Are You Winning or Losing?

Feel stymied? Unable to make decisions? Are the choices you do see limited?

Feeling Anxious? Choices always carry consequences - either favorable or limiting.

Choices made long ago may be limiting your future now.

If you are not seeing opportunities or choices to get to the life you want then it's time to make changes.

You may have unknowingly limited your choices, and you can reverse that blockage and free yourself of limitation.

Decisions become habits and soon operate subconsciously.

Unconscious decisions and habits run everyone's life -- 95% of the time.

Conscious attention amounts to less than 5%.

You experience the limiting results of the old habit.

It is common to blame others, or the situation.

Blame seems to help: It doesn't.

Blame and plus the old "decision" leaves you stuck right where you are.

Make new choices and you are free.

"People often say
that this or
that person has not
yet found himself.

But the self is not
something one finds.
It is something
one creates."

Thomas Szasz

Decision making process.

A Quick Good Fortune Insight: Every decision you make opens and closes doors to your future. Once made, then the alternatives fade from memory. The decision you made and the circumstances surrounding it, are now long forgotten.

Particularly limiting are those emotional decision made in early childhood - even before you could speak. There's no memory of them because there were no "words" - yet the decision remains.

How do you know? You feel limited now.

You may see others getting what they want, yet what you desire seems out of reach.

You may not have the friends or family relations you desire, and don't realize they are always (and only) reacting to you.

Your health or body weight or condition may mirror your family, and you can't seem to break free.

Bottom line?

If you feel "blocked" then it's likely a decision you made - that is now making your life miserable or at least limiting your choices.

When you limit yourself it feels like an invisible barrier - no matter what you do.

No one can help you or do it for you - only you can remove your inner barrier to success.

Decision making steps

  • Until you decide- and commit, nothing happens.
  • Once you decide and commit - a new path opens to you.
  • Making decisions is the cornerstone of success, limiting your Focus to new possibilities.
  • Very soon your old world is left behind.
  • The more committed you are the more likely you will reach your goal.
  • The more you travel to what you want, the "deeper" or more fully you go in that direction.
  • That "path" becomes a "trench" and you can no longer see options outside of it.
  • Your new destination has become a "habit of thought" and operates automatically below your awareness. It limits your choices -- but assures you will now continue to your Vision.
  • If your genetic patterns, social training and family habits are healthy, you expect to achieve your goal, and you expect appreciation and rewards for your creativity.
  • If your "personal history" was unsupportive, and you fear failure, fear rejection, fear loss of what you love, or feel unworthy -- then you are striving and your inner subconscious world is resisting your goal.
  • If you are achieving what you want - your inner and outer worlds align. If you feel you never quit get what you want, that what you want is out of reach -- then your inner fears, based on decisions you have made long ago, is limiting your success.
  • Life is the perfect feed-back system. If you are not achieving, then the next step is making new decisions.
  • Decisions can - and are - changed daily. Changing what limits you is a simple process of re-deciding, and building the new decision into your subconscious mind.

Exactly the process of "deciding" that leads to your greatest success -- is the same process that becomes your greatest limitation.

The difference? Mindful decisions vs. fearful reactions.

A little soul-searching and releasing old limiting habits is easy to do.

Once free, your creativity and Inspiration will guide you to the Life You Dream is possible.

Decisions and success

An athlete, musician, entrepreneur or artist becomes an expert and a success by deciding and committing.

Decisions are not about the appearances on the surface.

Once you have a "winning mindset" any decision you make will work out for you. And until you do that for yourself, no decision can work out.

You achieve whatever you desire in this way too.

Genius is simply focus on a topic long enough to attract and experiment with opportunities. As data accumulates and you allow space for inspiration - you generate original insights.

Our greatest joy-
and our greatest
pain comes in
our relationships
with others.

Stephen R. Covey

Problem solving: Two types.

Decisions and emotional states.
Many choices are considered carefully - marriage, divorce, university or career choices, investing or buying a home.

These take time and research and reflection. You are usually well aware of what lies further down the road.

Old fearful decisions send you up a tree - With no way to get down again.

If you're out on a limb, it's time to rethink the decisions that lead you to the dead end.

In contrast, many choices or decisions are made in anger, when you are upset, or hurt.

These choices lead down a path that is unknown -

but at the point you made it you didn't care what it may lead to later on.

The emotional decisions don't even seem like choices at all, but statements of an obvious fact about life - and become a huge problem later, limiting choices and possibilities.

Emotional Self-destructive Decisions

    "I can't trust others"

    "I'll never love again"

    "I'm not good enough, fast enough, strong enough"

    "I'm not worth having much."

    "I can't get what I want."

    "I don't need anyone. I'll do it myself."

    "I'll never amount to much and don't want anything"

"Fate, then, is a name for facts
not yet passed under the fire
of thought; - for causes which
are unpenetrated"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Problem-solving Technique Part 1

Identify the old negative decision - or look for its results in your life.

