Good Fortune
Ten Facts To Be In The Flow

Everyone knows what Good Fortune is - even though it's unique to each. It is a feeling and state of grace where everything is abundant and magically attracted to you. Life is FUN and effortless.

You feel like a magnet for everything you desire - and you are.

You enjoy and appreciate yourself and others, overlook problems, and expect a good outcome.

Your vision of the good life is your personal unique destination.

If it's been awhile since you've felt "the abundant flow of Life Force" carrying you on a current of Good Fortune - use these 10 simple facts and train your mind.

Very soon you'll navigate a river of inspiration and opportunities.

Once you feel eager and look forward to every day -- and to your future, then your results will be good and fortunate.

When life is really good you know it. The sky is the limit!

From innocence and trust you tune into it easily. It's your natural state. There are always some things in your future to look forward to -- Big plans. Dreams. Good Fortune.

Good Fortune is the eternally flowing cycles within all the Universe.

The natural order is amazingly constant and simple -

Law of Attraction is the organizing force.

Planets in our Solar System (and beyond) are all attracted and held together in organized, repeating patterns.

There is an elegance and mystery in the vast flow of the galaxies.

You are a part of it - and flowing within it-

The same powers of organization (Law of Attraction or Karma) underlay the microcosm of life too.

Your life and life-cycles are organized in exactly the same way.

All life flows into naturally organizing patterns, and settles into cycles that repeat over and over.

Life Force or Source is the energy vibration powering all that exists.

Good Fortune flows like the moon and tide cycles, sometimes full, sometimes void or empty -- but always flowing between opposite extremes.

When times are good, conservation and planning assures your ability to span the inevitable downturn.

When times are slack and resources few, planting and looking forward to the next harvest and up-cycle lifts you into an abundant future.

Your Attitude and your Dream determines your outcome.

Nothing else. Ever.

The flow is everywhere, the total ongoing process of the Universe.

The flow is the movement of all life. There is no beginning nor end to Life Force. It IS what IS. It is Good and Fortunate.

"It is a mistake to suppose that men succeed
through success; they much oftener succeed
through failures. Precept, study, advice,
and example could never have taught them
so well as failure has done."

Samuel Smiles

The bigger the failures or problems the greater and more successful are the solutions.

You learn the wisdom of the natural cycles from failure more quickly than from success. Once you know the life cycles, and where you are in can train your mind to tune into the flow, solutions, and successful outcomes.

Navigating the current of Good Fortune's flow.

The current of life sweeps you away. If you resist the flow and resist change - you feel awful. But don't worry - you are going anyway - you can't paddle upstream for long. The flow is taking you to more of who you are! Why do you resist what you want?

Navigate with your Focus locked onto your Dream of Good Fortune -- and intend and expect success: You'll avoid the "rocks of despair, sorrow and loss."

From conflict and limitations you discover what will do, by finding out what will not do.

Accept your failures and problems as a step and one that will lead to all you desire.

The more you relish finding solutions, the faster you move through difficulty.

Your passion for life determines the speed of your current.

If you love your Vision of Good Fortune and know it's a "done deal," you're in the flow and will soon find exactly what you seek.

Those that fear and try never to make a mistake also never make a discovery or realize their opportunities. Fearing mistakes guarantees lots of them. Fear makes itself "real" (attracting itself) so as you look for how to avoid it, you trip over it.

When things go wrong, don't go with them.

You know in down times that life should be better: Find it through training your mind to follow Inspiration and to look for solutions.

Stress and dis-ease is the internal conflict between your Vision and your fears. Both are sending out conflicting vibrations and chaos results.

Stress relief is mandatory -- you can't fear and find the flow of Good Fortune at the same time. Those are opposite feelings. You are excluding yourself from reaching your Dream.

Overcome the fear. It's easy to do once you choose to do it. Relax and find peace where you are. You can only begin fresh - right now - from where you are now.

Quiet, peaceful times of rest are part of the natural cycle. If you feel frustrated and annoyed - you're missing out on potential Inspiration and opportunities that lead to Good Fortune.

