Find Inspiration & Find Good Fortune

Do you rely on your Inspiration? Most don't and make changes logically often based on other's success - and then feel anxious. No matter how "good" something appears, if it's not right for you - it won't work for you.
You instinctively know it too. That stress is tension in your body - and confusion follows. Relieve stress and find your balance - only then can you know which choice will work out best.

How do you find Insight and inspiration?

It's not a mind decision, it's a heart decision. Only you know what feels right and makes you happy. Your vision of Good Fortune is unique to you.

You inherently know how you feel and you know life should be good.

Intuition is not "lost." It's a part of you and you can find it easily.

Good Fortune is living your life in your own way. You are constantly sensing what is right for you. Your Inspiration or unique feelings are YOUR ONLY guide to living the life you love. Confusion means you may be resisting your Inspiration and not realize it.

A sensitive body and physical reactions - are a good thing.

You (and your parents) trained your body out of being a good guide and you can train yourself back into sensitivity.

You started out perfectly in tune with yourself and life. From your first day -- you were tuned in to what you were feeling. You knew what tasted good and you knew you needed love and close contact. You pooped and pee'd when your body was full, and ate when you were hungry. Your Inspiration led you to things you like -- and it still does.

Soon you were potty-trained and eating on a regular schedule.

Next you were told not to please yourself, but to please others....or else.

Your life depended on others.

Everyone resisted your natural impulses, your ideas and desires.

Your inspiration seemed to get you into trouble.

After awhile, you identified with them, and ignored yourself.

Have you trained yourself not to hear your Inspiration or listen to your body's reactions?

You may think you feel okay - but if your inner self/child is not happy you feel stress and tension. Ignoring it makes it worse.

You can't ignore your self or your Inspiration.

Your preferences and desires define who you are. Your Inspiration leads you to a life of Good Fortune. If denied for long, your natural creative urges subsided - beneath depression, anger, resentment and blame. On the surface you do what you have to - and the frustration simmers - in conflict. That's a perfect recipe for stress and eventually dis-ease.

Genetic Patterns rule - until you change them.

All behavior is genetic. You and your parents are only responding to long-standing habits.
No one is to blame. Including you. The blueprint for the "denial of life" is all-pervasive. Few still follow their Inspiration. We call them successful.
Over 90% are following orders, other people and are living far below their potential.
Habits are tough to change only because you didn't know (until now) that you could.

Your natural instincts are to follow a leader - mindlessly.

"Over 95% of what you think daily is subconscious, repetitive programming - ugh! Gotta wake up.

And it's easy to change habits. And that if you don't live your own unique'll never be happy.

Good Fortune - Health, Wealth and Wisdom - all feel good and resonate out that feeling to others.

That vibration signals to Law of Attraction.

When you feel Inspired, good and fortunate - you attract more.

Happiness is a way of life.

"What lies behind
us and what lies
before us
are tiny matters
compared to what
lies within us."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Your body and emotions reveal your self-denial stress.

Where do you feel pain?

Inspiration feels good. If you feel fearful - stop it quick or it will expand."

"You can't outrun fear - It attracts itself and the more you fear the more you get."

Joints, tendons, wrist?

Digestion, elimination or stomach after eating?

Feel tired and lethargic?

Annoyed and resentful of others? Nervous, anxious and trouble sleeping?

Your life and body -- are showing you exactly what needs to be fixed.

Find the Good Stuff - follow your Inspiration.

What in your life is working well? What makes you happy and you feel relaxed, content and spontaneous? Hobby? Sport? Walk? Playing with a dog or cat or kids?

Happy and relaxed is your natural state. Now compare that to your "normal feeling" and body tension. That difference is the stress you are carrying. Relieve stress or attract more. All of your life -- and relations with others can be inspired and stress free. And until they are - you will not find the inspiration and opportunities that lead you to happiness, health and wealth you seek.

Relieve stress and find health (or wealth).

In fact, relieving stress is the only healing you will ever enjoy that lasts. Same with attracting financial success - stress and anxiety is the opposite vibration. Once you are frustrated or angry, you can't think clearly or make good choices.

Do you see you cannot attract abundance in a muddled state of conflicts and repression? There's no Inspiration here either, is there?

Well, if that's so, its time to tune in and pay attention to your body consciousness, right?

Finding your inner balance and Inspiration is far more important than taking actions headed in the wrong direction.

"Inspiration feels "right on." You know it will work.

When you "expect" vitality (your attitude about your body) plus feeling good about your health, you release natural painkillers.

Your realistic expectations fuels the body's natural healing system, and releases gamma globulin to fortify the immune system - and also interferon that helps combat infection.

You are your own source of healing!

In the same way - your passion and love for successful solutions and creative challenges triggers release of natural chemicals that excite and inspire you to new levels of accomplishment. Soon Good Fortune flows in.

“We do not err because truth
is difficult to see.
It is visible at a glance.
We err because this is
more comfortable.”

Alexander Solzhentsyn

Vitality and your body.

Your "health" is an excellent feed back system and tells you immediately what's up. Your physical responses to food, people, and situations are usually right on.

