Health and Wellness:
Find the Ultimate Natural Cures

Change your mind - and you change your health ....and wellness naturally follows.

For some people health and wellness is simply a part of who they are. It seems like a natural gift – a talent – like playing the violin that some have and others don’t. Health wellness and happiness seem to go together.

Do healthy people really live in "another world?"

Yes! If you compare health with illness – the difference is huge.

The healthy place seems like a different planet.

It is an actual “location” that you can move to – once you understand how to do it.

The happy, eager person makes better choices and sees opportunities.

Health and Wellness are a state of mind.

Why not step up and into a healthy and wealthy lifestyle?

Your intelligence is much enhanced when you feel good, and are centered, and feel safe and secure.

Your body releases positive hormones that flood your awareness with good feelings - your body relaxes and you are free of stress. When you believe things will work out for you, you look for solutions. 

And you find them.

How do I learn to do that?

Health and Wellness means you are focusing on "being well" and not on "illness." It is preventing dis-ease as a lifestyle, rather than suppressing symptoms with drugs in an endless cycle of slow decline into chronic conditions.

No matter what the dis-ease, at any point it is possible to reverse decline. There are thousands of cases of spontaneous remission - it's doable. Others have done it and you can too. How? Build a healthy lifestyle - easy and quick with simple natural healthy habits...many you already know....yet may not be doing.

You can teach yourself new habits and routines. Often you "repeat your old habits" without even realizing you are choosing less vitality. Old eating habits (and stressful habits) often overload your body with toxic build-up and soon your immune system is depressed: Or not working. With a little persistence you can change that in far less time than it took to get "stuck."

Why bother? Because once your health fails - nothing else matters, does it? Why not do what it takes to get healthy, make it a habit and build your life on a healthy foundation. You only get one body: take care of it!

You want health and wellness - vitality, energy and clarity of mind - and to live it NOW, not in the future, right? The best place to begin is where you are right Now-- as that’s the only place you’ll ever be.

So where are you right now on a scale of 1-10? Now compare that to where you want to be-(10 is having what you want.) What’s the difference? Notice the gap?

There’s always a gap. If you want something different (and we all do in some area of life) then in that area YOU must change – and close the gap –only then does what you want show up.

Change what?

Your Attitudes, old models of thought and fears (or resistance) must shift. That creates the space that allows you to find your inner Inspiration – and a path - to health and wellness.

Changing doctors, drugs, modalities can’t produce health and wellness.

You can’t make changes that produce health until you first change old habits and ideas within yourself. You can’t even get "natural cures" that last - until you make inner shifts in your own attitudes about health.

Hard work and struggle (ignoring your pains) obviously doesn’t work. Most of the world does that and they live in poverty (not good for health.)

But working smart does produce results.

Why do I have to change?

Your attitudes are the source of your experience.

Your beliefs resonate out a signal that attracts back your experience.

Here's how that works: All human behavior is genetic.

Health and happiness radiates a vibration from within - out into life.

Living well and enjoying life is a choice you can make too.

All your attitudes and habits – including your ideas about health and wellness – are genetic patterns that you inherited. 

You inherited family traits like eye color and looks- and all habits or a blueprint for living.

Your life runs on auto-pilot until something goes wrong – OR wanting better health is in conflict with your old "subconscious family blueprint." 

All that you are now is the result of that blueprint.

If you want "more" than your ancestors and family - then you must change your "blueprint."

If not changed, you are fighting your old subconscious habits that dominate 95% of your waking hours...that's stressful - and clearly doesn't work.

Only you can find and change ideas that limit you. Simple repetition will make the changes permanent – if you do it, that is.

Your body responds to your feelings immediately.

Notice the gap between what you have now and what you want? One feels better than the other, right? Those feelings are vibrations that resonate out into your body and life – and attract back to you a matching experience.

If where you are doesn’t feel good, what can change?

You can change your way of thinking (and feeling) about it. Nothing has anything to do with what you feel about YOU, but you. And no one and nothing is in your way. No one can help or hurt you. Nothing outside of you has to change. That’s a good thing. When it’s all up to you, you can do it all.

Start with what you have, find what you like, and Focus on enjoying it – that expands what you like. And repeat it – repetition becomes a new habit and soon what you want is automatic (a new habit.) You can change your mind, attitude and life: Find what you don't like and replace your old genetic habit with a new one.

Why has life turned out as it has?

When you understand how you attract what you are experiencing, then you can apply that talent to get what you want. Your health is affected by diet and fitness; and by your attitudes about health and about your body - that all results in what you have now.

Thinking in new ways immediately affects your body and health.

Your body needs exercise to function well – and as you expand your thinking, your body will be making changes too.

Wherever you are “stuck” in getting what you want, you also have a corresponding area in your body that is "stuck." That internal stress causes dis-ease.

Do you have a Vision of how you want your life to be? How you want to feel? The health and vitality you want - and the activities that sustain healthy living?

A brisk walk and time with friends frees your mind of daily trivia - leaving you refreshed.

Spend Quality Time with loving friends every day.

If not, create one that is so totally you that you love it....

You've found the right thing when you will do "whatever it takes" to Live it NOW.

"Passion" only comes from your own choices.Work on your "Dream" of vitality and well-being until you feel you really, really want it.

Only Passion will sustain your progress as you build the life you want to live.

As you learn how to change feelings and attitudes you begin to create your Dream- soon everything changes for the better.

Your body “releases” tension (or stress) as you release old limiting or fearful habits of thought.

Act on your new ideas and "get moving."

Your body (especially your lymph system) ONLY works well with movement.

Exercise helps you adjust to the changes too. You’ll feel happier and healthier immediately. Give these a try: all you have to lose is lethargy, flab and excess weight!

  • Take a long walk – go on a hike or walk in the neighborhood.
  • Ride your bike a few miles a day - drive to a park or natural setting.
  • Walk or bike at least five times a week for 30 to 60 minutes will accelerate your progress. The more the better.
  • Use an exercise video or take a class - aerobics works for some.
  • If you know Yoga, add it into your daily routine. It’s an old, old practice that aligns your body, mind and spirit. It’s good to have yourself all going in the same direction.

You can’t live the life you want in a lethargic tired body, can you?

“Taking care of yourself is not a luxury--
it’s a necessity.”

