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...can you BUY Happiness?


– you do every day.

is getting what you want.

is liking what you get.”

H. Jackson Brown

Everything you buy is because you think it will make you happy.

Buy treats and special coffee and desserts - buy time, hiring others to do tasks; buy a new look or the season's fashion - buy a fun car to drive. Buying becomes a quick trip to feeling better. After all - you don't "buy" to feel worse, right?

Special deserts and yummy treats.

Unless you eat too much and get a tummy ache!

"All I want

is a little more

than I’ll ever


Ashley Brilliant

Food is a daily pleasure - are you enjoying it? Or are unconscious habits running your life?

Food can either enhance your vitality -- or add weight, stress and discomfort - right?


is believing

in yourself.

If you can do that

you can make

anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Loving what you drive - makes driving fun!

Finding what you love - and is worth the expense of maintaining it, is the key, isn't it?

“We all dream a lot -
some are lucky,
some are not.

But if you think it,
want it, dream it,
then it's real.

You are what
you feel.”

Tim Rice

Indulging in sports you love is a worthwhile expense.

It's easy to get carried away with a hobby. The trick? Does it feel good and balance your life, or not?

"The real measure
of your wealth
is how much you
would be worth
if you lost
all your money."


Vacations can restore and refresh your life and your outlook.

Do you take the time to spend on relaxation and restoring your balance?

"Training and managing your
own mind is the most important
skill you could ever own,
in terms of both happiness
and success."

T. Harv Eker

Are you getting real value for what you buy?

Do you buy - and get - the happiness you are seeking?

You know when you love your life.... You can feel it and everyone sees it.

There's no faking it - everyone knows the truth - why not live in the flow of Good Fortune? It's easy to do.

Do you eagerly look forward to the day?

Are your decisions making you happy?

Or does what you chase, never really deliver what you hoped?

Ever wonder, " this all there is?"

Most purchases are for the moment - or at best a few years.

Happiness comes and goes with your ability to purchase toys - yet often vanishes with conflict or challenging situations.

Looking for quick cash or switching jobs, partners, and locations isn't the answer.

You take yourself with you. Wherever you go - there you are!!

Information, ideas and insights inspire and delight.

Knowledge only becomes Wisdom through your experience.

Happiness eludes most. Why?

You’re buying the wrong things!

Buy wisdom – it lasts.

Buying isn't enough

Reading isn't enough-

It is only from taking action-

Actually doing things in a new way-

that makes change (and wisdom) real in your life.

You are "here." Here is the only place you'll ever be.

Your Inspiration and Opportunities can ONLY come from RIGHT HERE.

Once you are doing and living the life you choose - more Insights and opportunities appear - like magic.

And the magic is??

Your own Inspiration - your own desire and passion for what you love-

And the commitment to make it really happen.

Spend Wisely and Mindfully.

Is there an invisible barrier boxing you in?

It's your own ideas, attitudes and beliefs - and only you can change it.

Most spend at least a third of their income on food and maintaining their life.

Taxes take another third - including hidden taxes like 75% of fuel costs.

Shelter and maintaining a car, transportation and family expenses eat up most of the rest.

So what's left for you?

Not enough!

Why not pay yourself FIRST?

Maintaining your health, clarity, emotional balance and continuing to learn are the foundation of your future.

If you don't take care of your health and wealth you're not much use to yourself - or others, right?

Nothing else you buy is as important as YOU.

Do you long for something "out there" or in the future?

Your desires can inspire you. When you don't know how to get there - longing hurts.

“I'm not yet

desperate enough

to do anything about

the conditions that

are making me


Ashleigh Brilliant

Most of what you buy and invest time in cannot give you lasting happiness. Food is soon gone, overeating or overindulging leads to unhealthy consequences - quickly; toys and stuff soon loses their charms, same with drinking.

Knowledge and learning is the only thing you can invest in - and indulge in - that continues to satisfy and enrich your life.

