The Tapas Acupressure Technique
TAT Energy Healing

The Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT offers a broad approach to removing limiting habits from your subconscious that cause you anxiety and stress. TAT is different from EFT and other energy Tapping techniques. You hold (not tap) meridian points and access the brain directly with one hand on the back of the head. Results are quick, gentle, and the manual is free.

"The key to change...
is to let go of fear."
Rosanne Cash

Replacing the old fears
The old must go to make room for the new. The Tapas Acupressure Technique makes it quick and easy to do.

Imagine an old fear dripping on the surface of your inner mind and sending out ripples of emotions through your body.

Although you feel anxious, you don't know the source is within you, so you look out in life and blame and judge whatever you see. That makes it worse.

You cannot create a habit of "wealth" over a poverty pattern-

or health over a family pattern of illness.

Using a variety of tools assures you of release from old limiting habits.

How do you know you have the old habits if they are "subconscious?"

You feel limited and can't seem to get what you want - no matter what you try.

"Success is more a function
of consistent common sense
than it is of genius."

An Wang

Habits are Limits

Habits form a barrier like a rock wall and removing them by replacing them with a new habit is not difficult.

The new energy techniques like the Tapas Acupressure Technique can release old barriers or trauma - even though you don't remember the details or exact source, such as birth or early childhood experiences., Relief is very quick for some and some take several sessions to relieve anxiety. Compare that to other methods such as years in therapy - and TAT IS a miracle.

"You can't climb over an old habit or ignore it."

Align your subconscious and your desires and you'll see quick results. No need to struggle. Barriers dissolve as the energy trauma releases from the Tapas Acupressure Technique. Why not do that?

"Habits" are another way of referring to your "ancestor's or parent's genetic programming.

All that you know you "inherit" from your ancestors....

"habits" were not a choice you made-

you were little and learned them automatically.

Genetic habits form a "blueprint" that changes as you grow up...

Strong habits that govern "your tribe or family" like money, health,and relationships - are mostly unconscious.

Your unconscious controls 95-98% of your life automatically. Habits keep your body breathing, digest food, drive your car, ride a bike, make a phone call, cook, clean and use a computer - all without conscious thought.

"When we compete the conscious
and the subconscious,
the subconscious always wins.

So we're functioning 95 per cent
of the day with a more powerful
mind that was programmed by
other people with limitations that
will prevent us from going someplace
yet we can't see it unless we
purposely become aware of it.

You can [change and] habituate a
new program by doing it continuously.
That's what consciousness is all about."

Bruce Lipton PhD

Your conscious mind is active only 1-4% of your waking it is no wonder it's difficult to change old habits - especially around food or weight loss, chronic illness or money.

Yet you do make changes all the time. How? Sometimes from a big shock - like "lose weight or die" or "...I'll divorce you" or "...bankruptcy is next." Once life has your attention, then you reassess your "habits." Why wait? Take a look at where you feel limited and stop the old fearful habit.

Setting a goal triggers the old habits
As you want something new - more - better - different - then the old habit is "in your way." It is also activated by your desire and that's why you feel anxiety or fearful or angry.

The old belief operates from your subconscious mind below your awareness and IS in control - it's a habit! You now have a conflict and internal stress. You may feel nervous or frustrated when you want more money or to heal a condition or to try something new. This is the point most give up and let go of their new goal rather than confront the old habit. No one wants to feel "bad." Yet that is the doorway to the life you want to live. Open the door with the Tapas Acupressure Technique.

Building a new habit

As you do the Tapas Acupressure Technique process and follow the strategies - you replace the old fearful habit with a new habit. Replacing a habit means you are ACTING ON a new way of living. YOU ARE LIVING richer or healthier or more loving and accepting.

You have changed how YOU respond to life. You're practicing day to day is what changes it. You can not change a habit "thinking about it" and creating a fantasy goal. The stress has to go and you must change your way of "being in the world."

Your responses to the world change. Your self-talk changes - your way of seeing life changes. Most of all your feelings change ...and you are happy.

"Whoever wants to
reach a distant goal
must take many
small steps."

Helmut Schmidt

Free Yourself - Habits are Bondage
Changing habits happens all the time. A new job, move, or new activity makes changing quick. Some people adapt to change easily. Some are more rigid than others in their habits and routines. No matter how stuck you are the Tapas Acupressure Technique can release the barriers.

