Inspiration & True Tales
on the Trail of Good Fortune

Hero Stories are the best! What story are you telling today?

"Nothing is more intriguing than battling demons and finding the ring of personal power."

True Tales are Inspiring adventure stories from the Good Fortune community.

Find your own insights, and enjoy the journey of others.

Your unique trail to Good Fortune flows from within your heart - and out into the world.

Are you on it -- or ignoring your unique talents?

True Tales delight, inspire and warm your heart - melting resistance to Living Your own Good Fortune.

The water lily or lotus is an ancient symbol of self-growth and Good Fortune.

Success rises up growing out of the murky swamps of depression, despair and poverty -- blossoming into great beauty, wealth and health.

You find your own Good Fortune exploring yourself and following what you enjoy and inspires you.

The trail is one of new experiences, adventure, and always leads to solutions and living the life that feels right to you.

There is no path - you are breaking new ground.

Your trail is like the wake of a boat and points to where you've been. Once you see where you've been, where you are and where you want to go - then take action and look for a way to break through and "get there" - only then are you are on the trail of Good Fortune.

How do you find Good Fortune and make the ancient wisdom and the new scientific discoveries work for you?

Only you can find it and do it for yourself.

Stories, myths and tales are like art. Each interprets their own meaning and finds unique personal insights.

"Stories are ancient - etched into stone on cave walls, passed down through songs, dance, and story-tellers. Stories are life-in-action. Your story is acted out by you everyday."

Words don't teach.

Only actions and experiences lead to self-discovery and creative freedom.

Myths and stories tell ancient tales of breaking new ground.

In this way they ignite your own Inspiration.

They become a blueprint that you can modify and redesign through your own experiences.

Looking for an Insight?

Allow these True Tales on the path to Good Fortune to Inspire your own insights - your own ability to make choices and write your own script. It all starts with your unique Vision of the life you want.

If you don't have a Dream, its only because you don't think you can have what you want and it's too painful to want and not get. Children learn to ignore their inner guidance and feelings and then live as a "bit player" in others stories. Those decisions are made outside of awareness - often to survive a difficult situation. The culprit is always "fear."

Overcoming fear is a difficult task and few accomplish it because they don't realize fear can change through getting the facts and a change in attitude. Fear and depression are deadly. Teen suicide is on the rise - the 2nd leading cause of death for those under 17. The strongest survive and live to tell about it. Follow Mark's inspiring True Tale that describes a clear and simple path out of fear and into a life of Good Fortune.

Too many of us
are not living our
dreams because
we are living
our fears.

Les Brown

Overcoming Fear is a choice June Harder made and it opened her life to living her Inspiration. Once the truth about fear is known, then it takes persistence to change the bad habit. It begins with the facts, often involves the amazing process of EFT or Tapping, and commitment. Many have done it and freed themselves to live life fully and follow their Dreams.

June Harder is a grandmother that survived a horrible life of abuse in every form over and over, and then accidents and surgeries.

June Harder

"…discovering how to Overcome Fear is the most freeing thing that's ever happened to me. I held everything inside from the time I was very young and trusted no one. I'd shut down all feeling and to this day never really know what my true feelings are. My life was saved by Lithium but that put me into more of a box with absolutely no feelings."

Overcome Fear is the only real freedom from Trauma. Follow June's True Tale and discover a solution that works.

"Character can not be
developed in ease and quiet.
Only through experience of
trial and suffering can the
soul be strengthened, vision
cleared, ambition inspired
and success achieved."

Helen Keller

Sandy is now back in the flow and sharing her Good Fortune.

Good relationships are key to joyful living

The Law of Attraction is working for you, whether you know it or not. Sandy MacDonald Tells the Tale of sliding into chaos and then pulling herself out - using her awareness of the Law of Attraction.

She used many tools, including the Vision Board to turn her life around.

"We either make ourselves miserable
or we make ourselves happy.

The amount of work is the same."

Carlos Castaneda

Tales of Health, Wellness and Anti-aging

Eating less and less to lose weight, and feeling tired and lethargic? The fear of gaining weight attracts just that experience - and the behavior that assures it.

