Overcome Fear
an Inspiration & a True Tale

Overcoming Fear is a True Tale - a segment of a personal life story told by Mark B.

True Tales are told from the heart--

from members of the Good Fortune Community.

Stories of making changes for the better are inspiring and a reminder that beneficial changes are always possible.

Mark shared his story of overcoming fear hesitantly. His purpose is to illuminate the painful life of a child born shy and anxious -and to show a way out that he found, that others can follow.

Few overcome fear once it has a stranglehold - and only the strongest survive. Many do not. Suicide is the third leading cause of death of those between 15 to 24 (behind accidents and homicide.) Sadley - suicide is the fourth leading cause of death for children between the ages of 10 and 14. The suicide rate of teenagers is on the rise.

A child that lives with fear soon feels helpless.

Criticism and ridicule steal a child's self esteem - and their creativity.

The most common cause of suicide is depression -

or hopelessness, anxiety and fearing the future.

Fear is the culprit behind depression - yet the fear is seldom treated.

Overcoming fear is the only solution that relieves fear permanently.

Giving a young person anti-depressants actually increases the chance of teen suicide.

Overcome Fear and overcome your fate

Overcome fear relieves the pressure of anxiety and eliminates the discharge of harmful hormones.

Fear becomes a habit of dispair.

Finding a way out is almost impossible without good information and support.

Drugs and alcohol are often the only relief some find.

Alcohol is by far the most used and abused drug and is the leading cause of death among youth.

More than 40% of teens who admitted drinking said they drink when they are upset;

31% said they drink alone; 25% said they drink when they are bored; and 25% said they drink to "get high." (U.S. Surgeon General- '91). Overcoming fear is the path to recovery.

Genetic Fears
Some babies are born fearful, often into a difficult situation; some naturally fear their surroundings more than others - and some suffer from allergies, colic or digestive disorders. Trauma in early childhood forces the child to cope using avoidant strategies to survive. Those habits stay in place until the trauma is released.

This baby doesn't have a cause for fear--

"--yet the adrenalin rush is real and anxiety follows."

Whatever the causes - find the solution and rescue the child

from continuing on a path of fear and anxiety.

If you are told by a doctor, "they'll outgrow it," find another doctor.

Although Mark finds his story of overcoming fear "embarrassing" - it is a journey of hope and a lifeline for others drowning in fear and anxiety.

Like Mark, you may be trained to think that those struggling with fear are somehow inferior, but the opposite is true. Only the strongest survive a fearful beginning - and are able to stop the fear and learn to thrive. They are the trail-blazers that others can follow.

A True Tale of Overcoming Fear - and Inspirational Journey

by Mark B.

Growing up I was tremendously insecure and had an absolutely tragic self image. I was never comfortable around people.

I spent many hours alone playing or practicing basketball on my driveway. Basketball became my passion. I guess that I should not have been surprised that it eventually became the subject of my "Dream."

"The nature of the mind is to
make coherence of the world.

So if you have a program that says,
'I do not deserve', your brain will not
let you generate behavior that
contradicts this because it's nature
says it has to be coherent."

Bruce Lipton PhD

Up until 19 years old I had this voice in my head telling me "You can't do this, you are not smart enough, talented enough, good looking enough, rich enough etc."

Once the fear starts - it is obsessing on it and self-talk that continues it.

Fear makes itself real by limiting choices to fearful outcomes.

Especially when attempting something new, like a sport for example, I had to battle this inner voice.

It did not help that I really was average or below average in everything: Sports, school, whatever I tried.

"When you change the
way you look at things,
the things you look at change."

Stuart Avery Gold, "ping"

Relief following an expert.
At 19, a friend had me listen to a tape that ended this voice.

By staying positive for 21 days in a row and rejecting any negative thoughts, the voice finally went away.

Nevertheless, I still was hesitant to try anything new in life because if I failed, it would confirm my lack of talent or smarts, I reasoned.

Fear is difficult to give up because you think it is a warning.

