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Inspiration Quotes and inspiring real life stories lift your spirits, refresh and renew your faith in yourself and life.

Quotes come from all ages and all walks of life and tell a similar tale of the human journey through time.

Inspirational quotes comment on the best in human nature – and the worst, affording insights into your own life's journey. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, inspirational quotes share experiences across time and cultures, weaving a common thread into a vision of the family of man.

"Inspiration Award" stories also include quotes and photography to entertain and deepen the story and it’s meaning. Enjoy! Visit other topics for more quotes and photos – all leading into the flow of Living the Dream: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

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In the Mayan legends from
time-out-of-mind, it is said that

Songs are our "smiles" to the Gods,
and flowers are the God's "smiles" back to us...and that's why you smile when you see a flower.

“All the flowers
of all the tomorrows
are in the seeds
of today.”

Indian Proverb

Cheryl Janecky: "Live your Dream."

You are the "seed" of your own Good Fortune.

Unique and talented people who share their good Fortune Journey Inspire everyone to reach for their own Dreams.

Each Pathfinder's story is unique.

They live "inside their Vision" of a better world and share that insight through Becoming It.

Good Fortune’s “Inspiration” Award

recognizes those living.....loving ..... and.....sharing their Dream - of the best of all possible worlds.

"Good Fortune is a way of living, not a destination." It is your on-going journey to your Vision of the life you love living. Passion is fired-up by your Dream. Inspiration follows, guiding you to Opportunities. Your actions and attitudes about your experiences determine your outcome.

Your actions and Focus slips you into the flow of Good Fortune - the journey of living your Dream. The very worst of situations - turns around and fuels your Dream - and new depths and heights are reached - again and again. Success comes from failures, from learning, adapting, and changing. That's only possible from living life in the flow from "withIN your Dream." It's a never-ending journey of exploration and creation.

"Inspiration Award"

"For what is the best choice
for each individual
is the highest it is possible
for him to achieve."

Spring 2009
“Inspiration Award" features John Holmstrom

John is a leading practitioner and professor of Ayurveda in Los Angeles. John's passion is Ayurveda, an ancient natural healing art that John studied, researched and brought home to relieve chronic diseases naturally. Once your body is clear of toxins, the mind at peace, emotions calm and happy, wastes efficiently eliminated and your organs are functioning normally -- you have found Health. John Holmstrom & Ayurveda is a journey of following Inspiration into different cultures and exploring ancient healing arts, synthesizing and developing methods to adapt and serve the American people.

Summer 2008
“Inspiration Award" features Mary Wright

Well-known art's activist and art instructor for many years, Mary's exhibits always draw an eager crowd. Her simple organic art is inspired by nature. Mary’s watercolors and mixed media works are shown in the summer during the Art-On-The-Land weekend. Her art is set inventively in the natural setting of her 24 acre rustic home; organized around the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. As you tour the land, you tour the art.

Mary and Eric Wright host community events in art, architecture, sustainable living, and continue the principles in Frank Lloyd Wright's contribution to architecture. They also host Solstice and Equinox celebrations, supporting Native American traditions and practices, including traditional sweatlodges.

Spring 2009
“Inspiration Award" features Musician Maria Newman

established the Montgomery Arts House of Music and Architecture - a contemporary art salon in Malibu. A composer and master violinist, and daughter of the Alfred E. Newman family dynasty. Maria Newman, "I had so many opportunities to experience "greatness" and I want to share that experience with others. Through performing, composing, and our new String Academy."

Maria and her husband Scott Hosfeld open their home as a music salon every month to the community, featuring outstanding musicians from around the world. Wine and cheese proceed performances - in an intimate setting in the Great Room or the Music Room. The music is followed by dessert and coffee or tea. Summer Fest: One week of music, art, dance, song and poetry is held in August.

Their vision is sharing the joy and benefits of music from many cultures, including new compositions. to bring back to life the power and importance of music to the quality of life.

Winter 2009
“Inspiration Award" features Ernie Back, photographer, mountaineer and securities broker: Living on the Extreme Edge - in the Intensities in Life.

All the photos in this section are by Ernie Back

“To see a world
in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in
the palm of your hand,
An eternity in an hour."
William Blake

Finding the Intensities of light and color in nature and capturing them at the right instant.

"I look for something BEAUTIFUL - that moves me. Sunrise is the best time to find the magic in the light."

"Nature is my temple and I attend regularly. Beauty in the vast pristine freshness is continually amazing, and it refreshes and renews me."

Exploring Wilderness Intensities

Ernie ventures into the heart of Nature and the wilderness -- and he finds the harmony and beauty in life that balances “intense” securities trading, work and urban living.

"My passion is to capture something that is stupendous and that moves me.

If I love it, it's a 'WOW!' and I have the technical capability to capture it as I see it. I do my own printing so I know it's what I saw originally.

It's a way of sharing what I love with others.

The photo tells the whole story- you can feel the cold along with the beauty of it."

Ernie's photos bring home the essence of the beauty he finds. His art speaks of a natural renewal, and of restoring a personal sense of awe and wonder.

His experience of living mindfully moment to moment is an insight into how to find peace and balance while living intensley. Climbing an ice ridge or rock climbing does keep you focused in the moment.

Natural Balance - against all odds.

"I love sunrise and the magic in the light - and I'm there to be in it, capture it, and bring home the experience."

All photos here are taken by Ernie

Exploring on the Edge of Civilization

"Only within the moment of time
represented by the present century
has one species -- man --
acquired significant power to alter
the nature of his world."
Rachel Carson

Getting there is just the beginning. From the base camp, the next adventure begins. Wilderness treks, mountain biking, hiking and climbs all refresh the body and renew the spirit.

Ernie balances a rock atop White Mountain Peak. a 14,246 foot summit.

It all began on a Cub Scout outing to West Point. Ernie and a friend soon lost interest in the military formality, and Ernie said, "I'm going to climb that mountain." The Scoutmaster said, "Yeah, go ahead." Several hours later a patrol was sent to find them. Turned out the area was rattlesnake infested and covered with poison ivy. The boys made it to a ridge - and were already at the gate when found...and they avoided the PI. Ernie loved the adventure and the exhilaration of the climb- a feeling he's never lost. To this day, he, "climbs that mountain" whenever he can.

Here everything is beautiful, only the most striking stand out.

Ernie loved to share his adventures with others - especially the kids. He was a counselor at Camp Highlander, North Carolina (owned by the Pine Crest School in Ft. Lauderdale.) Ernie had to work in the kitchen to earn his way to become a counselor. He finished his kitchen chores as fast as possible, so that he could spend his afternoon exploring and rock-climbing.

As a counselor Ernie took ten year-olds on their first hike, introducing them to a world he loved. They made their own campsite with a few tarps and learned to think creatively to secure them from the wind and rain. Of all the groups, Ernie's were the most proficient in difficult conditions. "I taught them like I like to learn: on my own. Left with a task, it's amazing how naturally creative the kids were in finding their own solutions."

Ernie looks at an extreme adventure as, "Risk Management - the same thing I do with stocks and investing." Learn the rules before you play the game.

"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken,
over-civilized people
are beginning to find out that
going to the mountains is going home;
that wildness is a necessity;
and that mountain parks and reservations
are useful not only as fountains of timber
and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life."
John Muir

In wilderness I sense the miracle of life,
and behind it our scientific
accomplishments fade to trivia.
Charles A. Lindbergh

Intensities in the Moment From the Highest Point.

And the rewards: Views from the top of the world. Breathtaking beauty.

The “moment” in the photo is the culmination of the journey to find it. Its beauty is not only in the image – but in its rarity and seldom seen when compared to everyday living.

Yet the vast beauty in nature far exceeds – by 99% - the civilization of man – at most a speck on the Big Picture of evolution of life on Earth.