Cheryl Janecky

Health Facts all boil down to this: Stress is the culprit underlying dis-ease.

"What makes me so certain that
the natural human lifespan is far in excess
of the actual one is this. Among all my autopsies
(and I have performed over 1000), I have never
seen a person who died of old age. In fact, I do not
think that anyone has ever died of old age yet.
We invariably die because one vital part has worn out
too early in proportion to the rest of the body."

Dr. Hans Selye

Stress wears you down until you feel exhausted, you may not sleep well- pains and aches interfere with your activities. Now add a poor diet and you get a toxic build up from hormones and pesticide residue. That adds more stress on internal organs and tissues and eventually wears out a vital organ. That is self-inflicted torture. Don't do that!

Changing your lifestyle is your only real cure. Start at the cause and source of all dis-ease: stress or internal conflicts. At the same time choose a healthy diet and exercise and you will be amazed at your quick results.

Do you have a "family illness or genetic condition?" That too can change when you change how you see it. If you see it as "permanent:" It is. If you want health instead: You can do it if you change the old blueprint and habit. Your ancestors may be making you ill - give it up. It's an emotional or feeling change in attitude. Do it: It will save a lot of time and effort and make this simple and fun.

All illness is the result of stress or is aggravated by stress. That’s good news. You can fix stress. Resistance, anger, frustration, and not getting what you want - are all stressful! And they will eat you alive.

Health Facts: How Stress Affects the Quality of Life.

The only lasting happiness and satisfaction you will ever find in your life comes from following your own “heart path” to your Dream. What you love, comes from within you. It is your Inspiration and your creativity expressed in your life. Not fantasy but really you... and really lived.

Relaxing with friends.

Enjoy quiet moments and special times with others.

Stress is that gap between what YOU want and where you are.

You can’t do something less than what it is you want to do and be happy and stress free.

Stress is the feeling or emotion that tells you “your Attention and life” is off track.

You are not on your Heart Path (happy feelings or vibration) leading to your Dream.

If you don’t know what you want – it’s always because you don’t think you can have what you want -- so you ignore your feelings and settle for less with lots of excuses. You try to like what you have and what others say is "good for you."

“Never 'for the sake of peace and quiet'
deny your own experience or convictions.”

Dag Hammarskjold

Guess what? You can’t do that. You can't NOT live your Dream – that’s very stressful! If you don’t understand your frustration or anger, or illnesses – look again - you can find the stress - and the fears.

The best natural cure begins with knowing your ideal Dream of how good life can be....that gives you a destination.

If you love it - that passion will draw you like a magnet into the world of health and wellness.

Next find the habit that's in your way - that conflicts with what you want.

It might be you don't think it's possible or that it is dangerous or beyond reasonable for you.

A sensitive body that responds to stress (producing illness or dis-ease of some sort) is really a HUGE BLESSING.

Once you know there’s a problem, you can find it – you can relieve any stress.

You will not be able to do what you want and live the life you want until you do so.

You can’t fight your self (fears) and win.

Feel like a fish out of water jumping from thing to thing?.

If you don't have a destination you may end up somewhere else. A plan of your ideal lifestyle is a place you can "land" and be happy.

How do you know if your body is stressed or you are resisting what you want?

You don't have what you want, and you feel sad, frustrated, annoyed or angry. Or your body has aches, pains, recurring illness (asthma, headaches, digestive problems?) If you ignore it - it will get worse. Why not fix it?

The following section is taken from "21 Days to Good Fortune."

Insights are instinctual and the flashes of Inspiration are instant. That's the.... BIG...aah HA! that turns your life around.

If you don’t like something… you’ll feel it physically. Some call that a “gut” response. Doubt it? Put a bite of food in your mouth you don’t like. Feel that reaction? You can learn to sense that about any subject.

And back to that food you don’t like - do you eat it anyway? I hope not “because it’s good for you?” Ugh. You gotta’ stop that. You can find some substitute that IS tasty and good for you! There’s a reason your body is resisting it.

Stress feels awful and creates friction in your body. Eventually your body reacts in self-defense and displays some symptom – and that alerts you to a problem.

Symptoms slow you down (flu and in bed for a week? Migraine headache?) and that respite relieves the pressure of wanting what you fear having.

Learn to use and appreciate the illness as physical feedback that will get you to health and wellness quickly.

You can change old genetic thought pattern into the truth of what you want NOW.

Stress is wanting something you don't think you can have. Stress is a fear of others and fearing for your safety .

Stress creates tension and that conflict upsets your mind, body and spirit.

Stress feels anxious, angry, resentful, forgetful, hurried, distracted, rushed, annoyed, and painful – aches and tension causes imbalances that hurt.

The three areas of greatest resistance (stress) to what you want comes from your fearful ideas about your Security; your Self-esteem or feeling worthy; and wanting Love.

Stress is the result of wanting and not wanting at the same time. Your body may be responding to an old genetic program that says your Desire is life threatening.

The fear is not about NOW, so it may not be apparent to you. “Public Speaking” is a good example. Most would rather die than speak in public. Running from a hungry lion is an appropriate fear. Public speaking is a totally inappropriate fear- nothing is really going to happen to you if you feel foolish.

The fear is likely traced back to genetic history that saw others, stoned, burned at the stake (for 500 years), or became a target - all for speaking out, or something similar. It may also be an old genetic family trait.

You may unconsciously fear change (loosing friends and family) and even the loss of life.

The fear of loss is stressful – that is the idea that you can’t have (or keep) what you value. It’s so BIG, that IT MUST BE RESOLVED before you can move on.

It’s your feelings of anger and frustration at not being able to be who you want to be. It’s also feelings of blame, judgment, and resentment of others.

It’s feeling betrayed, co-dependent and not trusting yourself or others. Feeling that others control or can interfere with what you want. Trying to please others, or doing what someone else wants.

Depression or apathy: Feels like you can’t get free, feeling helpless, unable to act. Confusion and anxiety between what you want and what you’re doing is also very stressful.

(End of section from"21 Days To Good Fortune, Live the Dream. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise;" Day 20.)

If you feel any of these areas are a problem for you, click on Stress Relief Today and try the exercises. You can change old patterns with simple repetition. If fear is dominating your life - then take the time and Overcome Fear. Once you see it for what it is, you can change it easily.

Food is a drug that alters your body chemistry. Food can energize and relax - or it can depress and stress.