The river is still flowing. Use your Intention and Focus, like a canoe and paddle, to navigate. The flow is taking you to Good Fortune, even when you cannot see around the river's bend.

From the time of peacefulness and calm, you soon find and plant the seeds of new interests (and new beginnings.)

Now you are learning and growing into new experiences.

Your passion for your new Vision leads to rapid growth.

Now your "stream" is moving quickly and Inspiration and many opportunities appear out of nowhere.

Soon you are harvesting, and living your Vision.

Now peace and harmony reign. You adjust to your new lifestyle, get comfortable.... and board....and new ideas and desires emerge. And the cycle repeats, flowing endlessly with new Inspiration, experiences and choices motivating you to action on your new discoveries.

"Intentional living means what you do
is one with what you are.
Clarity of purpose, an open heart,
and a lively mind gives us the power
to direct our destinies.
To live by choice and not by chance,
this is what it is to live an intentional life."

Stuart Avery Gold

Find the flow of Good Fortune through your feelings and Inspiration.

Quiet times seem to stretch on infinitely, yet below the surface you are always moving to your own Good Fortune.

Find your inner peace in silence. Listen to your inner wisdom. Wait for Inspiration to guide you.

As you feel "hopeful" you are fine-tuning your emotions to slip into the flow of Good Fortune.

It is your feelings or vibration that attracts your experiences.

What you feel and what you get are always the same.

From that knowledge comes a talent you learn quickly.

Once you are creating what you love with feelings - you are using your attracting power - life is easy.

See 'down times' as part of a bigger cycle of abundance, then you stay in the flow of Good Fortune.

"Failure is one of nature’s wonderful teachers.
It imparts truth and wisdom,
insight and knowledge
that help you grow.
Regard failures as teachings –
only that."

Stuart Avery Gold, ping

Clear the way for Good Fortune.

What needs to be cleared? Fears, anxiety, disapproval, self doubt, judgement, blame...all the lower fearful feelings are the opposite vibration of success and Good Fortune. You choose: One or the other. The clearer your choice - the better and quicker you tune into the flow of Good Fortune.

"EFT® has helped my clients
deal successfully with addictions,
grief, fears, phobias, performance
issues, self-image and stress.”

Dr. Catherine Saltzman

Recent discoveries in energy medicine like EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping - afford quick relief from fear and anxiety - using Chinese acupuncture meridians to release energy blockages and emotional stagnation. It's simple, the information FREE, and many try it on everything - Why? because it works when nothing else does!

Finding Good Fortune is easy. Think of it like sunlight. The sun is always shinning. You may walk in the shadows, and get lost in problems -- but the sun is still shinning, isn't it? You can find your way back into the sunlight - following what you love and feels good to you. Follow your Inspiration to Good Fortune. Train your mind to seek the light!

Self-judgement blocks Good Fortune.

If you think life is tough, that's where you are headed. The stress you feel is your inner conflict with your own Good Fortune. Law of Attraction brings you more to disappoint and feel bad about.

When you feel bad you isolate yourself from your own well-being.

Do you take it personally when things go wrong?

Are you tempted to "take action" and "just MAKE it work?"

That's why people think "hard work" leads to success. It doesn't.

All you get for hard work is more hard work. Law of Attraction: Like attracts like.

Do you think that just working harder and doing more is the answer?

The more frantic and desperate you become, the further you are from Good Fortune.

Until you "see where you are and what you are doing" you can't fix it.

Blame and harsh judgment are foolish.

To pretend that reality is other than It Is, is foolish. You can't argue with What IS. It is neither good or bad. It's what you make of it.

Fearing change and the flow of life is simply misperceiving what the Life Flow is.

All genetic history includes a lot of death (every life!) and fear of others and change. Old fears are only a habit and you can change it easily.

If not consciously, you still "know" that when something bad happens - something you don't like - that you are at fault.

It's true. You are.

Your Attention is attracting your experiences, and when something goes "wrong" you are focused on fear or the absence of what you want. And attracting it.