Old routines and work habits dominate the lives of many. Can you easily let go and go with the flow? Be where you are and enjoy it?

Are you afraid to relax and enjoy life? You can't work hard enough to remove yourself from the sea of the subconscious and old habits. But you can release the old and find safety and security without hard work and struggle.

Find the "feeling or current" to your Vision or Dream of the good life -

Learn to adapt and accept where you are. You can't argue with what IS.

You can ignore what you don't like and concentrate on what you do like.

Make it easy to feel it and achieve it.

How hard is it to feel good and adapt to changes?

Take a quick quiz:

    Do you ALWAYS drive to work the same way?

    Do you have a morning routine you NEVER vary?

    Do you always eat the same foods?

    Do you wear the same clothing styles and colors?

Oh oh. That's bad news.

Once you become rigid in little ways it seems to spill over into your mindset about all life.

The more flexible and easy-going you are the more easily you break free of limits. This is not a one time event. Your life is about exploring, growth and change.

"There is nothing wrong with change,
if it is in the right direction."

Winston Churchill

Train your mind to be flexible
Make changes daily and lighten up. Relax and allow things to be different than your old routines.

Look for ways to stop the old and begin the new -

    Floss your teeth a new way.

    Do a new exercise routine.

    Watch different movies.

    Listen to different music.

    Try a new food or restaurant.

If you are rigid in little ways, it shows you a fearful outlook and of attempting to maintain control over your environment to be safe. That fear makes it very difficult to flow with life and to adapt to new habits.

The fear has to go for you to be able to live your Dream.

Imagine two waring parts of yourself: one wants to get rich and one is afraid of wealth.

Internal conflicts feel awful. But they do alert you to the problem so you can resolve it. Can't get what you want until you end the battle.

Ignoring internal stress between old habits and new desires can result in illness…

stress breaks out in uncontrolled anger

and may lead to depression as what you want seems beyond your reach.

Once you discover a fear - use the Tapas Acupressure Technique to resolve it.

"Our bodies have living histories
which we could call cellular memory.
When an ancestor experienced
something traumatic, that memory
seems to be stored and passed
down at a cellular level."

Tapas Fleming

The Tapas Acupressure Technique makes BIG sweeping changes gently

Give the Tapas Acupressure Technique or TAT a try. The responses are all good - and much easier than most other methods to apply. Doing one session a day for a week will make changes you can see and feel. Click on the photo below for an intro video showing how quickly TAT works.


The creator of TAT, Tapas Fleming is a licensed Acupuncturist specializing in the treatment of allergies when she became interested in energy healing.

Tapas discovered that clearing allergies also cleared past trauma and stressful experiences.

Searching for a simple, effective treatment, she developed the Tapas Acupressure Technique in 1993. Click the photo to see all of the resources and tools that have been developed to help with specific problems.

The Tapas Acupressure technique is taught around the world to thousands of people. There are many Tapas Acupressure Technique teachers and practitioners that facilitate TAT sessions. Her website features her workshop schedule and materials to resolve specific issues.

Click here to visit myTAT library: for two free demo videos and free pdf guidelines - at the bottom of the page.

myTAT library
TAT video sessions

The TAT manual is FREE and specific video trainings are inexpensive. Give TAT a week or so - and you'll find relief from even long standing issues. Invest in yourself if you see a program that can help you. Sign up for the newsletter for special free tele-seminars too.

"Our bodies are the product of our parents' bodies. We look like our parents, and often have similar health problems as our parents. Well, to take it many steps further, our parents' bodies came from their parents' bodies, whose bodies came from their parents' bodies, and so on for a long, long way back. The color of your hair and your eyes, the shape of your hands and feet, your bone structure, and some of your health problems are the legacy of both your recent and ancient ancestors."
Tapas Fleming

All human behavior is genetic.

Your body holds memories, including those of your ancestors. Your "blueprint" changes throughout your life as you grow and change. How different is your lifestyle from your family? That's how much change you've made so far. Changing habits is not a new idea, but doing it mindfully is new.