Food you eat today takes 3 weeks to reach your bones and ligaments. Keep a food journal and see how food you are eating affects your health.

If you don’t think you have the time, or it’s not important – you’ll find yourself stuck right where you are now. Nothing is going to change until you do. Why aren’t you getting what you desire in all areas of your life? Seek answers and you'll find them.

Simina Hardi, West Los Angeles, is a body worker and a master at relieving stress at the body and energy level. She’s completed a preview copy of 21 Days Home Study Guide to Good Fortune.Simina Hardi

"When I read Day 1, I realized I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted from my life. This problem began a few years ago when my father passed away. Suddenly I felt stuck, couldn’t move forward nor decide what to do next. As I proceeded through the “21 Day” home study guide, I learned how to track down my thought processes. I observed & learned how my thoughts are in control of my life & I'm a slave to my old patterns & belief systems: I had never personally chosen them! I learned to be with the truth in the moment and quit trying to distract myself from it. I felt more peaceful than ever before in my life. I was then able to take this gift to my clients to relive their stress from this new perspective. Now, I am clear about the next steps in my life. I will be starting a graduate PhD program this Fall in psychology with a somatic emphasis. I also opened my heart to the possibility of a very healthy & loving relationship – progressing now for over six months. I’ve changed and attracted more of what I want. I now know how to make my life work for me. I gave that ability to myself with the help of the “21 Day” guide. Things are better now than they have been in years – and improving, especially when I look back and see how different life is now."

The Vision you believe in is important because…. your health and well-Being depends on harmony. That means you lining up (feeling and resonating) with who you are and what you want.

When you align with what you value and love, you are on the path of Good Fortune - that leads to living health and wellness and the life of your dreams.

Scientific Facts Reveal Easy Steps to Natural Cures and Health and Wellness.

“We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make the world.”

Buddhist Proverb

Everyone lives daily life enmeshed in habits and routines that propel life at a fast pace from early morning to late evening. There never seems to be enough time or energy to get to all you want to do.

How did it get that way?

You may explain your situation in detail, what went wrong, who's to blame, or whatever…but there’s really much more to the story, isn’t there?

The truth is, it’s always been that way. No matter what changes you make or where you go – there you are! You take yourself with you.

Here's how you can change quick and easy.

Experiment with healthy foods from different cultures and find tastes and spices you love.

Find healthy foods you love that support your health - emotionally and physically.

Do you have a Vision of exactly how you want your life to look and feel – does it compel you to action?

If you don’t, then what you have in your daily life will continue. Only you can change your life.

If you want things to be different – define what that is, and go for it. Until you do, nothing much can change.

So here’s the “back story” that makes your life simple to understand.

When you see exactly how you got to where you are – change is easy – and then only one step will take you to the health and wellness you seek.

The scientific facts: Simple physics tells you this is a vibrating Universe.

Everything you experience is vibration (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste) and in fact you are far more “empty space” vibrating, than you are physical. It’s easy to forget when we experience ourselves as a clump of energy here…and others as a clump of energy “over there,” and the things we want “way over there.”

But the truth is we are all energy vibrating at different frequencies or “Feeling-tones” and we are constantly flowing from the same Source energy. From your perspective on the surface of life, those streams of energy appear solid and become the table or you or the cat. Quantum physics in motion.

Remembering that is a quick trick to use to shift old ways of thinking.

See the Law of Attraction in action.

The most basic principle, and one that we are all subject to whether we know it or not, is the Law of Attraction. It’s simple and you can experience it all around you.

Similar vibrations attract each other…. “Birds of a feather flock together” – I know you’ve heard that one.

Are you where you want to be with the people you want to be with?

Your tribe shares your Vision and supports your well-being. Find those you enjoy sharing your life with.

Now apply it to your friends, work and family. Do you see everyone share similar interests, desires and habits of thinking?

Same style in dress and cars, same TV and movies, music similar, books and activities.

Yes - there are differences.

Now compare your "tribe" to another economic level...or another culture.

Do you see the similarities and differences? Your tribe defines you (genetic blueprint)-- until you change it.

If you have two distinct groups of friends, imagine mixing the two at a party, they will likely gravitate back to each other. You like to be with others that think as you do. Makes sense doesn’t it?

Every event, everything you experienced in life is “a match” to a vibration or signal from something or someone. Your friends are attracted to you too.

Vibration and emotion – begins with your ideas, attitudes and self talk.

The Bigger Picture – the energy vibrating you - is where "you" create life as you know it and this is where you can modify and make changes. You can sense your vibration by sensing what you are feeling. As you learn to be aware of your emotions and your self-talk, you see what is motivating you and attracting experiences to you.

How does that work exactly?

Here’s a little background. Physics (and the ancient Mystic texts) describe the vast field of energy, our Life Force and Source – as the Unified Field.

A compulsive sugar rush ends up in despair and lethargy. Natural sugars relieve your craving and nourish your body.

Read labels and find natural substitute sweeteners that are good for you - don't sacrifice your heath for a "sugar-free" diet.

The mystic description and the physicist’s is similar: the Field is formless, eternal, the basis of all natural law, has infinite organizing powers, order behind chaos, freedom, self-referring, invincible, and harmonizing.

And most important: simply the act of putting your Attention on a Field of energy brings what you focus on into existence – into a particle.

When you look away, it dissolves again into energy…

It’s a wave until you focus – then it becomes a particle.

You pull from the field of All Possibilities what you give your Attention to. And you release what you ignore.

Here's how that will get you to health and wellness.

You activate what you focus on and what you ignore recedes. You think only one thought at a time. You choose it and thus choose your experience.

You naturally "send a signal" that is in response to what your attitude or what you are "feeling" about your surroundings.

Change your lifestyle by changing your routines.

Once you get started, your own momentum will propel you into your healthy future.

If you don’t feel healthy, use your Imagination and create a virtual reality by finding a few photos of “health” and activities that mean “healthy” to you. To make quick lasting changes - try making a Vision Board. of the vitality you want to feel.

Look at the images, love, appreciate, and respond to them, daily.

Your subconscious will respond quickly to what you imagine repeatedly.

Just as it does to what you are looking at or thinking about right now. You choose.

Repetition feels good and attracts the health you seek. You body matches the “picture” you hold of it.