7 Tips on Finding Your Inspiration.

Follow this guide to change from feeling bad to feeling great. Your Inspiration is your quick guide -- follow feeling good. Why? Everything you want feels good. Match that feeling to get that experience. Stop that fear - it blocks intuition - they are opposite vibrations.

  • The mind-body connection. Your body is your most personal creation and reflects perfectly where you are at any given moment. Your mind dishes up genetic habitual thoughts (and feelings follow) but your body responses are usually accurate and you can rely on them. It may take some practice to tune in, but worth the effort.

  • You may have self-defeating habits. When you are addicted to food, a substance, or alcohol then your body craving is responding to the addiction or the subconscious desire to remain consistent. That's a habit. Once you spot them and make a plan to change, you are on your way.

  • Your passion for your Vision. of the life of Good Fortune can over-ride old habits. Once the fears behind the addiction are resolved, then your body will again align with a healthy pattern.

  • Reliability Test.When you are focused on your Desire for your Dream (and feeling great) -- then, and ONLY then, can you trust your physical responses. Your benchmark is "feeling good" and you are comparing your inspiration to "feeling good." You do - or you don't.

  • Diet habits may interfere with feeling your best. Family traditions and preferences are strong. The real test is: do I feel great after eating - or not. Do you have "family illnesses?" Diet is a big factor. You can change old patterns and drop the genetic illness with it.

  • Clearing the way. Once addictions (or habits) are corrected, then your physical body gives honest feedback. It is your best natural impeccable integrity - telling you what you want. Flashes of insight and Inspiration guide you to Good Fortune.

  • Denial of your body's feelings is self-denial. Tune back in with an exercise - yoga is great for connecting your breath and awareness to movement and relieving specific stressed areas.

Hike or bike or walk and focus on your "feelings" in the moment. Try testing several subjects and see what you "feel." Take note and make changes. Often you get a hunch - or strange feeling...if you miss your Inspiration, you miss the path, in that moment, to your Vision. Don't worry. There will be more.

"Weakness of attitude
becomes weakness of character."

Albert Einstein

Change your mind, change your life.

Prayers are always answered - how? By vibration.

"Are you afraid of what's next? If you don't feel worthy or good enough or deserving - then that's what you are "asking for more of."

Much of your inner stress is the result of "how" you are looking at life or other people.

Inspired Stress free relationships

are easy.

Once you realize that others

are not in your way -

it is your Attitudes that are creating your stress -

you will naturally and quickly adjust.

If a fearful habit is long-standing, visit Overcome Fear.

Once you see fear for what it is and the damage it causes - you'll stop it quick. Let your Inspiration guide you.

Live your Vision of Good Fortune - only you can find it.

You are learning to trust your own inner-guidance system tuned into your Dream of the life you want. Begin refreshing your mind with images, music or thoughts about your Vision. Good Fortune is attracted by your love of what you love.

"Discipline is
what you want."

David Campbell

The "vibration" or feeling you want to "match" feels great. Now ask questions. If you are asking about diet - does it feel this good? If you are asking about a party, friend, or movie....does it feel this good? Listen to your Inspiration.

If you are seeking paths to Good Fortune, then your Intuition is the ONLY guide guaranteed to get you there. Even your problems turn into solutions-- often by a quick turn of events.

Inspiration is the ONLY path to follow.

Insights are instinctual and the flashes of Inspiration are instant. If you don't like something... you'll feel it physically. Some call that a "gut" response.

Doubt it? Put a bite of food in your mouth you don't like. Feel that reaction? You can learn to sense that about any subject.

Stop doing and being what you don't like.

And back to that food you don't like - do you eat it anyway? I hope not "because it's good for you?" Ugh. You gotta' stop that. You can find some substitute that IS tasty and good for you!

There's a reason your body is resisting it. Do not "put up with" anything to please another. The price is too high. Stress makes you sick and attracts unpleasant experiences into your life. And blocks your Inspiration.

Tune in and make changes.

Stress feels awful and creates friction in your body. Eventually your body reacts in self-defense and displays some symptom - and that alerts you to a problem.

Symptoms slow you down (flu and in bed for a week? Migraine headache?) and that respite relieves the pressure. You may be denying what you want or pleasing others or you may be wanting what you fear having.

Quick question reveals resistance.

Learn to use and appreciate this physical feedback and it'll get you to what you want quickly. Ask yourself: "I'd rather have this headache, or backache, or whatever -- than do what?" Find what you are avoiding. Journal (write out the problem and your response) and look for the solution. You'll find it. Here your Inspiration is your only guide.

Nature makes it easy.

Your intention to get back to nature -

your own nature and your relation with life and Mother Nature

- is a great start.

It may not happen quickly or all at once -

but you will soon find that changes are underway, and the life you want is the life you are living.

“Success is often
just an idea away.”

Frank Tyger

Fast walking or slow jogging quickly gets your body working again.

"Good nutritious food and exercise relieves stress and energizes you too."

Commit to ONE step: Feel Good seeking Inspiration.