Fear IS a warning: What you fear does show up in your life-BECAUSE you look for it and draw it in. Overcome fear and fearful experiences will vanish.

Dating was something that I pretty much did not even attempt.

I went back to college at 33 and finished my degree in business, but it got me nowhere as far as a career.

A job headhunter told me that I was the most insecure person that had ever entered her office.

Most all of my jobs involved a lot of driving.

I found that I was most comfortable being alone.

Unresolved trauma
In junior high I was harassed for a period of time by 3 other students. Walking home from school became quite an adventure. Once I was cornered and got pounded pretty good.

This probably solidified my extreme sense of fear that plagued me for the rest of my life.

"Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good
we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt."

William Shakespeare

Later in life, since I had jobs where I was mostly alone, I went over and over these junior high bullying incidents in my mind.

Thoughts are energy and radiate out a signal or vibration.

Similar ideas and events are attracted by the resonance.

I thought how I should have stood up for myself better.

The end result though was that I still felt like a coward.

Having such a terrible self image to begin with and overwhelmed by the feeling of fear, I found it impossible to feel good about myself. My self esteem was lower than low.

“People often say that
this or that person has
not yet found himself.

But the self is not something
one finds. It is something
one creates.”

Thomas Szasz

At 52 I decided that I had to do something to try and figure out how to be happy.

Once headed in the right direction - changes are quick.

"Mark's strength and tenacity shows in his power to change his life - in less than a year."

Also, I realized how pathetic it was to be so dominated by fear.

So I Googled "Happiness" and "Freedom from fear."

Quick Good Fortune popped up and caught my eye.

I got on Cheryl's email program in no time.

This was in mid March of 2009.

Today it is late January of 2010.

"Your original genetic blueprint changes through experiences."

"Without realizing the power of thoughts to trigger genes, old fearful patterns stay in place. Change happens through the awareness that change is possible."

I think that the very first issue of Quick Good Fortune Tips ezine was on overcoming fear.

I learned that extreme fear, for some people, is in their DNA.

For many people, the obsession with fear is passed on from generation to generation.

This gave me some relief after all of these years. No wonder I could never free myself from this nightmare.

"When we compete the conscious
and the subconscious,
the subconscious always wins.

So we're functioning 95 per cent
of the day with a more powerful
mind that was programmed by
other people with limitations that
will prevent us from going someplace
yet we can't see it unless we
purposely become aware of it.

You can [change and] habituate a
new program by doing it continuously.
That's what consciousness is all about."

Bruce Lipton PhD

Quick Good Fortune also taught me that when I felt fear or anxiety, I should focus on my main goal in life. This was the key for me in getting free from fear (for the most part.) I also used Tapping.

Another huge discovery was Law of Attraction. Cheryl talks a lot about this. I saw I attracted what I feared.

After getting married at 45, I had so many bills that it became overwhelming. I avoided opening them for as long as possible. Even the thought of going to the mailbox caused me anxiety.

Quick Good Fortune showed me to again, focus on my main goal in life when I felt this terrible anxiety. This worked! Eventually the anxiety stopped.

“The art of knowing is
knowing what to ignore.”


Quick Good Fortune taught me to stop thinking about those negative experiences back in junior high.

Use the EFT or Tapping tools and relief is quick and easy.

Fear is a disruption in your energy filed and can be released quickly.

Law of Attraction was creating more fear and perpetuating a terrible self image.

PSTEC also took the feeling out of these memories! (A link from QGF.)

EFT or Tapping helped immediately with my self image. (A link from QGF.)

I became more comfortable with people. I found it easier to look people in the eye. Things improved and I felt better.

"All of us have bad luck and good luck.

The man who persists through the bad luck --
who keeps right on going -- is the man who
is there when the good luck comes --
and is ready to receive it."

Robert Collier

My dream is an invention. It developed over many years. It was a constructive way to spend some of my free time since I had no relationships and lots of free time to think.

