Get Rich Quick: An Economy Spiraling Down
Spins off Great Good Fortune

Get rich quickly from the downward economic cycle as it spins out huge benefits. Every "crash" produces new products and services -- and many millionaires are born.

If you overcome your fear, you can be one of them. “Buy low and sell high (later)” is more possible now than ever. As others react in fear and panic sell – those ready to make a fortune are able to pick up bargains that become the foundation of new wealth.

In a down market - everything is for sale cheap. Some get homes and businesses at bargain prices, other's pick up stocks and securities. Trade items (furniture, equipment, appliances) sell cheaply. Creative financing is also more readily available. Who benefits? Those looking for business opportunities and ways to succeed.

The worse it gets, the worse it gets.

If you are overwhelmed by the constant bad news, and lamenting with friends and families about all the "value" in your home and securities that has been are setting yourself up for failure.

A Quick Good Fortune Insight: Use your Focus and "attracting power" to create the future you want. If you want to find financial - and emotional security - then Focus on ONLY that. Law of Attraction is working for you, whether you see it or not. You - and everyone - gets more of what they fear...or more of what they love.

When fear runs high, don't run with it. You are where your Attention takes you. If you "feel" that everything is working out for you - you'll find the way to make that true in your future. You cannot even see opportunities when you are fearful.

What's Your Vision of the Future?

No matter what the news says the "market" or "economic picture" is in the moment, you are not affected by it unless you panic and buy into it. Or worse yet, fearfully sell assets to "cash out" thus locking in your losses. If you are not selling - you have NO LOSSES. The game isn't over. This is just an "inning."

Where does the success come from?

Are you spiraling down in fear? Those that are are selling assets at rock-bottom prices are offering great Good Fortune to others. Those buying stand to make a huge profit. The number one rule of success: buy low - sell high. That opportunity is available now.

"Learn how to be happy
with what you have while
you pursue all that you want"
Jim Rohn

The better your Attitude - the better it gets.

A wealthy attitude knows that money is always flowing in - dividends, interest, equity and asset gains, opportunities and new ventures underway.... You can look for what's working - or look for what you have lost. And you'll get more of what you give your attention to.

Your "finances" reflect your Attitudes about your quality of life - you can only expect the return you "expect." If your return is not good - fear is is the culprit. Changing that fear attitude will change your finances for the better.

Life flows in cycles - like the tide, in and out, in and out.... and some benefit no matter what. That can be you too.

Do you expect that things will work out for you? Every cycle has opportunities. You can't find them unless you're looking for solutions.

When anxious fear dominates your mind, nothing you focus on or choose will benefit you. It can be otherwise - but you must choose "peace of mind and success." A relaxed, happy, open mind can see opportunities that others miss. Do you have a choice? Not if you desire a successful future.

"My will shall shape the future.
Whether I fail or succeed shall be
no man's doing but my own.

I am the force; I can clear any obstacle
before me or I can be lost in the maze.

My choice; my responsibility; win or lose,
only I hold the key to my destiny."

Elaine Maxwell

Take responsibility for your finances and future.

Change your attitude about your finances and then make it work. Find the type of investing you like and ONLY do that. Many choices - so try a few out. Securities? Bonds? Real Estate? New business? Franchise? Get a book or take an on-line class. Now is not the time to act fearfully. Get the facts, then act.

Find the ".......BIG ah HA! moment" ....that break-through moment when everything is suddenly clear - is always with you...LOOK FOR IT. Ask questions and pay attention and you'll spot it. If you're "being reasonable and collecting data" to prove the world economy (and you) are in trouble - you'll get the conclusion you look for.

Try opening your mind and admitting you "don't know the answer." Look at your situation "fresh." Ask questions. What new way could you see this? Who could solve this? How would they do it? The quality of your questions and search determines the quality of your feedback. Insist on finding the solution: you will.

Any loss can be turned around. Money flows and will flow back in if you seek solutions. Take your mind off of the stressful situation and Focus on new avenues that will reward you in the future. Can you imagine that you'll replace losses, if any, quickly? If that seems impossible - it is.

"Every great and deep difficulty
bears in itself its own solution.
It forces us to change our thinking
in order to find it."
Niels Bohr

Everything begins as an idea - or dream. First it is a vision and then it becomes real. Everything. It's easy to see that process happening in products and services. Someone got an idea - and then made it or did it.

