Want New Results?
Find Your Passion

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Want new results? Find your passion.

by Cheryl Janecky

A little board or things not working out? If you like a lot about your life now, and just want more money – you probably don't see any opportunities – so where do you look?

A Quick Good Fortune Insight: Wanting everything to stay the same and just get better isn't going to happen. That's like wanting to go swimming and not get wet.

Find Your Passion - and Creativity Attracts Wealth like a magnet.

There's no substitute for enthusiasm and determination. If you don't feel 100% you haven't found all of your new Inspiration yet...keep looking. You may have many of the elements - and not yet see where it's all leading. That's Creativity at work....go with it. It'll feel strange as you break away from old habits. Good.

Habits are comfortable.

But they are habits - and the routine limits your ability to see possibilities. You think you know all the answers. You're not looking for solutions... you're content. Contentment is not passion. If you're unwilling to change - nothing is going to change...right?

"Those who cannot changetheir minds
cannot change anything."
George Bernard Shaw

You may get a shot at something better for yourself - but unless you are willing to change and adapt to the new circumstances...it won't last long. You cannot adapt a new opportunity into your old ways of thinking. It slips away without your realizing it like water through a sieve. You need a new "container" or mind set.

Money isn't the motivator you think it is.

Wanting more money is not really the issue. Money alone is not usually an adequate motivation to sustain and pull you through big changes. Big money will mean big changes.

Here's a test: If all you really want is more money: Rob a bank, sell drugs or steal from the elderly. Not what you had in mind? What you really want is your own Inspiration and Creativity - and to be paid for it. So start there.

Passion comes from your creative urge and money is a matching vibration and will show up if you are not resisting change or wealth.

The quick path is to find what you love that you really, really want: Will you do whatever it takes to get there?

If not, then you haven't found it - or you are ignoring your fears. Passion will often carry you over fear into new experiences. If not: time to clear fear out.

Fear may be undermining your efforts.

If you desire money, and fear having it or you want money, but are afraid of being famous and in public - those fears keep your funding limited. That's old genetic patterns from your ancestors. Only a habit.

Wealth is a social concept - an exchange of goods and services with other people. People prefer to buy from others they respect and admire - and who are confidant, enthusiastic and available. If your fears dominate, you limit your opportunities.

Overcoming Fear is relatively simple - you are responding to an old program, and you can change it with a current truth, and repetition. Reprogram yourself - just like you'd learn a new computer program or a new camera. It's that simple.

Once the fears subside, find your passion and allow the money to flow in on the same "frequency" as your expanding creativity. Do what you love, and that passion is the attracting power.

What you want is already here - or you wouldn't be so aware of wanting a change.

Insight: Find Your Passion- What do you love? What makes you happy. What do you look forward to doing? When do you like yourself best? Doing what?

Tip: ignore what you don't like. Only concentrate on what you love. Don't allow anyone or anything to pull you off track. Use your full power of concentration to find what you love.

What creative opportunities are waiting for you to notice them?

Open you mind to new ways of being in the world. Discover how others have found their passion - and lived it. Read the biographies of people you admire. Are there any rich and famous ones on your list? If not - find some. If you don't admire (and are looking for) success and wealth - not likely you'll find it, right?

Here's two to start, from the Good Fortune "Pathfinder Inspiration" award life stories. Gerry Bryant (attorney and musician) began with a childhood dream, and a passion that landed him into the world of wealth and education - beyond reason! It was his desire that kept him on target to his ever-expanding goal. The desire for money can't do that for you. Only a vision you love will work miracles.

Another Pathfinder is Estelle Foster. Her passion for health and safety soon led to a toxic-free Santa Barbara (schools, parks, county) - and it's catching on and expanding into neighboring communities. The desire can be very simple - and the journey often difficult and challenging - but the results are amazing. You can do it just as many others have before you.

What's just on the edge of your normal life? Who is new.... what's different? If you define yourself belonging to one group or tribe....you can't see or hear information that comes from another tribe or culture. Join the global community and accept wealth and health from however it is delivered to you.

Take a quick Reality Check:

  • Do you see clearly where you are?

  • What's your vision for your life?

  • Who have you been in the past?

  • How do you define yourself now?

  • Are those basically the same?

  • What do you really, really want right now?

  • Is it time for a change? (If you feel stuck, the answer is, "yes.")

Imagination is the path to freedom and creativity.

"There are lots of people who mistake
their imagination for their memory."
Josh Billings

Pretend for the next few weeks you can give up what it is you think you want and open to find something better. Can you do it for the fun of it - and to find something bigger than your current habits? Something more than you can conceive of from your old point of view?

What you're seeking is so new you can't imagine it right now.

You will find it by following the path of only what interests you and peaks your curiosity.

What would it be like to try something entirely new?

"I could do great things, if I weren't so busy
doing little things"
Ashley Brilliant

Open to find it by changing habits and listening to others - outside of your normal circle of friends. What appeals to you?

  • Book? Movie? Dance? Music?

  • New friends, new hobby, new sport, new interest?

  • New food, different diet, tastes, new routine?

  • Visit to a park, to the mountains, the beach, desert or woods?

  • New clothes? New colors or style?

  • Visit a different spiritual practice: temple, church, new age, synagog, or native ceremony.

What opportunity is lurking right in front of you...and you can't see it because you don't think it's "you."

Change is happening: Is it changing into what you want?

You are changing and you either change into wealthy or healthy or you change into more of the same. How are you using your changing power?

You may not see your new direction clearly for months...but one day you'll wake up and know what it is.

For just that reason take opportunities that feel okay to you - and see where they lead. The test is: Do I like it? Get off of what isn't working quickly and keep moving to what you love. No matter how strange or how much it doesn't make sense.

In retrospect it will. Trust the creative process.

All you have to lose is your old non-productive life you're board with anyway.

Chart your progress.

You "outgrow" dreams just like you outgrow old ideas and lifestyles. Remember what you wore ten years ago? And 20 years ago? Recall what you were doing - the music and food you loved? If nothing much has changed - then neither have you.

As you learn more, experience and do more, you grow and change and new experiences will then become available to you.

Take the time to tune into whats new...find your unique preferences.... Allow them to come together and inspire you with a new fresh Vision.

You are planting the seeds for your future - give them room to grow and flourish. Very soon you will see them blossoming into opportunities and bearing the fruit you envisioned.

To have something new - become something new and watch your world expand and take shape around your new Dream. You are the creative power - what you love is the fuel - create your life mindfully in just this way.

Quick Good Fortune for you: "Solve a problem and you will find the riches you seek."

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