Create the habit of healthy living with reminders - and that makes it automatic (you don’t have to rely on your memory or your mood.)

Want more information on how this works?

The more you understand your life, the more easily you make changes. Review specifically how to change your Set-point and resonance at Law of Attraction.

How can a few pictures help me feel better?

Advertising works. Follow the money – big bucks would not be advertising in all forms of media if it didn’t compel you to action (buy this product.)

Do what works: Compile images on a Vision Board making your own mini-billboard to imprint your subconscious mind. Create your own "ads" of what you want, and program yourself to be what you want.

Use your natural ability to see something you like and feel good – and then desire it. The better it feels - the better it gets! You create it with your Attention to it, when you respond and take action on your Inspiration - you get health as a result.

What exercise routine feels right to you?

Use your imagination to get started and focus on what you want to happen in your life.

If you really want to include more vital Health and wellness – find many tear sheets and photos that mean “healthy” to you.

Now find a way to make them automatic – like a billboard – in your sight, and in your mind on a regular basis.

As an alternative, make up a photo/picture book (like a journal) and LOOK AT IT DAILY.

Do it often enough to build a habit and image of ‘health’ by creating the feeling of it and the vibration of you enjoying it.

How to make changes in your life easily and quickly.

In the past your motivation was obscure to you, and you felt compulsive or fearful without knowing why. When you see all that’s going on, you can easily change what you want. Only you can open your mind to the Knowing WithIN.

In order for you to take action and change your mind, you have to prove to yourself these ideas are true.

Notice how your friends attract what they get – listen to them and you can "hear the vibration." Those that are complaining get more to complain about, right?

Now look at yourself ten years ago. Do you see how what you were experiencing was a match to your “vibrations or emotions” at that time? Notice how you've changed? What mattered to you then probably isn't too important now.

You make changes by experimenting and trying out some of these ideas. Then you see how you feel. Notice what you attract and how your inspiration guides you. Then you know it works.

If you think a good diet & exercise are expensive – try chronic illness.

Live healthy or pay for cures that mask symptoms….fix one thing, and another will express your inner-conflicts. You can’t fight yourself and win.

Simple, easy, fun and quick: One step to a healthy vibrant lifestyle!

Choose health and commit – relieve your stress at the source. Find limiting ideas and change them to the truth of what you want. Change your "resonance" in one step to the "feelings" you want to live. Then make a plan and work the plan. Begin with your attitudes that sabotage your health.

You create your own health and wellness with the choices you make.

Begin wherever you are and make new choices. It's really that simple.

Your self-talk is the tip-off. You can tell yourself anything you want - why not make it a healthy point of view?

You can encourage yourself or discourage yourself.

Everything you do is because you think it will make you happy.

Cut to the chase. Make this simple.

Find what you love and makes you happy and do ONLY that.

Begin by making a commitment to take better care of yourself – it’s a high “feel-good” vibration and supports attracting the life you want to live.

The YOU in that living, breathing body that is the Creator of your experience, IS Life Force energy.

You and the Source of your life are one – live the most vital life you feel is right for you.

“The moment you feel you are part of Infinity,
and that Infinity is part of you,
your limitations will cease
and you happiness will flow…
What does yoga do?
It gives you the vitality
so you can enjoy that virtue.

Yogi Bhajan

When you think of Health – do you want a healthy, active body eager and capable of sustaining your favorite activities? Or are you seeking basic health - the relief from illness or chronic recurring conditions? You achieve both the same way and it’s simple. Your body is extremely adaptable, and is able to compensate for all manor of bazaar habits and foods and even sedentary lifestyles. Yet there are behaviors and foods that make health simple. You may have a "family" illness or "genetic" problem - same thing. That's a habit of thought. It may have been "true" - but you can change it. Change your lifestyle and create a new habit - a new genetic pattern.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine
but will interest his patients
in the care of the human frame,
in diet and in the cause
and prevention of disease.”

Thomas Edison (1902)

The more healthy and flexible you are the more you enjoy Life. Maintaining excellent health is a choice.

You choose health and your body weight with every meal.

Food is a drug - how do you feel after eating?

You make a choice every time you eat; and each time you do, or do not, exercise; and when you bathe and nurture your skin and hair, or not.

Many times a day you chose health – or not.

Is your Health more important to you than remaining in a comfortable old sloppy habit?

What habits need changing? Make a list, make a commitment, and do it.

All it takes is a Dream of the health you want, repetition and a strong Desire for a healthy active body.

It doesn’t cost to be healthy – it PAY$ to be healthy.

BASIC FACTS AND A GUIDE To Health and Wellness.

  • Turn Your Health Around Quickly and Simply: Don't overlook the obvious. Where do you feel tension? Pain? How can you relieve the stress?
  • Your body needs water- lots of it. 10 glasses a day is a minimum. You can add a “pinch” of natural sea salt to your water and get many minerals and trace elements you need - at a very low cost.
  • Your body needs exercise, fresh air and sunshine- your lymph system can’t work without movement. There's no UV danger one hour after sunrise and before sunset - sunlight is healthy. You can’t find health sitting in a chair – get up and get going…you’ll be glad you did. It’s a cheap way to get vitality back.

A walk at sunset will lift your spirits.

Fresh air and sunlight energize and relax your whole body.

  • Your muscles and tendons need stretching and toning to be able to carry you and support your skeletal structure – and you avoid bones breaking and sprains.
  • Your body needs food – not chemicals, pesticides and substitutes – but organic food. The kind grown in the garden. And NOT genetically modified and processed beyond recognition. Pesticides kill organisms. They are poison. Poison is not good for you. Eat fresh or lightly cooked food to retain the vitamins and minerals. Foods are absorbed into your system - many supplements are not. You can eat a balanced diet - will you?
  • Include "superfoods" in your diet: Natural whole foods like almonds, honey, dates, green tea, blueberries, Acai, and tomatoes. Some good processed foods include turkey, olives and olive oil. These choices provide a wide range of nutritional and curative benefits.
  • Amazing healing happens from simply changing your diet to alkaline (rather than acidic). Cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment - word to the wise? Add leafy and green veggies to your diet until you find a good balance.

Cravings for salt, sugar and fat (fast food diet like french fries & ketchup) take about 3 weeks to die out.

Diet becomes automatic when you select five basic meals - and keep them in the refrig. That's an "automatic" commitment you can keep.