The same process works for Olympic Athletes: visualizing success is a key part of their training. It's a fact. What you can imagine, you can do. Training and practicing solidifies the idea through actions - and then the athlete performs - beyond the old limits. New records are set every year.

"Men are not prisoners of fate,
but only prisoners of their own minds."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Is your Vision of abundance - or is it of a fearful future?

Do you have a vision of how this next year will work out for you? Do you have goals you want to meet and things you want to accomplish? If not, it is not surprising you feel fearful. Fear dominates because you don't have a better place to Focus your attention.

Once you get in a fearful habit it controls your mind - and it's always a genetic pattern from your ancestors. You can change that. If you don't - your fear will turn out to be true for you.

"Control your fate
or somebody else will."

Fear dominates the media.

Fear sells. Are you buying it? You can turn it off. Literally. There's an on/off button on everything...hit the "off." You may find you are "addicted" to the rush and playing "poor me" with others. Kick that habit - or it will become your reality.

A down market and economy always produces innovation and great wealth.

"It is a mistake to suppose that men
succeed through success;
they much oftener succeed through failures.

Precept, study, advice, and example could
never have taught them so well
as failure has done."

Samuel Smiles

Old systems and products die out. People are without their routine jobs and mindless habits and have to get creative - and many do. Every downturn has produced millionaires and the "next big thing." Are you on the lookout for it? Are you creating a new innovative business or service with your unique talents? How bad does it have to get. before you get up and get going?

"The victory of success is
half won when one gains the habit
of setting goals and achieving them.
Even the most tedious chore
will become endurable as you parade
through each day convinced that
every task, no matter how menial
or boring, brings you closer to
fulfilling your dreams."
Og Mandino

Your Inspiration is your only useful guide.

Spend some quiet time, feeling hopeful and happy. Get back to Nature and the Big Picture of well-being. Take a walk - daily. Tune into your own talents, hobbies and interests - and then "day dream" and expand them into their potential.

You won't know what it is exactly when you start out...go by what feels right to you. Get started and take a leap - of faith. Visualize how you want to feel and be in the coming year. You don't need specific details - just the feeling of exhilaration and expecting it to turn out okay for you.

Turn your attracting power of Focusing to finding solutions.

"If we knew what it was
we were doing, it would not
be called research, would it?"
Albert Einstein

A hopeful Attitude will attract more to be hopeful about.

You attract possibilities with an open mind and open heart. When you look for solutions - you find them. It doesn't cost anything to Dream Big, to talk about and look for opportunities, to be excited and happy about your future potential.

"Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing,
you will be successful."
Albert Schweitzer

Your future depends on only ONE thing: YOU.

Only you can do it. Your current income or work, investments, other people, the economy or fears cannot stop you - or interfere with your progress. Looking for solutions is free - and it does not cost a penny to change your self-talk and attitude. You choose what you think - and feel - and with that power you determine your future.

Why not try it? Worst case - you spend some time happier than normal and stretching your imagination. That's an improvement. Changing your emotions and changing your mind are habits. Nothing but old habits and inertia are holding you back. Each time you try, you get closer to actually DOING it - and once you catch on - then the results you want are certain.

Explore new business opportunities on the Internet.

Are you interested in owning your own business? Does giving up the commute and working from home appeal to you? Research now -- before you retire or NEED the Income. Become familiar with possibilities and learn the vocabulary and opportunities.

Research an Internet business using the Solo Build It! Resources at Good Stuff. They're free and very easy to follow. De- mystify the Internet. You may find something you like. There's no easier money than an on-line business done right. See the difference between a real web business and a web "brochure."

"Your ability to learn faster than your competition
is your only sustainable competitive advantage."
Arie De Gues

You create your own options and opportunities.

A secure, wealthy mindset has many possible sources of income to turn to. Give yourself the flexibility of choices. Find someone doing what you want to do and talk to them. Research and find what interests you and something good will come of it. If you find fear limiting your choices - take the time and overcome the fear. Your attracting power is all in your feelings...and if you are feeling fearful you won't get good results. Fix it. Then you're free to find your success: quick and easy.

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