences – taking a chance -- new learning – giving up what you thought you wanted…looking for a new way to be and live?

Does changing your life routines, patterns, habits (friends, work, food, lifestyle) feel uneasy? It should – you have moved on and expanded – yet can’t see how to get where you want to be.

Your fear is clouding your vision and inter-fear-ing with your Inspiration.

You overcome fear when you see fear as “the habit” that is attracting to you the very thing you fear. It might be the fear “I can’t get what I really want or what I want is outside my ‘safe zone.’ That’s a genetic fear – it’s not about now, not true, and it’s not for the reasons you think.

How do you know? Listen to your self-talk. Fear masks as “avoidance” too. Thoughts such as, “I don’t care about money; If the Universe wants me to have….; I prefer “behind the scenes;” I’m not seeking fame, or anything…just a little more cash…”

“Public opinion is a weak tyrant,
compared with our private opinion
- what a man thinks of himself,
that is which determines,
or rather indicates his fate”
Henry David Thoreau

Changing a habit, changing your fate.

The fear of “breaking free” was formed over centuries of many deaths and much pain and suffering. Yet you can get over it by seeing it for what it is, and talking yourself into your “now” where you are safe, and those fears are no longer justified.

You can’t get rid of anything – but you can transform it into something else. Bridge from the fear – to success “in a big way” – and it will be yours. When you stop the fear - you need a "bridge of thoughts" to walk yourself to your Vision (goal) of what you want. You must have a "destination" to shift the feelings and your point of attraction from fear to solutions.

How do you know its working? You feel hopeful and begin to expect the new success you want. Your feelings (and point of attraction) shifted from doubt to expectation.

You always get what you expect. No exceptions. Use that fact to accurately gage where you are – then you can get to feeling what you want.

Once you have removed or softened the barrier - your inspiration guides you to new opportunities. Test the new options compared to your Vision: If they match take action - if not, wait for the choices that feel good and match your Vision.

Make it easy and make it fun.
Spend time in nature – clear your mind, open your heart and body and ask questions. Seek solutions and follow your Inspiration. You can do this.

Your Good Fortune: “The very last thing you try is the one that will bring you success.”

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“We do not err
because truth is
difficult to see.

It is visible
at a glance.

We err because
this is
more comfortable.”

Alexander Solzhentsyn

“The most beautiful
thing we can
experience is the

It is the source
of all true
art and science.”

Albert Einstein

“Ability is what
you're capable of doing.

determines what you do.

Attitude determines
how well you do it.”

Lou Holtz

We act as though
comfort and luxury
were the chief
requirements of life.

All that we need
to make us happy
is something to be
enthusiastic about.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

“Life is just a mirror,
and what you see
out there, you must
first see inside

Jacob Bigelow

"The difference
and obstinacy
is that one often
comes from a
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a strong won't."

Henry Ward Beecher

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success is half won
when one gains the
habit of setting goals
and achieving them.

Even the most tedious
chore will become
endurable as you
parade through
each day convinced
that every task,
no matter how menial
or boring, brings
you closer to
fulfilling your dreams."

Og Mandino

“What the mind of
man can conceive
and believe,
it can achieve..”

Napoleon Hill

"What we achieve
inwardly will change
outer reality."


"Whatever humans
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consequence only
of trial and error

Humans have learned
only through mistakes."

Buckminster Fuller

"Continuing to repeat
the same behavior and
expecting different
results is the
definition of insanity."

Albert Einstein

Success is more a
function of consistent
common sense than
it is of genius.”

An Wang

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the most successful
man in life is the
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Benjamin Disraeli

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often the untried.”

Jim Goodwin

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people who never
try anything.”

Jean-Louis Eitienne

"The Universe is not
punishing you or
blessing you.

The Universe is
responding to the
vibrational attitude
that you are emitting.

The more joyful you
are, the more Well-
being flows to you

and you get to
choose the details
of how it flows."


"An idealist believes
the short run
doesn't count.

A cynic believes
the long run
doesn't matter.

A realist believes
that what is done
or left undone
in the short run
determines the long run."

Sydney Harris

"Nothing happens
until something moves."

Albert Einstein

"Anyone can
make a mistake.
A fool insists
on repeating it."

Robertine Maynard

"No one can cheat
you out of ultimate
success but yourself."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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in thought because
it's such unfamiliar

G. Behn

"While intelligent
people can often
simplify the complex,
a fool is more
likely to
complicate the simple."

Gerald Grumet

"Ability is what
you're capable
of doing.

Motivation determines
what you do.

Attitude determines
how well you do it."

Lou Holtz

"Our limitations and
success will be based,
most often, on your
own expectations
for ourselves.

What the mind dwells
upon, the body
acts upon."

Denis Waitley

"If you conduct
yourself as though
you expect to be
successful and happy,
you will seldom
be disappointed."

Brian Tracy