Make Changes Easily: Let Law of Attraction
Do "The Work" For You

Why is it so difficult to make changes and stick to a diet or making money or building better relationships?

Law of Attraction is the force that holds the old habits in place - and you are the Focus point of that power. As you live life, you observe and comment on feel it, vibrate and attract it. Your self-talk is telling you what you are attracting.

"Reality is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one."
Albert Einstein

Look at your life and see it as changing. See what you have now as merely the result of your past attention to it. Choose to Focus on what you want - as your "real" life and feel - moment to moment - that you are attracting it by loving it and by appreciation of it.

You resonate to what you look at, and how you interpret it...and Law of Attraction brings more of the same to you.

Law of Attraction is working for what you want to create when that's what you "see" and believe is true for you.

Are you really telling yourself the truth?

“We do not err because truth is difficult to see.
It is visible at a glance.
We err because this is more comfortable.”
Alexander Solzhentsyn

"I do not have the plan a menu, exercise, learn something new...."

NOT SO: Your time is now spent on unproductive habits that absorb your full attention. Until you get stressed, then sick...and you sleep to rest and recover.

The Solution: begin by feeling better and happier (about anything) and as you raise your vibration you think clearly and can see solutions and solve problems quickly. You actually have more time from doing something new and stopping the unproductive routines that now limit you.

"I do not have the energy...."

NOT SO: Stress eats up energy and when you want something you don't have you feel stress. Changing habits breaks old patterns and infuses your life with new hope and energy follows.

You feel tired and lethargic because you know you are repeating unproductive patterns.

Simple stretching exercises (like yoga) will revitalize you and give you more energy than the time it takes to do them.

Food is a drug, and if you are eating foods that require a great deal of body energy to digest - you're wearing yourself out. Find a healthy diet and you will gain energy...and time.

"I've tried to make changes before and soon lost interest and quit."

NOT SO. You are misunderstanding the process of making changes.

TEST: Try to read the next sentence.

FACT: You either do what you want or you don't. If you are reading this, you are doing it. You are not "trying" to do it.

When what you want is important enough to you, you will find a way to just do it. Attitude is a choice you make with action.

Many of your attempts will falter or go in the wrong direction - but if you WANT the changes you will continue to experiment until you get what you want.

How true is that fact? Look around you and that is what you believe is true and so it's what you have. Change is always underway . You are changing into what you really want or are changing into the same old comfortable habits. Those habits are likely not even your idea - you just followed the path of least resistance - and here you are.

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Changes can be the gradual process of adding more of what you want and letting go of the old habits. If you are looking for solutions and ways to make things better you will find them.

If you are looking at your life and see yourself stuck where you are, then you make that true for yourself.

Find even the smallest changes and love them and add to them and they will quickly grow into the life you want. It's all in Attitude and what you are looking for.

"I would do it if I was certain it would work."

NOT SO: There are literally thousands who have followed their Inspiration, acted on opportunities and Attracted amazing results. Every success story is a Good Fortune journey - and happens in just this way. Every one. This always works: it's the Law of Attraction.

INSIGHT: You are not looking for a solution and how to get what you want when you look for all that is not working in your life and complain, blame and justify.

This Attitude returns more of what you are feeling - and only that. You can not buck your own current (Attitude and vibration) and attract what you are not feeling and loving. It's the Law of Attraction and resonance. Just like the law of gravity - you cannot defy it - you can work with it.

All that you have now is a result of Law of Attraction.

The truth is - you will take action when you find your own unique desires and something you really, really want.

Pretending you want more money or better health and not doing anything about it is just that: a fantasy.

Only you can make this real for yourself: Only you can make changes in your Attitude and how you see your life. Until you change your mind about who you are and where you are - nothing much is going to change for the better.

You cannot read about it and "reason" yourself out of old habits. You were not "reasond into" your genetic patters. They are a natural part of your life - the blueprint you began with.

No matter how bad it is - it is familiar and comfortable. Habits become deep ruts you fall into and then all you can see is the "rut" you're in. As you give what you have your full attention you attract more of it and soon you can't see any other path or way out.

Your life becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Your life now and all your habits and ways of being in the world resonate to a vibration or Feeling-tone and that is your point of Attraction. You can change your blueprint, habits and Feeling tone quickly and easily.

It's so simple, you may overlook it. Find things you love and enjoy and only do that. Give them your full Attention until they become more of your life than the old patterns.

As you raise your vibration it becomes easier to maintain. Soon new Inspiration leads you to opportunities.

How hard is it?

How hard is it to feel good?

You can make that choice and commitment. When you do it will change your life...into more and more of what feels good to you. The better it gets...the better it gets.

What's the Alternative?

Isn't it ten times more difficult to stay stuck where you are and not get what you want and feel sad and disappointed, stressed and eventually sick...depressed angry and resentful?

“Success is often just an idea away.”
Frank Tyger

You may not have realized that your Attitudes and feelings about life are changeable. Everyone around you may be stuck in the old unhappy patterns and it seems "true." It's a choice. Anything you want can be "true." You deserve the best, and it's up to you to go get it.

Your call: every moment you can love your life and what you want more of...or not.

What makes it so hard to make changes? Law of Attraction responding to your Focus on what you do not want.

What makes it so easy to get what you want? Law of Attraction responding to your Focus on loving what you want.

Is this an "....ah HA! moment..." ??? Make this real for yourself and attract your Dream of how good your life can be.

Your Good Fortune: Much of what you dream is possible now. Reach for the outer limits and you'll achieve all you desire.

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