  • Many are allergic to wheat and dairy, and some to peanuts. If you are having health difficulties – why not eliminate this stress on your body, and see if it helps? What could be easier than experimenting with a few foods?
  • There’s a constant stream of books on diet and health and some are better than others. If your Intention is Health – and you feel healthy as you say it – then you can trust your Intuition to select a book. You will select a match to your vibration – and something that will be good for you.
  • If you’re not feeling healthy – and your vibration is “illness,” then you’ll attract confusion and inappropriate advice. That’s good feedback. Change your focus to health, feel it, and then try again. If your Inspiration leads you to something that feels good, and your body responds well, you’ve found it.
  • If you want maximum vitality, then Organic and lightly cooked or raw food will provide the most nourishment.
  • It’s not only what you eat, but what you think about what you eat that determines the outcome. So if you’re not happy with your diet – you’re adding to stress. Get happy. Either accept what you’re eating, or eat a better diet.
  • Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Bathe regularly and scrub (lightly) all over to remove old skin. Dry brushing before you bathe is an excellent habit to promote healthy skin.
  • Use organic and natural lotions and creams to keep your skin moist and healthy. Anything you put on your skin is immediately absorbed into your body. Think twice before you buy a cheap lotion. It’s not worth it to tax your body with more toxins. Same with hair-care. Use only natural deodorant, if you must use it at all.
  • Perfumes have a dramatic effect on our well being as smell is a stimulant and also a depressant. Use Organic and essential oils to trigger emotions that you WANT to feel and express to the world.
  • Make-up and (sun screen) is another habit to reconsider. Check out the ingredients in safe organic products and then in ordinary beauty supplies – all those chemicals aren’t good for you. Why not chose to look your best AND support your health.
  • Your body needs sleep. Stress and tension may keep you from a good nights rest...then your days are exhausting. Without deep sleep your body cannot heal and restore itself. Good food and exercise will help too.
  • There are people eating horrible diets and thriving. But most don’t. Why take the chance that your body and genetic patterning can survive anything?
  • Household cleaning products are chemicals – most are toxic. You absorb it breathing and through your skin. Why not switch to “green” (non-toxic) clean? It’s not more expensive than treating a disease, is it?

Begin by making a commitment to take better care of yourself – it’s a high vibration and supports attracting the life you want to live.

Without a good nights sleep you're tired all day. Exhaustion makes it hard to enjoy anything - even play.

Exercise, fresh air and relieving stress clears your mind for a good nights sleep.

What products work best and how do you decide what to buy?

Only you can decide for you. Begin with these basic healthy assumptions and that will eliminate most of the unhealthy choices. Look for natural products and foods that work for you. Test it out. How do you feel after EVERY meal? Energized and vital; or drugged and lethargic? Pay attention and follow your instincts. You’ll find it easy to do whatever sustains a healthy body. And don’t take it too seriously. If you trash out on one meal, simply get back to basic health for the next one. Remorse doesn’t help.

You’re stuck like glue to old bad habits and it may take time to create new habits. Take the easy fun path, make constant little changes and play. Commit to it and you’re on your way. If you have a good exercise routine – good - do it. But if you are not exercising – try a Yoga class – there are many, inexpensive to pricey, and featuring all sorts of goals and methods.

Yoga is an ancient art balancing the body, mind and emotions.

Once you know a routine, you can practice it anywhere.

To start, pick one that feels good.

And if it doesn’t work out, pick another.

Yoga is about the union of You and you…and the better you feel – the quicker you achieve it. 20-30 minutes a day is enough to sustain a flexible body. Yoga, walk or run, bike, but get out there and do something! You’ll be glad you did. Each of these suggestions changes your old habits – and each change helps dislodge you from the old habit pattern – and also raises your vibration and your self-esteem. You are the source of your own health and wellness – and you can make the changes that assure a vital active body – up to at least 100 years old.

Aging does not mean decline. Poor health habits mean decline.

Simple, easy, fun and quick: One step to Health and Good Fortune!

  • Changing your mind-
  • Changes your emotional state.
  • Changes your vibration or Feeling-tone.
  • Changes what you are attracting.
  • Changes what you are seeking.
  • Changes your life experiences.

You think what you choose so you can feel what you choose and no one and nothing can interfere with what you think. There is no one and nothing to blame for where you are right now. Make peace with where you got there by unconsciously following old socially conditioned habits of thought. Only that. Concepts. Thought patterns. There's nothing there. Nothing can hold you back. Wake up and create your life in your own way. Move from where you are to where you want to be. Make the choice to live mindfully. Thus, in the end, all healing is Self-healing.

The Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT

Tapas Fleming developed the Tapas Acupressure Technique working with acupuncture to relieve the symptoms of allergies. She discovered it also released the emotional trauma behind the symptoms. If you received a diagnosis that worries you - or have a physical problem that is aggravated by stress, the videos on Physical Conditions will help you. This process is an alternative to hypnosis, EFT, NLP and hypnotherapy. TAT does not "tap" on the meridians, but holds one position (then closes with a final position) while gently clearing trauma and anxiety. It works quickly on the energy body- in a more universal approach for long-standing or broad issues. It gently and thoroughly allows your body-mind-emotions to restore balance. There is no figuring out the details or delving into an emotional issue. Do the process (takes about 5 to 10 minutes) and then allow the integration to continue over the next 24 hours. You get results, asses your feelings and then repeat if necessary. This practical solution combines ancient acupressure and modern psychology with startling results. Why not give it a try - all you have to lose is all the stuff you don't want anyway. How well does it work? In a very short time the Tapas Acupressure Technique spread around the world. You’ll love your results.

Natural cures ONLY work from an alert aware state of mind

Have you been searching for natural cures and relief from annoying or painful symptoms? Start here with a 7-step plan. Natural cures only produce lasting results when the underlying stress is alleviated. You need a plan of action. Stress left unchecked, will continue to sabotage your best efforts - and often unconsciously. The only real cure can only come from within you. It's easier than you think. Follow this 7-step plan and you'll soon be relaxed and happy. Then natural cures support the body healing. It's a body-mind thing and balance means "inner balance." Health and wellness is a lifestyle choice and once on the path, healing is assured.

How do I feel healthy when I’m not?