I am just now starting my fifteenth year of working on it. I had it patented about 12 years ago. As I mentioned, as a teen, I spent countless hours playing basketball on my driveway. It was a subject that I knew more than a little about. It was my "Passion."

So I was able to make a device that teaches how to master the fundamentally correct "shooting" technique. It took till about a year ago to finally perfect it and complete it.

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career.
I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times,
I’ve been trusted to take the game
winning shot and missed.
I’ve failed over and over and
over again in my life.
And that is why I succeed.”

Michael Jordan

Last year, through a series of events, I had a five minute video professionally done on it.

My first huge break was the company that did the video - out of the blue - offered to put my video on YouTube. And the second break was they are going to try to find an ad agency to partner with me. Two priceless miracles. I am hoping that this will get me over the hump and help my dream to become a reality.

Incredibly, this offer came 10 minutes after completing my first tapping session with the Margaret Lynch, Secrets of Intentional Wealth Tapping video that was about setting income goals. Coincidences are working in my favor now and I know I am directing my life.

Thanks for following my story of making changes. I'm beginning to follow my real passion and for the first time in my life, I now feel good about myself.

Mark B.

"The Future belongs
not the security seekers.

The more YOU seek security,
the less of it YOU will have.

The more YOU seek opportunity,
the more security
YOU will achieve."

Ted Keyes

True Tale of Overcoming Fear and Trauma.

June Harder is a grandmother that survived a horrible life of abuse in every form over and over, and accidents and surgeries.

June Harder

"…discovering how to Overcome Fear is the most freeing thing that's ever happened to me. I held everything inside from the time I was very young and trusted no one. I'd shut down all feeling and to this day never really know what my true feelings are. My life was saved by Lithium but that put me into more of a box with absolutely no feelings." Overcoming Fear is the only real freedom from Trauma. Follow June's True Tale and discover a solution that works.

Too many of us
are not living our
dreams because
we are living
our fears.

Les Brown

Living in Good Fortune is a choice.

Everyone's life is defined by their early experiences and their interests. Sometimes it is a handicap or limitation that defines a future success.

Only the strongest survive living years in anxiety. Stress is deadly and limits reasoning to a "fight or flight" response - then solutions are not available. Breaking free is not an easy task - yet Mark's determination to live a better life - shows how to do it. Tapping makes it quick.

Do you fear that a situation or condition is limiting you? Nothing outside of you can interfere with what you think and feel, and then attract. It’s an inside-do-it-yourself job.

    Helen Keller's methods of coping with blindness set the stage for huge advances for the blind. Overcoming her challenges turned into her greatest opportunities.

    "Character can not be
    developed in ease and quiet.
    Only through experience of
    trial and suffering can the
    soul be strengthened, vision
    cleared, ambition inspired
    and success achieved."

    Helen Keller

    Mother Teresa's poverty was chosen. Her heart's passion for the poorest and most disadvantaged moved the world. The Missionaries of Charity organization she began continues to expand, and at the time of her death it was operating 610 missions in 123 countries.

    Thomas Edison was deaf and perhaps his disability limited his social interactions. He spent his time tinkering and he used his imposed silence to concentrate on his inventions.

    The Special Olympics is a tribute to overcoming physical and mental challenges. It is enlightened competition from the heart and demonstrates cooperation - as attributes worth pursuing.

Turn your life around.
Limits can turn into a path of great achievements.

"The Lotus and Water Lily are ancient symbols of transformation."

"Rise up out of the swamps of fear using your Attitude and your passion for your Vision. Your Dream grows out of your life now. Begin it now.

In all the success stories above - none "knew ahead of time" the outcome of their choices.

But all made choices from the heart....following what they loved to do and being true to who they were within their situation.

The only thing between you and living a life you Dream possible: are thoughts.

Habits of thinking that form patterns that repeat over and over.

Only that.

Overcome fear and you overcome your fate.

Can you spare two minutes? If you haven't yet, why not enroll in the free mini-home study program. "21 Days of Insights" open up your creative potential and reveal limiting habits - then the path to Good Fortune becomes clear and easy.

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