Rather than resisting what you don't want - why not try going after what you DO want? There's a solution for every problem - look to the Vision you want to live.

Almost "Free" Health and Vitality.

by Brook Moon

"Good health doesn't cost -
it's priceless."
Cheryl Janecky

I have mostly ignored the advice about good nutrition and exercise.

"...and please, Dear Lord, if you can't make me slender, then please make my friends fat."

Comfort and lethargy are a trap - quick sand - that sucks you in and holds you fast.

When I got to the point where I had to zip my jeans with pliers, I’d stop eating for a couple of weeks.

When I needed exercise I went for a walk.

I had the notion that real ladies don’t go to the gym.

Hot and sweaty is not something worth paying for.

Probably as a result of reading too many romance novels in my youth.

Indolence is a delightful
but distressing state;
we must be doing something
to be happy.
Mahatma Gandhi

I'd slowly slid into a comfortable routine - collapsing on the couch after work and nibbling snacks (popcorn or cheese and crackers were a fav) for dinner, reading and napping until bedtime. My cat loved all the comfy lap time. My projects lay tucked away with little hope of completion.

Stuff piled up - and unless someone was coming over - it sat there. Then in a rush of "company housekeeping" it got ditched in the closet - not to be seen again.

Isn’t it amazing how we can hear the excellent advice about taking care of ourselves, believe it and ignore it.

All of my favorite activities and hobbies ground slowly to a halt.

"Always being tired takes its toll on health and attitude."

At this time of my life, my body has given over being forgiving about such practices and now demands good care.

I walked at lunch and often on the weekends.

Surprisingly I always found dimes and sometimes quarters.

I walked on well-traveled paths - I had luck.

Then I got suspicious - after all - I was finding coins whenever I went out...even with others I spotted and picked up the change first.

It must be good luck!

I kept it in a pretty dish - often wondering about the meaning of all the change. Hmmmm, changes? Changing? Turn on a dime... penny for your thoughts? Penny wise...pound foolish? The Universe has a great sense of humor.

I suspected a weeks walking at lunch would not get me into instant shape - and a moment of truth was fast approaching.

Loving to travel is a great motivator.

"Brook and Jer on the Good Fortune Bali Excursion."

I made the reservations and bought the tickets to take my grandson to Spain and Morocco for his graduation.

This summer.

Bus and trains means hauling luggage up and down and in and out - and me with it.

Traveling with an active Teen is an exercise program itself.

Brook and grandson Jeremy Princic in Bali.

"Money is the least you pay for anything.
The real cost is the value of your time spent,
and what you received in return."
Cheryl Janecky

My company is quick to lower health care costs - and started a new program - that provides gym membership and a personal trainer - including a diet coach FREE.

Free - my favorite word. How could I resist? Just what I needed - a guide to keep me on track and accountable...and a strong healthy body for Europe.

Whatever idea I had about a quick easy work out - vanished on the first day. I'm not only stretching - I'm using weights. Heavy ones. With a coach who is watching. Sometimes when I finish I feel nauseated from the exertion -- years of lack of exertion. For weeks I ached - one body part at a time as we progressed through the routine. No trouble sleeping though.

"You must live in the present,
launch yourself on every wave,
find your eternity in each moment.

Fools stand on their island opportunities
and look toward another land.
There is no other land,
there is no other life but this."

Henry David Thoreau

Why do I continue? When I get home I'm full of energy - all my projects are done and I'm cleaning the gutters and painting the bathroom. And cooking.

I've discovered that exercising in the gym not only leads to weight loss, it strengthens the muscles. You know, the ones that allow you to carry your overloaded luggage in Europe. Heaven forefend that you should not have the exactly right outfit to wear to each historical site. I do. And now I can carry it.

Dieting often means less food. This program means more. Lots more.

"The refrig is full - seems like I'm living in it these days."

My son stopped by and looked in the refrig, "Wow, is there a holiday I don't remember coming up?"

I seldom have extra food - until now that I'm working out.

I'm eating 5 times a day.

Three regular meals and two snacks all planned out in advance.

Good Food - Good Results!