Do what you can and begin slowly. It takes a few days to get started. Do the few easy steps to set up your plan, do the exercises, get back to nature, and about 20 minutes of focusing on your photos of health daily. Repeat it all often and you’ll soon see results. (The 7-step plan at Natural Cures.) Compare that to you wasting more time taking action and fighting your fears. And not getting what you want - again. Not much time is involved in creating the life you want, and the results are quick and huge. Changes in your routine and habits mean changes in your life. When you see and feel the Big Picture – your Attention to your Vision moves you to opportunities... you see your attracting power working. Now, memorize the ideas and images and repeat it - all the time. It’s the only way to break that old habit and build a new one. Here’s an Action Plan from "21 Days To Good Fortune, Live the Dream. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise;" Day 16.

Whether you want more health or abundance - it's the same process.

You learn by doing. Reading won't help you much. Remember when you learned to ride a bike?

In exactly the same way that you acted on your Inspiration --and experimented with the wobbly bike -– do exactly that to build Wealth, or Health.

Your health or wealth all comes out of your experience, organically, as apples grow on an apple tree.

Retreats to nature heal your mind and body -plus relieve stress.

Walk your way to health and vitality. Getting started is the hard part, once you have a new routine, it's easy.

As you acquire the talents more and more opportunities flow in (or you see more opportunities that were always there!) It’s a process that is very mechanical; i.e. it can be broken down into simple steps that lead to the end result you want– Just like putting a model airplane together …follow the directions step by step and you get a model airplane – right?

    Step 1: define what you want (specific visual images and ask for it exactly). Step 2: Desire strong enough to take action? If so- Step 3: Focus on Feeling having it (Pics, phrases, descriptions, visualize.) Step 4: Imagine it working out - 3x a day for 2 minutes each time; until it becomes active in your self-talk. Step 5: Spend quiet time in Nature allowing for Inspiration and Insights. Step 6: Body stress or tension? Other signs of resistance? What fear is active? Now imagine a bridge of soothing words from where you were to where you want to be. Create the path to what you want with the self-talk that gets you there. Repeat it over and over until you overcome the fear. Step 7: Act on Ideas and look for Opportunities or Soulutions. Step 8: Enjoy it NOW and it will be here NOW. Imagine and “Act As IF,” as it comes to Life. Find even tiny hints, and Focus on enjoying them. Step 9: Is your Attitude “expectant?” As soon as you feel that you already have it: it will join your experience. So, how can you do that when you don’t have it? Give up the idea of hard work and effort. Stick with simple, fun and a little practice (repetition.)

TIP: You have groceries and regularly you shop and more show up. You are not concerned about having groceries. You don’t worry about it or feel food-less. Or search for the cure. You can easily get food. When you feel the same about the health you want: it will be easy too. (End of section from"21 Days To Good Fortune, Live the Dream. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise;" Day 16.) You create your own path to Good Fortune with your Attitude. Then your Inspiration follows bringing opportunities...and soon you are on your way. Can you spare two minutes? If you haven't yet, why not enroll in the free mini-home study program. "21 Days of Insights" help you open your mind to your creative potential and reveal limiting habits - then the path to Good Fortune becomes clear and easy.

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Final tips and strategies to live "happily ever after" right up to 100 plus.

Here's a quick wake-up call if you think you'll get to healthy living - "later."

"It's not about how long you live,
but how well you live."

Dr. Arnold Bresky

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. Before age 65 there is one case per 1,000 people. At 65 you have one chance in 20 of escaping Alzheimer's. By 80 one of every five is afflicted. By the age of 85 - one in two people have Alzheimer's dementia. Here's what to expect: Aging cells begin to die and the connections (at key points called synapses) begin to fail. That means short-term memory loss, poor judgment and communication skills. In the early states people experience general confusion, and then finally, the inability to remember even basic living skills. Alzheimer's is the seventh leading cause of death in the US. There is no cure - only chemical remedies that slow the effects, but many are allergic to the drugs.

"Memory is life.
Without it you have
no past and no context
for the present,
and without a present
you have no way to
plan for the future.

If you don't protect your
memory, you will lose it."

Dr Arnold Bresky

The body needs a healthy lifestyle and the mind needs creative activity. Everything in the basic Health and Wellness plan here is the antidote. Will it work? Those that seem to escape the dementia diseases lead active healthy life-styles. Stress is deadly and without relief, you eventually pay the price. There isn't another choice, and waiting until 65 is too late to reverse serious decline completely. Why not begin now to live the life you WANT to live? An anti-aging strategy is simple: Start with a Dream you love = active mind = active body = health & vitality. Aging doesn’t mean decline. Sedentary, apathetic, depressed and frustrated means decline – at any age.

Travel and adventure add spice to life.

Why not Dream the life you WANT to live?

Make your Dream automatic – compile your photos into a Vision Board – one for each subject in your Dream.

Or put them into a “book” or notebook. Buy a journal, paste photos, and go through it every day – at least once. You’ll know it’s working when you begin to think and speak of your Dream as your life.

That’s living withIN your dream. All of life conspires to bring you opportunities and surprises that lead to what you love and focus on.

Relieving stress is the chief anti-aging antidote.

Why not take a moment, and get a great insight into the damage stress causes to your body. Practice relieving stress and look 10 years younger in 10 minutes. Sound too good to be true? Visit a brief article Lose 10 years in Ten Minutes - fun tips and a great plan that always returns good results. See for yourself how quickly releasing stress works on your own face. Set your inner beauty free and roll back the clock 10 years. Yoga - the ancient art of joining mind and body.

Would you like to speed up your Dream of vital health? Add Yoga. It’s easy; anyone can do it. It’s fun and feels good. What’s not to like?

Anyone can do yoga.

Yoga will relax and vitalize you - that's a good thing!

Join a yoga class and soon you’ll be able to stretch and exercise at home.

Find an instructor that inspires you and feels really good.

Skip the ones that want you to train for the Olympics.

That’s way off track for what you want.
Look for easy and fun- the stretches and breathing that feels good and leaves you happy.

That’s why you are doing it. Once you are on track and health and wellness are becoming a natural part of your life - you realize you have moved into a "new place." You now have that talent, more vitality, and you can apply it to other areas of your life.

