What You Don't Like is Your Worst Enemy: Overcome That Fear

by Cheryl Janecky

A Quick Good Fortune Insight: End upsets caused by others -at the source- you. If you are upset - your fear they can harm you - is behind it. The trick that frees you is in overcoming the fear.

"Our greatest joy-and our greatest pain
comes in our relationships with others."
Stephen Covey

Overcoming fear may seem insurmountable and futile - it's a part of life. Many justify fear and rationalize how to work with it. That's like working with a toxic substance. Why bother? It's easy to overcome fear and until you do: your Destiny is on hold. Not because of them, but because you give them your Attention: You get what you Focus on.

The Attracting Power of Fear vs. Your Destiny

This case study reveals the attracting power of fear -or Law of Attraction responding to feeling and vibration in your subconscious.

Feelings follow thoughts and your mind "obsessing" is a clue fear is underfoot and blocking the doorway to your Destiny - the future you want to live in.

"There are no little events in life,
those we think of no consequence
may be full of fate, and it is at our
own risk if we neglect the
acquaintances and opportunities that
seem to be casually offered,
and of small importance."
Amelia E. Barr

Case Study: Marti booked a package of massage treatments to help relieve neck and back pain. Her first session, a stranger greeted her - and not the masseuse she had chosen. At first sight - she knew this was not someone she wanted working on her for an hour.

Stressed and now annoyed, she asked for someone else. A switch was made, but the other rejected person stayed around. The massage was wonderful - she felt 10 years younger, and looked radiant - yet the unpleasant experience lingered - and she called in to make sure she would never get the wrong person again. The experience of speaking up and feeling vulnerable lasted all week. The manager called. That person was not with the spa - had filled in spur of the moment - a freak accident.

The many disguises of fear.

Or was it? The "wrong" person was in Marti's experience for less than ten minutes. But that was long enough to set the "fear of being vulnerable" in motion. Although the massage was wonderful, Marti canceled the remainder. Her logic of needing to, "taking care of her self" is not what is inter-fear-ing.

Have you ever blamed another? Whatever we do we have reasons - reasons are not thinking. Reasons are logically organizing data around a pre-conceived conclusion. Thinking is mindful and seeking solutions, not justifications.

"Fate, then, is a name for facts
not yet passed under the fire
of thought; - for causes which
are unpenetrated"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Easy clues to unlock genetic fears.

Upsetting situations are a gift that show you hidden "subconscious fears" that appear to disrupt your future. Once you see it - you can fix it.

Marti's pain in her body is "stress" from an internal conflict. She wants to expand into a bigger Vision of her self and life - into more Health, Wealth and Wisdom. Success involves others. In opposition to her desire - is the inner fear of moving beyond old familiar habits and out into life in a bigger way - and fearing "danger" from other people. Hence the conflict.

Where does the fear come from?

Your ancestor's lives and deaths formed your genetic code or blueprint. All human behavior is genetic and through the actions in your life, you alter your "blueprint" just as your ancestors did. You can overcome the fears you inherited: After all, they are not true now.

Ever feel trapped in a bad situation - say, with a petty tyrant? There's a good chance the fear "others can harm you" is the attraction point. It's rampant in most lives, yet it is only "true" and continues - because you fear (don't trust) others - conscious or not.

How does that work?

The feelings of "fear" attract experiences that are fearful and "feel" fearful -- like energy attracts. Once you have the experience "out in life," then you feel the fear is true and justified...and "warned you." Now you pay more attention to your fears and soon more to fear is attracted to you.

The more ornery ones that show up - the more you feel you must "defend" yourself - and "get rid of" the events or people you are attracting. How do you know? Your mind is obsessing. This is the dynamics of blame, justification and protection.

You can't fight yourself and your own vibration, feelings and Point of Attraction, can you? What you defend against you fear and make real via the Law of Attraction.

Your attitude keeps the fear active.

If you are blaming another person for how you feel and for what is happening in your life - that habit is justifying your fear: And attracting more. The worse it gets the worse it gets...a real "pain in the neck" - and self-inflicted tension in the body.

The truth about fear.

The fear is not real (it's only a concept or idea you bring to life) - it's not about "now" and it is not for the reason you think.

Your ancestors formed the fear of others causing harm over many centuries of attracting fear to themselves - just as you are doing now.

"He who controls the present,
controls the past.
He who controls the past,
controls the future."
George Orwell

Break free and stop the chain reaction.

Step back and see that you are causing all your experiences. As creator of this problem you can stop doing it -- and it will stop. Blame and you get more of it.

Break free -- only through changing your mind and self-talk. Here's how.

Find your "fear based" responses and transform them into Good Fortune.

  1. Who don't you like?
  2. Who has harmed you?
  3. Who is inter-fear-ing with what you want?
  4. What do you hate to see happen (to yourself or to others)?
  5. Who or what can ruin your day? (Set your mind obsessing and pulling your focus to a problem or fear.)
  6. Who or what can inter-fear with what you want to do? (Government, IRS employer, friend, accident, no money, body pain or illness.)
  7. Who do you see as the aggressors in life - and who are the victims? (Warfare, children, women, workers, elderly, investors, or prisoners.)

Write down a list of the "star" bad guys.

Those feelings and ideas you hold about these people are pulling your Focus from what you want. They are not interfering with you...change your mind.