I haven't eaten this much or cooked so much for myself in ten years. Well-balanced nutrition - the kind I recommend to my kids - is now going into my body.

Diets usually included bland food and little of it. Small wonder no one could stick to it long. I am now enjoying all of the foods I love, only prepared in a different way. And exercising means I'm burning off the excess and building a stronger body.

And two times a week I'm REQUIRED to junk-food out. It's mandatory to keep my body off guard and adjusting and metabolizing whatever I eat. Seems to work. I look forward to a sweet treat and I don't feel deprived of goodies.

A flat tummy is the best benefit of all.

Natural metabolism maintains a healthy vital body.

The annually increasing tummy
is now nearly flat.

That, in an of itself, is cause for jubilation!

Take action - get results

It's only been three weeks - and I’m so excited about the way I feel now, both physically and mentally.

Such energy; no more old lady couch potato for me. I am out there getting it done.

Getting up to speed feels great!

Energy and vitality are the result of good food and exercise...and nothing else works.

My mental and physical well being are off the chart.

I know I'm no longer "aging" and slipping into declining years.

I've reversed the clock, my attitude and my lifestyle.

My body loves it.

I'm healthy and fit - and ready for bathing suit season on the sunny Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Brook with a rare Black Palm Cockatoo in the Bird Park in Bali.

Although health and vitality are their own rewards - "wealth" is at the same light, happy resonance -- and frequently "just shows up."

I don’t know if I can actually attribute it to the new exercise and nutrition regime, but I feel like I am more charming and delightful company.

Who knew it would affect relating with others.

I guess it’s just a byproduct of feeling good about myself.

After all: I did it.

Free even.

No wonder I'm happy.

Brook Moon resides in Seattle, Washington. She's a free-lance writer, frequently contributing to the Edmonds newspaper. She also owns and manages investment properties.

Tales of Law of Attraction and Good Fortune

Zen Koans are a method of training the mind and are not a riddle or a puzzle. Contemplating a Koan leads to Inspiration - and Insight is your guide to comprehending your life and finding solutions.

Koans are "a thought" used to dissolve the barriers of habitual thinking.

The result of grasping a Koan is thinking in a new way: Being mindful and conscious in that moment.

"If you have ice cream, I will give it to you.

If you have no ice cream, I will take it from you."

Rishi Suzuki

The Law of Attraction is working for you, whether you know it or not.

by Sandy MacDonald

Life Force or Source is the natual flow in all that exists. It is the ongoing process of the Universe.

All of life is naturally organized by vibration into patterns of similar frequencies. Like attracts like - both hopes and fears.

There is no doubt in my mind that The Law of Attraction works!

At one time or another we all face difficult times. It’s easy to get lost in the sadness and sometimes, despair, of the “story.”

The challenge is to work through it.

I’ve been divorced for years and I am my only means of financial support.

About 4 years ago I crashed financially and emotionally and spiritually.

It took almost two years for me to get back on my feet.

Up to that time I'd been very fortunate. I had a very good job as a Human Resources Leader. As a member of the Executive Management Team my role was to manage all HR functions throughout the Canadian Division. Personally, I was able to enjoy and enjoyed many of the good things in life.

I had done some travelling, enjoyed my family, enjoyed live theatre, went to concerts. I was able to participate in life in ways that I found fulfilling without a second though. Then things changed.

"We cannot become
what we need to be
by remaining
what we are."
Max DePree

For very good business reasons, my company decided to move my position to another city. I wasn't prepared to go with it. I'm very close to my two grandsons and didn't want to become an occasional visitor. I found myself without a job.

Things change unexpectedly - and what looks like a sure thing, may not be.

Although it may take longer than you want - Inspiration always leads to new beginnings - better than expected.

Being the optimist I am I thought, "No problem, I'll find a new job in no time."

I didn’t know about the Law of Attraction and I had some lessons to learn.

I did get interviews but always seemed to be the bridesmaid but not the bride. Not a single job offer! While I’d had a bit of a nest egg, it quickly dwindled and paying my bills became more and more difficult.

Putting pride in my pocket, I finally I had no choice but to ask for help.

The worse it gets the worse it gets.