Ernie's first trip climbing Mt. Baldy was in celebration of a friend's (from his office) 80th birthday - at the summit! He met Will on the trip, who introduced him to the California wilderness. They continue to hike and climb together today.

Ernie returning to the summit after skiing the north side of Mt. Baldy. That's 2,000 verticle feet up.

To then ski a fast 1,500 feet down - a very quick trip to get home.

Ernie doesn't look at his mountaineering adventures as "all that extreme."

He sees it in the same light as he trades securities: "In ski moutaineering you are constantly assessing and reassessing the risk.

There's no place for 'ego' or opinion.

You must know your advantages and how to cut your position and walk away: Exactly like trading options."

To ski Mt. Baldy bowl is - for most - an extreme adventure. The Sierra Club ski hut is at 8,200' and the summit at 10,064.' The mountain creates its own weather. The skiing is exceptional - if you can do the climb to get to it. It's almost 4,000 vertical feet up -- and 2,000 feet down.

Moments like this make the backpacking climb so worth it.

The beauty in the moment is often gone in a moment

The beauty in the dead wood is striking - amazing contrast.

Ernie sees it, and then asks, "How do I express this? How can I capture this for others to see it too?"

The light is fleeting. "My favorite are cloudy days, sunrise and sunset and the back lighting."

"How glorious a greeting the sun
gives the mountains!
To behold this alone is worth the pains
of any excursion a thousand times over.

The highest peaks burned like islands
in a sea of liquid shade.
Then the lower peaks and spires caught the glow,
and long lances of light,
streaming through many a notch
and pass, fell thick on the frozen meadows."
John Muir

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature,
which, if we unconsciously yield to it,
will direct us aright.”
Henry David Thoreau

Intensities in Drama, Performance and Production.

"It is art that makes life,
makes interest, makes importance . . .
and I know of no substitute whatever
for the force and beauty of its process."
Henry James

Ernie was born in Queens, New York and grew up in Westchester county. He choose New Orleans for college and graduate school, graduating with honors and an MBA in Economics and Finance.

"Balanced rocks along the trail are a gift to delight the next traveler."

To balance that out - Ernie was the General Manager and a host on the campus FM station WTUL. It began mellow and classical in the morning, progressing with news and finally acid rock in the late, late night hours.

After graduation he returned to New York to work in financial institutions. At the same time Ernie produced the award-winning off-Broadway play, “Even In Laughter” at the Intar Theatre in New York City.

Ernie saw the theatre as fun and interesting. He mostly socialized with theatre and artistic people. He met his wife, Von Rae in 1980 and they were married in 1986.

Von Rae and family cat, Merlin

Von Rae is an actress performing though out the United States.

Ernie and Von Rae moved to Los Angeles in 1996, she pursued her acting career and Ernie began working with sophisticated individual investors.

Ernie Back was a founding director and on the Board of Directors of the WriteAct Repertory Company in Los Angeles.

Some of his favorite things include his two cats, Romulus and Remus.

A moment of "Cat Rapture"

Romulus and Remus

"What we can or cannot do,
what we consider possible or impossible,
is rarely a function of our true capability.
It is more likely a function
of our beliefs about who we are."
Tony Robbins

Immersion into the intensities of commodities, money and stock markets.

The connecting point of individuals, companies, countries – and commodities (gold, corn, livestock) and currencies -- for profit. A vast sea of possibilities…so many variables that logic and reason (even complex computing systems) fail to consistently predict movements and outcomes. Yet many succeed and thrive – but most merely survive.

Cheryl Janecky

Learning Investment Strategies from a Pro.

"A favorite client of mine taught me the power and freedom that comes from passive income (money working for you) and investing in the Stock Market. In the ten years I worked with him, he never earned less than 30% in his stock portfolio.

Remember the "Tech" crash? My client missed it. He made $250,000 on one stock and option trading - on an investment of $20,000. 2001 was a good year for him!

I soon discovered that Ernie Back was the brilliant mind behind his investment strategies. My client at that time was in his mid 70's -- and open to learn what works. Ernie Back was his guide and teacher. Although my client was an astute businessman, his real wealth came from the stock market -- and so has mine.

I still follow the same basic principals with similar success. I need a guide to venture into the wilderness of options and commodities trading - and that was a key to my clients success.

Over the years I discovered Ernie's photography, his love of the wilderness and interest in theatre...but his greatest skill? Communication! He has a real talent for explaining the basics, and cheerfully guiding the (often eccentric) wealthy into profitable opportunities." Cheryl Janecky, Malibu, California

Finding the Beauty in life

is easy when you look for it.

Options, trading currencies and commodities are not for the average investor. But for the long-term active investor with a large portfolio - it is the difference between thriving and just surviving a volatile or "down" market.

Just like you do not go mountain climbing in the winter without training and experience -- you do not undertake investment strategies beyond your capabilities without guidance.

Expect success when you've done your homework - that's "risk management" that leads you to profitable investing.

"Happiness lies not
in the mere
possession of money;
it lies in the joy of achievement,
in the thrill of
creative effort."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Ernie began his investing career at some of the world's finest financial institutions in New York.

Ernie explored the intensities of various complex markets:

  • Ernie traded dollarl/Yen for Citibank in New York and he was subsequently a member of the New York Mercantile and Cotton Exchanges.

  • Ernie managed foreign exchange trading for Merrill Lynch in New York.

  • He traded interest rate derivatives for Credit Suisse.

While at Merrill Lynch, Ernie Back created the first Global Margined Interbank Currency Trading Product. For the first time speculators and hedge funds were enabled to trade in the Interbank currency markets after posting collateral.

Corporate politics and intense schedules mounted to the point the lure of pay and bonus's was no longer worth it. Ernie needed to turn down the volume of New York and wanted to move on to a better lifestyle.

Great things are done
when men and mountains meet.
This is not done
by jostling in the street.

William Blake

Soul-searching trips to Nature and country living restored his love of securities and trading. He and Von Rae moved to Los Angeles to begin a new life. He is currently a financial advisor at a top-tier firm in Beverly Hills.

"Successful people make money.
It's not that people who make money
become successful, but that successful
people attract money. They bring
success to what they do."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Ernie's insights for investors:

"Ernie Back at work in Beverly Hills"

Create a financial plan and make a long term investing commitment.

Learn the rules and understand the consequences.

A risk researched is a risk half taken.

Find a broker who understands your needs and values - and communicates with you especially in difficult markets.

And most important: "Turn off CNBC."

Relieve your stress and renew and restore in Nature and through physical exertion. Clear your mind and refresh your point of view. Success is a frame of mind – and it’s all up to you.

Nature is man's teacher.
She unfolds her treasures to his search,
unseals his eye, illumes his mind,
and purifies his heart;
an influence breathes
from all the sights
and sounds of her existence.
Alfred Billings Street

Enjoy the intensities and extremes of life, then regroup, refresh, clear your mind, and restore your soul.

"Find your balance no matter how swift the tide of daily life."

Spend a few moments with each Nature scene ..... allow Ernie's photos to take you there - let yourself go - get lost in the beauty. Notice how differently you feel after several minutes. Imagine what an actual trip into Nature will do for you.

"What we achieve inwardly
will change outer reality."

"In the wilderness is the preservation of the world." Henry David Thoreau

"Look at the trees, look at the birds,
look at the clouds, look at the stars...
and if you have eyes you will be able to see
that the whole existence is joyful.

Everything is simply happy.

Trees are happy for no reason;
they are not going to become prime ministers or
presidents and they are not going to become rich
and they will never have any bank balance.

Look at the flowers - for no reason.
It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are."

"Happy Wildflowers and Cloud Waves in an ocean-blue sky."

