Reinvent Yourself -- Into Wealthy & Healthy

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Reinvent Yourself -- Into Wealthy & Healthy

By Cheryl Janecky

Want a breakthrough to finally get what you really want and not settle for less?
Begin each day from a fresh new place. Let the past go and pay close attention to what you are doing now, and how you are doing it. Once you see yourself as the problem, it's easy to fix. You create either problems or solutions: What are you doing?

Reinvent yourself for a fresh start.

You have a problem when you don't have what you want - and don't know how to get to a solution. Have you tried before and not reached what you really wanted? After several attempts, it's easy to get discouraged - or to decide to go after something less - that seems more likely.

The sadness, frustration and the feelings of failing make it tough to try again - yet what you really want is still desired - and no matter what you achieve, it's not enough - compared to what you desire. That's a recipe for stress and failure: Easy to fall into, isn't it?

"Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself
its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking
in order to find it."
Niels Bohr

Try an easy path to find the solutions to creating wealth and/or health.

If it's not easy - it's not leading to what you want. If it doesn't feel good - it's not working. Those two facts go against the dominant thinking of the times...but are true.

You are energy as well as physical, and your feelings are the vibrations and attracting power that are delivering results to you - and those results tell you what you are "resonating or vibrating." Law of Attraction is on 24/7.

If you don't have what you want: You're not vibrating what you want. If you're disappointed - you attract more to be disappointed about.

How you are thinking (and feeling) about it - is the problem.

Look around you... your home, car, work, friends, family. Now stand up for a moment (this is an action journey, remember?) and turn slowly in a circle - all that you see is "your world" and you are the center of your Universe. This is "your tribe and your truths and what you live."

"You are not thinking.
You are merely being logical."
Niels Bohr

Most of your experience is re-living habits of thoughts over and over.

Psychology notes that 90% of what you are thinking today - you thought yesterday, and will tomorrow. Habits make living easy and comfortable - but they limit what you can see and experience.

Solutions are the other side of problems - and available for the asking. Everything outside of your "circle" is beyond your awareness - resources that are unavailable to you...because they are not "true for you."

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind
of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

Every desire and every challenge you face is always and only solved out at "the edge" of all you know...just outside your circle of awareness.... with a new way of thinking and seeing. It is questioning and seeking mindfully: No habitual thinking because it is too new to be a "habit."

What solutions are just waiting for you to notice them?

If you've been wanting something you can't seem to reach for a long time - the good news is there are now many solutions available to you. Each time you "failed" to get what you really wanted - you created more ways to get there. You just didn't go far enough (through the fear?) or seek long enough.

Who or what is new? It may feel strange, and not fit in - good!

  • New friend, new hobby, new sport, new social group?
  • What rhythms, songs, music, dance?
  • New ideas, stories, myths, theatre, spiritual paths?
  • Different foods, cultures, travel to new places?
  • New clothing styles, colors, life-style change?
  • What new wealth possibilities, business adventures or ???

What is at the edge of all you know...willing to lead you to all you desire? Are you willing to follow - and explore? To take a chance?

"Our task must be to free ourselves by
widening our circle of compassion to embrace
all living creatures and the whole of nature
and its beauty."
Albert Einstein

Nature and beauty refresh and renew your spirit.

If you've failed to achieve what you want over a period of time, you can restore your sense of enjoying life - in nature. Your attitude of "expectant and happy" is the attracting power that will assure your success. Only you can do that for yourself.

Wealth is a social concept - open to others and enjoy interacting.

Open your heart to new friends and new ways to love and enjoy others - and yourself. Can you accept others as they are, with their strengths and weaknesses - and enjoy what you like, ignoring the rest?

Open your mind to new ideas and different ways of thinking. Can you hold two opposing viewpoints - and accept both? Can you be comfortable when others live, dress and think differently than you? Do others of different cultures interest you or do you feel threatened and resistant to who they are and what they know?

Open your body to new physical activities - new exercise, sports and new commitments. Try new diets and optimize your health...explore who you're becoming.

Change old habits, and free your mind from habitual thinking.

Ask questions and actively look for answers. When you do, you are planting the seeds of a new beginning - right NOW, as you search. As you feel more hopeful and eager - you are vibrating a signal that is attracting back the wealth and the answers you seek. Look for solutions, and you'll find them.

To have something new - reinvent yourself and become something new-- and watch your world expand and take shape around your Desires. You are the creative power as you seek solutions - what you love and enjoy is the fuel - create your wealth and health mindfully in just this way.

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