Only that.

When you feel annoyed with you - you disconnect yourself from the flow that would solve the problem.

Harsh self criticism, even if justified, is adding to the problem, and not to the solution.

The Creator of a problem can solve it.

Any other choice leads to misery, stress and loss of the feelings of Good Fortune.

Sometimes the awareness of causing your own trouble is so frustrating that you instead blame others. That makes a tough situation worse. Now you feel bad and so does the other person and together you justify and rationalize until confusion reigns. And you are now trapped in a miserable situation.

Once this becomes a habit - you automatically repeat it over and over.

Quit it. Cold.

How? Take full responsibility for everything - EVERYTHING. Acknowledge you created or attracted everything you are aware of.

Now, as creator of the problem - you can fix it. Begin with understanding and liking yourself for being willing to fix your life.

When you accept yourself - so does everyone else.

The better you feel - the better it gets.

Once you are happy, eager and looking forward to the outcome

- Good Fortune is easy.

After all, you are a Co-creator with Source energy. You Focus and what you feel (signal) is returned to you.

That's how creating your life works.

It's what you've been doing all along, mostly unconsciously.

You cannot get it wrong - even if you don't like a step or two in the process. Change your Attitude and Feelings and it will change.

It's a work in progress. It's going to work out if you continue to follow Inspiration and focus on a solution.

This too shall pass.

You learn far more about yourself from failure and problems than you ever learn from success. Enjoy your downtimes and failures and success is certain. Failure is a step. That's all. If you complain and blame (yourself or others) then you are what you don't want. Don't do that.

"The Way is not a path; it is the landscape
of the soul that the universe fills with its breath.
Be open and the Universe will not keep you down,
but lift you up. All else is futile struggle."

Stuart Avery Gold, ping

Find the flow of Good Fortune: 10 facts that you need to know to stay in the flow.

1.) This is a vibrating Universe. Including you.

The Chakra energy system has been used in Chinese Acupuncture and Ayurveda for many centuries.

Kirlian photography also shows the bodies energy flows and is used to diagnose illness and by athletes for fitness analysis.

Everything is vibration.

Everything you sense - touch, smell, sight sound - all vibration.

Energy flows like a river and you are in the current of the flow.

Only on the surface do things appear solid and in clumps of "stuff."

The truth is everything is atoms and molecules in motion.

Everything you Vision is also an "idea" taking form, and in motion.

Are you drawing it in - or resisting the life flow?

2.) The Law of Attraction or Karma works continuously.

Everything is organized by vibration or frequency. Like energy attracts. Similar frequencies are drawn together and form clusters. On the surface it looks like different species, different colors like a rainbow, different cultures and types of families. There are also levels of happiness, income and prosperity -- all the way down the Emotional Scale to poverty and despair.

3.) Attitudes are your attracting power.

Feelings (follow your thoughts) and tell you where your vibration or frequency is relative to a topic. What you feel (vibrate) is what you get.

Some seem to be a magnet for money and just can't lose, while others struggle for little return.

The "magnetic power" is the feeling or expectation of BEING wealthy and loving it. Anyone can do it.

Attracting health or wealth begins with an image or idea, and soon takes shape in experience depending on your Attitude: either having it or not having it.

Are you drawing it in or keeping yourself from taking action on opportunities?

Are you making the changes that align you with feeling and living in Good Fortune?

If you feel you are rich you are. If you don't have the riches, you are not "feeling it" but perhaps "wishing it."

Get rich quick with a plan and action and train your mind.

You know it's working when you get results.

Everything that is in your experience now feels similar to how you think and feel about it. The life you live is equal to your Attitude about Life.

You are an "organism in an environment" -- one whole and you don't exist outside of your surroundings. You "grow out of life" and "life grows up around you" matching vibrations. If you want changes - your Attitude and feelings about yourself and your life need changing. Very soon your environment will match.

If you think about money and see the lack around you and feel bad and sometimes even desperate - you are signaling "not enough." That's why you are experiencing, "not enough."