When you are limited by habits and thus by mind-blindness of new choices - it's time to make changes to your beliefs. It's easy to assume that all you think and see is "your idea." It's not. And much of your trauma - and your survival habits that now limit you - were set in motion when you were under ten years old. Free yourself from your own bondage...break old habits.

TAT is a unique approach

Unlike Tapping, the Tapas Acupressure Technique holds one pose and does not focus on finding the right statements and delving into dissecting a problem.

"Genes don't trigger themselves - your thoughts and feelings do."

The Tapas Acupressure Technique goes directly to the inner source of your fears and resolves the tension. You feel the difference in your response to the old situation or thoughts.

The Tapas Acupressure Technique dissolves barriers and habits on a more Universal scale - including going back into the genetic code.

With TAT you do not analyze and go through the trauma or stress again.

The process simply focuses on "the problem" while holding the points, as you read through the list of healing statements.

It is a holistic energy healing that deeply touches the heart of the matter.

"The TAT pose itself along
with your focus on a trauma
creates a connection between
the cells' memory and your
function of vision.

You "re-view" the trauma
and it is integrated in
a few moments."

Tapas Fleming

Habits, stress and trauma

Habits are set in place during difficult experiences as coping mechanisms. When we are stressed we find a 'survival solution' that stops the painful experience. This decision disrupts the flow of energy and over time it becomes stagnate energy. You experience that as aches, pains or illness.

When a similar situation to a trauma occurs it triggers the habit - your response is the same as it was at the time of the trauma. For example, your parents may have fought about money when you were two to ten years old. Now even the mention of the subject of money signals "danger - sadness - fight."

As an adult you have a different viewpoint - yet this old fearful trauma remains in the unconscious. How do you know it's still in control? You don't have the money you want and feel nervous or anxious around money issues.

Are fearful habits limiting your life?
How do you feel when you pay bills or lose income or are faced with money limits? If your body automatically responds as if you are say, four years old again - and in danger, and prepares to fight or run - flooding you with adrenalin - you are seeing an old habit that was set in motion long ago.

An old habit triggers the panic button automatically and fear floods your mind-body.

Adrenalin and other stressful hormones flood your body. Learn to stop that rush of cascading emotions RIGHT NOW or you are trapped in a dysfunctional pattern of your own making.

Now you are in survival mode, and clarity is unavailable.

You may react to the "childhood" situation and strike out or withdraw-

freezing and unable to respond as a four year old would do.

Your response is to the rush of energy that the thought of money triggered.

It is not happening now. Your body is stuck in a 4 year old response.

Do you see why this limiting habit must be released to allow you to respond as an adult to the subject of "money?" Energy release is the easy, quick answer.

Chinese Acupuncture developed over thousands of years based on the premise that healing required restoring the bodies natural energy dynamics. Acupuncture opens the energy flows or channels and clears the blockages and stagnation - allowing healing to take place.

"When we do TAT, we don't try and make anything happen or analyze whatever did or didn't happen. We don't judge ourselves about what did or didn't happen. Our mood is contemplative, receptive and internally quiet. In a relaxed frame of mind, we simply notice what happens."
Tapas Fleming

Trauma results in survival tactics
Stress and trauma can be anything that in the moment you perceive as a life-threatening situation. A soldier in a war zone is in real danger, and so is the victim of an auto accident. A child facing angry parents or ridicule from a teacher experiences the same life-death fears and rush of energy "signaling danger."

The Tapas Acupressure Technique opens the door to healing

At a very young age you did not have the resources you do now - and your survival solution worked at the time for a child. TAT is the process of suggesting to your body-mind to review and revisit this experience and the cause. The event is not true now. It's over. The upset is still stuck in your body-mind. The old habit or solution of avoiding this situation is not working now - why not reconsider and release the false assumption?

Once the body-mind feels safe and discharges the initial trauma, then you can integrate the healing and clear your energy system to function normally around the topic of car accidents, health, money (or whatever.)

"I've had thousands
of problems in
my life, most of
which never
actually happened."

Mark Twain

No way to ignore body stress
Is it clear that you can not deny this stress (fear of money in the example) or pretend it's not important?

There's not likely anything to really fear for this kitten-

...but if you feel fearful, you too will react as if your life is in danger.

If you are responding as if the trauma is real-

it IS real for you.