My first surprise (and humiliation) was my best friend…I’ll call her Mary...of over 30 years was hesitant to help. Ultimately, I did move in with her and her sister. A disaster from the start! She gave me shelter but forgot to be my friend when it counted the most.

For someone who had always been as independent as I was it was an extremely difficult time. While the details don’t really matter “Mary” let me down in ways that finally ended our friendship.

I eventually came to understand it was time for our friendship to end. It left an emotional bruise that took a long time to heal. In combination with my financial problems, it was a very difficult and hurtful time.

“When things go wrong,
don’t go with them.”
Roger Babson

Good Fortune flows like the tides: Sometimes in, sometimes out.
However, refusing to give in, I kept believing it would get better. My firm belief, "That the only person who can change your life is you," -- kept me going.

Many days I wanted to just pull the covers over my head and make the world go away. Instead, I kept repeating to myself, “If you’re going to change your life it is up to you to make it happen.”

It is a mistake to suppose that men
succeed through success;
they much oftener succeed
through failures.
Precept, study, advice, and example
could never have taught them
so well as failure has done.
Samuel Smiles

Sometimes the way out and "blue sky" are a long way off.

No matter how things appear on the surface - you are attracting what you believe and takes as long as it takes to really feel what you want -- instead of seeing and feeling sad about your daily life.

I was scared to death but kept on searching anyway.

My way of dealing with fear is action.

I kept saying to myself, you have no choice but to push away the fear and keep working at finding that new job.

(I talked to myself a lot during those days!) I was continuing to interview with prospective employers, but nothing was clicking. Was it my age? Perhaps. (I decided to put that thought on “ignore”!) It was challenging, but I simply refused to give up.

New people…supportive people… started coming into my life. When you’re down and out you can feel so isolated. You lose the company of co-workers, lack of money prevents you from joining friends in activities…and the stress can be almost paralyzing.

For company, I would go to a job resource center every day. One of the career counselors, Becky, and I became friends and over time started talking about personal things. During one of our conversations I had shared with her my current living arrangement.

Opportunities only work out when you act on them.

When things are really awful - taking a chance is easy. It's got to get better!

She very kindly invited (actually, she insisted) me to move in with her and leave behind what was a very difficult situation with my "best friend". (Thank you Universe!)

I took her up on it!

It was so much better emotionally.

She was fun to be around, and we became great “roomies”.

A huge weight had been lifted for me and I started to heal from the loss of a long time friend. She eventually moved to the States and I eventually again had my own place, but I will be eternally grateful for her friendship.

And the gratitude I feel towards those long time friends who were there for me in ways I could never have imagined will also be life long. One gave me the key to her house so I could use her computer, (I was living in one room and no home access) called me daily to give me a boost and put me in charge of her little dog during the day. He became my best buddy when he found out I was a soft touch for treats and to this day runs to his treat cupboard when I visit.

Feeling vulnerable is scary.

Giving and receiving are the same - Being able to receive is a talent too.

One of my closest friends is a great man I’ve known for over 20 years.

No romance, just a wonderful friendship.

During this time he was like a rock for me.

Every week he took me out to dinner, and every week I’d find money he had discreetly slipped into my pocket or purse…and asked for nothing in return. I am so blessed.

Within a short time after my move I was offered a good employment contract. I was still struggling but it was getting better. During this time, I met a group of people that raised my awareness of how your thoughts attract or detract from the "good" experiences in your life.

I had felt like a ship lost at sea. Associating with like-minded people gave me an anchor…a place where no one was judged, only supported. And how I needed that! Then, through this group, I had the opportunity to see "The Secret". The universe at work again! Did I mention that while I believed in positive thinking I had never heard of the Law of Attraction? “The Secret” gave me a broader perspective on what I had always believed. Negativity draws more negativity. Positive thoughts draw good things.

Was it a challenge to continue to think this way? You bet it was! I am basically a positive and optimistic person but my optimism had never been challenged like it had over those months!

"Don't wait for a light
to appear at the end
of the tunnel,
stride down there
and light the
bloody thing yourself."