If you see money as cash flow you love - that unites people around the globe, connecting you with millions, flowing in and out, energizing and enriching all it touches - you are likely to see more cash flowing in.

You are living in (attract) how you feel about money, mates, life, work and play.

4.) Your Attitudes (and Emotions that follow) are the key to getting what you want.

Your Attitudes are formed at an early age by your family and friends.

You are born into a genetic "blueprint" for living life that changes as you grow up and make new choices.

Survival instincts are strong and looking for danger -- what's wrong and who is at fault are natural habits.

You may think you are eagerly seeking riches, fame and fortune...

But if your "inner child" (or old genetic habits) are frightened and resisting, you can't attract what you want sending out mixed feelings and fear, can you?

All children endure negative and hurtful experiences and some stick and become part of the blueprint and continue subconsciously until you change them.

How do you know? You are not getting what you want and feel anger, resentment or blame. Change your internal trauma with the simple EFT or Tapping solution. Access your subconscious and energy field directly and make changes.

Once you have removed the energy blockage or stagnation, then Tap in the Attitudes you want to experience.

The Emotional Scale ranges from depression at the bottom, to anger, then up to revenge, then frustration and finally hopeful.

That's the turning point.

Gratitude and Appreciation soon lead on up to Joy and finally union with the flow of the Life Force, the Well-being and Good Fortune in Life.

5.) Change your Attitude (vibration or feelings) and get new results.

When your Attitude resonates that you feel safe, secure, creative AND you are loving and appreciating yourself, you are in the Flow.

Emotions, if not blocked, flow naturally up the emotional scale to Joy: Feeling really really good is your natural state. That's where Good Fortune: Health, Wealth and Wisdom are -- and where you can be too. Feeling bad or fearful blocks feeling good, blocks the flow and blocks getting what you want.

6.) Your point of attraction

Your feelings flow out from you - emitting a signal or resonance.

Law of Attraction is the Genie that returns to you all you ask for - matching your vibration or feelings with your experiences. Your Attitude determines the outcome - and future "coming attractions."

Your conscious Attitudes form your normal range of feelings and your Attitude varies by subject.

You may feel good about your mate, fear about your finances, frustrated about kids...etc. You are mindful less than 5% of the time.

Your subconscious retains all your memories - including genetic history - and runs your life 95% of the time on auto-pilot.

Your body-consciousness is also vibrating and sending a signal of either health and vitality - or dis-ease. Conflicts between what you desire now consciously and your old blueprint disrupt your body's energy flow. That sends mixed signals - and you get a mix of what you do and don't want. It's quick and simple to Tap out the stress with Tapping or EFT.

"Your thoughts are not
contained in your head --
they are part of
the Quantum Field.

When playing through
your nervous system the
thoughts generate a
vibratory field similar to
that of a tuning fork.

Thought vibrations interact
and entangle with harmonically
resonant structures in the Field.

"We activate and bring
into our lives the things
that we think about the most.

Psychologists reveal that
over 70% of our thoughts
are negative and

Do the math!"

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

Your average of all of your vibrations is the "Set-point" that has attracted what you now have around you. You call all you've attracted "your reality" or life. You and your experience are one vibration and inseparable. Law of Attraction is working for you whether you know it or not.

7.) "Reality or life" tells it like it is.

It's no secret, nothing to look for or analyze. What you're experiencing is your gage of how you are feeling. If you don't feel good - you won't like your life. When you feel bad about yourself (disappointed or annoyed) you make matters worse.

If you want a different experience: Change your Set-point relative to that topic. Overcome fear and "accept yourself" - and free your emotions to flow on up to feeling Good Fortune.

EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping

Ease inner tension and build up your self esteem. Find quick relief using the ancient Chinese healing method using the acupuncture meridians. By tapping (not needles) on key points on the face and torso, you quickly release anxiety and body tension. It's simple to learn, the

information FREE,

and many experts also offer free videos and examples.