You may not have realized that your Inspiration and feelings about life are repressed. Clear the stress out of your body and you remove it from your life. It's a choice. Your attitude makes your life "true." You deserve the best, and it's up to you to go get it.

Your call: every moment you can love your body and your life and what you want more of...or not. Your Inspiration feels good and is then attracted to you.
What makes it so hard to make changes? Law of Attraction responding to your body in stress as you Focus on what you do not want.

What makes it so easy to get what you want? Law of Attraction responding to a stress free body and your Focus on loving what you want. Insights are quick and constant. The better it gets, the better it gets.

Is this an "....ah HA! moment..." ??? Make this real for yourself and attract your Dream of how good your life can be.

Quick Good Fortune: "You are looking in the wrong place. Stop your search and let what you want find you."

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More Insights into designing a life you want to live.

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Stress Quotes

When I examine
myself and my
methods of thought,
I come to the
conclusion that the
gift of fantasy has
meant more to me
than any talent for
abstract, positive

Albert Einstein

"Worrying is like a
rocking chair, it gives
you something to do,
but it gets you

Glenn Turner

"Stress is the trash
of modern life - we
all generate it but if
you don't dispose of
it properly, it will
pile up and overtake
your life."

Danzae Pace

“For fast-acting
relief, try slowing

Lily Tomlin

"Prosperity in the
form of wealth works
exactly the same as
everything else.

You will see it coming
into your life when
you are unattached to
needing it.."

Dr. Wayne Dyer

"It is a paradoxical
but profoundly true
and important
principle of life that
the most likely way to
reach a goal is to be
aiming not at that
goal itself but at
some more ambitious
goal beyond it."

IArnold Toynbee

"The human body
heals itself and
nutrition provides
the resources to
accomplish the task."

Roger Williams Ph.D.

"Experience is a
hard teacher
because she gives
the test first,
the lesson


"If you can't go over
it or through it,
you'd better
negotiate with it."

Ashleigh Brilliant

"One of the symptoms
of an approaching
nervous breakdown
is the belief that
one's work is
terribly important."

Bertrand Russell

"My life has been
full of terrible
misfortunes most of
which never

Michel de Montaigne

"If things go wrong,
don't go with them."

Roger Babson

"If you doubt
yourself, then indeed
you stand on shaky

Henrik Ibsen

"It isn't the
mountains ahead to
climb that wear you
out, it's the pebble
in your shoe."

Muhammad Ali

"Pile up too many
tomorrows and you'll
find that you've
collected nothing but
a bunch of empty

The Music Man

"He who fears he
shall suffer, already
suffers what he


"Obstacles are those
frightful things that
appear when you take
your mind off your

David Byrne

"The way you treat
yourself sets the
standard for others."

Sonya Friedman

"Worry is interest
paid on trouble
before it comes due."

William Ralph Inge

"The time to relax is
when you don't have
time for it."

Jim Goodwin

"Half our life is
spent trying to find
something to do with
the time we have
rushed through life
trying to save."

Will Rogers

"We probably
wouldn't worry about
what people think of
us if we could know
how seldom they do."

Olin Miller

"Only man clogs his
happiness with care,
destroying what is
with thoughts of what
may be."

John Dryden

"There are more
things, Lucilius, that
frighten us than
injure us, and we
suffer more in
imagination than in


“If you ask what is
the single most
important key to
longevity, I would
have to say it is
avoiding worry,
stress and tension.
And if you didn't ask
me, I'd still have to
say it.”

George Burns

"Some must live with
the consequences of
what they didn't
dare do"

Ashleigh Brilliant

"Silence is the great
teacher, and to learn
its lessons you must
pay attention to it.

There is no substitute
for the creative
knowledge, and
stability that come
from knowing how to
contact your core of
inner silence."

Deepak Chopra

"Nothing diminishes
anxiety faster than

Walter Anderson

"Fear is faith that it
won't work out."

Sister Mary Tricky

"Worry is a complete
cycle of inefficient
thought revolving
about a pivot of


"The universe is
full of magical
things patiently
waiting for our wits
to grow sharper."

Eden Phillpotts

"If you want to test
your memory, try to
recall what you were
worrying about one
year ago today."

E. Joseph Cossman

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"I can't understand
why people are afraid
of new ideas,

I'm afraid of the old

John Cage

"Imagination is
more important
than knowledge."

Albert Einstein

"We are always
getting ready to live
but never living."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What great thing
would you attempt if
you knew you could
not fail?"

Robert Schuller

"I am an old man and
have known a great
many troubles, but
most of them never

Mark Twain

"Courage is the power
to let go of the
of the amiliar."

Raymond Lindquist

"If one is lucky,
a solitary fantasy
can totally
transform one
million realities."

Maya Angelou

"Anxiety is a thin
stream of fear
trickling through the
mind. If encouraged,
it cuts a channel into
which all other
thoughts are

Arthur Somers Roche

"Slow down and
everything you are
chasing will come
around and catch

John De Paola

"When there is no
enemy within, the
enemies outside
cannot hurt you."

African Proverb