All the photos in this section were taken by Ernie.

Many of the photos can be purchased as blank greeting cards, or as special occasion or holiday cards.

Contact Ernie direct for pricing.

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Winter 2009
Good Fortune in Action’s “Inspiration Award" recognizes Gerry Bryant, musician, lawyer, and activist for the arts.

Interested in supporting the Arts? Here's a great idea- Gerry Bryant (and California Lawyer's for the Arts) support a petition to ask President-Elect Obama to appoint a Secretary of the Arts.

Many other countries have had Ministers of Art or Culture for centuries. This country needs to support the arts--now more than ever. Please take a moment to sign the petition and then pass it on. Thanks!

The Attracting Power of a Vision: Opportunities & Harmonizing Opposites.

“The primordial fire that sparked
millions of galaxies
is the same fire that sparks
the human creative impulse.”
Cindy Spring

Gerry Bryant's passion is the piano - both performing and composing. At 9 years old his Vision was becoming a concert pianist. That passion led to incredible (and magical) Opportunities, more Inspiration- and today he performs in a variety of venues, often with his jazz group PocketWatch.

PocketWatch performs as a classic jazz trio when performing standards, but the main configuration of the group is six instruments, and plays only Gerry's original, contemporary jazz and classical music.

He lives his Vision, performing and recording regularly, both solo and with his jazz group, in clubs and studios. He also composed, arranged and performed music for a documentary by an Academy Award winning filmmaker.

Gerry Bryant at the piano, performing with his group PocketWatch

PocketWatch performs Gerry's original works and timeless jazz standards that are festive & smooth, melodic & rhythmic.

Gerry's classical training began in childhood,

beginning with the noted Cleveland, Ohio music teacher Ethel Morton,

and then continued at Phillips Andover Academy with the acclaimed German concert pianist and teacher, Albion Metcalf.

Gerry graduated cum laude from Andover, the first black to do so.

Although music training was offered, the primary focus was academic and college preparation. He continued his classical studies with a scholarship to Harvard.

"Being yourself is not remaining
what you were, or being satisfied
with what you are.

It is the point of departure."
Sydney Harris

Harvard’s music program was limited to classical, and Gerry felt Inspired to explore other styles. He continued his music education on his own and changed his major to business - to prepare for dealing with the business side of the music industry.

Gerry performed in Jazz, R&B, and rock groups on the east and west coasts, tutored by and performed with such Jazz greats as Dizzy Gillespie and Les McCann, and he has accompanied such Broadway musical stars as Dale Kristien ("Phantom of the Opera") and Carl Anderson ("Jesus Christ Superstar.")

“Start by doing what’s necessary,
then what’s possible and suddenly
you are doing the impossible.”
St. Francis of Assisi

A whole new world opened when Gerry found the niche of Entertainment Law – just what he was seeking. He wanted to know the legal and business aspects of the music industry for his own music career and never intended to be a lawyer for anyone else.

He graduated from Harvard cum laude and moved to Los Angeles, the Entertainment Capitol of the world. Attending UCLA on scholarship, he received his J.D. and M.B.A., simultaneously, from UCLA.

In Entertainment Law, Gerry found what he wanted: Not fighting (as an adversarial trial lawyer) but bringing parties together, as a transactional Lawyer – negotiating deals. Gerry's natural inclination is negotiating to create good projects. His goal is to minimize the possibility of litigation – and protect his clients interests. He loves the challenge of creating a win-win deal that works for all parties.

Gerry represents artists of all disciplines, arts organizations and businesses of all sizes; and writes a weekly newspaper column on business and legal issues in entertainment and the arts.

Always interested and active in school creative activities, Gerry was delighted to join California Lawyer’s for the Arts Board of Directors and helping emerging artists with their careers.

California Lawyer's For the Arts Gala Award Evening.

C.L.A. Executive Director Alma Robinson, C.L.A. Board Co-President Gerry Bryant, Annette Bening, State Senator Jack Scott

California Lawyer’s for the Arts is a program to assist artists through workshops and referrals with the legal and business information they need to succeed and protect their rights to their talents. Gerry joined CLA's board of directors ten years ago and became Co-President of the Board a couple of years ago.

CLA was founded in 1974, and is a statewide nonprofit organization. In March CLA hosted a gala event honoring various arts supporters, movers and shakers with an Artistic License Award.

California Lawyer's for the Arts Booth at the African Marketplace Tribal Fair

Gerry Bryant, Alma Robinson and Attorney Janie Gust.

Gerry also volunteers with artists of all disciplines as a board member of several nonprofit arts and entertainment organizations.

He volunteers piano playing one to two days a week at UCLA's Medical Center.

Gerry comments that, "Helping to brighten the day of the patients - especially the children - is one of the most important and rewarding things I've done in my life."

Sounds like a typical, “Rich Get Richer…” story doesn’t it? Hardly the case.

Here’s the real story of a dream leading from poverty to opportunity and a first class ticket to the best life has to offer.

Most of the rich now living lives they love - started with nothing but a Desire and a Vision, an open mind, love of learning, willingness to work with others – and the passion to do - "whatever it takes."

Gerry Bryant’s Good Fortune Inspired journey - begins in the ghetto on Cleveland's east side. It's a path of balancing opposing lifestyles, choices and opportunities.

“The ability to hold two opposing ideas
in mind at he same time
and still retain the ability to function
is the sign of a first-rate intelligence.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Even as a child, Gerry found himself balancing between opposing views, what he desired, and what others valued. Balancing between opposite worlds is tough - but possible.

When faced with leaving his loving family and all he knew - for the austere opportunity to live his dream in an elite all-male boarding school - he said, "Yes." That becomes balancing between living the lifestyles and values of the very rich, and the very poor, and between those cultures.

When Gerry was confronted with two paths – appearing to lead in opposite directions – he said “yes to both” music and law.

When Inspiration led to other styles of music - and changing his lifelong passion for classical - he said, "Yes." You can have it all. Was it easy? Here’s the story.

Finding the Harmony in Opposites.

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."
Carl Sandburg

Gerry Bryant discovered piano at 8 yrs old and at 9 was taking lessons and aiming at his vision of becoming a classical pianist. Self-motivated, Gerry practiced in spite of the disdain of his homeboys (and even relatives.) Neither his young age – nor the piano- is as amazing as Gerry's passion for classical music. Few in Cleveland’s ghetto shared his vision.

"To go against the dominant thinking of your friends,
of most of the people you see every day,
is perhaps the most difficult
act of heroism you can perform."
Theodore H. White

When he played classical at family gathering –– the family wanted to hear "real music" too…but Gerry was not able to improvise, play gospel, jazz or blues – he loved classical. He felt their disappointment – and knew he didn’t fit into their ideal – but he loved classical, and that was that.

Gerry with his brothers and sisters in front of their family home in June 2006.

None of Gerry's immediate family had an interest or talent for music - a genetic pattern surfacing from Gerry's European ancestors is the likely culprit for his extraordinary talent and interest in classical music.

His family supported Gerry - and his choice of classical music – bought a piano, the lessons, and attended recitals. Later, as an adult, his mom confided that she had never cared for classical music.

His father worked long, arduous hours in the steel factory during the day and held a second job cleaning office buildings at night, to support his wife, three sons and two daughters. Blessed with a cohesive family and neighborhood Gerry thrived. He was class president, active in sports, and was on the honor roll.

At 12 years old – the 9th grade – his Dad had a stroke and was paralyzed. Gerry's mother couldn't work because she had to take care of Gerry's father and raise their five young children on her own. The family lived solely on their father's meager disability or social security income.

This is poor! How his mother did it all -- and made pennies stretch to keep everyone fed and clothed -- is amazing and a tribute to her inner strength. Amazingly, they continued Gerry's piano lessons. Gerry saw hard work and poverty - and that inspired him to study and seek a better life.