Tapping or EFT for amazing results

Try EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping - for quick relief using Chinese acupuncture meridians to release energy blockages and emotional stagnation. It's simple, the information FREE, and many try it on everything - Why? because it works when nothing else does! Your body-mind vibration - is attracting your experience. Fears and stress attract trouble. Law of Attraction is responding. The power of attraction is verifiable, observable and operating in your life. Why not work with it? You can't fight yourself and win. Stress will do you in. Give up the struggle and relax into the natural healing creative process of tapping to release the inner conflicts. Once clear of old habits, controlling your mind and Focus is easy. Your results will be Quick and more than you ever imagined possible.

Find Health, Wealth and Wisdom - ALL - at the same vibration: Have it all.

Check out Get Rich Quick. for some interesting approaches to attracting wealth. It’s the same easy One-step – might as well have it all, right? Relieve stress by finding opportunities that inspire you. Make Easy Money has a variety of ways of increasing your income with low start-up costs. Research an on-line business plan FREE and see how to make your talents, hobbies and abilities into a successful web business.

Do you want QUICK changes for the better?

Train your mind just like
you train your body with exercise:
change habits and stretch your limits.

Feed your mind a healthy diet
just like you feed your body:

Repetition works

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Feed and train your mind-like you feed your body: 5 times a day!

Build a new habit, then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

Resources and articles to motivate inspired action

Open the doors to holistic health and you’ll find amazingly simple solutions to everyday challenges. These solutions can be found right in your kitchen cupboard. So come on in! Holistic Beauty Compass is a resource for information on health maintenance, organic beauty products, wholesome food and a healthy environment. Toni Lewis, an accomplished actress/singer is well-researched in the fields of natural health and beauty and dedicated to sharing a “whole body” approach to beauty that shows even without make-up.

Why not take a moment, practice relieving stress and Look 10 Years younger in 10 Minutes? Visit a brief article on fun tips and a great plan that always returns good results. See for yourself how quickly releasing stress works on your own face. Set your inner beauty free. The Mediterranean Diet is a Natural Cure and a natural defense against aging rapidly, heart disease, cancer, and Dementia. Once your body gives out and the symptoms are critical it's too late to make easy diet changes that can help you much. Why not start now and eat your way into a healthy lifestyle? It's a lot less trouble and expense to switch your diet than suffer through disease, the dangers of allopathic prescription drugs (the number one cause of death in the US) and surgery, isn't it? Give the Mediterranean Diet a try. Enjoy Stress Free Relationships. Finally a quick, easy fun guide to stress free relationships– and you can do it, no matter what others do. Only one step you can learn today. This is a great practical “how to” guide you can do easily and guaranteed you’ll be happy with the results. Your relationships with your family and friends are of primary importance to you achieving lasting happiness. It’s all up to you -- a clear insight into how to enjoy anyone -- no matter what. Get the facts and make the switch to Stress free relationships today.

Stress Relief: The Solution to Any Difficult Situation. Why? Because once you relieve your own stress you change and so does the problem. You are stuck by your fears to continually attracting similar experiences. Why not stop that roller coaster today? Overcome the fear behind the mayhem and you’re free. That relieves your stress - and is the ONLY solution to all difficult situations. Live your life stress free: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Natural Cures & 7 Step Plan Is looking for natural cures keeping you sick? Try a new approach and find healthy lasting results. Stop the underlying stress aggravating the dis-ease and you find a real natural cure. Try this simple 7 step plan and turn your life around. Easy and simple to follow. It takes 21 days to imprint a new healthy habit - get started today. Home remedy herbs and cures are natural solutions that can often be grown in your garden or available at local farmer's markets or health food stores. Common sense and this practical guide can solve most health issues long before they become a problem. All symptoms are the result of internal problems and most can only be permanently healed when the body is brought back into it's natural balance. Diet, exercise and

home remedies

are a proven and certain natural path to health and wellness. Age Less - Live More - Love It! Key factors to Age Less are simple and easy to implement. Only 5 steps to stop physical decline, relieve stress - and restore health. Don't wait for dis-ease - fix it today. Age Less, then Living more - stress free - is easy. Live a life you design in a healthy vital body - starting today. Age Less and Live More and it's easy to "Love It!"

Get More Life Out of Your Life - Stress Free. Feeling exhausted, too much to do and too little time? Are you too busy to find time for yourself? If you are not living the life you want to live, you are not happy - and the stress between what you have and what you want - is wearing you out. It's time to free yourself from the treadmill and get your health and vitality back. Go after the life you want - or dis-ease is certain. Why not choose vitality and health instead?

Overcome Fear and Overcome Your Fate. See how to overcome fear in one quick step. Stop the primitive emotional rush that limits your ability to think clearly. Create a new response that turns problems into solutions and attracts wealth. Overcome fear is the best piece of advice you'll ever get.

If You Can Change Your Diet – You Can Change Your Life is a great guide to making health changes stick– Why is dieting difficult? Changing genetic habits demands a new level of thinking. Take an entirely new approach and get results easily and quickly. As you expand your consciousness - new opportunities in all areas of your life open up: Attracting Health and Wealth is easy and fun. It begins with changing habits.

Get Healthy (or Wealthy) in 9 Easy Steps. Give this great insight a try- Attract health and wealth easily. Change how you see health and your health changes. Try this new unique approach. Do it – reinvent your mindset and get the results you want. Your Health and Wellness is only 9 easy steps away.

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Wise Words

“Sow a thought,
reap an action;
sow an action,
reap a habit;
sow a habit,
reap a character;
sow a character,
reap a destiny,”


“It is part of
the cure to wish
to be cured.”


“An early-morning
walk is a blessing
for the whole day.”

Henry David Thoreau

“Your body is the
baggage you must
carry through life.

The more excess
baggage, the
shorter the trip.”

Arnold Glasow

“Words are,
of course, the
most powerful
drug used by

Rudyard Kipling

"Every 60 seconds
you spend upset
is one minute
of happiness
you’ll never get

Web Wisdom

“So many people
spend their health
gaining wealth,and
then have to
spend their wealth
to regain their

A.J. Reb Materi

“If you want
others to be
happy, practice

If you want to be
happy, practice

Dalai Lama

“Time spent
laughing is time
spent with the gods.”

Japanese Proverb

“Humor is not a
trick, not jokes.
Humor is a presence
in the world—like
grace—and shines
on everybody."