Apply experience to your learning and you will find that your own Wisdom is your only path to lasting happiness.

    Buy the security of knowing how to lead the life you want to lead.

    Buy the information and keys to the wisdom of the ages.

    Buy the Insights of the new sciences and cutting edge psychology breakthroughs.

    Spend time and practice the skills that promise a future of Good Fortune.

    Invest in yourself - and you are investing in a happy, fulfilling life.

“Attitude is more important

than the past,

than education,

than money,

than circumstances,

than what people
do or say.

It is more important

than appearance,


or skill.”

W. C. Fields

Good Fortune is a life-skill you can learn.

Good Fortune is a habit you cultivate. It is the current of life that flows in cycles of abundance. Slip into the flow - create a lifestyle of ease and grace. Master the skill in easy steps that lead to success. Follow a plan that works, and work the plan.

“People often say
that this or that person
has not yet found himself.

But the self is not
something one finds.

It is something
one creates.”

Thomas Szasz

Discover what does work and how you want your life to look.

Putting the pieces together is easy once you stop doing what doesn't work.

Create the life you desire - like magic!

Everyone knows what Good Fortune is when they have it

- even though it's unique to each.

It's a feeling and state of grace where everything is abundant and magically attracted to you.

Life is FUN and effortless.

You feel like a magnet for everything you desire - and you are.

You enjoy and appreciate yourself and others, overlook problems, and expect a good outcome.

Your vision of the "good life" is your personal unique destination.

If it's been awhile since you've felt "the flow of Good Fortune" and abundance carrying you to your Vision, invest today in yourself and your future.

"Do not let what you
cannot do
interfere with what you
can do."

John Wooden

You have the power to change your life. Learn to use it.

“If you are lucky enough

to find a way of life you love,

you have to find

the courage to live it.”


When the basic facts of how life works are missing, then you don't know what to do next either.

Success Facts are simple to learn and easy to implement. It's all in fun "persistance" and NOT hard work.

The only lasting changes come from new decisions you make - and implement.

Your thoughts and attitudes are the tools you use - and no one and nothing can interfere with your thoughts and how you view life.

It's all up to you.

Buy Happiness that lasts.

“10 Common Mistakes that Sabotage Success” is a practical guide to simply stop doing what doesn't work - and allow what does work to guide your life.

What can be easier than "not doing?" Easy and simple feels good and makes you happy. The happier you are about your life, the better it gets.

Also included is the added BONUS e-book: “7 Facts You Need to Know to Live the Life of Your Dreams” 7 simple steps that work to quickly transform how you look at the world. As you see life differently, life becomes more of what you Desire.

Simple truths are self-evident - once you see the FACTS - it's easy to shift your perspective. Once your attitude shifts - so does your life. It's quick and simple.

You'll find tips, strategies, quotes to ponder, and words of wisdom to inspire you. The guidelines build an easy, fun path to the Life of Your Dreams.

Release the old habits and Refresh your Creative Spirit .

“Whoever wants
to reach a distant
goal must take
many small steps.”

Helmut Schmidt

Money is only one way wealth flows to you.

Loving cash flow is a good way to turn on a "shower" of cash. Feeling desperate stops the flow. Your past experience with cash flow tells you which one you've chosen.

You're in the right place if you're ready for change and willing to make your life work out the way you want it to be.

One quick simple step clears up confusion, achieves clarity, releases fear and builds self-esteem - ...and moves you into the life you want - quickly.

Sound too good to be true?

It is true! Discover your own truth and live it - you've got nothing to lose but frustration, disappointment and all the other stuff you don't want.

Success is a formula. Follow a plan, just like following a recipe and you'll get exactly what you expect.

Invest $29.95 in yourself - and your future.

The “10 Common Mistakes that Sabotage Success” is a 3 step process of "recipes" for success. It's fully guaranteed - if you are not 100% satisfied, get a full refund - and keep the e-workbook for your willingness to try it.