How important is what you tell yourself? It determines your future. EFT and Tapping begins with telling yourself -- "Even though I don't have the wealth (or health) I want, I completely and deeply love and accept myself." Tap out the conflict and then Tap in and repeat Good Fortune - until it sticks.

8.) All human behavior (and feeling patterns) are genetic.

Your original blueprint is based in survival patterns of fear and avoidance - to keep you safe. However, the opposite is true. You attract what you fear and give your attention to. Change that habit quickly and find a safe and secure basis for living.

Opportunities come to life from taking action.

Catch the wave. Enjoy the ride. Live the Dream.

If you fear risk - get over it.

Your "fear" returns risky situations.

Overcome the fear.

"Risk" planned for - becomes the good results that you expect.

Find solutions and give them your full attention.

Seek Good Fortune and insist on it.

You find the subconscious "fears or blocks" when you see you are not getting what you want in life.

You can change anything with your Focus (and repetition) on feeling good about living in the Flow of Good Fortune.

Once your feelings change (about a topic) then Law of Attraction responds instantly and your life changes.

Changes only happen slowly because you are slow to change the feelings. Often fear is the culprit. Tap out the insecurities first and your life will open up to new potential.

9.) Good Fortune is the real nature of the Universe: Life is abundant and Joyful.

Go with the flow. Choose it and dive in.

The flow is your Life Force -- flowing to your Vision and calling you to join in. It's everything you want and dream possible.

Affluence and Well-being are the flow of life.

It's your natural state.

Tap out and eliminate the "fear" patterns that block the flow of your feelings.

Move up to feeling hopeful, expectant and appreciative - and you instantly and automatically find you are in the Good Fortune Flow. When you feel it's true, it will be.

10.) Take ONE simple, quick step: Feel good about everything - No Matter What.

No matter how remote "Good Fortune" seems-

It is always flowing. Find it and get yourself into the flow.

See, feel, and talk what you love.

Switch from feeling fearful to feeling good.

You tend to vibrate to what you see and tell yourself.

Your Attitude is what is being answered and giving you the life you have now.

Change it by creating or finding what feels good to you and live in it.

See it and talk about it.

Spend time in Nature, with music and art.

Learn to appreciate the good in others and in your life - change your mind

- and change your life.

"Never mind what-is. Imagine it the way
you want it to be so that your vibration is
a match to your desire. When your vibration
is a match to your desire, all things in your
experience will gravitate to meet
that match every time."


It's so simple it's easy to over-look. Training your mind to ONLY see and say what you want to experience is not difficult. It does take practice

Make a plan and commit to it. Stop all self-talk that isn't what you want. Insist on it.

"EFT® has been, for me, the single
most effective technique I've used
in my 45 years of practice as a psychiatrist.
I've had success with panic, social anxiety
and many other disorders.“

Curtis Steele, MD, Canada

Tap into your inner Genie and abundance.

What exactly is abundance?

"Abundance is a feeling, not a dollar amount. Abundance just IS---you don't need to chase it. Wouldn't that be a relief if you honestly believed that you didn't have to work harder, run faster, or get there first to claim abundance for yourself? Just for an experiment, try knowing that abundance is already there for you, waiting for you to walk right up and say Thank You! Most people are overly focused on the dollar amount in their bank account, or on the price of goods and services they can't yet afford. When the concept that abundance is already there waiting for you is fully digested, your relationship to money, success, health and friendships will change." Carol Look

Dr. Carol Look is a master EFT practitioner. She is not only a Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist but also a pioneer in sharing new innovations using EFT, Tapping or Energy Psychology. She is an expert in addictions and weight loss, as well as empowering success and abundance.

She is one of the first to demonstrate that in clearing limiting beliefs and releasing resistance, abundance and prosperity follow easily. She also generously shares insights and processes in free articles and videos.

Carol's book Attracting Abundance with EFT is a complete step-by-step guide. Mentoring yourself is easy when you follow experts. Use good resources to make your plan of action. Review the free articles, videos and helpful practices on using EFT to tap into abundance. Dr. Carol Look gives you the exact statements to use to break free from fearful thinking in all her articles.

