Are You Attracting Success
or More Hard Work?

by Cheryl Janecky

Law of Attraction is the power behind getting rich quickly. Your fears and your desires both vibrate a “feeling.” You can’t ignore the pull of gravity nor the pull of your “signal.” Are you attracting success – or fear: Hard work, struggle and illness? Those are opposite "feelings" - you can only feel one at a time.

It is not a secret – look at your bank account, your health and relationships. Your success story can only come from within you when you overcome fear. Here’s how it works.

“There are no secrets to success.
It is the result of preparation, hard work,
Learning from failure.”
Gen. Colin Powell

That's common advice, isn't it? What if it's 100% wrong? Struggle and working hard is a part of most people’s success stories because they can’t get off what isn’t working quickly enough to realize that Inspiration and Opportunities would make it ever so much easier to get what they wanted.

Hard work vs. seeking solutions and Inspiration

What does “hard work” mean? How about working at something that is hard for you. Hard because it’s new? Or hard because you feel anxious (fear) and don’t like it? Isn’t it something more like working at a job you don’t like to get money to survive. Happiness is a factor, isn’t it?

It’s not hard work if it’s getting you information and doing what you love, right? It might be time-consuming, and repetitive, like learning a new camera, but is that really hard work? Is following your Inspiration and Desire fun, or work? What you tell yourself will make it so for you. This can be easy, remember?

Hard work is a great way to develop Focus and build Desire. It also allows people time to prove their worth to themselves, and build the confidence to expect success. You could create a new habit and Bridge from your “fear” to your Dream - that does the same, and isn’t that easier and more fun?

“Start by doing what’s necessary,
then what’s possible and suddenly
you are doing the impossible.”
St. Francis of Assisi

Success is fun, creative and joyful.

Few would admit that they laughed their way to success, enjoyed every minute, and can’t wait to create more. Yet if you meet (or read autobiographies) of the super rich – that is usually the case. When they do refer to hard work, it’s about the bad luck, failures, or going in the wrong direction. It is always their attitude and seeking their Vision that turned things around. Once they were back in the flow, serendipity played a huge role. (Isn’t that Law of Attraction?)

Successful people achieve by Inspiration, action, then Opportunity and more action, and seldom follow a plan. Insight, psychic intuition and expectation (living within their Dream) was the vibration of success that Law of Attraction matched.

“Success isn’t a result
of spontaneous combustion.
You must set yourself on fire.”
Arnold H. Glasow

The very rich put in the time it takes to reach their goal, and from the outside they look like workaholics. They followed what they loved and enjoyed the creation too much to take holidays, and most spent little time with family and they worked with their friends. They had all the money they could ever spend – yet they opted to continue-because they loved creating life. Many in later years did get involved in philanthropy – and they “worked as hard” at that as they did creating wealth.

********* Pay attention – this is BIG *********

Misguided information attracts a “vibration” match.

Most self-help programs will tell you to make a plan, work hard and push through your fears (just do it anyway) and then you MAKE your own success.

They simply do NOT know the Big Picture: You are energy, vibrating a signal and Law of Attraction responds to it. The joy of creativity and happy anticipation actually delivers successful experiences.

Most don’t understand that fear attracts itself – including attracting real danger to you. Why not overcome fear and then create the life you Desire?

All illness is caused by stress – resisting (or fearing) what you want and desiring it at the same time. Conflict is the tension in your body.

Misinformation is based on mis-interpretation of the facts.

There’s a lot of misguided but well-intentioned information and now that you know the facts, you can ignore what you can see clearly doesn’t work. Most of the self-help programs want you to succeed – so how do they get so far off track?

Some are teaching from their experience – and they had a “breakthrough” and success, but that came from a matching vibration and not hard work – although the work probably allowed them to line-up energy vibrations and feel “hopeful.”

Some look at other’s success, and they make up what they think happened (after the fact and ignoring the process.) Those ideas come to them based on their prior beliefs and expectations and their own vibrations. Most are fearful and feel they have to fight life to win. That attracts similar ideas and examples so they “prove it.”

Anything can be true, right? Find a match to your Dream.

Before you follow anyone’s advice – check to see what their fear level or Set-point is. If they are talking hard work and fighting yourself…you can’t win. They can only see and experience on their own level. If it’s not where you want to end up, find what resonates with you when you are happy and feeling great. Only then will you get a match in information that you want to vibrate and attract into your life. As always, you choose – and then you get to live in it.

********* It’s worth re-reading that!*********

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

It’s also true that many successful people did work hard fighting the flow that would have taken them easily to what they wanted. Their “goal or plan” may not be the path – and sticking to it in spite of the flow of Inspiration IS hard work.

“As a general rule,
the most successful (wo)man in life
Is the (wo)man who has
the best information.”
Benjamin Disraeli

Anything can be true. Choose wisely.
The interesting question is: what do you want? Would you like easy, fun, feel better and better and happy? Do you want to align your ideas and models of life with Source and flow easily into Inspiration and Opportunity and create from Desire, love and appreciation? That’s the best information!

That path is open to you. It’s the feelings of “certainty and on-purpose” when you connect with your own Life Force. You choose by what you give your Attention to. You can ignore the fear, hard work and the action path and instead flow to the life you love ONLY if you choose that “Feeling-tone.” It may take a little repetition – but isn’t that worth it?

“There is no substitute for
incomprehensible good luck.”
Lynn Alpern & Esther Blumenfeld

Create a new habit of feeling what you want to attract.

Experiment with changing habits and changing feelings. Your feelings follow your thoughts – and you can think what you choose. Seek the power of insight – find the “flowing feelings” that easily lead to your Desires. It’s a “feel good” journey seeking Solutions and Joy and allowing Life to happen in magical ways unencumbered with the need to know the plan and control the flow.

It’s not like you are giving anything up. In fact, you don’t know “how” and you don’t control much of anything except by controlling your vibration.

The creative process that yields success.

Guide your own life from your Focus and Inspiration and navigate Opportunity like you are navigating a river of abundance and Well-being. Then it doesn’t matter what you choose for everything in the flow is leading you to your Vision.

“The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart.
For the traveler who knows his direction,
there is always a favorable wind.”
Stuart Avery Gold

You can’t loose. You are eternal. You can have anything you vibrate, you can seek and receive answers to anything that interests you. You are here for the fun of it.

Is that all there is to it?

That’s it. The better it gets the better it gets. Every day is a play day. Eternal recess. What do you want? Where do you want to be? Doing what?

Flow with the current of your own Life Force and seek Power in living mindfully, in insights and Big Ideas. Repeat this process every day for 21 days, and the wisdom will be yours.

Quick Good Fortune for You:"The wise learn more from fools, than fools do from the wise."

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