Once this is discharged, then you can add in your current adult desires about money and receiving cash flow.

The panic button triggers automatically once fear takes hold.

Adrenalin and other toxic hormones flood your body.

Your response is based on an old habit - and is NOT justified now. Clear your mind of this misinformation and free yourself.

There is no way to create a habit of receiving cash flow until the trauma (and feeling fearful) is gone. Each time you attempt to raise money (ask for a raise, start a new business, buy stocks, etc) - you are fighting your inner self - and the fear becomes more entrenched to save you from the "evil cash." Until the fear of cash is resolved, you remain in stress and conflict. Why not just do it and get it over? Nothing else is going to work, right?

TAT Insight to resistance

TAT works best when you least expect it to. You must use it when you most don't want to bother! When you're tired, frustrated, depressed, angry, or unmotivated.

At the point when your life is not working you have uncovered your own limiting beliefs. That's when you MUST make a new choice and " it anyway." If you tap on the problem and feelings at that moment - you will clear it once and for all!

Free New TAT videos - get the facts

Have you tried the newest TAT techniques? TAT has healed a variety of ailments. A new program is available for Physical Conditions that includes all the information you need to release old symptoms.

Do you need a TAT workshop?

Do you have a physical condition that gets worse when you're stressed?

Have you gotten a diagnosis that left you worried?

Is tension restricting your body and hurting you in your back, shoulders or knees?

Do you experience recurring headaches or asthma?

Your condition may be caused by unresolved emotions or early trauma. Every child experienced limits and made decisions that limit life. Here's how to change the tension and pain quickly.

"Even after a stressful event is over, your body holds onto the tension and tightness. Without a way to let your body know that it can fully and deeply relax, it stays knotted up. That's limiting your life and your health.

Our limiting beliefs can also cause us stress. Trying to change our core beliefs with our will is like trying to roll a boulder up a mountain - even if you get it up there, it tends to roll right back down." Tapas Fleming

The Tapas Acupressure Pose

Place your thumb and ring finger to lightly touch the bridge of your nose, just inside the corners of your eyes. Next, you place your middle finger on your third eye, which is between and just above the eyebrow level.

With your other hand, cup the back of your head by placing your thumb at the base of your skull and the thumb parallel with the hairline. This covers the area of your brain where you receive and project visual information and where traumatic memory is stored. Free video's above show you the pose.

The Tapas Acupressure Technique

Focus on the memory of your problem (or a physical area of your body) and hold the appropriate acupressure pose. The energy flows from your intention and releases the blockages. It also releases the energy that is stuck in your mind as feelings.

It is that simple. The free TAT manual guides you through an easy series of statements to assist clearing, healing and forgiveness of the problem. Download the Tapas Acupressure Technique manual and you will find the process at the end.

The feelings of release are often physical - a yawn, shivers,sigh or a sense of peace indicate that the blockage has been released. Wait at least a minute with each phrase and allow your body to respond with a physical release. If nothing happens in a minute or so, move to the next statement. At the point you experience a physical release, the difficult thought patterns dissolve and you feel relaxed as you recall the problem.

Click the yellow flower for the free How To Do TAT booklet

FREE TAT Booklet

Take a reading on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the worst before you begin,

and again at the conclusion.

If you begin as high as an 8-10 then you may need more sessions

- but wait 24 hours and allow the healing to balance your energy system. Take a fresh reading in a day or two and then continue.

You may need to repeat the process several times, after all it's a long-standing issue. Once you feel calm and confident when you recall the idea it's released. If you still feel anxious there's more to let go of.

A fun tool for weight loss is the TAT That! Weight Loss Card Game.

TAT THAT! Weight Loss Card Game

Click the yellow TAT flower for details.

The cards give you clues into how to overcome the triggers that cause you to overeat.

Quickly gain a positive outlook about yourself and resolve internal conflicts that result in eating for comfort.

Once you stop the trigger behaviors, then you easily end automatic overeating.

Change can be simple and quick: why not take the easy way?

Can you spare two minutes? If you haven't yet, why not enroll in the free mini-home study program. "21 Days of Insights" open up your creative potential and reveal limiting habits - then the path to Good Fortune becomes clear and easy.

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When if not now? Begin today
you'll be glad you did!

