Give a Gift and Get Rich--
Like the Rich Do

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Give a Gift and Get Rich- Like the Rich Do

by Cheryl Janecky

Ever gotten a gift that surprised you? Or a favor or helping hand when you needed it? The feeling of gratitude is spontaneous and exhilarating. Tension vanishes in the spirit of cooperation. It's a feeling you can trigger yourself, and one that returns back to you - "more to be grateful for." Your focus on enjoying receiving, and on appreciation leads you to more of the same. The Law of Attraction and Abundance delivers the results that match your feelings (vibrations.) And that's how the rich get richer....

Giving a gift, the gratitude, the appreciation - all conspire to relieve stress; and foster cooperation and well-being. Giving a gift is an ancient art practiced by queens, emperors, heads of state - the exchange of presents was customary even in tribal times. Everyone celebrated a traditional "gifting time or holiday." Gifts marked rites of passage and accomplishments. Many celebrate birthdays, marriages, births and deaths with gifts and gathering together. Everyone: Including paupers and wayfarers - who knew that the power of a story-telling gift or talent brought good fortune. All benefit and have for all time.

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance,
chaos to order, confusion to clarity.

It can turn a meal into a feast,
a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today,
and creates a vision for tomorrow."

Melodie Beattie

Gift giving is an ancient custom.

Giving gifts is a universal experience and deeply embedded in your subconscious or genetic patterns. You may feel guilty or annoyed when someone gives you a gift, and you do not have an exchange. That's an automatic response from long, long ago.

In early times cooperation and reciprocating was basic to survival. If someone did not return favors, soon the spirit of cooperation would die out - making life hard, if not impossible, to survive. Over time, "reciprocating" became a habit, reinforced by customs and tribal authorities (including mom.)

Natural cycles and Winter Solstice.

Cultures that live in nature - tending crops, animals and hunting - follow the natural cycles of nature, planting in the spring, and harvesting in the summer and fall. Living with the elements and close to the land, they attune to the forces in nature and use them to prosper.

Winter is traditionally a time of rest and recuperation. Rest was assured- no electric lights. The nights were long and days short. There was spare time to mend tools and make new ones. Winter is a the time of celebration for the past year and of the "giveaway" in many Native American traditions. Many other ancient cultures followed traditions of their own - all culminating around Solstice.
Exchanging gifts at the winter Solstice was universal for thousands of years. There are many rites of passages that also require gift-giving throughout the year.

Gifts as payment and thank you.

Gifts and exchanges of items were a part of most gatherings. The leaders of ceremony, drumming, dancers, and storytellers, were all offered gifts in appreciation of their talents and performance. Arts and crafts flourished - and everyone participated - making things, hunting, cooking - whatever each could do, they contributed.

Gifts as bonding and appreciation.

The winter Solstice (about December 21st) - longest night, shortest day - was a time of giving and recounting the adventures of the past year. The leaders gave the most, often most of what they had accumulated over the year. The practice inspired everyone to be generous, and assured that the wealth of the tribe was balanced. It was an honor and a part of leadership- and respect and gratitude followed. Celebrations lasted for weeks, allowing for those traveling between tribes or villages to be included.

The power in the tradition is yours when you give.

It is in most of our genetic histories, evident in all cultures, and it influences exchanges of every kind. Co-operation builds relationships, communities and cultures, and in the right spirit, it is beneficial. Cooperation makes life fun, doesn't it? Receiving gifts and exchanging talents feels great.

The Givers get the most (long-term) in return.

You can initiate this ancient genetic (or social) response - and enliven everyone's attitude. The real experience of giving - is receiving. Here's how that works. Once you give - you have established the over-all feeling-tone of prosperity - and the one you give to agrees - and sees you in a prosperous light - feeling gratitude and happy. Others are a big influence in how we see ourselves - positive feelings enhance your self-esteem and your power to attract prosperity - and cooperation.

Those that "can't afford it" or "don't have the time" or "forgot" are resonating and attracting back to themselves - more "not having."

"The manner in which it is given
is worth more than the gift."
Pierre Corneille

Giving and receiving are the same. As you give - you feel and vibrate - "having more than enough" and "sharing and loving." The one receiving resonates back gratitude. Even small gifts open your heart and warm your spirit - and the receiver too. Soon you're attracting more experiences you appreciate. It's soon a vicious cycle of finding more and more to be grateful for.

The gift-giving auto-response makes it easy to initiate change for the better.

It is easy to begin spontaneous acts of spreading joy and happiness, and elicit a favorable response from others. You can easily and inexpensively enliven your relationships and create a spirit of cooperation and happy anticipation. You have experienced it many times - here's a refresher.

Give small gifts that show thoughtfulness and caring and do it with no thought of return. Your attitude will set the tone, and the spirit of giving will continue to be exchanged in many ways - some will surprise you.