Invest in a proven plan - and follow it!

"All of us have bad luck
and good luck.

The man who persists
through the bad luck --

who keeps
right on going --

is the man who is there
when the good luck comes --

and is ready
to receive it."

Robert Collier

Quick Good Fortune

“10 Common Mistakes that Sabotage Success”




US $29.95

Invest in Yourself Now!!

Find your Life's Purpose AND Begin LIVING IT in 3 Easy Steps

“Insanity is doing the same thing
over and over again and
expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Step 1: Relax.

If you knew what to do, you would do it. So why not try a fresh, new approach?

Begin with basic life Facts and refresh your outlook: “7 Facts You Need to Know to Live the Life of Your Dreams.” This BONUS e-book is included as Step One.

“Things should be made
as simple as possible,
but not any simpler.”

Albert Einstein

Step 2: Refresh & Release

Nothing is as simple as stopping what doesn't work.

Release the old habits and Refresh your Creative Spirit

You can have the Problem or the Solution…

But not both.

Why not LIVE in Good Fortune?

Step 3: Restore Your Life's Purpose, Vision and Creativity

“You never change things
by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a
new model that makes the
existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

Turn the negatives in your life around. Build a new model.

Persist in doing things in a new way that assures your Good Fortune.

Until you find your Passion and Vision - you are unable to move easily into abundance.

From a Vision - comes your own unique Inspiration & Opportunities

Tips, strategies, links and Insights to simply and quickly move into living the life you Vision.

Get Your Copy and Begin Now!!

Here's what other experts have to say....

Jamie L. Briggs is a Certified Hypnotherapist who applies Mind Power Techniques, to creating an abundant life. She's the author of 5 books, the most recent is an Amazon best-seller ‘The Unspoken Formula to Fast Fortunes’ and an excellent resource.

Jamie L. Briggs

"I was delighted to discover that there are two e-books in here - and the first, the “7 Facts You Need to Know to Live the Life of Your Dreams” is an absolute must-read. It's a series of steps and exercises to see where you are compared to where you want to be. The foundation for building substantial success is really in here!

This is a simplified - and easy - guide to transforming all of the important areas your life. I am very impressed with the direct approach and straightforward style of writing that is aimed at getting through to even the most hard-headed of readers. The facts are found here and although, often blunt, the "7 Facts” demands you to take action or see that you won't get what you want. The wise and well-known Albert Einstein, hit the nail on the head when he said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If you want radical results then you must do things differently and this is the insider information you need to read…Period!

"The 10 Common Mistakes" list those unconscious habits we all do - and regret. If it is your hearts desire to rise above the strife of life and really succeed this time around, than commit to uncovering the most common mistakes that people perpetually make and see to it that you stop falling into these traps. These strategies are designed and engineered to set you on the path of self-mastery.

Cheryl has repeatedly proven to me that she not only practices what she preaches but she has hands-on created a role-model like life that she unselfishly shares with others who desire to do the same!

You will not regret your purchase - this e-workbook is complete and unveils a very valuable list of resources at the end to keep you efficient for many months! I dare you to discover how exciting it is to make leaps and bounds in your immediate life! This e-book has my highest recommendation!!" Jamie L. Briggs

"The Way is not a path;
it is the landscape
of the soul that the universe
fills with its breath.

Be open and the Universe
will not keep you down,
but lift you up.

All else is
futile struggle."

Stuart Avery Gold, Ping

Opportunities come to life through taking action. Just DO IT!

Catch the wave. Enjoy the ride. Live the Dream.

“Good ideas
are common -

what's uncommon
are people who'll
work hard enough
to bring them about”

Ashleigh Brilliant

Invest in a proven plan - Simple & Quick!

The Insights and Steps are Simple and Fun

    95+% of life is controlled by subconscious habits - most formed in early childhood - and NOT your choice now.