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Habits are seductive

Many of your habits make life enjoyable. Imagine figuring out how to drive a car each time you want to go out. Or do any of 100's of tasks every day that your subconscious mind does for you on autopilot. Invest a little time and get this powerhouse to work for you - and produce a lifestyle of happy Good Fortune.

Harness your subconscious power

Your subconscious is simply responding to programming - most of it unconscious. Wake up and make some new choices and get on track. Living a life of passion and creative fun is waiting for you. Now is the time - once you clear out stagnation and mind-body conflicts, the emerging rush of energy will bring new inspiration and new beginnings. Get in the flow and clear out the debris - old habits and limiting ideas with the Tapas Acupressure Technique. It's much easier than living without the stuff you want.

"Everything is
either an opportunity
to grow or an
obstacle to keep
you from growing.

You get to choose."

Dr. Wayne Dyer


Use what works
The new sciences in energy medicine - Tapping-EFT and PSTEC audio tape and now the Tapas Acupressure Technique - make changes remarkably fast. But you have to do it. Use them all and test for yourself what works best for you.

You are removing many years of limits quickly. Chronic conditions may take months of concentrated effort to TAP or TAT down to "0" (from a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst) and actually change how you see the world. So? Get started. It won't get easier waiting around.

Change happens.
When you do make the shift - your world - and your environment will change. It's tough to do on your own and following a coach makes it 100 times easier. That is why you see all the excellent recommend programs - with lots of "follow along" tapping workshops. The intro to the the Tapas Acupressure Technique program is free - and the specific self-help programs are designed to make your progress quick, and they are inexpensive.

Use Natural Cures for healing the body-mind. Feeling lost or frustrated at poor or inconsistent results? Tired and aches and pains? Simple Natural Cures are the answer. The way you look at the problem - is the problem. Find lasting solutions and relief right here.

If the economy is stressing you out, fix it today. “Coping” with stress wears you out! Cure the cause: Stress-free living is easier than you think - when you think in new ways. Try easy and quick natural stress-relief.

Decisions are often made outside awareness. If you feel limited and frustrated - it's an old decision blocking you. Solve that problem in a few simple steps and free up your creativity and future. Decisions: Winning or Losing?

PSTEC sweeps out trauma and blast through emotional barriers - FREE and quick. No figuring it out. Do it, get results and move on. Fear is erased. Gone. Now who are you? The Percussive Suggestion Technique is a tap-along audio tape. You’ll love the results.

June Harder is a grandmother that survived a horrible life of abuse in every form over and over, and accidents and surgeries.

June Harder

"…discovering how to Overcome Fear is the most freeing thing that's ever happened to me. I held everything inside from the time I was very young and trusted no one. I'd shut down all feeling and to this day never really know what my true feelings are. My life was saved by Lithium but that put me into more of a box with absolutely no feelings."

Overcoming Fear is the only real freedom from Trauma. Follow June's True Tale and discover a solution to overcome fear that works.

Too many of us
are not living our
dreams because
we are living
our fears.

Les Brown

Do you wonder how this stuff actually plays out in other people's lives? True Tales are inspiring stories from the Good Fortune Community. See how others are working mindfully and turning their lives into the life they Dream. That path of Good Fortune is there for you too!

Do you want QUICK changes for the better?

Train your mind just like
you train your body with exercise:
change habits and stretch your limits.

Feed your mind a healthy diet
just like you feed your body:

Strengthen and train your mind -- Repetition and commitment works wonders.

Build a new habit of Focusing on ONLY what you want, then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

Repetition works

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"People rarely
succeed unless
they have fun
in what they
are doing."

Dale Carnegie

"The content of
your character is
your choice.

Day by day,
what you do is
who you become.

Your integrity is
your destiny."



People are often
illogical, and
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind,
people may
accuse you
of selfish,
ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are
you will win some
false friends and
some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest
and frank, people
may cheat you;
Be honest and
frank anyway.

What you spend
years building,
someone could
destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity
and happiness,
they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do
today, people
will often
forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world
the best you have,
and it may never
be enough;
Give the world
the best you've
got anyway.

You see, in the
final analysis,
it is between you
and God;
It was never
between you and
them anyway."