Sara Henderson

If you want something - give it to others.
Late in 2006 while I was still living with “Mary”, I heard of a New Year's Day banquet for families and individuals less fortunate from shelters, subsidized housing, and homeless.

They were looking for volunteers to help set up and assist throughout the day. I saw it as a way of passing forward what had been given to me and I volunteered.

Commitment is the beginning
When I woke up the morning of that January 1, it was with anticipation for the day ahead. By nature, I enjoy helping others.

This was going to be a special day! I decided it was going to be special for me, too. I literally declared, "This is the Day my life changes for the better." (Talking to yourself does have benefits. No one argues with you!)

"Turning points
It was such a wonderful day. Five hundred and fifty people attendend. I have volunteered for different organizations throughout my life, but nothing compared to watching the smiling faces of the children and their families. From that point forward, my life did change ... and for the better.

"It is on our failures
that we base a new
and different
and better success."
Havelock Ellis

Coincidences and synchronicity - just like magic.

Your Inspiration leads you to the path into the garden.

"Once you are certain there IS a garden for you - it's not hard to find."

Just about the time my contract was to end,

I received a call from someone who I had met,

through a series of meeting others who had eventually introduced us.

I believe the Universe was leading me to this gentleman.

He asked if I would like to work with him as an executive recruiter. As I mentioned previously, my career had been in Human Resources and I had years of recruiting experience.

Saying, "Yes" set me on a completely different path. After working together for two years, he decided to close his business. Rather than seeing it as a "bad" thing, I made the conscious choice to see it as an opportunity.

"Nothing happens
unless first a dream."
Carl Sandburg

I had been thinking about starting my own recruiting business....and that's what I did. Given my career in Human Resources, along with my more recent experience as an executive recruiter, it seemed like a natural transition.

I had been running some ideas around in my head for awhile and now began putting that plan into action! Close friends recommended a web designed. A great lady whose patience is second to none! She very graciously put up with my many changes and worked diligently to get it just the way I had it in my head. In November 2008, my website was officially launched. I was officially a business owner!

"Optimism is a strategy for making
a better future. Because unless you
believe that the future can be better,
you are unlikely to step up and take
responsibility for making it so.
If you assume there is no hope,
you guarantee there will be no hope."
Noam Chomsky

Of course, given the economic climate, I was asked by several people if it was really the right time to go into business for myself.

My answer? This is the time I’ve got. I refuse to be full of doom and gloom and I will just make it work! Being blessed with many wonderful business relationships during my time in the recruiting business, I contacted everyone I knew…and within 7 weeks had my first search! The universe at work? Absolutely!

The better it gets the better it gets.
The people that have come into my life and the opportunities that have come to me over the last 2 years...and continue to come to me... have been amazing.

“Following the flow
is a way of life that sustains us,
guides us, and leads us to
boundless joy and insight.

Life, after all,
is for us to live,
fully, wonderfully."

Stuart Avery Gold

Being an entrepreneur working from home what you don’t have is a support system. So, I’m creating one… through affiliations with other recruiters, searching out networking opportunities with like-minded people, and making new friendships. I love it!

One of my philosophies is that no one realizes success in isolation. In less than 3 months I closed my first deal, within 4 months had another client, and within 5 months began working with yet another client. Deals will close with both. The universe at work again? No doubt in my mind!

Gratitude brings more to be grateful for--

Loving relationships make life fun.

Appreciation and gratitude are the "glue" that holds it all in place.

I am so grateful.

And as I believe in passing it forward,

I help others whenever I can

which has also given me some wonderful experiences.

Sometimes in little buying a coffee for the stranger in the car behind me in the drive through.

In my recruiting business, I'm able to offer help beyond just taking information from people looking for jobs. Having walked that path, I fully appreciate the fear...and sometimes despair...of having your basic security pulled out from under you. Financial gain isn't everything for me (although the universe did teach me a few lessons about finances!) I'll offer job resources to check out, names of contacts who can possibly help, networking events where they can meet people.

"I don't know what
your destiny will be,
but I do know that
the only ones among you
who will be truly happy
are those who have sought
and found a way to serve."
Albert Schweitzer

I help simply because I can. Whatever we do, it's about people in the end...and passing forward the good things I've received in life is an important piece of the gratitude I feel towards those who have, out of the goodness of their heart, offered me support.

