5 Interesting Facts
About Holiday Gift Giving

by Cheryl Janecky

Giving gifts offers far more to the giver than to the one receiving. Look into how the custom originated and how you can use it: Enliven your holiday – and initiate gratitude and prosperity.

1. Giving gifts did not begin with Hallmark or Macy’s. Gift giving is an ancient tradition practiced by emperors, chiefs, and heads of state. The exchange of presents between leaders was customary even in tribal times.

Gifts also marked rites of passage and accomplishments. Most celebrate birthdays, marriages, births and deaths with gifts and gathering together. Everyone knew that the power of giving a gift or talent brought good fortune back to them.

2. Gifting is an ancient social custom and genetic pattern. In early times cooperation was necessary for survival. If someone was helped, and didn’t return favors, soon the spirit of cooperation would die out – making life hard, if not impossible, to survive. Over time, “reciprocating” became a habit, reinforced by customs and tribal authorities (including mom.)

Giving gifts and reciprocating is in your genetic history, evident in all cultures, and it influences exchanges of every kind. Co-operation builds relationships and communities, and in the right spirit, it is beneficial. Cooperation makes life fun, doesn’t it? Receiving gifts and exchanging talents feels great.

3. Winter Solstice celebrations have many different names around the world. December is the month of the year most cultures exchange gifts. The natural cycle of the sun and changing seasons is ancient and marked in stone (Stone Henge, Great Pyramid, Mayan Temples, to name a few.) The Winter Solstice (about December 21st) is the – longest night, shortest day. It is “the return of the light” - the point that the sun “turns” and days become longer, and nights shorter. Historically it is the most celebrated time of year.

4. Social conditioning and appropriating the Gift Giving custom. Does “gifting” make you feel uncomfortable? Here’s why. All human behavior is genetic: Patterns from long ago still control life for most people. Studies show that 90% of the population simply follow others or old subconscious habits, and do not make decisions for themselves. Giving gifts and reciprocating is one such social patterns (there are many.)

Psychology and Marketing Pros Use the pattern of “giving a gift and reciprocating” to trigger an auto-response from an unsuspecting public. You may feel guilty or annoyed when someone gives you a gift, and you do not have an exchange. That’s an automatic response from long, long ago urging you to comply and give back.

Do you address labels in the mail – asking for a donation? Or accept a tasting sample in the grocery store and then buy the product? Have you received a small gift, or a great deal to purchase an item - and then been asked to buy more?

The promoters are not at fault – it’s their job to sell their products – and this unconscious habit works. Why not use it? It’s up to you – and the public – to wake up and make a conscious decision, such as: “I don’t need to reciprocate for unasked for gifts, or for a con. I can enjoy the gift, and just say, ‘no.’”

5. The benefits of gift giving: Receiving back more than you give is automatic. Use the same response the wealthy use to generate good will, build your self-esteem and extend the spirit of cooperation. Your attracting power opens up possibilities and inspires you. Gifting is a Win-Win situation!

Those that “can’t afford it” or “don’t have the time” or “forgot” are resonating and attracting back to themselves – more experiences of “not having” enough. Don’t do that.

Giving and receiving are the same. As you give – you feel and resonate - “having more than enough” and feelings of “sharing and loving.” The one receiving resonates back “gratitude” to you. Even small gifts open your heart and warm your spirit – and the receiver too. Soon you’re attracting more experiences you appreciate. Soon it’s a vicious cycle of finding more and more fun stuff to be grateful for.

Give small gifts that show you care and do it with no thought of return. Your attitude sets the tone, and the spirit of giving will continue to be exchanged in many new ways. Others are inspired to do the same – and do so unconsciously – making their lives and relationships better too.

A great side benefit is that gifting motivates you automatically (subconscious response) - and effortlessly – to continue giving and feeling appreciation. “Feelings” are your signal that attracts abundance into your life. The better it gets…the better it gets.

‘Tis the season of appreciation – people all over the planet are exchanging gifts. Enjoy it and expand it. Practice random acts of kindness and generosity. Do you’re part to lift the holiday vibrations into Joyfulness for all. Giving and receiving are the same: The more you give, the more you get back. It’s the law- Live with it!

Your Good Fortune: “Kindness is the gift that returns instant rewards.”

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