Art Activist Mary Wright
Love of Nature and Native Traditions

Summer 2008 Good Fortune’s

“Pathfinder Inspiration Award"

Features Mary Wright
A love of Art, Nature & Native Traditions

Mary Wright's 12th Annual Art On The Land Weekend

Art Workshop Sat. July 9th ** 1-5 p.m. ** $25
Art Show Sun. July 10th ** Noon to 7 p.m. *FREE*
at the Wright Organic Resource Center, Malibu, California

Artist and Activist Mary Wright.

Mary's current art includes painting on silk.

Mary Wright’s passion for the environment finds expression in her art. She is a long time environmental activist, serving for many years on the board of the Ballona Wetlands Land Trust.

She’s done projects with elementary school students to animate Native American tales to keep the tradition of storytelling alive. She’s led workshops in poetry and art with the Noetic Institute.

The World Festivals of Sacred Music, inspired by the Dali Llama has honored WORC with large multicultural music events.

You’ll find elements of her interests and passion in her work. Mary's watercolor’s are beautiful collages combining color, movement, rhythm, and found natural materials.

Mary Wright's (together with her husband, architect Eric Lloyd Wright's) non-profit organization, Wright Organic Resource Center, conducts workshops in organic and sustainable building practices.

The Center is the ideal setting to facilitate group gatherings and nurture ecological consciousness, featuring nature trails, ceremonial medicine wheel, Native American sweat lodge, an outdoor kitchen and a central gathering area.

Special events are held - weather permitting - including weddings, fundraisers, special occasion gatherings and music and cultural presentations by Native artists from around the world.

Additionally, the Center is a living example of sustainable development including a vegetable garden, orchard, aquaculture pond designed by Devon Lloyd Wright, organic architecture, composting and recycling systems.

Eric and Mary Wright hosted the Bee Symposium together with THE INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES OF LOS ANGELES.


The daylong symposium featured special presenters in the field of beekeeping, entomology and earth care.

They examined up-to-date information on the mystery behind the vanishing of our honey bees, what it could portend and what we can do about it. The day also included special DVD screenings on honey bees, as well as panels, original artwork, music, poetry, booths, food and additional fun.

Take the opportunity to gain greater awareness into the mystery of this remarkable species and what they can teach us about working together at this critical time on the planet. "TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE: What is the Answer?" is an article that covered the days events and insights into the Bee Mysteries.

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The Wright Organic Resource Center is dedicated to continuing the practice and evolution of Organic Architecture and preserving the legacy and land of four generations of the Wright Family.

Art is displayed in 5 natural habitats: Earth, Air, Fire and water, and the main stage.

Mary's "Art on the Land" workshop and art show is held annually in July.

Eric and Mary host large community gatherings at the Equinox and Solstice honoring ancient cultures and native traditions.

Native American elders and teachers conduct the events at sunset in celebration of nature’s cycles, the turning of the seasons - and the spiritual renewal of each transition. Traditional sweatlodge ceremonies are also held on the property monthly.

Spring Equinox is celebrated on March 19, 2011 from 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm. The celebration begins at sunset at the Medicine Wheel overlooking the ocean. A potluck feast and drumming circle follow. The donation is $10-$20.

Summer Solstice is celebrated June 18, 2011 from 5 pm as noted above.

Fall Equinox is celebrated on September 17, 2011 from 5 pm as noted above.

Winter Solstice is celebrated on December 17, 2011, gathering together about 4 pm.

Mary and Eric also sponsor workshops in organic gardening, art, poetry and creative and performing arts. All events have scholarships for inner-city youth.

Mary Wright’s Annual Art Workshop and Art Show

Mary Wright in her Art Workshop.

The annual Art Day On The Land is held in July.
Mary's next "Art on the Land" workshop is Saturday, July 9; and her show is Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mary hosts the most unique art show in Los Angeles. Mary Wright's "Art Day on the Land" Show is a tour outdoors through the elements of earth, wind, fire, water expressed in watercolor collages grouped together each in their own separate setting.