"If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy
can totally transform
one million realities."
Maya Angelou

Then Good Fortune happened. An advisor selected Gerry – as one of the top five kids in junior high school – to participate in a summer program to see what college life is like. Gerry knew little about the project, and only learned later the magnitude of the opportunity. It was far more than a brief visit.

A Better Chance's Orientation Program with 3 others and the counselor - at Amherst College in summer of 1969 before Gerry went off to Andover to live.

Gerry is the little kid at the top. (He was only 5' 6'' starting the 10th grade. In the next year or so he grew more than 6 inches.)

A Better Chance recruits and develops leaders among young disadvantaged kids. Since 1963, ABC has been transforming lives through educational opportunities. They refer academically talented students, primarily from inner cities across the country, to some of the nation's finest schools for placement and financial aid.

Gerry was accepted into the private prep boarding school Phillips Andover Academy in Andover.

“There is no substitute for
incomprehensible good luck.”
Lynn Alpern & Esther Blumenfeld

When you know how magic happens, you can recreate it. The power of Attraction is the power behind "magic." Gerry's passion for classical music is a perfect "vibration or resonance" match to an elite prep-school - and in fact one of the nation's finest - and wealthiest. A miracle? One that Gerry created through attention and desire - without realizing how - or what- he did.

"Luck is a matter of preparation
meeting opportunity."
Oprah Winfrey

At 13 Gerry moved out from a loving home into the very prestigious private prep school.

Gerry with his first piano teacher, Ethel Morton, in June 2004 -- He let her know what her prize student had become and to give her a copy of the classical music CD Gerry had recorded and dedicated to her and to his piano teacher at Andover, Albion Metcalf.

Gerry studied with Ethel Morton beginning in the early 1960's - and was surprised that she was still alive, active -- and that she remembered him after more than 40 years.

Phillips Andover Academy and Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire (Andover and Exeter were founded in the 1800s by feuding brothers) are considered the Harvard and Yale of secondary schools, i.e., the best of the best.

Except for the ten black students, all were very, very rich white kids.

Sound like a dream come-true?

Be careful of what you wish for – it might come true: The difference in lifestyles was huge. Now he was one of 900 in a wealthy, restrictive, disciplined and ordered environment: Coat and tie uniform, set schedules – and isolated in the tiny rural town of Andover.

For a 13 year old who had been a big man on a co-ed campus in a public middle school – in the band, president of his class, girlfriends, and the brightest academically – it was culture shock – to say the least.

Gerry recalled, “One of the biggest differences was the classroom size. In public schools there were 40 or so in a class – and lots of time to socialize while the teacher disciplined and attempted to maintain order enough to teach. In Andover, there were 5-7 in a class – with ONE instructor.

All time spent was serious learning – a very different environment – and no choice but to "fit the mold." He missed out on the fun things – no prom or dating or sports after school with friends. It was an intense three years with no slack.

Gerry withdrew into his music and studies. They were his ticket to financial freedom. An aspiring concert pianist – he give recitals – trained, attended competitions, was in the orchestra, band (drums) and learned tennis.

Gerry was the first black to graduate cum laude – from Andover, and he received a scholarship to Harvard.

Gerry playing on the piano in his family home in Cleveland.

Gerry basically learned how to play on this piano. The photo, is circa 1973 when Gerry was already at Harvard and home on a break.

Once in Harvard he dropped his interest in exclusively classical piano, and began to explore other types music. Composition was now more important – he began writting music in ernest. His new music interests were pursued on his own.

Harvard – not known for music – had a limited program so Gerry switched to pre-law – in order to learn the business side of a music career. Gerry formed a band and played locally - performing at clubs – with the Kuumba Singers, Harvard's Black Gospel Choir – and for theatre groups, Gerry wrote music for plays. He graduated cum laude and transfered to the West coast.

Hating cold weather – Gerry was happy with Southern California’s warm temperate climate.

He came to UCLA on scholarship, and took an accelerated program combining both Law and business in 4 years. He continued writing music and performing – combining the Entertainment Law – and a music career.

Law and music was a logical outcome of what he’d done all along. Active in UCLA’s Student Committee for Arts and organizing Royce Hall events – art continued to play a prominent role in his life. Gerry was given a great opportunity - and in appreciation, he gives a lot back volunteering.

Gerry and Bob Johnson. Bob, a member of CLA's honorary committee for the Artistic Awards event, was Gerry's roommate at UCLA Law and Business Schools - and a long time friend.

Bob Johnson is also very active in entertainment and the arts, as a lawyer and producer of plays and other shows. He won a Peabody Award for the Spike Lee directed film, "A Huey Newton Story" that he produced, and Gerry was the production attorney for the film. Bob also volunteers by serving on boards of various arts and charitable organizations.

He was introduced to CLA through friends and soon was on the board.

He continues to empower artists,creative people, and organizations to build their careers.

Gerry offers a special discount to artists to help them get started and acquire the business tools they need.

He became a vegetarian on a dare – 15 yrs ago. His sister said, “Life's better because I stopped eating meat. Bet you can’t go one week without eating red meat.” Gerry took the bet, did it – won the bet – and asked himself, “Wonder how much longer can I keep this up?”

A love relationship (also a vegetarian) led him on new spiritual paths of self exploration. Gerry met his percussionist at Science of Mind - also on a spiritual path of self growth. Never know what door opens from new experiences - relationships, knowledge, and ...ah HA! moments.

Gerry’s passion is both sharing his talent for music– and sharing his legal expertise. Helping artistic people become aware of their rights and potential outcomes of their business decisions takes volunteer time and effort.

His advice to artists? Join CLA and get the information you need to protect your creative works. Use a lawyer at the start – many scenarios can go wrong – protect your interests in the beginning – then do your creative thing without worry. Once you have success, then people come to sue – and it’s too late: You can’t get the insurance after the fact.

Find what you love and do it - volunteer and give it away to worthy causes - get started and your momentum will carry you.

Your creative Intellectual Property is worth protecting. Make sure you get the rewards from your efforts - and not lose them to others.

Consider this: You buy car insurance for protection down the line - you don’t expect an accident –but you minimize the damage when you have car insurance.

Insurance doesn’t keep you from an accident: A lawyer minimizes the possibility of something happening and the consequences of it happening. Better to be safe, than sorry!

Gerry’s favorite composer: Chopin.
Gerry’s favorite testimonial letter (8 year old fan):

“Dear Gerry, I really love your music,
I thought it was the best music I ever heard.
I’m glad I got to tip you.
The reason I tipped you is
because I really liked your music.
I will never ever forget your great music.
And again, I really love your music, From Katherine S.

Gerry’s passion: Music and helping others to achieve their dreams.

“Art is Directly from Source-
talent is a personal expression-
closest to living on your own path in life.
Develop more of your creativity through protecting
your rights to your own creations.”
Gerry Bryant
Visit Gerry Bryant - see the full bio, and listen to music - or visit Gerry's group PocketWatch or find membership information at California Lawyer’s For the Arts.

The Lotus and the Water Lily rise from the lowly swamps - an ancient symbol of wealth, spiritual renewal and rejuvenation.

Great beauty and Inspiration arises from many sources, including the muddy waters of illness, poverty and despair.

December 2008
Good Fortune in Action’s “Pathfinder Inspiration Award" honors great philanthropists.

Winter Solstice in December is a time of worldwide celebrations - and the one time of the year of the "Giveaway." Most cultures celebrate this time of year with festivities and gift giving.

The world's wealthiest give back in a really big way. Take the time to honor and cherish those that make the world a better place - on a really grand scale. The Seeds of Good Fortune that they distribute worldwide grow into the future we Dream and know as possible.