Your reactions to other people also show you what you fear.

If you blame, gossip, judge others, find fault, justify and feel vengeful - about anything - it's likely an old fearful emotional decision.

It is the culprit driving you crazy around other people and blocking your Dreams.

If you felt safe and secure and trusted others, you wouldn't unconsciously react to fearful emotions, would you?

Limiting decisions eventually lead to a dead end.

If you've made limiting choices you are cut off from possible options.

Gossip is deadly - it poisons the future of anyone finding fault and blaming another.

Whatever thoughts and actions you take, you get more. Karma is quick - and soon what goes around.... comes around. It's a deadening cycle with NO benefit to you.

You can't see or imagine how you can get to your Vision.

If any of these are familiar - it's time to make some new decisions that reverse the old limiting ones.

Do any of these sound familiar?

HINT: Your self-talk is a dead-give-away.

  • Is what you want out of reach? Seem impossible?
  • Want a committed relationship - but no one is there?
  • Can't lose weight, or keep it off?
  • Do you feel stuck - the only choices you have are more limiting?
  • Are you working for money, and not finding work you love?
  • You don't know what to do - you feel confused about the outcomes of your possible choices.
  • You are unable to do anything - it seems like you have no hope of success in any of the choices you see.

Unconscious decision making.

Some limiting decisions are made by you as a baby or toddler. You may not remember making a decision - yet the effects in your life tell you - you did.

You can trust Law of Attraction and the results you see all around you. What you feel is what you get. No random Karma. Your fears or old decisions are sending the signal that is resulting in your life and your limitations. You are a powerful magnet -- why not use your power consciously?

"It's surprising how many
persons go through life
without ever recognizing
that their feelings toward
other people are largely
determined by their feelings
toward themselves, and
if you're not comfortable
within yourself, you can't be
comfortable with others."

Sidney J. Harris

Childhood Trauma and decisions

Genetic patterns are passed on and reinforced by the actions of your parents. They reacted to old patterns, just as you have. No one is to blame. The point is to "get conscious and get over it."

Look at your families limiting ideas and look for how they may have been passed on to you.

Survival strategies and decisions

A stressed anxiety-driven parent creates emotional turmoil in her children.

Children absorb the dysfunctional behavior and assume they are at fault and to blame.

**If a parent was unavailable or inconsistent in loving and caring for you - you decided others (or life) are not safe...or you can't trust others.

**If you were told repeatedly - "I can't afford it, or you don't deserve that." You saw they afforded other things and concluded, "I'm not worthy, or what I want isn't worthy, or I can't get what I want from others... Money is scarce."

Do you deny what you really want or avoid asking others, "I'll do it all myself." Do you work for not enough money?

**If a parent insisted you obey and please them - you decided "what you wanted wasn't important" or "you must please others to get what you want;" or "doing what you want is dangerous." Is your intuition (leading to your desires) unavailable to you?

Do you please others at your own expense? Do you feel others are in the way of what you want?

**If you were abused (emotionally or physically or mentally) - you decided you were "unworthy" (a child identifies with the attacker to survive) and you may punish and restrict yourself in the same ways now. Do you see "self-denial" or limiting yourself in this way?

**If you were criticized or judged harshly - you lost your power to create. To be safe you decided "not to try new things," you decided being wrong was painful (or dangerous) and failure was to be avoided at all costs." How do you react to new ideas, failure or criticism now?

"Every great
and deep difficulty
bears in itself
its own solution.

It forces us to change
our thinking
in order to find it."

Niels Bohr

Mind-blindness to alternative choices.

Those decisions were comforting at the time, and relieved the stress of a bad situation.

But now they may come back to haunt you.

Making another choice now could attract to you what you want, but you can't make it, because you don't even know it's available.

Until you see you are limiting yourself, you can't see the poor decisions either.

Recognize old decisions by seeing their affect now.

As you become aware of how potent past decisions are, you are already on the road to changing the ones that limit you now.

Old habits of thinking dominate until you wake-up and chose to think for yourself.

Are you in the habit of wanting what you can't get to? That idea and attitude makes it real. You can change it.

At the time, you assumed they were "reality." See your limiting choices for what they are-- emotional outbursts or survival strategies. Accept your past mistaken decisions, love yourself anyway, and make different choices now.

"One of the greatest discoveries
a man makes,
one of his great surprises,
is to find he can do
what he was afraid
he couldn't do."

Henry Ford

Problem-solving Technique Part 2.

Make a plan and work the plan
If you have an old habit limiting you - you have a problem, and it's up to you to change it. It won't miraculously vanish. It's an un-do-it yourself project. Here's how to get started.

New decisions open up a path into a new world. New Insights and opportunities spring up all around you.

Doorways magically open. Choices and new experiences are soon available to you.

Start with the limiting idea and build a Bridge of true facts leading to a new decision. 

You can't get rid of old habits. 

It's only a habit of thought - but you can change it by adding to it until it becomes something else.