Mary's watercolors are beautiful collages combining color, flow and found natural materials.

Mary Wright teaching students.

The annual Art Days On The Land is held in July.

Mary features her work once a year (the 2nd weekend in July) and often includes work from her workshop held the day before.

Mary makes her talents and workshops available to the community and offers scholarships to inner-city kids.

Mary Wright's simple, clear and organic art has always been inspired by nature. Feathers, shells, trees and mottled rock formations hiding deeper abstract universes stimulate her work.

The Art Show on Sunday is Divided by the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Art work displayed on the ridge burned in the last Malibu fires.

Fire Art is set in it's natural element: fire.

Mary’s watercolors and mixed media works are set inventively in the natural setting of her 24 acre rustic home; organized around the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. As you tour the land, you tour the art.

Mary's teaching philosophy is expressed well by one of her inspirational teachers, Matthew Fox...

"The only hope Mother Earth has for survival is our recovering creativity - which is of course our divine power. Creativity is so satisfying, so important, not because it produces something but because the process is cosmological. There's joy and delight in giving birth."

Of Mary‘s work, architect Arthur Dyson says:

"Her watercolors are a stream of experience that emphasizes sensitivity to the kind of hidden structures that rest beneath the distracting glare of ordinary appearance...she has found a method to bring calm to the surface so that we may look for the riverbed."

Mary is on the local Topanga Art Council and her work is shown at the Topanga Art Gallery.

Mary’s work is currently showing in Taos at the Terrie Bennett Gallery and she often shows at the Topanga Art Gallery.

Wright Organic Resource Center (WORC) Location

Wright Organic Resource Center is located in a pristine, rustic setting atop the Santa Monica Mountains in Malibu, California.

Directions to the Wright’s land
24680 Piuma Rd, Malibu:

Take directions with you - it's easy to miss on the windy roads.

The drive is beautiful - slow down and enjoy it.

From Sunset Blvd. and Pacific Coast Highway, it should take 20-30 minutes.

From 101 and Las Virgines, it should take about 20 minutes.

Please allow plenty of time for the trip, it’s a steep and winding road up the hill.

Beach Route
Take the Pacific Coast Highway to Las Flores Cyn. Rd. in Malibu. (across from Dukes Restaurant). Las Flores Cyn. Rd. is 4.8 miles from Sunset Blvd. and 9 miles north of the 10 Freeway. Take Las Flores to its termination and then turn right onto Rambla Pacifico (after a short while, Rambla Pacifico becomes Piuma Rd). Follow for 2 miles, the last mile is down hill. Turn left onto dirt driveway – 24680 Piuma Rd. You will see a pine tree and a wooden sign that says "Wright." Please be certain that you have the correct address before entering the property.

Valley Route
Take the 101 Freeway to Las Virgines Rd. Take Las Virgenes south to stop light at Piuma Rd., approximately 5 miles. Turn left onto Piuma Rd. Go 5 miles uphill. Turn right onto dirt driveway – 24680 Piuma Rd. You will see a pine tree and a wooden sign that says "Wright." Please be certain that you have the correct address before entering the property.

View Mary’s work on-line at WORC and click on "Mary Wright Portfolio".

The “Pathfinder Inspiration Award"

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Solar Seasons of Solstice and Equinox

The solar seasons are the natural cycles we call the “seasons of the year.” The turning points have been celebrated since time-out-of-mind – for very good reason. Use the energy of the time: Solar Seasons and natural cycles.

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Fall Equinox is a time of changes. From the heat and passion of summer you now slip into the quiet of fall. As the earth turns inward, find ancient hidden mysteries and your own Inspiration and guidance. Fall Earth-Mother is honored worldwide for abundant harvests. Assess your personal harvest - is life all you want it to be? If not, now is the time to reflect and plan for a more prosperous future. If you don't change - then your past WILL BE your future. The energy of summer has crested, the wave vanishes into a quiet time of preparing for the coming winter season of introspection. Turn inward now.

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Robert Louis Stevenson

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