    Good Fortune is a habit - replace old limiting, unproductive habits. Replace what doesn't work with what DOES WORK: eliminate the “10 Common Mistakes that Sabotage Success”

    The "....ah HA! moment” is your own instant personal Insight that breaks through inertia, old habits, and reticence -- revealing a truth you can make your own. It is a life-changing event you control completely.

    This practical “how to guide” is a workbook, complete with additional links to strategies and plans.

    Identify your limiting habits and then implement a plan to change them. Select from a variety of approaches. Persist and take time to work with the ideas and build a success-oriented mind-set.

    Everything you need is here - and it's guaranteed to work (or a full refund!) Your commitment is the only missing ingredient. Only you can do this for yourself.

    It takes 21 days to change a habit - with Focused repetition. Following this simple plan builds your success solidly based in your own truths and experience.

    Each of the “7 Facts You Need to Know to Live the Life of Your Dreams” are a step “building a bridge" from what you have now to what you want. As you complete each step, your old habits or mind-set shifts to include a new Vision of your future.

    Once you have a solid foundation for success - then simply eliminating what DOES NOT WORK is simple. You are unknowingly creating and attracting all your own problems. Get the facts and make the changes - only you can stop the: “10 Common Mistakes that Sabotage Success”

    Nothing in your life CAN change until you do. Make it simple and Quick.

    Open your mind to your full potential- then the path to Good Fortune becomes clear and easy to follow.

"The predominant thought
or the mental attitude is
the magnet,

and the law is that
like attracts like,

consequently, the mental attitude
will invariably attract, such conditions
as correspond to its nature."

Charles Hannel

Get Your Copy Now!!

Comments from the Good Fortune community....

“I know Law of Attraction is working in my life!”
Sandy MacDonald, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Sandy MacDonald

First I want say thank you for your insights. They are helping to keep me open to attract good things into my life.

I have found the information on your website regarding fear to be very helpful. I signed up for the mini version of the 21 days course and I've been looking for information on the full course- Estela V (...not published yet.)

I have to tell you that you truly hit it right on the head with what you said in your message here. Thank you you have helped me greatly. I enjoy your messages and always look forward to the next one. Thanks again! Joann R.


Your lifestory is fascinating and your newsletter is one that I save because its loaded with useful content. Karen S.

“I often pass on your newsletter to clients-”
Judith Fine-Sarchielli, Topanga, California

Judith Fine-Sarchielli

The more I read your unique Insights, the more I enjoy it! Am I already signed up? Is it all free?

I really love what you say about feeding into discussions around politics. I'm amazed at the lack of courage many Americans are manifesting. Thanks for being an example of leadership in the face of fear.

I also get inspired by many of your quotes. I am going to quote you sometimes! Have a bountiful day, and thanks so much for YOU!

I forwarded this to my clients:

Hi friends,
Take a minute or more to read ALL of this. It was written by a colleague who has wisdom and integrity around money. It is long, so read it in parts at different times if you can't read it through entirely all at once.

It says what I teach in PBM. You must manifest your inner self, which is creative and abundant. The closer and clearer you are about your essence, the wealthier you are and the more the finances will manifest. Practice. Practice. Practice being in the moment and being your own inspiration. Judith

(Judith Fine-Sarchielli is an author, editor, and Vision Board consultant - and contributs articles to

"None of us knows what
the next change
is going to be,
what unexpected opportunity
is just around the corner,
waiting to change all the
tenor of our lives."
Kathleen Norris

Did you get your copy yet? It's simple, guaranteed, and works like magic!

Create your own magic - and live an abundant future --

Once in the flow, life becomes effortless and fun.

No hard work or anything else you are doing will get you to success--

without an understanding of how you are attracting your experiences.

Only then do you see how to attract what you want.

Follow a plan and build a 'superhighway' to your Vision of the future.

You'll like Good Fortune...try it out - it's investing in yourself.

If you're not 100% satisfied - return it for a full refund.

Make your purchase now!

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Cheryl Janecky

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Build a new habit, then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

Repetition works

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