My true friends and family are rooting for me. They truly care and are ready to share my excitement about being a new business owner. Most important, they believe in me. I am blessed.

Sure, I’ve run into naysayers…those who run with the doom and gloom crowd. After all, we live in an imperfect world. I refuse to let them bring me down. I experienced losses during a challenging time I had never expected to have; however, I also came to know the basic goodness that resides in most people.

Repetition works - and a Vision Board works wonders.

"Whatever the mind of man
can conceive and believe
it can achieve."

Napoleon Hill

Just before I launched my business I decided to create a vision board...

Focus on your Vision -- just like a camera only looks in one direction.

A vision board helps Focusing. Advertising uses the same tool with ads and billboards. Don't argue with what works - just DO IT!

...something I had thought about but had not taken the time to do.

I broke it into three sections...

business, family and other relationships...

and placed words of inspiration and gratitude all over it!

Items include the header from my website, a money tree, a group of people representing networking. first cheque!!

The words "Inspiration Delivered Daily" are pasted in the top left hand corner where they can't be missed!

Other items are more personal to me and include the word "Play" as well as "Love & Happiness", a lotus flower to represent blessings and a list of I AM adjectives. Another says “Let your love flow. Find your happy place…and just be”. I found pictures of gratitude and abundance stones to add as well.

I would like a summer home so added a picture of a house and a beautiful garden with chairs under a tree, along with the words “This is the place that inspires”. Not there yet, but I will be.

Want a new car? ONLY put things you really want on your Vision Board

Trickster universal forces --may deliver what you "picture."

I went through magazines and found things that had meaning to me.

Like most people, I like nice things. While I’m not particularly materialistic I did want a new car.

I’ve always been very practical where cars are concerned, but I wanted something with horns and whistles this time…and a sunroof in particular.

I added a picture to my vision board.

Well, my lease was up recently, and there just happened to be a demo available at a very reasonable price with all the gadgets one could want…and a sunroof. Thank you, Universe!

Pictures and words such as “New Path. Same Destination” look after the romance department.

While I haven’t had much opportunity to focus on that side of life, it’s there to remind me…and the universe…I’m open.

My vision board is on the wall above my computer monitor and helps me stay focused and do the Quick-Good-Fortune Insights.

Business opportunities are continually coming coming my way.

I love to network and that has brought many new people into my life and continues to do so…a constant reminder that the Universe is at work.

Business relationships have turned into friendships and friends have turned into business relationships. My life has completely turned around. A new business takes time to start up but a strong foundation is forming.

The Law of Attraction is working!

The Law of Attraction does work, however, you have to be willing to “work at it”, too. The universe will bring you opportunities, but it’s up to you to get out there and make life happen for yourself.

If you asked for my would be--

Sandy is back in the flow and sharing her Good Fortune.

Good relationships are the foundation of a joyful life and prosperous business - enjoying others is joyful living

"Create a vision board that is meaningful to you, stay open and positive, and understand that adversity is about lessons to be learned.

And don’t forget gratitude for all the goods things you do have.

Is adversity the universe perhaps telling you to pay attention? I think so. Accept it, move through it, let it go, and let the Universe bring you the good things you desire and deserve. When one door closes, another opens…keep your eyes and heart open for the next opportunity…and who knows what good things will come your way! ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE…AND BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR BLESSINGS! ”

Sandy MacDonald resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She owns her own Executive Recruiting company, and can be contacted at Recruiters Resource

Sandy's website is another Focus point for Law of Attraction.

Making your wishes public allows others to participate and more good things to find you. It also assures you stay Focused on your Dream.

"How to succeed?
Try hard enough."
Malcolm Forbes

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Inspiration Quotes
Good Fortune

"The way is not
in the sky, the way

in the heart.
For the traveler

knows his direction,
there is always a

favorable wind."

