Get More Life
Out of Your Life - Stress Free

Life becoming a chore? Too much to do and too little time? Habits and routines running you ragged, with no way off the treadmill?

Stress is a major factor underlying the loss of your energy.

Change your lifestyle by changing your routines.

Stop the stress or it will stop you.

Nothing is more important than your health and vitality - you can't live the life you dream of in a tired, lethargic rapidly aging body.

Ignoring the stress becomes a habit - and the anxiety becomes - "just the way things are." That's a habit that's worth changing now. Don't wait until dis-ease undermines your health - choose stress free living.

"One of the symptoms of an
approaching nervous breakdown is the
belief that one's work is terribly important."
Bertrand Russell

How do you live stress free? Go after and get what you want in life!

You can't not want what you want. Stress is an internal conflict between what you want and what you fear. The fears are often unconscious genetic patterns - below the surface of awareness. Yet the symptoms of fear are in your body - every day. Stress builds slowly and you may accept stress as "normal" - it's not.

The facts about stress, your health and vitality.

Tension and conflict short-circuit your immune system and trigger your adrenal glands (your flight/fight response.) If you over-stimulate your body - you release adrenalin and other chemicals that become toxic. They build up over time -with no release - you do not run or fight do you? The build up further stresses your adrenals and other organs.

Fear triggers an adrenalin rush that carries over into your sleep at night. Without relief your body cannot restore itself. Anxiety pollutes the body with toxins that your over-stressed immune system cannot discharge normally, clouding your mind.

Frustrated, worried or anxious?

You can't be happy unless you quit it!

Fear is soon overwhelming -- you may have given up trying -- but still want your life to be better.

Habits of thought that block finding a solution come from a poor self-Image. That limits your choices. Feeling unworthy, unloved, and dis-empowered is stressful.

Stop the stress.

Identify it, and then create a plan to change it: And then follow the plan.

Stress free is a choice.

Do it like weeding the garden - remove the "roots" of the stressful ideas. Then plant what you want and nurture it. Make it methodical and simple.

Make a plan to restore your vitality

Living stress free is a choice: make the decision - and then follow your plan.

Take a walk daily in fresh air (back to nature) and exercise twice a day, minimum.

Your cells need oxygen and your heart needs activity to stay strong and healthy. Your lymph system only functions to clear away cell wastes when you move. A sedentary day leaves you feeling exhausted with sore (polluted) muscles. Soon joints stiffen and dis-ease settles in. Don't do that to yourself.

Water, sunshine and food - fresh, non-toxic, rich in nutrients.

Health means eating healthy food.

Eat, drink and be merry.

Make your bodies fuel "high-test" and you'll run more efficiently.

Is fresh and organic expensive? Try illness.

Pesticides kill things - they are poisons. Small amounts accumulate - and stress your body.

Remember that your body is 90% fluids.

Water is a part of every chemical reaction (life) and your body can not function without it. In 2 days or less - your body dies without water.

Without enough water you are soon living in a cesspool of cell waste by-products. That taxes your liver, kidneys and lymph system. Drink at least 2 gallons a day (not soft drinks and juices - WATER). Slow dehydration leads to slow metabolism and soon illness.

As your vitality returns - you can easily get more life out of your life.

Stress free means living the life you want. Be specific and find the life style you love. Design it - and then begin, step by step to live it. Law of Attraction is working for you - whether you acknowledge it or not. Live mindfully and creatively - it's your birthright.

"You have to be careful if you don't know
where you're going because you might not
get there."
Yogi Berra

Find your Passion - a life that makes your heart sing.

If you do not have a clear Vision of what you want in life - you're not likely to find it - or the steps that lead to it.

Only your own inner Inspiration can guide you. It has nothing to do with others, how they succeeded, what makes money, and how others did it or what your mate or family think you should be doing.

All human behavior is genetic. Where you are now is the result of your conditioning and you can re-condition yourself into what you want.

SO: what do you want?

What makes you very happy when you are doing it? What do you love....doing what activities? What hobby, talent, or pass-time do you enjoy most? Take a moment and recall your happiest moments this past 30 days.

Start where you are - it's perfect and your only choice. You must create, step by step, your own unique expression of what you love.

Do you notice that when you're happy - you are stress free??

Here's a few examples to get started questioning and looking for solutions.

1.) Do you love taking photos?

What are you hobbies and talents?

What holds your interest?

How about scrap-booking, photography or what craft (decoupage...a book..or?)

Keep looking for what you love, and then look for how you can make that a business (earn money) - or not.

If you prefer a hobby - keep it simple and enjoy it.

Ask questions. Google it (what are others doing?) Explore until you find what you love.

2.) Are you happiest helping others?

Do you prefer helping with problems and emotional entanglements? Look into becoming a counselor or life coach.

Do you help others with practical do-it-yourself problems? Write a "how to" article or two and syndicate them in the local papers. Write a book or e-book on solving problems: 10 tips to organize....; 7 steps to fix...... Create a website and reach millions rather than a few friends. That can become a good source of income.

3.) Do you love to sing or play music?

Why not find and do what you love?

When you're happiest - life is great!

Join a group or choir. Teach through a local Parks or Library program.

Write a grant to teach in schools or in summer programs.

Volunteer in hospitals or nursing homes and then right a grant for the funds to continue.

Success is certain if you persist.

"Consider the postage stamp,
my son.
It secures success
through its ability to stick
to one thing till it gets there."
Josh Billings

If you love it and keep at it long enough you will find a way to make it your new business. You can earn the income you allow yourself. (Law of Attraction - right?) It's all about your mind-set and programming a new habit that becomes the path to a stress free healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

Get more Life out of your Life living it day to day.

You create it....its not something you find. It's something you "become."

When you are eagerly looking forward to every day you are living life to the fullest. That is Living Your Dream - and Good Fortune is the Lifestyle.

Your Good Fortune for today: "You may travel the wide world over searching for your Dream - only to discover you carried it with you in what makes you smile."

Do you want QUICK changes for the better?
Feed your mind a healthy diet
just like you feed your body:

Feed your mind-like you feed your body: 5 times a day!

Build a new habit, then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

Repetition works

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