Get Rich Quick:
When You Think and Grow Rich

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Get Rich Quick: When You "Think and Grow Rich"

by Cheryl Janecky

How to Get Rich Quick has intrigued everyone for centuries. Some do it but most can't. "Think and Grow Rich" is a motivational self-help classic written by Napoleon Hill. He studied the habits of the super successful and discovered that how they "thought and viewed problems" determined their success.

Most interpret "thinking" in the way they think. The understanding that is missing is: Feelings attract and determine the outcome - not thoughts. The confusion comes naturally because feelings do follow thoughts. The trick is in "how" you are thinking about a subject. If you think of money and it means "not enough" you will feel sad...if the idea makes you happy, then you will feel positive and look for solutions.

Have you tried to think and grow rich? Do you really want to Get Rich Quick, yet your life isn't changing?

A Quick Good Fortune Insight: The biggest mistake that sabotages success is thinking you know something, when you merely know about it. The confusion between "reading about something" and "being able to use the information" is the difference between success and failure.

Why "thinking" or wishing for riches doesn't work.

"Thinking" about riches doesn't produce results for most because they are not able to absorb or use information that leads to changes and success. The reason is simple. Most do not want to actively change how they feel.

Everyone has a "mind-set" or ideas about what life is all about. You inherited it from your family (and genetics) and have probably reinforced it in school and throughout your life.

"The greatest
obstacle to discovering
the truth

is being convinced that
you already know it."

Ashley Brilliant

Your habits or collection of ideas defines "you and your tribe" compared to another group or "tribe" (political, economic, spiritual, etc.) Economic class or earning ability is part of the package.

If no one in your "tribe" or in your familiar surroundings is Rich, Rich, Rich - then you may not be able to hear or understand information that would lead you to "riches" -- you see riches as outside of your tribe - "other than you" or belonging to another tribe. You do not feel rich.

Do you "think" you're rich? Or not?

Rich, Rich, Rich is a very different lifestyle and "tribe" than average worker-bee tribes. There are many variations on living wealthy, but attaining it is always the same simple truth - "like attracts like."

A desire and belief in BEING wealthy is the attracting point. That means seeing yourself in the wealthy tribe - as you - and feeling you belong there.

How do you feel when you think about getting rich quick? Excited, expectant, happy, eager? Is it easy and fun for you? Or is "Rich, Rich, Rich," what others do?

"Thinking" and Your Attracting Power

Is "being wealthy" only a dream and not your experience now? If no one you know is wealthy - you are not "attracting wealth," are you?

Whatever you are attracting is what you believe is possible. Your power of attraction is working for you whether you work with it consciously or not. From this mind set you cannot "Think and Grow Rich." Your "thoughts" (feelings and expectations) are about the status quo - and not of getting rich quick.

Are you willing to change?

Do you want to attract wealth? And wealthy friends and co-workers? And wealthy habits - like tax planning, investing and saving? If you are not seeking a real change and to join-in "being wealthy" - you are in fantasy.

To want everything to stay the same (same tribe) and just get more money -- is like wanting to go swimming but not get wet. It is NOT going to happen.

Unravel the confusion.

From years of school you got the idea that if you can repeat something back, then you know it. NOT TRUE. What do you know of Spanish, or algebra or chemistry? Or any of the other literature or history classes that you memorized for a test. You learned a truck-load of info - and very little of it is useful.

Really learning about a subject.

Approaching a subject with an open mind means you want to learn to do it. Reading about piano playing is very different than taking lessons. Reading about riding a bike is very different than getting on and trying it out. If you want to go swimming, you expect to get in the water, right?

"We cannot become
what we need to be
by remaining
what we are."

Max DePree

Think and Grow Rich - fantasy or reality?

The reality is that if you believe: "I create my own Reality," you can. Have you tried it with easy desires and experienced it work for you? Ever get a parking space you wanted? Everyone has. It's easy because you believe you can. Picking a winning lottery ticket is another story, isn't it?

INSIGHT: If you believe it: You are living it.

TIP: Focus on what you want and not what you have if you want changes.

If you understand a topic internally and expect the results YOU ARE GETTING - it is a "belief." You know it is so, and you are "creating your own reality" by design or consciously. If you have practiced the piano, you expect to be able to play - and you can. If you swim regularly then you expect to be able to swim laps. The more you appreciate your talent the better you become.

Changes result in you growing beyond your old self-image.

You have changed from the "ordinary old tribe" to a piano player, from a landlubber to a swimmer. Your interests have expanded, and you have new friends who share your talents.

Change has actually infiltrated all areas of your life. As your interest in a talent or hobby expands, your time and energy shifts into your new direction. The new experiences change the direction of your life and your identity shifts to include a larger self-image and larger "tribe."

"Some must live with
the consequences of what
they didn't dare do."

Ashleigh Brilliant

You do create your own reality.

The fact is that you are creating your own life (or reality) through what you feel and expect (or by your vibration.) Your ideas about yourself and your future - resonate a "belief" and Law of Attraction matches it with your experiences. Look around: it's no secret - what you have is what you believe is possible for you.

You can continue to create with your tribe and get what your tribe gets: Or break free and opt for change and designing a life you want to live. Do you really want to change and get rich quick? If you are open minded and learning something new then the choices of "your old tribe" do not subconsciously limit your freedom to express yourself.

"Luck is a habit that
you develop.

Open to new
trust your gut wisdom,
expect good fortune,
find the bright side of
challenging events.

Master the art of
maximizing opportunities."

Richard Wiseman

Do you want to "Think and Grow Rich?"

Are you willing to practice and change your mind about what you deserve? Can you see yourself as getting rich quick? Does that change what you value? Are you open to explore possibilities and think in new ways? When you find an idea you like, can you make it your own?

That means practice and experimenting. You can change your mind easily through repetition. When you do begin to think in new ways your perspective changes, and soon your experiences do too.

Get Rich Quick - one simple step.

There is only one thing you must do to make money. You must change your "feelings and expectations" from what you have -- to what you want.

Are you "practicing" what you want? If you feel disappointed now, you will get more to be disappointed about. Can you change that to gratitude for all you have - and appreciation for all that you want?

That shift in feeling is all it takes to attract more to be grateful for... It is really that simple.

"How to succeed?
Try hard enough."

Malcolm Forbes

It does take practice and the commitment to change your mind, feelings and expectations. Habits are all that are limiting you now - and keep you from a wealthy lifestyle. Habits change in about 21 days.

Are you willing to feel - and repeat - what you want until you get it? That commitment is the expectation that you can do it.

It's all up to you, not the economy, not your job, not your education, not your tribe. It's all about attitude and feeling: Only you can do it. Will you?

Your Good Fortune: “A great opportunity is coming. Watch for it – it may look like a problem.”

To make changes stick, plan to feed your mind a continual "diet" of the ideas you want to live.

Feed your mind-like you feed your body: 5 times a day!

Build a new habit - then your own momentum will propel you into Good Fortune.

Bookmark this site and continue to explore ideas that lead you to the lifestyle that feels right to you.

Repetition over-rides the old habits in about 21 days.

Visit Get Rich Quick and Only One Way to Get Rich for a variety of tips and strategies that work.

Try a simple plan anyone can do - make easy money in spite of the economic downturn.

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