Get Healthy (or Wealthy)
in 9 Easy Steps

by Cheryl Janecky

Today is a great day to create a stress-free healthy body. All those little aches, pains and tensions are the physical expression of stress or "resistance" in your mind, emotions, and body. Once you're "feeling it," it's got your attention, right?

That pain is a good thing. Only when you know about it, can you then relieve the stress, resolve the fear conflicting with what you want, and relax into enjoying the life you Dream is possible for you.

You can't "get well" taking a quick-fix pill. You can replace illness with your Vision of health. It's as simple as Imagining, Focusing on, and following what you love and what makes you happy (vs. hard work and fighting yourself, disease and your body.)

"Be happy in your body...
It's the only one you've got,
so you might as well like it."
Keira Knightley

Happy feels good, stress feels bad. Health feels good - feel good - about anything, and you are a match to - and attracting health.

No matter what your diagnosis, relieve the stress behind it, and open your mind to your own Creativity and living your Dream - and illness will no longer match your feelings or vibrations.

Raise your Feeling-tone on the Emotional Scale and live stress-free. Change your feelings - from the low end of the scale in fear - up to "hopeful," then to appreciation and expectant - and your Vision follows.

Stress or resistance is deadly.
In fact, relieving stress is the only healing you will ever enjoy that lasts. When you "expect" vitality (your attitude about your body) plus feeling good about your health, you release natural painkillers.

Realistic expectations fuel the body's immune system by releasing gamma globulin to fortify the immune system - and also interferon to combat infection. You are your own source of healing!

Thus, all healing is Self-healing.

Healing and health are concepts - ideas.

"The wise count their blessings;
the foolish, their problems."

You use 'concepts' because they are behind what you do every day. To get from "here to there" becomes "to drive a car or ride a bike." And as you implement or act on the idea of riding a bike: you make it real in your life. Then you get "there."

The KEY is in Changing Attitudes.

Learning and acting upon an idea brings a concept to Life and into your experience. Wealth, Health and Wisdom are concepts. So is the idea of Living your Vision of the good life.

Make the "abstract" real by finding a way to act on the concept or idea.

Do it in exactly the same way that you act on the ides of learning to ride a bike. You find what to do by experimenting - until you can ride a bike. Do exactly that to build Wealth, or Health. Your health or wealth all comes out of your experience, organically, as apples grow on an apple tree.

As you acquire the talents more and more opportunities flow in (or you see more opportunities that were always there!) It's a process that is very mechanical; i.e. it can be broken down into simple steps that lead to the end result you want-

Take Action. Just like putting a model airplane together- ...follow the directions step by step and you get a model airplane - right?

Step 1: define what you want (specific visual images and ask for it exactly.)

Step 2: Desire strong enough to take action? If the answer is, "yes,"-then go to the next step.

Step 3: Focus on Feeling having it (Photos, phrases, descriptions, visualize.)

Step 4: Imagine it working out - 3 times a day for 2 minutes each time; until you hear yourself "saying it" automatically.

Step 5: Spend quiet time in Nature allowing for Inspiration and Insights. Follow your instincts.

Step 6: Do you feel body stress or tension? Other signs of resistance? What fear is active? Now create the path to what you want with the self-talk that gets you there. This is your "bridge" - from the fear - to what you want. Repeat it over and over until you overcome the fear.

Step 7: Act on Ideas and look for Opportunities or Solutions.

Step 8: Enjoy it NOW and it will be here NOW. Imagine and "Act As IF," as it comes to Life. Find even tiny hints, and Focus on enjoying them.

Step 9: Is your Attitude "expectant?" As soon as you feel that you already have it: it will join your experience. So, how can you do that when you don't have it? Give up the idea of hard work and effort: That signals "not having it." Stick with simple, fun and a little practice (repetition.)

Have you made the choice to do it yet?

Practice it this way- with this mind-set, and your success is assured.

Insight: You have groceries and regularly you shop and buy more. You are not concerned about having groceries. You don't worry about it or feel food-less. Or search for the cure. You can easily get food.

Tip: When you feel the same about what you want: it will be easy too.

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the master calls a butterfly."
Chuang Tse

Shifting Emotions and Attitudes Changes Everything.

Your old self-image is dying off and is being replaced by what you want to be now. Your old habits recede and your new choice takes form through your body physically, and into your life.

The 9 steps are very methodical and mechanical. Do the steps, feel the changes, and you will soon experience new Opportunities.

Make it quick: make it Automatic. Set a schedule every day and do it. Imagine and create the self-talk that feels better and better to you - until you are feeling very good about what you want - then feel (imagine) having it and enjoying it.

Here's exactly how to do it.

Just like you plan to cook a favorite meal and get the food, and cook it, and eat it.

No stress about it-
no worry-
no feeling the lack of it.

You enjoying thinking about how good it will be, and enjoy finding the best ingredients, and putting it together and cooking it - and then eating it. Yum!

Do exactly that for what you want and you'll have it.

As Attitude changes, so does experience.
No faking it - you can't get what you want without making it real for yourself. Reading is NOT doing. Lots of concepts lead nowhere without action.

If what you want isn't showing up, then change your attitude and expectations. Adjust until you get results.

Make it automatic and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Make a plan: repeat this 5 times or more a day - when? Set a schedule. Now put it on your "To do List," refrig, day-timer - where else? Repeat this as often as you can (how quickly do you want what you want? Do it that often.)

Soon you set this pattern so whenever the subject of health or wealth comes up - this is ALL you will allow your mind to think. Only this: over and over.

You can control your thoughts - and this is how to do it. Your feelings follow - and so does your Set-point and Attracting power. You are now consciously triggering Law of Attraction to bring you what you want. How about that? Good work.

When this is where you mind goes automatically - you have succeeded to reprogram an old pattern into what you want. Yeah!

When you have moved your Attraction Point and Feeling-Tone - only then are you creating and attracting your Vision.

Think of it as your own mini-commercial selling you (and Law of Attraction) on what you want. Advertising is a billion dollar industry that works. Don't argue with success. Just do it.

Do you see why it's soooo important to actually experience changing emotions - unless you can do it - you're stuck where you are.

Quick Good Fortune for you: "Stop chasing what you want and it will catch you."

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to learn
many other things,
if you first learn
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Ashley Brilliant

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Henrik Ibsen

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I would have
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And if you
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I'd still have
to say it.”

George Burns

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Deepak Chopra

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Walter Anderson