Only One Way to Get Rich Quick
And Stay Rich

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Only One Way to Get Rich Quick – And Stay Rich.

-by Cheryl Janecky

"The problems we face today cannot be solved from the same level of thinking that created them." Albert Einstein

Problems dissolve in solutions - and opportunities materialize quickly.

Create a new level of thinking and new way of living. Your old way of thinking created your life as you know it. What you believe, look for and expect: You are going to find. The words you typically think have a “feeling” or resonance that you feel. How you feel about a topic sets up a vibration that you might call anger, depression, frustration or happiness.

Like energy attracts. When you’re in a bad mood, you find others to complain with. When you get together with friends, you share common interests, tastes in food, and experiences. That attracting power has been called “Karma” or the “Law of Attraction” or resonance. It’s a fact. Live with it and use it to get rich quick.

What does it feel like when you make money fast and love doing it? What does it feel like when you don’t have enough cash to cover all you want? That difference is all you need to know to get rich quick.

Good feels good and resonates and attract more good: including wealth and health. Bad feels bad and resonates and attract more bad stuff. Don’t do this one.

So how do you do that? Make the choice right now to create wealth. Define exactly what that means and feels like to you – what is your Vision - when you have what you value and are enjoying it.

Live the life you want to live NOW. Slip into it like you would a warm overcoat on a cold day...take it with you in the car - drive from withIN your Vision. What does the world look like when it suits you perfectly?

Don't leave home without your Vision. If you're not clear about whom you are and what you want and value - you're not likely to attract getting rich quickly. You won’t be inspired or find opportunities.

Take your Dream out of the "fairy-tale land of cold-storage" and make it vivid and make it real. Begin to live it - today!

Your old genetic blueprint (all human behavior is genetic) continues until you draw up a set of plans of your own. It's not hard to do - you know what you like, what you value, who you admire. Claim it and become it - only you can give that to yourself.

Until you do - you get the same old plan that everyone around you is living.

Is this an...ah HA! moment? If you choose - and create a new habit - you can live in any plan you design. Dream it, plan it and live it NOW. Here's how.

Find 2-3 images that feel like what you want to live. Look at them often enough so you can recall them easily. Put them up on a bulletin board in your mind – and on the refrig.

Once you begin the habit of Living the Dream, everything else that happens is always perfectly arranged by Law of Attraction. Opportunities just show up.

Take your Dream of the good life and creating wealth everywhere you go.

If you take your vision to work, it's going to be a productive day!

If you take your vision into your relationships, you're going to enjoy everyone and they'll enjoy you! Every word you speak will be in harmony with everyone who hears you.

If you take your vision to a party, it's going to be a good party!

If you take your Vision shopping, the food that you buy will be perfect for your health and the body image of how you want to look.

Focus on your Dream and you attract others who align with the vibration - and support and assist you along the way.

Don't abandon your Dream. Are you discouraged because your Dream fades quickly? So does the food you eat. You expect to keep feeding yourself. Now feed your mind every day too - exactly the same way food nourishes you, your Dream nourishes your present and future.

This may not be a familiar habit yet - but you learn by doing. The more you live your Dream, the more you ARE LIVING your dream. Don't leave home without it!

Thriving in difficult times. These are definitely times of great change. The outcomes are always determined by your “vibration” and Law of Attraction or karma responding to you. To be assured your emotional Set-point is aimed at success - keep your Attention on what you want and finding solutions.

Think in new ways and consider options that are new. You can learn to open you mind, body and heart to live the life you choose. Learn from those who have been there before and made transitions successfully.

Find those that inspire you that do make fast money and enjoy a happy life. Who do you admire, why? If no one comes to mind - go find someone. There's no quicker way to dissolve fear than with "appreciation and admiration." Start a list of ten people you admire - and add to it.

"In times of change, the learners will
inherit the earth while the learned find themselves
beautifully equipped to succeed
in a world that no longer exists."
Eric Hoffer

They are where you want to be: Focus there and you'll get there quick. You stand on the brink of great opportunity - if you choose to seize it and take advantage of it.

You cannot take your old fears with you.

INSIGHT: the old genetic blueprint is obsolete and cannot build into the life you want to live - you create your new pattern through living it - learning as you go.

TIP: The stronger your Vision the quicker your progress.

What in your past has caused you to retreat? Now is the time to change it. You were stuck in surviving because of your fears. Get over them now. Only you can do that for yourself.

To live in your Vision you must think, feel and act as if it were true now. Do you expect it - or fear it won't happen?

Look for the Good News. The media is full of helpful and inspirational stories - skip the first page and look for the real news about the inventions, successes, and new discoveries.

Who is out in the world living their Dream - and how do they do it? You know there are the unique few who always succeed no matter what problems or situations surface. You can be one of them.

Ignore the Bad News. You resonate to what you're around, and it's difficult to hold your Vision when chaos is on the news daily. Listening to or reading the news and thinking fearful things (and feelings follow) means you are focused on what you don't want. If it feels bad. Don’t do it.

Those thoughts and fears are vibrations that attract more matching experiences, and cause you to react to the fear. You can't find solutions from fear.

Nothing will change until you change your feelings about your Dream.

Use the Emotional Scale to gage where you are compared to where you want to be. You can see the emotions as they progress from depression, to anger, to frustration, to hopeful and on up to happiness.

Get a clear good image of the flow of emotions and you’ll be able to shift up to the “feelings and vibrations” you want to feel.

Getting rich quickly feels really, really good. Is it that difficult to feel good? Not if you want wealth, health and happiness more than you want to be fussy in the moment. Old habits rule until you create new ones.

Find the Good Stuff in everything: No matter what. Take your Dream with you when you turn on the TV - and find what matches.

Ignore the doom and gloom. From the perspective of your Vision - there are no lack of resources in your world. Inspiration will deliver your own resourcefulness to any situation that you encounter. Will you show up and meet the opportunity? Or not?

Go within – or you go without. If you're looking for outside situations (the economy) to shift and save you, then you're doomed. Nothing outside CAN shift, until you do within. No getting rich quick until you make the changes in your own attitudes.

Inspire others until your Dream "catches fire" and illuminates all those you love. Relationships become stressed in difficult economic times - take your Dream with you. Share your Vision with loved ones. Speak only of what you want to happen and how you see things working out. Follow your inspiration - and you'll find what you seek.

The more hopeful and expectant everyone is - the better the vibrations and attitudes - and the happier you will all be. You can in this way relieve stress for others...they may not go with you at first - but the stronger vibration wins out.

Live from withIN your vision - see the world from within your Dream. Keep your Vision with you - like a flashlight - you will see exactly where you want to go next in the "light" of your Dreams.

Do you have a choice? Nope. Not if you want to Live the Dream and get rich quick.

Your Good Fortune for today: "You will soon find exactly what you are looking for."

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