Others are then inspired to do the same - and will do so unconsciously - making their lives and relationships better too.

It can be as simple as noticing something good about another - new hairstyle, new clothes, a cheery disposition - and complimenting them.

If you are working with a group - purchase a small gift for each - like a pen or pad, and start the meeting off with feelings of appreciation. It focuses everyone on "a spirit of cooperation" and that vibration will enhance your meeting, and you'll all enjoy each other more too. A relaxed open mind is receptive and allows for inspiration - that may turn out to be the "next big thing."

Look for unusual ways that you can make concessions and give gifts that lift spirits and shift attitudes into more open loving relationships. It's easy and fun and will shift your vibration - way up the Emotional Scale.

A great side benefit is that it motivates you automatically (subconscious response) - and effortlessly - to continue the appreciation and gratitude.

Your self-esteem is formed in part by how others see you. Create being the wealthy and generous person of your Dream right now in little ways and enjoy the expansion of your sense of self-worth.

Giving and receiving are the same: whatever you give out, you are receiving back - in exactly the same way it's given. Random acts of kindness are fun to anticipate and to receive back. Do it for the fun of it and get the ball rolling. Others will join in soon enough.

"Be bold in what you stand for
and careful what you fall for."
Ruth Boorstin

Social conditioning and auto-responding to cues.

Favors and gifts demand favors and gift be returned. The rule of reciprocity is the subconscious demand you should try and pay back what is given to you. Your response to the urge is automatic. Auto-responses are triggered by cues and behavior patterns. Social conditioning patterns are well known to psychology and marketing pros and they've been used for years to elicit a "buy" response and motivate purchases from an unconscious public.

"Since 95 percent of the people are imitators
and only 5 percent initiators,
people are persuaded more by the actions of others
than by any proof we can offer."
Cavette Robert

Genetic instinctual responses are unconscious; and are only habits. When you become aware of what's happening, you can change it.

When giving is a ploy - be-aware.

Manipulation is not beneficial. The automatic feelings that once a gift is given then you must "reciprocate" and buy something in return has tricked many. Uninvited debts, such as being given address labels and asked to donate to a charity, is common. Samples given out in a store increase sales of the product. Multi-Level Marketing relies on giving small samples and getting a commitment in return.

Mindful living vs. auto-responding.

Misuse and abuse of genetic conditioning is not a fault of the manipulators. It's their job to sell their products. Unconscious living is the condition that must change. Once you choose to live mindfully you are no longer susceptible to the ploy.

No one else is tricking you or forcing your compliance - they are merely using subconscious social responses - ones you can use too. Just as the gun isn't the problem - it's the people using the gun that's the problem.

Genetic habit-patters and social models that trigger auto-responses from you are all in the lower vibrations of the Emotional Scale. Raise your vibration and you're out of the range of being duped or tricked.

Once you recognize it as an auto-response to an old pattern, you are free from the anxiety or from responding automatically, without your conscious choice.

Practice a few times saying, "no."

Auto-responses can be used by anyone that wants to motivate you to automatically do what they want you to do. If you're given something - for the sole purpose of getting you to buy something - that is a ploy - and reciprocating is not necessary. No need to be rude or refuse. Enjoy the gift - and just say, "no thanks" to the offer.

"To receive a present handsomely
and in a right spirit, even when you have none
to give in return is to give one in return."
Leigh Hunt

If you don't take the time to reprogram yourself, and practice, it's easy to fall back into old habits. When you (nicely) say "no thanks." You'll feel a little strange... that's the auto-response habit. Tell yourself the truth about the gift and your acceptance of it - and refusal to respond as being appropriate.

That simple process works. Once you see an old pattern, it's easy to disengage. It's all up to you. No one can trick you when you're paying attention and living consciously.

Keep the good stuff - ignore the rest.

Don't let the mis-use of gifting interfere with your enjoying real gift exchanges. Ignore what you don't like, and don't participate. That leaves you lots of time to think up fun "gifting" things to do. The truth of gratitude and the real gift exchange is a universal experience. It can transform your life. Lots of little random acts of kindness build to an ever increasing flow of good experiences.

Giving and receiving are the same.

Why not give it a try right now? Can you think of ten meetings with others you will have over the year? How about a small gift of thank you for the past year (buy a package of special pencils and give them out or buy a favorite treat and share it or a bunch of flowers, and pass them out.) Keep it small and thoughtful and give it with care and appreciation for all the others that make your life enjoyable.

Winter is the season of gratitude and appreciation and people all over the planet are sharing the good will. Yet gifting is a practice that enlivens relationships all year long. Enjoy it and expand it. Practice random acts of kindness and generosity. Do your part to lift the vibrations into Joyfulness for all. Giving and receiving are the same. The more you give, the more you get back. Its the law: Live with it!

Your Good Fortune: "The gifts you give - return to you in kind."

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