Your body-mind vibration - is attracting your experience. Fears and stress attract trouble. You can't fight yourself and win. Stress will do you in.

Give up the struggle and relax into the natural healing creative process of tapping to release the inner conflicts. Once clear of old habits, controlling your mind and Focus is easy. Your results will be Quick and more than you ever imagined possible.

You can make this work easily.

Get started and your momentum will carry you. The rewards: Living in a flow of Good Fortune.

Good Fortune flows like a river from Source - through you - and into life.

In an attraction-based Universe - anything you Focus on is drawn to you. If you fear, you get fear; if you enjoy, you get more to enjoy -- like attracts like. Good Fortune feels wonderful and is a natural flow to all you Vision and Dream. Feel good and you are in the flow.

“Again I instruct you to be as if water.
Few elements are more yielding than water—
it is the softest most yielding thing,
yet its power is such
that it can ultimately prevail
over hardest rock
or the strongest steel.

Fluid and flexible, water twists and turns,
flowing around, over, under—
it changes its direction freely along the way.

“There is nothing that water cannot overcome,
yet its essential nature is to yield,
to give way. Water has the relentless power
to transform and restructure all things
that stand in its path. As do you.

"Know that you have the capacity to greet
uninvited obstacles with a mindful flow,
changing jeopardy, problems, and challenges
into opportunities, defeat into victory.”

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

You can't lose.

You can't get it wrong- you can always change your mind!

Jump in, set your sails to your Vision and let the winds of change power your journey. Sail into your future -- by design.

Can you spare two minutes? If you haven't yet, why not enroll in the free mini-home study program. "21 Days of Insights" open up your creative potential and reveal limiting habits - then the path to Good Fortune becomes clear and easy.

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The Rain Clouds of Good Fortune

"Solar winds scatter seeds of Star Dust.
Clouds gather 'round and Water Spirits
rise up from the land, bringing with
them all that is hoped and dreamed.

Lightening illuminates new potentials,
weaving them into silver linings.
Thunderers break with the past
echoing New Beginnings.

This mystical marriage of abundance
rains down, flooding the earth with
cleansing, renewal and Good Fortune."

Cheryl Janecky

PSTEC: Newest Science
+ Psychology = breakthrough

Does luck elude you? Do you "miss out" again and again and don't know why? If so, then this is a fast method to change your luck. Habits of losing are "fearful" - and that fear can be erased quickly and easily with the FREE PSTEC audio click-track. Develop the "habit of winning." Use the latest mind-shifting methods to blast through emotional barriers in minutes - it's FREE to try.

Your life does not
get better by chance,
it gets better
by change."

Jim Rohn

Consider these absolute TRUTHS (even though you've heard them before) -- revisit them again.

    1. What you think or worry about has a tremendous effect on your luck and on your life.

    2. If your head is full of fears, negative thoughts and images, your luck - and your life will follow your lead (and that is why you are not lucky and not living the life you want to live.)

    3. If you keep positive energy flowing, you’ll likely have a LOT of positive things come into your life (and that is lucky! It will continue to get better and better.)

    4. It’s not too late to create a life of good luck and a fabulous future!

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Wisdom Quotes
Good Fortune

"The way is not
in the sky,
the way is
in the heart.

For the traveler
who knows his direction,
there is always
a favorable wind."

Stuart Avery Gold

"Stress is the trash
of modern life -
we all generate it
but if you don't
dispose of it properly,
it will pile up
and overtake your life."

Danzae Pace

"Our doubts are
traitors, and make
us lose the good
we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt."

William Shakespeare

"In my 50 years
as a practicing
psychiatrist, EFT
has proven to be
one of the most rapid
and effective techniques
I've ever used."

Henry Altenberg, MD

“Following the flow
is a way of life
that sustains us,
guides us, and
leads us to
boundless joy
and insight.

Life, after all,
is for us to live,
fully, wonderfully.”"

Stuart Avery Gold, ping

"The way you
treat yourself
sets the standard
for others."

Sonya Friedman

isn't measured by
what you can control
out in life.