As you create your future Wealth and Health - anticipate how you will share it and return the lavish bounty you have received....with others and all of life.

Pathfinder's and Inspiring Philanthropists

George Soros, in support of democratic societies and intellectual freedom, gave billions of dollars to over 30 countries.

Multimillionaire pop star George Michael has decided to give away his music for free, posting it on the Internet for anyone to download. "I've been very well remunerated for my talents over the years," he told BBC,"so I really don't need the public's money."

Hollywood movie and music mogul David Geffen, the billionaire cofounder of DreamWorks told Forbes, "I have no interest in making money anymore. Everything I make in the entertainment business will go to charity."

CNN founder and billionaire Ted Turner is in the middle of a 10-year, billion-dollar giveaway to the United Nations. Since 1997, he has been donating annual installments of 100 million dollars, specifying that they not be used for administration costs but for programs like eliminating land mines, feeding children, and preventing disease.

And who is the greatest philanthropist of all time? Bill Gates has given billions to improve conditions around the world – and recently Warren Buffett (worlds richest man) contributed more billions to Gates’ foundation. They are focused now in Africa – a country in desperate need (and overlooked for significant aid by most Nations.)

Physicist Paul Ginsparg radically changed scientific procedures when he created a free service for publishing and reading research reports on the Internet. (The above was compiled mostly by author Rob Brezsney, Pronoia.)

"I don't know what your destiny
will be, but I do know that the only ones
among you who will be truly happy
are those who have sought
and found a way to serve."
Albert Schweitzer

Oprah Winfrey in 2007 is at the top of the Giving Back Fund list of the 30 most-generous celebrities for the second consecutive year. This year she gave $50.2-million to causes related to education, health care, and advocacy for women and children through her foundation and Oprah’s Angel Network.

Oprah is the only star who qualified for one of the Top 50 most generous philanthropists. She's also the first African American philanthropist to land on the list, contributing $175 million in 2003 to educational initiatives at home and abroad. And with her Angel Network - in which 100% of audience donations go to nonprofits - she's inspiring her fans to follow in her charitable footsteps.

Angelina Jolie is a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. Since becoming a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in 2001, award-winning American actress has brought hope and advocacy to uprooted people around the world.

She has worked with field staff from the UN refugee agency and met with refugees and internally displaced people in more than 20 countries on five continents.

In June 2008, Angelina Jolie issued special messages to mark World Refugee Day. She also continues to bring attention to some of the globe’s biggest humanitarian crises, from Iraq to Chad and Sudan’s Darfur region.

Jolie recently gave $1 million to the U.N. to aid Afghan refugees and pledged $5 million to set up a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia.

Jolie gives a third of her income to charity, according to the Internet Movie Database Web site.

Neither the countries nor the causes are "glamorous." They include: August 2007 Iraq and Syria, February 2007 Chad, December 2006 Costa Rica, November 2006 India, November 2005 Pakistan, May 2005 Pakistan.

Bill Cosby and his wife Camille gave $20 million to Spelman College during the inauguration of Dr. Johnnetta Cole as the first Black female president of the 107-year-old Atlanta institution. Cosby said the contribution, the largest personal gift ever to any of America's 112 Black colleges and universities, will be used for the Camille Olivia Hanks Cosby Academic Center and the endowment of three chairs in the fine arts, social sciences and humanities. It will also support a library and archival program of international African women research and resources at the Academic Center.

Their philanthropy also includes a $1.3 million gift to Fisk University in 1986; another $1.3 million divided equally among four other Black universities--Central State, Howard, Florida A&M and Shaw--in 1987; and $1.5 million divided between Meharry Medical College ($800,000) and Bethune-Cookman College ($750,000) last year.

Giving gifts is an ancient custom, shared by all cultures and people.

Giving comes not only from the famous and wealthy. Most non-profit causes rely on funds from many sources - mostly from the general public and small donations.

Think you can't afford to donate? Giving and Receiving are the same. You get back a match to what you feel about giving to's the Law of Attraction.

Ordinary People and Extraordinary Gifts.

Albert Lexie saw a telethon in 1981 asking for donations to the Free Care Fund at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. He made a $730 donation. Since then, Albert Lexie has added over $90,000 more – saved over the course of many years from the tips he makes polishing shoes at the hospital and at local businesses.

Albert Lexie, 62, has been shining shoes at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh since 1982. Tuesday and Thursday each week, Albert leaves his home at 6 a.m. to arrive at Children’s at 7:30 a.m. to shine shoes. Through the years, he has given all of his tips – more than $97,000 – to the Free Care Fund, which ensures that all Children’s patients receive the medical care they need regardless of their families’ ability to pay. What makes this gift so inspiring is - he only earns about $10,000 a year.

Given a chance, more will grow prosperous and into the future we all want to live.

The smallest seed and opportunity may develop into the "next big thing" or healing breakthrough or discovery and opportunity for all to flourish.

FALL 2008
Good Fortune in Action’s “Inspiration Award" honors Estelle Foster and Pesticide Awareness & Alternative Coalition or PAAC.

Good Fortune in Action: A personal Vision of Good Fortune Inspires Desire. Passion is fired up by a Dream. Inspiration follows and guides to Opportunities – some look like disasters. Action brings your Dream alive.

The worst of possible events turn around and fuel the Dream. All situations, no matter what, can lead to Living the Dream.

"The most important things in life
aren’t things."

“Never underestimate the power of a woman….”

  • In love with her family and home:
  • To gather other women and men and pursue the Vision.
  • To know what is right, and the truth of a situation.
  • To persistently, honestly and nicely follow through.
  • To follow her heart and do what is right: no matter what.
  • To stick with uncommon good sense, follow Inspiration, and take action.

Love of family and love of life.

A simple Dream of living healthy and happy that everyone shares.

Common sense: Pesticides kill bugs and are poison. It’s not good for kids and pets to play in parks in poison, eat food grown in poison, or drink contaminated water and breathe contaminated air. It’s not very good for adults either.

Estelle Foster’s Dream is a poison free environment for her family, friends and community – and with the vanishing honey bees – her mission is now “world wide.”

“The only way of discovering
the limits of the possible is to
venture a little way past them
into the impossible.”
Arthur C. Clarke

Estelle Foster's Good Fortune action inspired journey to live in a poison-free world began over 40 years ago. Her life’s adventure is the story of taking one-step-at-a-time and doing her best. She follows her Inspiration, holds fast to her Dream and she never gives up.

Estelle employs a down-to-earth common sense approach to solving life’s problems. Figure out what’s wrong, and fix it.

Poisoning the parks with pesticides is poisoning the kids and pets that play there: Same with the schools. Why not use safe alternatives?

Seems simple – but imagine beginning with this idea and then facing government bureaucracy in the schools, parks, cities and county – where to begin?

“The impossible
is often the untried.”
Jim Goodwin

If you’ve every had a good common sense solution and felt overwhelmed at what to do about it – then Estelle is a good person to talk to. Follow her story, and you’ll find a Good Fortune path to success that anyone "inspired" can follow.

"Happiness is
when what we think
and what we say,
and what we do,
are all the same.”

A Passion For a Vision vs. a Fight and Struggle with the Opposition.

Estelle did not fight against the chemical industry or the system poisoning the parks and schools. Estelle stated the facts and shared her passion and Dream for a clean, healthy, safe environment. Who can argue with that? Isn't that what everyone wants? If so, then let's take action and implement it. And eventually they did.

Estelle speaking at the Bee Symposium.

Spread the word: Poisoning our sources of food is something we can and must change!

Estelle’s accomplishments are many, but her passions are about “now.” And what needs to be done next to fulfill her Dream of a safe and sane “poison free” world.

Her vision is simple: a safe place to live, eat, love, raise a family and share life with friends. Isn’t that what we all want?