As an example, the following "Bridge of true ideas" is to change the limiting idea:

"I can't get what I want from others" into the positive, successful mindset that: "I trust myself, and enjoy receiving from others."

Every child had the experience of not getting what they wanted.

Some react withdrawing and some cling to and beg others for what they need.

Build a healthy thought pattern to replace the old limiting ideas.

If you find another decision from your past memories that is more limiting, use this example and modify this one to match a limiting decision you suspect you may have made.

"You can end half
your troubles
immediately by no
longer permitting
people to tell you
what you want."

Vernon Howard

Building a Bridge to successful solutions.

A Bridge of Facts from the "fear of others" -- to --"trusting and accepting love and appreciation from others."

    The facts I'm aware of:
  • I suspect I've made the decision, "I can't get what I want from others."
  • I still deeply and completely love and accept myself. Repeat until you relax.
  • Even though I may not remember or be aware when I made that decision, I see it limiting me now.
  • I see that I don't ask others to help me and I don't ask others for what I want.
  • I don't look to others to help solve my problems or support me.
  • I don't accept help from others easily and may criticize without being aware of it.
  • When I do trust and try to work with others it turns out badly.
  • I don't trust others, so I see myself as doing things myself and giving myself what I want.
  • The turning point:

  • I'm limited by what I can do myself.
  • I can trust others to be themselves. It's my job to pay attention and see who they are and what they do.
  • Everyone, including me has an agenda. We all want what we want. Good. Behavior is not against another, but more often simply going after what each wants. When I pay attention I easily see it and set my own boundaries.
  • Conflicts are a part of life and people working together. Conflict does not harm me. My fear of conflict limits me.
  • Wealth is a social idea - and involves others paying me for what I offer.
  • I can't get wealthy easily until I agree to accept others paying and giving to me.
  • What I experienced in my past with others is affecting me now because of a decision I made then.
  • Fear of others not giving to me is making that true. It's won't be true once I change the old decision.
  • The truth I want to live:

  • Other people actually do help me and have all my life, but I didn't see it.
  • I enjoy helping others, and others enjoy helping me.
  • I buy what others offer and others will buy what I offer.
  • My childhood is over - and others limiting me is no longer the case.
  • My fear of others limiting has attracted that experience.
  • Fears can and do change. I don't know how, but I know everything changes.
  • I have changed many things, and I expect this false idea will magically disappear too.
  • I am free to decide to trust, enjoy and work with others.
  • I can trust others to be themselves, and I trust my judgment about who they are.
  • Once I feel that, Law of Attraction will deliver others who DO give me what I want and need.
  • I am expecting and looking for others to assist me and share life with me.
  • I love having help, support, gifts and appreciation from others.
  • I commit to enjoying working with others and I expect and find the best in them and in myself.
  • I ignore everything else - I know it's only my old fears acting up.
  • Final KEY idea.

  • "I easily trust and value myself and enjoy others loving, appreciating, and giving to me."


Decision making summary.

A Bridge is a technique to change an old decision into a new one. Repetition produces results.

Action on your part fulfills your commitment. As you write it out - and refine it, and then make a final copy, you will find ideas that are more true for you. Use those. Your own ideas work best.

Opportunity is the other side of a problem - and unless you are open and looking for it, it will only look like a problem.

Build a bridge from mind-blindness to mindfulness. Seek solutions and look for opportunities: No Matter What!

The example is all-inclusive and some phrases you may not need or do not resonate with you.

However, the biggest failing that extends the time it takes to make changes is not being specific enough!

Be certain to include all that may possibly be affecting you.

Modify and adjust your Bridging facts, until you FEEL your body relax and your self smiling.

At first it will take a minute or two to read over.

Repeat until your body relaxes.

Very soon you will find a few key phrases, and you can use these as long as they work: Your body relaxes and you feel the tension subside.

You are changing an old decision and fearful response, into a new frame of reference that doesn't threaten you.

As your body relaxes, your mind clears and you'll make better decisions too.

Once you have it working for you - then post it and keep a copy to read over 5 times a day for 21 days.

Have it handy and when you feel tension, read it over quick.

That shift in your feelings will make the changes happen very fast. That usually is all it takes to begin receiving new experiences.

Carefully make all of your NEW decisions in-line with the Bridge.

The water lily rising up out of the swamp is an ancient symbol of transformation.

Many successful people rose up out of deplorable conditions and the worst of all possible situations.

If you expect and are looking for others to appreciate, and open to hear and receive their compliments, you are making this real for yourself.

Look for and find ways to make this happen - every day - and you'll jump-start your new creativity.

The end reward? Opening up your creative potential to living the life you choose.

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Problem-solving Resources

Stress free relationships is a quick, easy fun guide to enjoying others- and you can do it, no matter what others do. Your relationships with your family and friends are of primary importance to you achieving lasting happiness. This is a great practical "how to" guide- and guaranteed you'll be happy with the results.

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Anthony Robbins

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