The measure of
your strength is
shown by
how little control
the outside world
has on you."

Cheryl Janecky

"Only man clogs his
happiness with care,
destroying what is
with thoughts of
what may be."

John Dryden

"Your thoughts
are not contained
in your head --
they are part of the
Quantum Field.

When playing through
your nervous system
the thoughts generate
a vibratory field
similar to that
of a tuning fork.

Thought vibrations
interact and entangle
with harmonically
resonant structures
in the Field.

We activate and
bring into our lives
the things that
we think about the most.

Psychologists reveal
that over 70% of our
thoughts are negative
and redundant.
Do the math!"

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

“If you ask
what is the single
most important key
to longevity,
I would have to
say it is
avoiding worry,
stress and tension.
And if you didn't
ask me, I'd still
have to say it.”

George Burns

"Silence is the
great teacher, and
to learn its lessons
you must pay
attention to it.

There is no
substitute for the
knowledge, and
stability that come
from knowing
how to contact your
core of inner silence."

Deepak Chopra

"As we think
our thoughts
and feel our
feelings, our
bodies respond
with a complex
array of shifts.

Each thought or
feeling unleashes
a particular cascade
of biochemicals in
our organs.

Each experience
triggers genetic
changes in our cells."

Dawson Church

"What great thing
would you attempt
if you knew you
could not fail?"

Robert Schuller

"If you could get
to the place
where you no
longer feel
a need to push
against anything
that you disagree
with--you would
become in alignment
with what you
do agree with.

Even within
your own body,
it is your pushing
against those things
you don't agree with
that causes your health
to be out of alignment."


"The ability to be
in the present moment
is a major component
of mental wellness."

Abraham Maslow

"Courage is the power
to let go of the familiar."

Raymond Lindquist

"Anxiety is a thin
stream of fear trickling
through the mind.

If encouraged,
it cuts a channel
into which all other
thoughts are drained."

Arthur Somers Roche

“EFT® is a phenomenal
healing method and is
an important centerpiece
of my practice. It has
helped cure many of my
patients with chronic problems.”

Eric Robins, MD

"If we all did
the things we are
capable of doing,
we would literally
astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

"There are people
who are always
anticipating trouble,
and in this way
they manage to enjoy
many sorrows that never
really happen to them."

Josh Billings

"Imagine a fish –
discovering water –
in that same way,
become aware you
swim in a current
of love, Well-being
and Solutions flowing
to your own unique
ever-expanding Vision.

It is that Knowing
that opens you to be
in the flow."

Cheryl Janecky

"Imagination is not
the talent of some men,
but is the health of every man"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Everything that irritates
us about others can lead us
to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung

“The definition of
insanity is to continue
to do the same thing
and expect something
to change.”

Albert Einstein

“People often say
that this or that person
has not yet found himself.

But the self is
not something one finds.
It is something one creates.”

Thomas Szasz

“Self-respect is the
fruit of discipline;
the sense of dignity
grows with the ability
to say no to oneself.”

Abraham Heschel

"The quality of
childhood nurturing
is creating health or
disease in the real
world very day."

Dawson Church, PhD

"Heavy thoughts
bring on physical maladies;
when the soul is
oppressed so is the body."

Martin Luther

"Those who follow
the Tao are clear of mind.
They do not load
their mind with anxieties
and are flexible in
their adjustment to external conditions."

Chuang Tzu

"Make up your
mind that nothing
is more important
than how I feel now,
because now
is everything.

Now is the
whole enchilada.

Now is the
power of me.

Now, now, now,
now, now…

You might as well
start somewhere,
and it might
as well be now.

Why not start
improving your life
now, now, now?"


"At our clinic
we are presently using
EFT to help patients
overcome negative emotions
that undermine health,
and to eliminate
many forms of pain...

We also use it
to reduce food cravings
that can sabotage
healthy eating programs,
and to implement
positive life goals
to support optimal
health and well being...

EFT is now a
major component of our
treatment program."

Dr. Joseph Mercola