Very few realize that pesticides are poisons that can and do affect the quality of life.

More than just your health, poisons also affect your food supply – and the future of agriculture as well. Sound dramatic?

“Success is more a function
of consistent common sense
than it is of genius.”
An Wang

Estelle and Mary Wright at the Bee Symposium.

A shared Dream of living organically and saving the honey bees.

Estelle’s campaign to rid life of pesticides includes alerting people to the vanishing Honey Bees and the dire consequences – of ignoring the loss of the bees.

Einstein postulated that our food source would last about four years after the bees were gone.

Without pollination – no fruit, vegetables, and soon much of the vegetation no longer renews.

“Only when the last
fish has been caught,
and only when the last
river has been poisoned,
will we find that
we can’t eat money.”
Cree Proverb

The honey bee is critical to our survival…and pesticides may be the poison causing the colony collapse disorder (CCD) and the death of 2.5 million hives. If that's repeated this Fall, our food sources are in jeopardy.

Estelle spoke often getting her message out, and others joined in.

Armed with facts and alternatives, Estelle Foster drew others into taking action with her.

Raising public awareness is all it takes – and that means getting the message out. Saving the honey bee is really saving our food source. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

An article and alert by Estelle details the problem and challenges. Judith Fine-Sarchielli has also written an article on the bees and our survival.

Most don’t realize that “systemic” fertilizers go INTO THE PLANT and then the plant is poison – not only to the bugs – but to the bees, hummingbirds and animals that eat the leaves, fruits or berries?

Most who use pesticides do not intend to kill them – or the butterflies.

The solution is simple: don’t buy or use systemic or toxic pesticides.

Find alternatives. Insist on your food and water being safe and poison free.

Gather together, as Estelle and friends have, and you can change your school systems, city and counties policies on the use of pesticides.

Estelle joined with others

Success is sweet!

Living pesticide free is living poison free. And what of the bugs? There are many safe and sane alternatives.

Estelle’s passion is her family and loved ones. Blessed with common sense, she knew pesticide meant poison. Those simple facts led to a huge, continuing campaign to rid the land of poison. And their results?

There are nearly 50 toxic, herbicide, and fungicide free parks in Santa Barbara; the Santa Barbara County schools are also toxic free.

How is it possible to challenge – and win - against the huge chemical industry, and inertia in government agencies?

“Start by doing what’s necessary,
then what’s possible
and suddenly you
are doing the impossible.”
St. Francis of Assisi

It may surprise you – but a woman, a mom, passionate – persistent – and armed with a lot of facts - spoken with a touch of honey - can actually get the job done. Other’s join in and soon there’s a solid voice for common sense - and change.

Estelle is the Executive Director of Pesticide Awareness & Alternative Coalition or PAAC, an organization she helped form. Their mission is simple: There are non-toxic alternatives and killing a few bugs is not worth sickening or killing people. It seems self-evident – but it’s taken years to reach this understanding in the local government agencies that control the use of pesticides.

Estelle assisted Wendy Kaysing and friends from Ojai to follow PAAC methods and they are now well on the way to a pesticide free Ojai. Topanga Canyon is meeting this month to form a coalition to rid their neighborhood of toxic chemicals.

Gifts came from many sources.

There were many awards and support.

Over the years there were many awards and acknowledgements of PAAC’s efforts and accomplishments. Other projects equally compelling happened too. Once begun, momentum picks up other people - and more is accomplished with less effort.

“The difference between
the impossible and
the possible lies in a
person’s determination.”
Tommy Lasorda

Some results are amazing, some a relief, and most are heart-warming.

Are Estelle’s years of efforts behind the new laws and regulations? You decide.

Compiled from news stories: "....California in October 2008 launched the most comprehensive program of any state to regulate chemicals that have been linked to cancer, hormone disruption and other deadly effects on human health.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two broad laws that are designed to encompass 80,000 chemicals now in circulation, rather than focus narrowly, as previous bills have, on specific substances in products.

...The laws come as public alarm is on the rise over dangerous substances in consumer products."

Word spreads slowly at first, then gathers momentum. The only change that can happen begins with an idea, then a Dream, and then people who insist on Living the Dream.

“The young do not know
enough to be prudent,
and therefore they attempt
the impossible—and achieve it,
generation after generation.”
Pearl S. Buck

Good Fortune in Action’s “Inspiration Award” in recognition of living withIN a Dream and bringing it to life. The steps are simple.

Passion is fired up by a Dream. Inspiration follows and guides to Opportunities. Action brings the Dream alive. Even the worst of situations leads to the best of what is wanted.

Follow Estelle’s journey to Living her Dream, and see the Good Fortune path to success in action. It’s available to everyone that looks for it.

The worst possible events ignite the desire for a better solution and a Dream begins to form.

In 1968 Estelle Foster arrived in Santa Barbara as a recently divorced single mother with two daughters. Five months later a massive oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara threatened Estelle’s new home and the health of her family.

““Success isn’t a result
enough to be prudent,
of spontaneous combustion.
You must set
yourself on fire.”
Arnold Glasow

Estelle and her children in a pesticide free park.

Everyone enjoys the pesticide free parks.

A new experience for her, Estelle joined a new environmental organization --"G.O.O." or “Get Oil Out.” A young mother with part-time work, Estelle still found the time to create fund raising events and help with public relations.

Estelle got Hollywood celebrities (including Gregory Peck, Anthony Franciosa, Jack Klugman, and Rod Steiger) to record their views regarding the disaster. The radio messages spread the word of the community's efforts to protect the coast. Estelle produced fund raising events for G.O.O., inviting celebrities to support the environmental cause. Soon others joined, bringing to light the hazard to both human and marine life.

Now California State congressmen, including U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, have joined with environmentalists to oppose Congress in their desire to open the California coast to a new wave of oil and gas exploration.

Fundraising can be "hair-raising."

When things turn out well - it's worth it!

Next Estelle joined a small preservation effort to rescue a 70 acre property from development. Estelle worked passionately, appearing on television and radio to raise the funds to purchase the property. The night before the offer to purchase the property was to expire, SWAP was still short a substantial amount.

Michael Douglas called and offered to donate the remaining amount needed in honor of his father, Kirk Douglas. The Douglas Family Preserve is a semi-wilderness area on the Santa Barbara Coast - now there for future generations, and for the wildlife.

Estelle's Dream Expands to Include Her New Talents and Abilities.

Estelle was appointed, and served for several years as the Human Rights Commissioner by then Supervisor Jeanne Graffy.

By the mid-1970’s her new passion and talents led Estelle to join the Peace Education Project. She created a conflict resolution technique which she brought to the city's elementary schools. Estelle also worked with the Santa Barbara County Probation Department's Youth School. She brought in community role models to speak and gave the youth what Estelle calls, “the success factor.”

Estelle was a role model - and a real "model" too.

Her natural charisma livened up the runway.

She met, and soon married John Foster, an avid horticulturist with an organic gardening and landscape business.

Estelle now lives her Dream – in an oasis of organic fruits and vegetables – with the love of her life, including her extended family and grandchildren. They celebrate their 23 Anniversary this year.

Estelle worked for La Belle Modeling Agency and was also an actress with the former Park Theatre.

Horrible Events Lead to a Renewed Commitment.

In 1998 a sad catastrophe befell Estelle's neighbor. Her child developed Bells Palsy. Another neighbor repeatedly sprayed Dursban (now illegal) for termites in his home—the toxic spray was blown into Estelle's neighbor’s home. The woman and her child become deathly ill.

Estelle, along with a few other mothers banded together to help but neither the city, police, fire department nor legal authorities helped. No one would stop the spraying.