Garrison Keillor

”Those who think
they have not
time for bodily
exercise will sooner
or later have to
find time for

Edward Stanley

"You can’t lose
weight by talking
about it. You have
to keep your mouth

The old Farmers Almanac

“Where all think
alike, no one
thinks very much.”

Walter Lippman

“Happy is the person
who can laugh at
himself. He will
never cease to be

Habib Bourguiba

“Start by doing
what’s necessary,
then what’s possible
and suddenly you
are doing the

St. Francis of Assisi

“Happiness is a
conscious choice,
not an automatic

Mildred Barthel

"Without fullness
of experience,
length of days is

When fullness of
life has been
achieved, shortness
of days is nothing.

That is perhaps
why the young
have usually so
little fear of death;
they live by
intensities that
the elderly have

Lewis Mumford

"What the
calls the end of
the world, the
master calls a

Chuang Tse

"Our character,
basically, is a
composite of our

Stephen R. Covey

“There can be no
happiness if the
things we believe
in are different
from the things we do.”

Freya Stark

"I can't understand
why people are
afraid of new ideas,
I'm afraid of
the old ones."

John Cage

"Do not let what
you cannot do
interfere with
what you can do."

John Wooden

"Discipline is
what you want."

David Campbell

"The universe is
full of magical
things patiently
waiting for our
wits to grow sharper."

Eden Phillpotts

"Most of our so-
called reasoning
consists in finding
arguments for going
on believing
as we already do"

James Robinson

"Life affords no
higher pleasure than
that of surmounting
passing from one
step of success
to another, forming
new wishes and
seeing them gratified."

Samuel Johnson

"For what is the
best choice, for
each individual
is the highest it
is possible for
him to achieve."


"Things which matter
most must never
be at the mercy
of things which
matter least."


"Sometimes when I
consider what
consequences come
from little things…

I am tempted to
think there are
no little things."

Bruce Barton

"One reason so few
of us achieve
what we truly want
is that we never
direct our focus;
we never concentrate
our power.

Most people dabble
their way through
life, never deciding
to master anything
in particular."

Anthony Robbins

“Climb the mountains
and get their good
tidings. Nature’s
peace will flow
into you as sunshine
flows into trees.

The winds will blow
their freshness
into you,

and the storms their
energy, while cares
will drop off like
falling leaves.”

John Muir

“Success is getting
what you want.
Happiness is liking
what you get.”

H. Jackson Brown

"The greatest mistake
you can make in life
is continually
fearing that you'll
make one."

Elbert Hubbard

"It is a paradoxical
but profoundly true
and important
principle of life
that the most likely
way to reach a goal
is to be aiming
not at that goal
itself but at some
more ambitious
goal beyond it."

Arnold Toynbee

"It is the mark of
an educated mind
to be able to
entertain a thought
without accepting it."


"Courage is the
power to let go
of the familiar."

Raymond Lindquist

"The ability to
be in the present
moment is a major
component of
mental wellness."

Abraham Maslow

"Pile up too many
tomorrows and you'll
find that you've
collected nothing
but a bunch of
empty yesterdays."

The Music Man

"The way you treat
yourself sets the
standard for others."

Sonya Friedman

"If we all did the
things we are
capable of doing,
we would literally
astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

"Whether you
think you can or
think you can't -
you are right".

Henry Ford

"When I am anxious
it is because I am
living in the future.
When I am depressed
it is because I am
living in the past."

Web Wisdom

"People become attached
to their burdens
sometimes more than
the burdens are
attached to them."

George Bernard Shaw

"Some of your hurts
you have cured,
And the sharpest you
still have survived,
But what torments
of grief you endured
From the evil
which never arrived."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Heavy thoughts
bring on physical
maladies; when the
soul is oppressed
so is the body."

Martin Luther

"Worry never robs
tomorrow of its sorrow,
it only saps today
of its joy."

Leo Buscaglia

"Sometimes a headache
is all in your head.

Hartman Jule

"Half our life
is spent trying
to find something
to do with the
time we have
rushed through life
trying to save."

Will Rogers

"There must be
quite a few things
that a hot bath
won't cure, but I
don't know many of them."

Sylvia Plath

“The illiterate of
the future will not
be the person
who cannot read.
It will be the
person who does not
know how to learn.”

Alvin Toffler

“If you ask what
is the single most
important key to
longevity, I would
have to say it is
avoiding worry,
stress and tension.
And if you didn't
ask me, I'd still
have to say it.”

George Burns

"One of the biggest
tragedies of human
civilization is the
precedents of chemical
therapy over nutrition.
It's a substitution
of artificial
therapy over nature,
of poisons over food,
in which we are
feeding people poisons
trying to correct
the reactions of

Dr. Royal Lee - 1951

"The human body
heals itself and
nutrition provides
the resources to
accomplish the task."

Roger Williams Ph.D. - 1971

"Doctors should first
understand the cause
of disease, then treat
it with diet.
Medicine should only
be used if diet fails"

Sun Simiao

"Doctors give drugs
of which they
know little,
into bodies, of which
they know less,
for diseases of which
they know nothing at all."


"The physician should
not treat the disease
but the patient who
is suffering from it."


"Of several remedies,
the physician should
choose the least


"And we have made
of ourselves living
cesspools, and driven
doctors to invent
names for our diseases."


"Unless we put
medical freedom
into the Constitution,
the time will come
when medicine will
organize into an
undercover dictatorship
to restrict the
art of healing to one
class of men and deny
equal privileges to
others; the Constitution
of the Republic should
make a special privilege
for medical freedoms
as well as religious

Benjamin Rush, MD., signed the Declaration of Independence and personal physician to George Washington

"The doctor of the
future will no longer
treat the human
frame with drugs,
but rather will cure
and prevent disease
with nutrition."

Thomas Edison

"It is not...
That some people do
not know what to do
with truth when it is
offered to them, But
the tragic fate is to
reach, after patient
search, a condition of
mind-blindness, in
which The truth is
not recognized, though
it stares you in
the face."

Sir William Osler, physician 1849-1919

"We must admit that
we have never fought
the homeopath on matters
of principle. We fought
them because they
came into our community
and got the business."

Dr. J.N. McCormack, AMA, 1903

"It's supposed to be
a secret, but I'll
tell you anyway. We
doctors do nothing.
We only help and
encourage the doctor

Albert Schweitzer, M.D.