Mother Teresa

"There is no value
in life except
what you choose
to place upon it
and no happiness
in any place except
what you bring
to it yourself."
Henry David Thoreau

"By three methods
we learn wisdom:
First, by reflection,
which is the noblest;
Second, by imitation,
which is easiest;
and Third
by experience,
which is the

"Stop asking
if the glass is
half full or
half empty.
Instead ask,
"What's in it?
How did it
get there?
What can I do
with it?"
David Kaufman

"Everything in the past
died yesterday,
and everything
in the future
is born today."
Chinese Proverb

"If there is
something that
you desire and
it is not
coming to you,
it always means
the same thing.

You are not a
vibrational match
to your own

"Destiny is not
a matter of chance,
it is a matter
of choice;
it is not
a thing to be
waited for,
it is a thing
to be achieved."
William J Bryan.

"The brain is about
2 percent of
your body's weight.
Yet, it uses
20 to 30% of
the calories you
consume, 20%
of the oxygen
you breathe and
25% of the blood
flow in your body.

The brain is
85% water!
Chronic stress
kills cells in
the memory centers
of the brain.

Negative thinking
disrupts healthy
brain function.

A lousy diet is
harmful, if you have
a fast food diet
you will only
have a fast food
Daniel G. Amen, MD

"Habits are
like a rope.
You add a strand
to it everyday and
soon it ties
you down.

It cannot be broken
but you can add
new strands daily
that will expand
your reach and
free you."
Cheryl Janecky

"It is awfully
important to know
what is and
what is not
your business."
Gertrude Stein

"The only real
obstacle on your
path to possibility
will always be

Too often we
do not see things
as they are; we
see things as
we are."
Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

"In my 50 years
as a practicing
EFT has proven
to be one of
the most rapid
and effective
techniques I've
ever used."
Henry Altenberg, MD

"As we think
our thoughts
and feel our
feelings, our
bodies respond
with a complex
array of shifts.

Each thought or
feeling unleashes
a particular
cascade of
biochemicals in
our organs.
Each experience
triggers genetic changes
in our cells."
Dawson Church

"Don't be afraid
to give your best
to what seemingly
are small jobs.

Every time
you conquer one
it makes you that
much stronger.
If you do the
little jobs well,
the big ones
will tend to
take care of
Dale Carnegie

"The act of focusing
our consciousness is
an act of creation.

Consciousness creates!"
Gregg Braden

"Of all the things
you wear,
your attitude
is the most
and colors how
you are seen
and received.

Dress for

Cheryl Janecky

"Discipline is
remembering what
you want."
David Campbell

"I can't believe
I'm saying this,
but this year
I realized in
many colorful ways
that limitations
are my friends.

The obstructions
I faced eventually
forced me to become
far more resourceful
than I'd ever been

The wastefulness I
uncovered showed me
how important it is
to shed my trivial
wishes and focus
intensely on my top
priority desires.

The confusions
I encountered
taught me valuable
secrets about how
to master my emotions
and dissolve my
superstitious fears."
Rob Brezsny

"The rise to success
is achieved by
lifting others.

A great part
of the journey
is who you
choose to travel
the path with."
Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

"Don't let
opportunities that
you desire and enjoy
pass you by like
a runaway train.
Take control
of yourself,
an awareness of
your surroundings,
and then jump
on board and be
the absolute best
at what you love."
Sammy Rivera

"No one lives
long enough to
learn everything
they need to learn
starting from scratch.
To be successful,
we absolutely,
positively have to
find people who
have already
paid the price
to learn the things
that we need
to learn to achieve
our goals."
Brian Tracy

"Gonna change
my way of thinking,
make my self a
different set of rules.

Gonna put my good
foot forward
and stop being
influenced by fools."
Bob Dylan

"On no account,
brood over your

Rolling in
the muck is not
the best way of
getting clean."
Aldous Huxley

"Create a
definite plan
for carrying out
your desire, and
begin at once,
whether you are
ready or not,
to put it
into action."
Napoleon Hill

"You can always tell
what you believe
by what you are
Alan Cohen

"We have more
in each moment
than we realize."
Thich Nhat Hanh

"To accomplish
great things,
we must not
only act,
but also dream;
not only plan,
but also believe."
Anatole France