Then a baby next door became unresponsive and the mother had serious headaches. A toxicologist determined they were chemically poisoned. Yet there was still no recourse anywhere from local, county or state officials.

The Pesticide Awareness & Alternative Coalition or PAAC, was born.

Estelle became the executive director of a new organization to prevent this from happening again. PAAC became the voice for the community’s health and safety.

PAAC was a major force in creating almost 50 pesticide free parks. PAAC produced the California Organic Festival, and that was followed by publishing the "Organic Resource Guide."

Estelle with her grandchild and husband, Johnny.

All children for many generations will enjoy pesticide free parks.

PAAC supported Santa Barbara’s first “Integrated Pest Management Program.” This IPM Program is now a successful part of the City. IPMP works together toward the goal of reducing, and eliminating toxic pesticides, and replacing them with safer alternatives for both pest, and weed control.

PAAC awards companies and individuals for environmentally friendly business and efforts. For one PAAC fundraiser, Estelle brought Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to speak to the community on the subject of toxins in the environment. Estelle currently speaks to agencies, groups, and clubs and is featured on radio programs.

Visit the Organic Guide for green, eco, and sustainable products, and services. The Organic Festival is held annually in Santa Barbara.

Background Information came from interviews with Estelle Foster, from Wendy L. Kaysing, Member of PAAC since 2005, who wrote Estelle's bio for PAAC. And an article in The Mesa Paper -- the first and only neighborhood paper in the city of Santa Barbara.

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“He turns
not back
who is bound
to a star.”

Leonardo Da Vinci

“The primordial
fire that sparked
millions of galaxies
is the same fire
that sparks the
human creative

Cindy Spring

"Nurture your mind
with great thoughts,
for you will never
go any higher
than you think."

Benjamin Disraeli

“The most
beautiful thing
we can experience
is the mysterious.

It is the source
of all true art
and science.”

Albert Einstein

"The Way never
concerns itself
with what we
do not have,
do not want,
or cannot do.

It only sustains
what we do have,
do want
and can do."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

“If one is lucky,
a solitary
fantasy can
totally transform
one million realities.”

Maya Angelou

“We are what
we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then,
is not an act,
but a habit.”


“Don’t ask what
the world needs.

Ask what makes
you come alive,
and go do it.

Because what the
world needs is
people who
have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

"What we call
luck is the
inner man

Robertson Davies

"There is a
boundary to
people's passions
when they act
from feelings;
but none when
they are under
the influence
of imagination."

Edmund Burke

"Imagination is
more important
than knowledge.

Knowledge is limited.

Imagination encircles
the world."

Albert Einstein

"Attention is like
sunlight and
water for a plant.

What we pay
attention to
will grow."

Thich Nhat Hanh

One who
has learned
to love all
people will
find plenty
of people who
will return
that love.

Ernest Holmes

"The Way is
your daily life.

It is awakening
your mind and
seeing your
true nature.

It is letting go of
the attitudes and
expectations of
others so that
you may enter
the stream of
your own destiny,
flowing with the
wellspring of
all possibility.

It is a life that,
sunny or cloudy,
brings joy to
your days."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

Discovery consists
of seeing what
everybody has
seen and thinking
what nobody
has thought.

Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi

“I want to
touch people
with my art.

I want them
to say
'he feels deeply,
he feels tenderly.”

Vincent Van Gogh

If there were
dreams to sell,
what would
you buy?

Thomas Lovell Beddoes

"It is art
that makes life,
makes interest,
makes importance
. . . and I know
of no substitute
whatever for the
force and beauty
of its process."

Henry James

“Whoever wants
to reach a distant
goal must take
many small steps.”

Helmut Schmidt

we plow the dust
of stars,
blown about us
by the wind, and
drink the universe
in a glass of rain.”

Ihab Hassan

“"When you see
it right and when
you feel it right
in the wholeness
of your being,
you then have
created the
condition that
makes the result

Stretton Smith

“No artist is
ahead of
his time.
He is his time.

It is just that
the others are
behind the time.”

Martha Graham

"Most of our
so-called reasoning
consists in finding
arguments for going
on believing as
we already do"

James H Robinson

“Sow a thought,
reap an action;
sow an action,
reap a habit;
sow a habit,
reap a character;
sow a character,
reap a destiny,”


“What we can
or cannot do,
what we consider
possible or
impossible, is
rarely a function of
our true capability.
It is more likely
a function of our
beliefs about
who we are.”

Tony Robbins

“One of the
greatest discoveries
a man makes,
one of his great
surprises, is to
find he can
do what he was
afraid he couldn't do.”

Henry Ford

“Always hope
for the best,
which would
become the bridge
between what you
are and what you
aim to become.
It may not happen
soon but you will be
surprised how it
can change
the course
of the universe.”

Chaitanya Goteti

“It must be borne
in the mind that
the tragedy of life
does not lie in
not reaching
your goal;
the tragedy is in
not having a goal
to reach.

Not a calamity
to die without
dreams not
fulfilled but
a calamity
not to dream.

Not a disaster
to be unable
to capture
your ideal;
it is a disaster
not to have an
ideal to capture.

Not a disgrace
not to reach
the stars but
a disgrace to have
no stars to reach.

Not failure but
low aim is sin."

Benjamin Ewise

“You see,
in life,
lots of people
know what to do,
but few people
actually do what
they know.
Knowing is
not enough!
You must take action.”

Anthony Robbins

“Acquire the
courage to
believe in yourself.
Many of the things
that you have been
taught were at one
time the radical
ideas of
individuals who
had the courage
to believe
what their own
hearts and minds
told them
was true,
rather than accept
the common beliefs
of their day.”

Ching Ning Chu

“Often the
difference between
a successful
person and a
failure is not
one has better
abilities or ideas,
but the courage
that one has
to bet on one's
ideas, to take a
calculated risk
--- and to act..”

Maxwell Maltz

"If you have to
climb a high hill
then waiting will
not make it small.
Just go ahead."


"The only way
to truly move
forward is
to never look back."

Christopher Ammirati

"The way does
not ask us to be
what we are not,
but to be more
fully what we are.

A life where you
do what you like
and like what you
do by being who
you are and not
what others
have dictated."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

"You can do
anything if you
have enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is the
yeast that makes

your hopes rise to the stars.

With it, there is

Without it there
are only alibis."

Henry Ford

Imagine a fish –
discovering water –
In that way
be aware you
swim in a current
of love,
and Solutions
flowing to your
own unique

It is that
Knowing that
opens you to be
in the flow.

Cheryl Janecky

"Learn how to
be happy with
what you have
while you pursue
all that you want"

Jim Rohn

"What we achieve
inwardly will
change outer


"Success is more
a function of
common sense
than it is
of genius.”

An Wang

“The best vision
is insight.”

Malcolm S. Forbes

"It is never
to late to be
what you
can become."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

“What lies
behind us
and what lies
before us
are tiny matters
compared to
what lies
within us.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

“The impossible is
often the untried.”

Jim Goodwin

“I seem to
have been
like a child
playing on
the sea shore,
finding now and
then a prettier
shell than ordinary,
whilst the great
ocean of truth
lay undiscovered
before me.”

Isaac Newton

“Imagination is
more important
than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein

"The only real
obstacle on your
path to possibility
will always
be yourself.

Too often we
do not see
things as
they are;
we see things
as we are."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

"Under all speech
that is good
for anything
there lies
a silence that
is better.

Silence is deep
as Eternity;
speech is shallow
as Time."

Thomas Carlyle

"Contemplate your
picture [Dream] in
your leisure hours
until your
consciousness is
so full of it that
you can grasp
it instantly.

You will become
so enthused with
its bright promises
that the mere
thought of it will
call forth the
strongest energies
of your whole being."

Wallace Wattles

"It is said that
no encounter
is accidental.