You get what you Focus on. They are really not worth 'blocking' all you want - are they? Give your full attention to what you want - and that's what you'll get.

Imagine (pretend) for a moment that you caused all the drama you have in your own life. What if you really LIKED your own script and all these other mean or ignorant or ornery people were actors in YOUR play. What if you hired (attracted) them to play a part...for your own entertainment. That's right: For the FUN of it.

Stay with me...this can be an "....ah HA! moment"...and free you from pain, suffering and fearing others. And from attracting people you don't like.

What you don't like is your worst enemy.

Imagine you are through with this Act or Chapter in your story. It's easy to drop these characters....they are there because you feared them and blamed them and attracted them. Stop the fear and get off of what you no longer want. When you feel the Fear (blame...mind obsessing) just STOP IT. That releases them from your story. How?

If you ate a bite of icky poison you would spit it out, right? Do it just like that.

"A man who is master of himself
can end a sorrow as easily as
he can invent a pleasure.
I don't want to be at the mercy
of my emotions.
I want to use them,
to enjoy them,
and to dominate them."
Oscar Wilde

This "feeling - and fear" is poisoning your "Story" so Stop IT! You can only think one thought at a time, so make it a thought that writes the Story you want to live. Tell yourself ONLY that. Make it the best life you can imagine.

Find Your Passion - A Future You Love.

Do you know what your future Vision is: Exactly? Find three things you want in your future and write them down. Post it up. When fear jumps in - throw it out - and immediately replace it with these three Inspiring ideas you love.

It will take some practice at first...and repetition over 21 days to change the fear into your desire...but you can do this. Will you?

Are you addicted to the old habit? It's poisoning your life just like a drug, alcohol or toxic substance poisons your body.

"We are what we
repeatedly do.
Excellence, then,
is not an act but a habit."

Is it too much trouble to re-read this every day - twice - for 21 days? That answer is the difference between getting your Vision and staying stuck in the old drama. It's really all up to you, isn't it?

You get what you focus on: Good or Bad.

Now that you know better the old drama will begin to loose its fascination and soon you will be bored with the old habits. Very soon when others annoy you, you'll see you've attracted it. You can wait until then to change. There's no rush...Life isn't going anywhere. It's all here for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Forget hard work and learning lessons.

There is nothing "to learn" or figure out and "no steps to success." Seek solutions and answers are readily available to you - without stress or fear. It's your story and it can be anything you want it to be.

Are you having enough fun? Are you Attracting Good Fortune? Is your creativity expanding and are you eager and looking forward to every day?

Every thought and feeling is a "crossroad." You can have fear or your Vision: not both. They are opposite feelings. Choose feeling that -- Good Fortune is happening in your life -- and it will. The better it gets the better it gets. Why wait?...Enjoy Good Fortune today,

Your Good Fortune: “A problem can turn around now and be the solution you are looking for.”

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Stress Quotes

"It's easier
to learn
many other things,
if you first learn
how to learn."

Ashley Brilliant

"If you doubt
then indeed you
stand on shaky ground."

Henrik Ibsen

"Worry often gives
a small thing
a big shadow."

Swedish Proverb

"Pile up too many
tomorrows and
you'll find that
you've collected
nothing but a
bunch of empty

The Music Man

"He who fears
he shall suffer,
already suffers
what he fears."


"There are two days
in the week about
which and upon which
I never worry...
Yesterday and Tomorrow."

Robert J. Burdette

"The way you treat
yourself sets the
standard for others."

Sonya Friedman

"Worry is interest
paid on trouble
before it comes due."

William Ralph Inge

"The time to relax
is when
you don't have
time for it."

Jim Goodwin

"Half our life
is spent
trying to find
something to do
with the time
we have rushed
through life
trying to save."

Will Rogers

"We probably
wouldn't worry
about what people
think of us
if we could know
how seldom they do."

Olin Miller

"Only man clogs
his happiness
with care,
destroying what is
with thoughts of
what may be."

John Dryden

"There are more
things, Lucilius,
that frighten us
than injure us,
and we suffer more
in imagination
than in reality."


“If you ask
what is the
single most
important key
to longevity,
I would have
to say it is
avoiding worry,
stress and tension.

And if you
didn't ask me,
I'd still have
to say it.”

George Burns

"For peace of mind,
resign as general
manager of the

Leonard Orr

"Silence is the
great teacher,
and to learn
its lessons
you must pay
attention to it.

There is no
substitute for the
creative inspiration,
knowledge, and
that come from
knowing how to
contact your core
of inner silence."

Deepak Chopra

"Nothing diminishes
anxiety faster
than action."

Walter Anderson

"Fear is faith that
it won't work out."

Sister Mary Tricky

"Stop thinking
if you want to
attract its opposite.

Stop thinking
if you wish to
attract plenty.

Refuse to have
anything to do
with the things
you fear,
the things
you do not want."

Orison Swett Marden

"Worry is a
complete cycle of
inefficient thought
revolving about
a pivot of fear."


"A day of worry
is more exhausting
than a day of work."

John Lubbock

"If you want to
test your memory,
try to recall
what you were
worrying about
one year ago today."

E. Joseph Cossman

"It only seems
as if you are doing
something when
you're worrying."

Lucy Maud Montgomery