Make Easy Money
In Spite of The Economic Downturn

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Make Easy Money In Spite of The Economic Downturn

- by Cheryl Janecky

Although it may feel like you’re speeding through life and everything is beyond your control - it's not. Change your mind and everything changes.

Are You Trading Getting Rich, For What You Want In The Moment?

Are you in the habit of a few indulgences a week? Those extras that you deserve? Do you save up and then find something “you can’t live without.” Feel like you need to get what you want NOW, or maybe not at all?

Family Patterns and New Choices.

Simple choices build wealth - or not. Everyone has a frame of reference or “model” from experience. That mind-set pre-determins ALL your choices.

If your “family” model says, “Life is abundant – with many ways to make money,” then you live below your means, and often skip “treats.” What you save, you see as building wealth.

You likely always have what you need whenever you need it. You feel safe, secure and worthy of getting what you want – and you make the choices that ensure that happens.

A compulsive or splurging mind-set feels loss.

If you come from a “family” where there was never enough, and you often heard, “…can’t afford it…” – then you will automatically make choices that make that “true.”

Splurges on the small things are the only rewards expected in life. This “habit” becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. There’s never enough and any money set aside is quickly spent for “emergencies.” Do you see how wealth is out of reach?

Change Limiting Habits.

An “easy money” mind-set is a habit. A “never enough” mind-set is only a habit. Habits become a mind-set through repetition. If you want wealth and easy ways to make money, then train yourself to think and act in a wealthy way.

Build a new wealthy habit today. Change begins with a new understanding. Is this an “ah HA! moment?”... Hope so – ‘cause Inspiration follows quickly.

Simple repetition does the trick.

The essence of building a financially secure future is feeling safe, secure, and worthy of having wealth. It’s all in whatever you tell yourself…that’s the repetition.

The key is choosing what you want to live and telling yourself that – ONLY what you want. Now look for ways to do it. Your Inspiration will guide you to solutions if you are looking for building wealth.

Insights on building a wealthy mind-set.

Compulsive spending is fear based – and is a genetic habit pattern…something you inherited without thinking or choosing. It’s a subconscious defense against change. You can’t change until you see the old habit and give it up.

Find the poverty-thinking habits in your daily routines: and change them.

Your average weekly spending are the limits you set yourself. It’s only a habit and a fear you can’t get what you want - so you want this NOW! The feeling is defensive….at least you’ll have something for all your “hard work.” It’s only a habit – and it’s one that limits your future riches.

What does all that junk cost?

Calculate how much you have spent on junk and see for yourself. Look around your home – stuff you don’t use (or want) anymore? Add up what you paid and what it’s worth to you now. Just a rough estimate – become aware and change follows easily.

Take the path of least resistance: Take the easy way.

There is nothing easier than saving a little of what you already have. There’s nothing to go get or do. You have it.

The essence of making easy money is wanting wealth. It’s all in whatever you tell yourself…that’s the repetition that builds a new money habit.

How Easy Does Money “Slip Away” Daily?

Find the poverty habits in your daily routines and change them. Start with little habits and “pleasures.” What are the “extras” you enjoy? Break down the cost vs. the savings – then decide.

$2 a day is $61 a month and $732 for the year. If it’s on a credit card balance at 15% add $100 or $842.

If you save $732 at 4% you earn $30 and have $762 at the end of the year. In ten years you have $8,000 or so.

For every $2 you spend “extra” save $2 and you’re breaking even. Save $4 and you’ll have $16,000 in ten years.

How does that make you feel? Sad or excited to get started?

If you feel a loss of your “treats” begin there and talk to yourself – about what you really want… Tell yourself, “There are things I want more, and I want to feel safe and secure financially…I want to save daily and build my financial future...I want to have the cash when opportunities come up...Only I can do that for myself...(add your own ideas too.)”

A wealthy mind-set thinks: “I’m building a fortune and Law of Attraction and Inspiration – then opportunity – will double or triple whatever I set aside. It’s all up to me and my attitude! I love the idea of financial freedom and want it for myself.”

Now: Here’s an “easy money” test. Will you save that money and put it in the bank right now? If you deposit it – you’ll make this real for yourself.

Build Financial Freedom over time.

Make your changes slowly and nurture your new ideas – like a “baby bird” that needs daily support until it gets big enough to “take flight” on its own.

What you look for – you will find.

Whatever you're thinking about, talking about and telling yourself is literally planning your future events. When you're worrying, blaming or angry - you are planning. When you're hopeful and appreciating your future wealth, you are planning...What are you planning for your future?

Make a plan and work the plan and make it automatic.

You Can Do This.

The steps are simple…change is easy when you see it getting you financial freedom. You do have to implement it…and repeat it….and have fun doing it….and feel appreciative….and soon your wealthy mind-set will attract experiences that automatically expand your riches – beyond anything you can imagine now.

The fun of creating easy money is watching the Good Fortune flow in. Your job is to “wake up,” ignore old spend-thrift habits, and focus ONLY on making easy money and building wealth.

It really is that simple. You make money easily once you've built a wealthy mind-set.

Your Good Fortune for today: "Your life direction is about to change. Slow down - look for it and you’ll reap rich rewards.”

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