Stuart Avery Gold

“Whoever wants to
reach a distant

must take many small

Helmut Schmidt

"Most of our so-
called reasoning

consists in finding
arguments for

on believing as we
already do"

James H Robinson

Success is more a
function of

common sense than it
is of


An Wang

“Whoever has, shall
be given more and

more, while whoever
has nothing, even

he has will be taken
away from


Gospel of Matthew

“As a general rule,
the most

man in life Is the man

has the best



“The impossible is
often the untried.”

Jim Goodwin

"The victory of
success is half won

when one gains the
habit of setting

and achieving them.

Even the

most tedious
chore will become

endurable as you
parade through each

day convinced that
every task, no

how menial or boring,

you closer to
fulfilling your

Og Mandino

"Stress is the trash
of modern life -

all generate it but if
you don't

dispose of
it properly, it will
pile up

and overtake
your life."



"Our doubts are
traitors, and make us

lose the good we oft
might win, by

to attempt."



“Following the flow is
a way of life

sustains us, guides us,
and leads

us to
boundless joy and
insight. Life,

all, is for us to live,


Stuart Avery Gold

"The way you treat
yourself sets the

standard for others."



"Strength isn't
measured by what you

can control out in
life. The measure

your strength is
shown by how

control the outside
world has on


Cheryl Janecky

"Only man clogs his
happiness with

destroying what is
with thoughts

of what
may be."

John Dryden

“If you ask what
is the single most
important key to

I would have to say
it is avoiding worry,
stress and tension.

And if you didn't
ask me, I'd still
have to say it.”

George Burns

“Sow a thought, reap
an action; sow

action, reap a habit;
sow a habit,

reap a
character; sow a

reap a


"Silence is the great
teacher, and to

its lessons you must

attention to it.

There is no

for the creative

knowledge, and

that come
from knowing how to

contact your core of
inner silence."

Deepak Chopra

"What great thing
would you attempt

you knew you could


Robert Schuller

"If you could get to
the place where

no longer feel a need
to push

anything that you

would become in

with what
you do agree with.

within your own
body, it is your

pushing against those
things you don't

agree with that
causes your health to

be out of alignment."



"Anxiety is a thin
stream of fear

trickling through the
mind. If

it cuts a channel into

which all other
thoughts are


Arthur Somers Roche

"There are people
who are always

anticipating trouble,
and in this way

manage to enjoy many
sorrows that never

really happen to



"The ability to be in
the present moment

a major component of


Abraham Maslow

"Courage is the power
to let go of the


Raymond Lindquist

"If we all did the
things we are

of doing, we would




"Imagine a fish–
discovering water–
in that same way,
become aware you
swim in a current
of love, Well-being
and Solutions flowing
to your own unique

It is that Knowing
that opens you
to be in the flow
of Good Fortune."

Cheryl Janecky

"Imagination is not
the talent of some

men, but is the health
of every man"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Everything that
irritates us about

others can lead us to
an understanding


Carl Jung

“The definition of
insanity is to

to do the same thing

expect something
to change.”



“People often say that
this or that

has not yet found
himself. But

the self
is not something one
finds. It

is something
one creates.”



“Self-respect is the
fruit of

the sense of dignity

with the
ability to say no
to oneself.”



"Heavy thoughts
bring on physical

maladies; when the
soul is oppressed

so is the body."

Martin Luther

"Those who follow the
Tao are clear

mind. They do not
load their mind

anxieties and
are flexible in
their adjustment to

external conditions."

Chuang Tzu

"Make up your mind
that nothing is

important than how I
feel now,

because now
is everything. Now is

whole enchilada.
Now is the power of

me. Now, now, now,
now, now… You

as well start
somewhere, and

might as well be now.
Why not

improving your life
now, now,



"Do not let what you
cannot do

with what you can


John Wooden

"Discipline is
remembering what


David Campbell

"For what is the best
choice, for each

individual is the
highest it is possible

for him to achieve."


"Things which matter
most must never be

the mercy of things
which matter



"Sometimes when I
consider what

consequences come

little things… I
am tempted to think

there are no little



"One reason so few
of us achieve what

truly want is that we
never direct


we never

our power.


people dabble
their way through

never deciding to
master anything in


Anthony Robbins

“Success is getting
what you want.

Happiness is liking
what you get.”

Jackson Brown