That, whether
known or
paths cross
for a reason -
a reason that
may lead to
surprising treasures."

Karen Wright

"Many people
die with their
music still
in them.

Why is this so?

Too often it is
because they
are always getting v ready to live.

Before they
know it,
time runs out."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Am I not
destroying my
enemies when
I make friends
of them?

Abraham Lincoln

“It is better to
be prepared for
an opportunity
and not have one
than to have an
opportunity and
not be prepared.”

Whitney M. Young, Jr.

Adversity is like
a strong wind.

It tears away
from us all but
the things that
cannot be torn,
so that we see
ourselves as
we really are.

Arthur Golden

Too many of us
are not living our
dreams because
we are living
our fears.

Les Brown

“Success isn’t
a result of

You must set
yourself on fire.”

Arnold H. Glasow

“The way is
not in the sky,
the way is in
the heart.

For the traveler
who knows his
direction, there
is always a
favorable wind.”

Stuart Avery Gold

“Dreams not only
come true but
they can do so
beyond your

Tiffany Loren Rowe

The path of
reality is the
one most often

Know that every
problem that exists
outside of us
has its solution
inside of us.

Work in harmony
with life's

Be aware of your
ability to correct
your course and
move onward.

To change your
life you must be
willing to
change your mind.

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

"Develop an
attitude of gratitude,
and give thanks for
everything that
happens to you,

knowing that every
step forward is a
step toward achieving
something bigger and
better than your
current situation."

Brian Tracy

"Any act often
repeated soon
forms a habit;
and habit allowed,
steadily gains
in strength.

At first it may
be but as the
spider's web,
easily broken
through, but if
not resisted it
soon binds us
with chains
of steel."

Tyron Edwards

"What a curious
phenomenon it is
that you can get
men to die for the
liberty of the world
who will not make
the little sacrifice
that is needed to
free themselves
from their own
individual bondage."

Bruce Barton

"In essence,
if we want to
direct our lives,
we must take control
of our consistent

It's not what we
do once in a while
that shapes our lives,
but what we do

Anthony Robbins

"A great attitude
does much more
than turn on the
lights in our worlds;
it seems to
magically connect
us to all sorts of
that were
somehow absent
before the change."

Earl Nightingale

"Any fact facing
us is not as
important as
our attitude
toward it, for
that determines
our success
or failure.

The way you
think about a
fact may defeat
you before you
ever do anything
about it.

You are
overcome by
the fact
because you
think you are."

Norman Vincent Peale

"Keep your face
to the sunshine
and you cannot
see the shadow."

Helen Keller

"Power is the faculty
or capacity to act,
the strength and
potency to accomplish

It is the vital energy
to make choices
and decisions.

It also includes
the capacity to
overcome deeply
embedded habits
and to cultivate
higher, more
effective ones."

Stephen R. Covey

"People rarely
succeed unless
they have fun
in what they
are doing."

Dale Carnegie

"If time is
an issue,
I guarantee
if you decide
you want to
you can
find the time.

Our beliefs
about time
and money
are often similar.
Most people think
there isn't enough
of either.

But when we look
at both those beliefs,
we can change them."

Randy Peyser

"People of mediocre
ability sometimes
achieve outstanding
success because they
don't know when to quit.

Most people succeed
because they are
determined to."

George Allen

"Freedom is the
oxygen of the soul."

Moshe Dayan

"There are
two things to
aim at in life."

"First to get
what you want,
and after that
to enjoy it.

Only the wisest
of mankind achieve
the second."

Logan Pearsall Smith

Fortune brings in
some boats that
are not steered."
William Shakespeare

"It is the
purpose of
our lives to
be happy."

Dalai Lama

"Look at everything
as though you were
seeing it for the
first time
or the last time.

Then your time
on earth will be
filled with glory."

Betty Smith

"Real generosity
toward the future
lies in giving all to
the present."

Albert Camus

"If you are not
willing to risk
the unusual,
you will have to
settle for
the ordinary."

Jim Rohn

"The only way
to have a friend
is to be one."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"There came
a time when
the risk to remain
tight in the bud
was more painful
than the risk it
took to blossom."

Anais Nin

"Life can only
be understood
backwards; but
it must be lived

Soren Kierkegaard

"I am convinced
that attitude is the key
to success or failure
in almost any of
life's endeavors.

Your attitude-your
perspective, your
outlook, how you
feel about yourself,
how you feel about
other people- determines
your priorities, your
actions, your values.

Your attitude
determines how
you interact with
other people and
how you interact
with yourself."

Carolyn Warner

A man who
reviews the old
so as to find
out the new
is qualified to
teach others.


It's what
we learn
after we think
we know it all
that counts.

Kin Hubbard

"The future
belongs to those
who believe in the
beauty of
their dreams."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Be less curious
about people and
more curious
about ideas.

Marie Curie

"Life is not
a problem to
be solved, but
a reality to be

Soren Kierkegaard

"Learning never
exhausts the mind."

Leonardo da Vinci

Vision without action
is a daydream.

Action without vision
is a nightmare.

Japanese Proverb

"It is awfully
important to
know what is
and what is not
your business."

Gertrude Stein

"We are shaped
and fashioned by
what we love."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"A mind always
employed is
always happy.

This is the true
secret, the grand
recipe, for felicity."

Thomas Jefferson

It is not who
is right, but
what is right,
that is of importance.

Thomas Huxley

"We are what
we think.

All that we are
arises from
our thoughts.

With our thoughts,
we make the world."


"The more sand
that has escaped
from the hourglass
of our life, the
more clearly we
should see
through it."

Jean Paul

When what
we are is
what we
want to be,
that's happiness.

Malcolm S. Forbes

Success is
not the key
to happiness.

Happiness is
the key to

If you love what
you are doing,
you will be successful.

Albert Schweitzer


People are often
unreasonable, illogical,
and self-centered
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind,
people may accuse
you of selfish,
ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful,
you will win some
false friends and
some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest
and frank,
people may
cheat you;
Be honest and
frank anyway.

What you spend
years building,
someone could
destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity
and happiness,
they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you
do today,
people will often
forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world
the best you have,
and it may never
be enough;
Give the world
the best you've
got anyway.

You see, in the
final analysis,
it is between
you and God;
It was never
between you
and them anyway.

Mother Teresa

"The world is round
and the place
which may seem
like the end may
also be
the beginning.

Ivy Baker Priest

"Be not afraid
of life.

Believe that life
is worth living,
and your belief
will help create
the fact."

Henry James

"In order to succeed,
your desire
for success
should be greater
than your fear
of failure."

Bill Cosby

"The components of
anxiety, stress, fear,
and anger do not
exist independently
of you in the world.

They simply do not
exist in the
physical world,
even though we talk
about them
as if they do."

Dr Wayne Dyer

"Whatever humans
have learned
had to be learned
as a consequence
only of trial
and error experience.

Humans have learned
only through mistakes."

Buckminster Fuller

"Silence is the great
teacher, and to learn
its lessons you must
pay attention to it.

There is no substitute
for the creative
knowledge, and
stability that come
from knowing how
to contact your core
of inner silence."

Deepak Chopra

"Sometimes the most
important thing in
a whole day is the
rest we take
between two deep breaths."

Etty Hillesum

"A life spent in
constant labor
is a life wasted,
save a man
be such a fool
as to regard a
fulsome obituary
notice as ample reward."

George Jean Nathan

"Let us be of
good cheer,
remembering that
the misfortunes
hardest to bear
are those which
will never happen."

James Russel Lowell

"You either move
toward something
you love or away
from something you fear.

The first expands.
The second constricts."

Tom Crum

"Drag your thoughts
away from your
by the ears,
by the heels,
or any other way
you can manage it."

Mark Twain